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#1334 fixed "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name'" exception when logging in amercader amercader

Reported by amercader, 3 years ago.


On same cases this exception is thrown when logging in:

File '/home/adria/dev/envs/iati/src/ckan/ckan/controllers/', line 252 in logged_in
  user_dict = get_action('user_show')(context,data_dict)
File '/home/adria/dev/envs/iati/src/ckan/ckan/logic/action/', line 414 in user_show
  revision_dict = revision_show(context,{'id'})
File '/home/adria/dev/envs/iati/src/ckan/ckan/logic/action/', line 332 in revision_show
File '/home/adria/dev/envs/iati/src/ckan/ckan/model/', line 317 in revision_as_dict
  for pkg in revision.packages]
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name'
#1206 fixed "Content-Type json" header scuppers package POST wwaites dread

Reported by dread, 3 years ago.


Compare these two requests to create a package:

curl -d '{name:"test"}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'X-CKAN-API-KEY: tester'
curl -d '{name:"test"}' -H 'X-CKAN-API-KEY: tester'

The second one gets the payload through (ckan log):

Retrieving request params: UnicodeMultiDict([('{name:"test"}', u'')])

But the first one causes a ServerError? because the payload (name:"test") doesn't make it to request.POST or request.params:

Retrieving request params: UnicodeMultiDict([])

The only difference is the "ContentType?: application/json" header, which seems a reasonable thing to include. Javascript lib backbone.js (for example) inserts this automatically.

So why does this header cause the payload to not get through to the request object?

#1395 fixed "Import Error: cannot import name UnicodeMultiDict" when installing ckan from source seanh

Reported by seanh, 3 years ago.


At the paster db init command when installing ckan from source I get the error "Import Error: cannot import name UnicodeMultiDict?" (happens with both ckan 1.4.2 and today's latest bleeding edge code, on Ubuntu 10.04.3).

UnicodeMultiDict? has been removed in a recent version of python-webob, and the pip install ... lucid_missing.txt causes a too-new version of python-webob to be installed into ckan's virtualenv (the new webob gets installed as a dependency of formalchemy).

I manually did pip uninstall webob and then ran paster db init again and it worked.

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