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Redesign Notes - Package page

  • Ratings is rating really much use? It's hard to know what is being rated - quality, openness, interestingness, format. Suggest removing and focus on comments / discussion.
  • Comments - Suggest move to a separate tab and rename discussion as per Wikipedia.
  • Comments - Add hint to new page suggesting what sort of comments/questions people should make
  • Getting the data - Can we make the download (Resources) section clearer or more prominant? This seems to be the primary purpose of this page for a casual user.
  • Getting the data - 'resources' is unclear term, just call it 'downloads?'
  • Groups - Confusing having groups and tags on this page, suggest remove groups for now focus on tags as primary method for organising / grouping.
  • Tags - Should be able to add a tag directly via ajax (as per flickr)
  • Title - Name of package gets lot in the buttons (edit etc) and the package slug id
  • Buttons - move to top right
  • API / package slug - Create new API section the explains the slug id and how to access via datapkg etc

Example mockup