Ticket #3014 (new defect)

Opened 18 months ago

Crash when deleting a non-empty vocabulary

Reported by: seanh Owned by:
Priority: awaiting triage Milestone: ckan 2.0
Component: ckan Keywords: vocabularies
Cc: Repository: ckan
Theme: none


From Knud Möller:

when I try to delete a non-empty tag vocabulary via the API (through HTTP), I get an internal server error. Checking the logs, this turns out to be a consistency error raised by sqlalchemy:

Error - <class 'sqlalchemy.exc.IntegrityError?'>: (IntegrityError?) update or delete on table "vocabulary" violates foreign key constraint "tag_vocabulary_id_fkey" on table "tag" DETAIL: Key (id)=(21421955-7560-467c-af30-9f790b73e6ae) is still referenced from table "tag".

'DELETE FROM vocabulary WHERE vocabulary.id = %(id)s' {'id': u'21421955-7560-467c-af30-9f790b73e6ae'}


The error makes sense, but I'm wondering if it would be useful to extend the API to also allow the deletion of non-empty vocabularies, possibly via a parameter (not sure what best practice in API design is). At the very least, it would be cool if the error message coming back in the response had more information in it.

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