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#1467 worksforme CKAN dumps dgu miss certain publisher information thejimmyg thejimmyg

Reported by thejimmyg, 2 years ago.


Pawel knows about this so David Read, Pawel and I need to find time to discuss it.

#1615 worksforme CKAN Should work behind a proxy server thejimmyg

Reported by thejimmyg, 2 years ago.


This would allow deployment via Nginx or Apache using proxy to Paster, uWSGI. At the moment CKAN isn't aware of the proxy's IP address so when you perform an action which does a redirect (such as adding a package), CKAN redirects you to the *internal IP* not the external *proxy IP*.

We would like this work to facilitate testing within VMs as part of our new build infrastructure.

It would also be nice if CKAN worked when mounted at a path other than /. That could be dealt with in another ticket because it isn't a problem at the moment.

#1646 worksforme Resource navigator options display spuriously zephod dread

Reported by dread, 2 years ago.


When viewing a dataset, the "Resources" navigation button contained the Resource titles on the Resource navigator button, instead of in a drop-down mouse-hover menu.


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