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#2711 fixed bin/less dies for toby johnmartin toby

Reported by toby, 22 months ago.


it would be nice if this didn't fall over when the dir is removed maybe a linux only issue?

#2710 fixed make the api_info.html not look like shit tobes toby

Reported by toby, 22 months ago.


you know the score

#2707 fixed Tidy up additional info boxes on dataset and resource pages toby shevski

Reported by shevski, 22 months ago.


This currently looks terrible. Some simple things we should do to improve this.

  • Localise and captitalise known (non custom) keys into human titles. eg. "size", "created_at", "mime_type".
  • Apply units to values of known keys where possible eg. "size in appropiate units"
  • Convert dates into a more human friendly format. We can avoid localisation hell by using an ISO format like YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss which is still better than ISO8061
  • Move the non user fields to the top of the table.
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