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#2644 1344255836000000 shevski I think this requires some thought & probably a discussion. For example need to be clear on the purpose of a user dashboard vs say a publisher dashboard. I image a publisher dashboard would have the stats to datasets belonging to that group (e.g. views, downloads, comments, shares, ratings), issues reported (when we get that extension working), call to action to add a new dataset (that adds it to the group). User dashboards I'm less clear about. May be we can talk about this on Tues/Wed? Or skype today
#2646 1342014170000000 toby fixed in 2375-demo-theme-development
#2647 1342169056000000 toby @aron this button is now working on core http://localhost:5000/dataset/newcastle-city-council-payments-over-500/resource/0c2bd47a-6ac5-412e-a337-1b45a952e07e please note it is hidden in ckanext-demo also your `modal` think stops the link working - can you get it so that we open the href in a lightbox or somesuch. Also for now whilst waiting for the modal stuff to be implemented it'd be nice if it didn't block the link
#2647 1343229185000000 aron.carroll Modal stuff is in.
#2648 1342517191000000 aron.carroll Assigning to Ira to QA
#2648 1342714659000000 shevski done
#2651 1341930964000000 ross The pull request at https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/60 resolves the problem with the dataproxy (which has also been updated to handle .tsv files). Still need to fix datastore.
#2651 1341935288000000 ross Need to update messytables and ckanext-datastore to make sure we can process tsv and store the data as tabular data in the datastore.
#2651 1342084112000000 ross Messytables has been updated. A new branch for ckanext-datastorer has been created, hoping to get someone with a fully working setup to help test.
#2651 1342440899000000 ross Have assigned to icmurray to test
#2652 1343378442000000 toby this should sort some resource format issues
#2653 1342005167000000 toby config issue resolved
#2654 1343126740000000 ross Has a dependency on the new themes.
#2657 1342008765000000 toby fixed by aron
#2658 1343378208000000 toby @aron, If we are doing this then we should just get it done asap. I have to say I think it sucks as an idea as I know what a group and a publisher is in english and we have groups. I'd like this a wontfix
#2658 1343378309000000 toby the mor i think about this the crapper it seems wtf - can we just close it and hope it goes away?
#2658 1352205894000000 johnmartin This is now invalid due to the work with orgs.
#2659 1342022519000000 toby looks like one for you aron
#2659 1342089310000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 9ff7a9b
#2660 1342011096000000 toby not reproducable
#2660 1342090270000000 toby this is sorted in master
#2660 1342090301000000 toby well not master but 2375-demo-theme-development which is good as
#2661 1342014327000000 toby @aron, we only can delete - see button if we have permission if you make logic/auth/delete.py package_delete() return {'success': True} then it will give everyone the permission - useful for testing
#2661 1342092578000000 aron.carroll Styled in c165639 Toby, it would be good to display a flash message once the dataset has been deleted.
#2661 1342515034000000 toby @aron, flash messages added I've changed these to being done via form javascript action: on click delete button display dialog confirm -> set hidden input name=confirm_delete value -> "yes" submit form no -> stop form submit hope that makes sense if not shout need this for dataset/group will also need for resource/related at some point soon
#2661 1342524525000000 aron.carroll Implemented in d980ec7. But we really need to go over the delete implementation as it could be much cleaner.
#2661 1342685899000000 toby @aron can you change this so that we now post to the href if confirmed should then work for group, dataset, related resource will pretend to work but not actually delete yet
#2662 1342018898000000 toby this was actually an issue with form error anyhow fixed in both 2375 branches but needs pushing to the server
#2664 1342181774000000 toby branch 2664-tag-errors has some ideas - how do we deal with whole errors issue
#2665 1342077077000000 toby @aron I've done some of this I'll reassign to you when I'm done
#2665 1342079165000000 toby @aron, ok if you now pull 2375-demo... you will see I've moved the stages into the form and added some buttons - this should now be stable and ready for you to style
#2665 1342088650000000 aron.carroll Fixed in fe1d9ec
#2667 1342431877000000 aron.carroll Okay added the form and created a pull request for this feature. See https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/68
#2667 1342456802000000 toby @aron can you merge your branch into 2375-demo-theme-development - there are conflicts so i can't do a `git am patch` then reassign thanks
#2667 1342525152000000 toby @aron, Almost got this sucker - can you add an error summary to the top of the form - put in a crappy date to trigger an error do that the close this unless you find something
#2667 1342530810000000 aron.carroll Done in 63c193e. Assigning to Ira for QA
#2667 1342714769000000 shevski Waiting to see http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2706 done
#2667 1342773124000000 toby @ira #2706 is done maybe this can be closed now
#2668 1342172855000000 dread Fix done, ready for pull into core: http://github.com/datagovuk/ckan/commit/7da4aba97639ac29642548f7fcdb1a50d6bce027
#2668 1343130433000000 ross Hmmm. dread, are you merging these into master yourself?
