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#829 Admin CRUD broken rgrp defect awaiting triage ckan wontfix
#515 Inconsistent use of 'location' header in API kindly defect minor ckan fixed
#833 [super] Administrative dashboard extension johnlawrenceaspden enhancement critical ckan fixed
#840 On/off switch for ETags cache dread enhancement major ckan fixed
#854 Tests for authorization_group johnlawrenceaspden defect major ckan fixed
#919 Package preview contains API & datapkg instructions dread enhancement awaiting triage ckan fixed
#936 Follow / watch package extension johnglover enhancement major ckan fixed
#1037 More Robust Harvesting for DGU amercader defect major uklii fixed
#1056 User links for OpenID users are broken dread defect critical ckan fixed
#1075 Administrative dashboard - Edit Authorization related to System object johnlawrenceaspden enhancement major ckan fixed
#1084 RDF links changed wwaites task major ckan fixed
#1089 Check for "--ckan" when running nosetests dread enhancement minor ckan fixed
#1090 Visitor can't create packages on new CKAN install dread defect minor ckan fixed
#1092 refactor logic layer to seperate out api, form logic kindly defect awaiting triage ckan fixed
#1093 500 errors on GET to api/rest/licenses dread defect major ckan fixed
#1097 Sidebar hideable dread enhancement major ckan fixed
#1098 --ckan-migration tests not initialised correctly dread task minor ckan fixed
#1100 Get buildbot running on ckan branches defect awaiting triage ckan fixed
#1106 Bugs related to routes arising from API refactor + removal of default routes rgrp defect blocker ckan fixed
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