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#736 fixed URL validation for CSW and WMS links amercader johnbywater

Reported by johnbywater, 4 years ago.


Robust against slightly incorrect URLs (e.g. with trailing slash, or without /csw), and non-CWS service which also return <ows:ExceptionReport ... />.

Both cases would be resolved by checking capabilities (with CswClient's check_get_capabilities() method).

#1030 fixed Move harvesting out of the rest API amercader thejimmyg
#1037 fixed More Robust Harvesting for DGU amercader thejimmyg

Reported by thejimmyg, 3 years ago.


CKAN's harvesting facility is now live on DGU but there are some major improvements that could be made to make it more robust and better fit the generic CKAN harvesting framework proposed in #987.

Some of the key issues:

  • Error reports do not currently contain the ID or title of the document with the error.
  • We only have "added" and "error" logging on jobs when we really need a report of "added", "updated", "not changed" and "errors" with the items in each referencing a real metadata document for which harvesting was attempted
  • We need deletion and editing of sources, without deleting the harvested documents or packages
  • We need a more robust harvesting mechanism than a cron job or we need to deal with the case of multiple cron jobs running at once.
  • We need to know the last time a list of documents was scheduled for harvest and the last time each one was fetched.
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