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#2984 refactor seanh ckan 2.0 new Auto-populate context with user, model, session, etc.

From Toby: make the context auto-populated with things like user/model/session if not user supplied - especially for extensions (pre 2.0) maybe via a helper or else a decorator on the action - helper seems nicer maybe done via get_action()

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#2985 refactor seanh ckan 2.0 new Make lib/helpers.py more template-specific

From Toby: make lib/helpers more template specific and less generally shared with none template uses (some functions are shared but many shouldn't be) - again help avoid circular imports

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#2986 refactor seanh ckan 2.0 new Make lib/base.py more like it was originally intended

From Toby: make lib/base.py be more like it was originally intended eg defines stuff that is shared eg _ but maybe try to include stuff like render/get_action if the circular import stuff can be solved - which should be doable if hard and likely needs an extra file or two for the externals _ etc

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#2987 refactor seanh ckan 2.0 new Remove all direct calls to logic action and auth functions

From Toby

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#2988 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new UI functional tests for CKAN 2.0

Afaik the new CKAN 2.0 frontend has no functional tests

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#2989 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new "Add dataset to organization" should auto-select the organization

'Add dataset to organization' button, when you get through to the third stage of the new dataset form the organization you came from is not selected.

I don't see any option to choose the group when adding or updating a dataset, but if I add a dataset via the "Add dataset to group" button on a group's page, then the dataset seems to get added to that group. (And I can also add/remove existing datasets by editing the group.) I wonder if organizations should work the same way, instead of having an Organization drop-down when creating or updating a dataset. The add dataset page needs to somehow indicate that you're adding a dataset to a certain group or organization though, doesn't currently.

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#2990 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Fix descriptions of groups and organizations on /groups and /organizations pages 1350299091000000 1350299091000000
#2991 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Add blocks to header.html template

Currently if you want to customise the header.html template you have to copy the whole thing, it isn't broken up into blocks like other templates are.

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#2992 enhancement johnmartin new Delete resource should send me back to edit dataset page 1350407956000000 1350407956000000
#2993 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new "logged_in" and "visitor" show in user list at /users 1350466922000000 1350484826000000
#2994 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Add dataset and user popovers throughout the site

If you hover the mouse over a dataset or user in an activity stream, you now get a popover with some info about that dataset or user and a follow/unfollow button.

These popovers should appear wherever datasets or users are listed, throughout the site.

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#2995 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Popovers for resources, groups, organizations, tags...

If you hover the mouse over a dataset or user in an activity stream, you now get a popover with some info about that dataset or user and a follow/unfollow button.

It would be nice to add similar popovers for other types of object in CKAN, e.g. resources, groups, organizations, tags...

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#2996 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Fix behaviour of View Profile button in user popover when already on user's profile

The user popovers that appear when you hover the mouse over a user in an activity stream include a View Profile button that takes you to that user's profile page. If you are already on that user's profile page then it simply reloads the same page, but it sends you to the Datasets tab if you were on another tab.

Possible solutions:

Don't show button if already on user's page?

Button just makes popover disappear, if already on user's page?

Button does reload the page, but reloads the same tab (datasets, followers, activity stream) that you were on.

Marking this low priority

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#2997 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Add activity streams to dataset pages

Add an activity stream tab to dataset pages, like we have on user profile pages. Dataset activity streams are already implemented in the backend.

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#2998 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Add activity streams to group pages

Before we do this we should implement smarter group activity streams (i.e. what activities should appear in a group's activity stream?) and following of groups.

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#2999 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Add activity streams to organization pages

Before we do this we need to merge the organizations branch into master, we need to implement smarter activity streams for organizations, and we need to implement following of organizations.

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#3000 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Add number of followers to dataset pages

User profile pages now show some interesting stats about the user: num. datasets, num. edits and num. followers. Would be nice to add some similar info to dataset pages. At least num. followers can be done (already implemented in backend).

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#3001 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Multilingual plugin crashes CKAN on add dataset when some languages are default

Enable the multilingual plugins:

ckan.plugins = stats synchronous_search multilingual_dataset multilingual_group multilingual_tag

and set your default language to one not supported by the multilingual plugin, e.g.

ckan.locale_default = cs_CZ

now run CKAN and try to add a dataset:

File '/home/seanh/Projects/ckan171/ckan/ckanext/multilingual/plugin.py', line 141 in before_index

text_field_items+ default_lang?.extend(all_terms)

KeyError?: 'text_cs_CZ'

It doesn't matter what language you are viewing the site in in your browser, the default language setting in the ini file determines whether it crashed or not.

A number of supported languages are defined at the top of ckanext/multilingual/plugin.py. I think if the default language is not one of these it crashes.

I think this affects all versions of CKAN since the multilingual plugin was added so at least 1.7, 1.8 and 2.0

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#3002 defect amercader ckan-v1.8 new API v1/2 'legacy' search parameters must be escaped before they are put into a Solr query string

Just to track @tauberer patch on Github. Would be nice to write a test for it. Probably going to 1.8.1

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#3003 enhancement amercader ckan-v1.8 new New pg databases should be created with UTF8 encoding rather than system default

Just to track @tauberer patch on Github. Probably going to 1.8.1

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#3004 defect seanh ckan 2.0 closed fixed ImportError: No module named polib

This is happening whenever people try to run paster commands. polib should only be needed for the check-po-files command don't import otherwise.

