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Welcome to Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) Development Project Wiki


The CKAN software is used to run the CKAN service:

The CKAN service also provides a RESTful interface for machine clients.

CKAN is an Open Knowledge Foundation project.

Major features:

  • Domain Model: Data and content "packages" with a standard set of core metadata and support for adding unlimited arbitrary additional metadata
    • All package data is automatically versioned in a wiki-like manner
    • Tagging of packages
    • Groups for controlled categorization of packages
    • Ratings
    • Unlimited associated package resources ('download urls') with additional metadata (format, description etc)
  • Complete web user interface (WUI)
    • Package adding, editing, listing etc
    • Wiki features such as "Recent Changes", edit histories, purging of changes etc
    • User management and user home pages
  • API: full JSON-based API (with python client)
    • RDF version also available
    • CKAN is easy to use as your "catalogue" backend
  • Search: Full searchability (including full-text support) via API and WUI
  • Access control: fine-grained access control for packages and groups
  • Open-source and python implemented
  • Associated command line client (datapkg)

Coming soon:

  • Package relationships (depends on, derived from ...)
  • Detailed statistics (+ tag clouds etc)
  • See the tickets for more ...

Development Project Home Page

Code is in a mercurial repository here:

This Trac service is being used to track CKAN project developments.

Documentation can be found at: (and on this wiki).

DataPkg Documentation

The Design Vision

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Related Work


For those from the open source community it can most simply be put as:

Freshmeat for Knowledge / A Debian for Data

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