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#1592 fixed Add metadata_modified and metadata_created to package_dictize output amercader amercader

Reported by amercader, 2 years ago.


The dict returned by package_dictize does not include metadata_modified and metadata_created. These are really useful properties, so it's worth having them on the standard package dict representation, which is used in several places, like at the template level.

#2210 fixed Add method to group for adding members ross ross

Reported by ross, 2 years ago.


It is necessary to add a helper method to Group for adding members to that group so that

  • nobody needs to work with the Member model
  • It handles existing membership and existing membership with a different capacity
#1779 fixed Add multilingual translation table. kindly kindly

Reported by kindly, 2 years ago.


A new table with 3 columns should be added. term, term_tranlastion, language_code. This table will be used for all translations, including tags. The table should have indexs on both the term and (term, language_code) combination.

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