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#3005 enhancement seanh seanh ckan 2.0 new Add following/unfollowing of groups: model, API, frontend, tests 1351013744000000 1351013744000000
#3006 enhancement seanh ckan-v1.8.1 new Update translations from Transifex

There are some new translations already on the CKAN 1.8 resource on Transifex already (e.g. 100% Norwegian translation I think). We should at least pull these from Transifex for 1.8.1, and may as well do a call for translations too.

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#3007 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Adding a dataset creates multiple activities

Adding a new dataset creates multiple activity stream activities, e.g. seanh created the dataset foo, seanh add the resource bar to the dataset foo, and seanh updated the dataset foo are all created when I add a new dataset. I wonder if these can be collapsed into a single activity.

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#3008 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 closed fixed Add tests for dashboard activity stream auth

We need to test that only logged in users can see their own dashboard activity streams, and they can only see their own dashboard activity streams not those of other users.

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#3009 enhancement seanh seanh ckan 2.0 closed fixed On-site notification of new dashboard activity

We want a "bubble" with a number in it to appear in the top-right of the site next to your user name when you're logged in, telling you how many new activity stream items you have in your dashboard activity stream.

There's a github issue for this here:


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#3010 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Pin images don't appear in data explorer

When minified files are in use (set debug = false in ini file) the pin images for points don't show up in the data explorer map view when viewing a resource with geolocation data.

set debug = true will fix the problem by using unminified files instead but also turns on a bunch of debug stuff you wouldn't want on a production site.

middleware.py, around line 73, is where the decision to turn minified files on or off based on the debug setting is made. This can be hacked on a production site to run with unminified files but otherwise run on production mode thereby getting around the issue with the pins. But that doesn't fix the underlying bug.

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#3011 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan 2.0 new Recline fixes and updates for CKAN 2.0

Fixes and updates to Recline / Datapreview for CKAN 2.0.

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#3012 enhancement toby toby new data.gov auth 1352393409000000 1352393409000000
#3013 defect dominik dominik new common-error-messages is unreadable

Since the update of the doc theme, the page became unreadable.


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#3014 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Crash when deleting a non-empty vocabulary

From Knud Möller:

when I try to delete a non-empty tag vocabulary via the API (through HTTP), I get an internal server error. Checking the logs, this turns out to be a consistency error raised by sqlalchemy:

Error - <class 'sqlalchemy.exc.IntegrityError?'>: (IntegrityError?) update or delete on table "vocabulary" violates foreign key constraint "tag_vocabulary_id_fkey" on table "tag" DETAIL: Key (id)=(21421955-7560-467c-af30-9f790b73e6ae) is still referenced from table "tag".

'DELETE FROM vocabulary WHERE vocabulary.id = %(id)s' {'id': u'21421955-7560-467c-af30-9f790b73e6ae'}


The error makes sense, but I'm wondering if it would be useful to extend the API to also allow the deletion of non-empty vocabularies, possibly via a parameter (not sure what best practice in API design is). At the very least, it would be cool if the error message coming back in the response had more information in it.

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#3015 enhancement johnmartin johnmartin ckan 2.0 closed invalid Dropdowns don't work without JavaScript

Essentially the default bootstrap dropdowns don't work properly without JavaScript? which is a little bit of an issue with JS not working.

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#3016 enhancement johnmartin johnmartin ckan 2.0 new CKAN 2.0 template tweaks

Just a ticket to keep track of a few suggested template changes.

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#3017 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan 2.0 new New stable branch for the demo server 1352819088000000 1352819088000000
#3018 enhancement johnmartin johnmartin ckan 2.0 new Load more in activity streams

Activity streams should be able to load more than 15 items within them. Suggest the default amount of loading is around 30 and then click to load more.

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#3019 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Cannot delete dataset extras

Deleting extras in the web interface is broken

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#3020 enhancement seanh new Update CKAN coding standards 1353096711000000 1353096711000000
#3021 enhancement johnmartin johnmartin accepted Logout doesn't work without JS

Essentially, the functionality should be as follows:

  • Add logout link that has .js-hide attached to it within the header that isn't hidden within a dropdown

See http://plus.google.com/ (when logged in) with and without JS to see an example of the actual sign-out working without JS

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#3022 defect amercader amercader ckan 2.0 closed fixed setup_template_variables method of IDatasetForm never called

On the package controller the package_type is not passed to the lookup function, so the setup_template_variables defined on the extensions is never called

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#3023 enhancement amercader amercader new New methods on IPackageController to provide access to the data_dict

Extension hooking into the edit and create methods of the IPackageController interface receive the package object. This may not include all the fields that came from the form. The new extension points will pass the validated data_dict so extensions can have access to it

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#3024 enhancement seanh closed fixed Add activity stream tab to dataset read page 1353949986000000 1355141087000000
#3025 enhancement amercader amercader new Add requests to core requirements

Because yes please

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#3026 enhancement amercader amercader new Support icons on nav_named_link

nav_named_link won't include the nice icon even when passing the icon keyword param.

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#3027 enhancement kindly kindly new solr for 2.0

change mm support solr 3 and 4 add *_date field

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#3028 enhancement seanh seanh ckan 2.0 new Feature: dashboard activity stream filtering


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#3029 defect seanh dread assigned JSONP parameter scuppers Search in API

http://datahub.io/api/2/search/package?jsonp=jsonpcallback&q=canada returns

{"count": 0, "results": []}

I believe this worked in CKAN 1.4 or 1.5, but it is broken on 1.7.1, 1.8 and whatever demo.ckan.org is running. I suspect the jsonpcallback parameter is getting sent to SOLR.

This bug prevents using javascript on another site to search CKAN (although hopefully the action API would work).

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#3030 enhancement toby new clean up helper functions 1355834038000000 1355834038000000
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