#2669 1343597264000000 shevski I think they should be slightly greyed out. More importantly they should be hidden to everyone not a member of ownership group
#2669 1343907572000000 aron.carroll It's a nice blue tag now.
#2670 1342435186000000 ross https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/69
#2671 1345209579000000 toby I believe this is fixed in master/2375
#2674 1342456931000000 toby this is some elastic search / nginx type issues - to be honest I know nothing about this. niether are setup on s031 and our documentation didn't help much
#2675 1342461534000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 9dbf936
#2676 1342461123000000 aron.carroll Does this actually offer any benefit over just visiting the related data page?
#2676 1342512315000000 shevski Yes. Not as important as getting functional bits of JS working, this is a pretty 'nice to have' that I think will bring value.
#2676 1352205920000000 johnmartin Fixed in master
#2677 1342461576000000 aron.carroll Fixed in f8da5b7
#2678 1342461370000000 aron.carroll I don't think there's actually any logic in CKAN to let you delete a related item at the moment. So assigning to Toby to take a look.
#2678 1342512234000000 shevski Worth checking with Ross on this
#2678 1342512362000000 toby No need it exists
#2680 1342459451000000 toby @shevski, delete button implemented on demo-development reassigning to you till we decide on any rules - any decided should be added as new tickets and then close this one - chhers
#2680 1342529500000000 shevski Okay thanks. Can we undelete groups?
#2680 1342541256000000 toby we can do anything however in my opinion admin stuff like that should be phase 3 as not/really needed for the demos
#2680 1344509493000000 toby closing this ticket as remaining work too vague undelete group added as #2830
#2681 1342461453000000 aron.carroll Okay, is format supposed to be a mime type eg. application/json, text/csv etc or a straight file format?
#2681 1342512160000000 shevski I think just a file format, but want other perspectives. What do you think? & David: what do you think?
#2681 1343115619000000 toby This should be just `basic` formats csv html xls etc it's for non technical and what we output with the resources
#2681 1343135874000000 aron.carroll Dupe of #2696
#2682 1342447364000000 seanh Note that this commit fixes the double-counting for page views: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/5739818a528bb16748f67b6d57a16f575ae78144 but not for resource downloads (which look like they could have the exact same fix) but I'm not particularly happy about the fix because I don't fully understand the SQL. It still needs unit tests and to be fixed properly, for both pages and resources
#2682 1342545573000000 seanh Talked with kindly, seems the above fix is correct and should be applied to resources as well
#2684 1342539637000000 aron.carroll Implemented in 9ae7f13
#2687 1342534855000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 0a7f05e
#2689 1342617293000000 toby fixed on s031
#2690 1342542394000000 aron.carroll Improved spacing and alignment in 679e2d0
#2691 1342538699000000 shevski Also weirdly after I removed all text from the tag field and clicked on 'next: add data' i got an 404 Not Found The resource could not be found. Dataset not found error message
#2691 1342541384000000 toby @shevski closing as a duplicate http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2664 - if you can work out how to get that 404 error please create a new ticket explaining how to reproduce - thanks
#2691 1342542047000000 shevski I can replicate the 404 error. Follow steps below 1. Click on add a new dataset 2. Name it and put an incorrect character in tag field "e.g. " :" 3. Click on 'Next: Add Data' 4. Error message shows, wipe tag field (i.e. delete " : " until field is blank 5. Click in 'Next: Add Data" again
#2691 1342604273000000 toby fixed and cherry picked into stable
#2692 1342617328000000 toby fixed on s031
#2695 1343057477000000 aron.carroll This is up on s031 for QA. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/new Ira please QA.
#2695 1343059199000000 shevski Looks good. Anything we can go about slowness? If i type & hit enter too quickly it doesn't catch the last 1/2 characters?
#2695 1343121866000000 shevski I got a server error once updating long tags, but can't reproduce. Look fine apart from slowness already mentioned - anything we can do about that?
#2695 1343138217000000 aron.carroll Closed as of b661e75. Further improvements can be created as new tickets
#2696 1343065979000000 aron.carroll Ira this is up on s031 needs some QA, I'm also going to be working on it tomorrow. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/new_resource/my-awesome-stuff
#2696 1343121485000000 shevski Tested. Issues are http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2737 and http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2734 Also just to check: does the autocomplete only look through existing tags or things previously typed too? Should only be existing tags.
#2696 1343138454000000 aron.carroll Closing this ticket. