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#1673 fixed Add approval status field to groups ross ross

Reported by ross, 2 years ago.


Super #1669

As groups need to be authorised in some cases, particularly publisher profiles, we need a field to denote how this is managed.

We should add an 'approval_status' field that will be used to denote its status. By default this will be "approved" but this will allow us to override it with a "pending" or "denied" status. The latter should also change the main status of the Group.

#1795 wontfix Add approval_status to Package (as for Group) ross ross

Reported by ross, 2 years ago.


The Package model should have a approval_status as the Group model does. See migration 049.

#91 fixed Add author and maintainer attributes to package dread rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 5 years ago.


Add the following attributes to package:

  • author, author_email
  • maintainer, maintainer_email

Gives us full compatibility to:

Column ordering - should come after name, title, url, download_url.

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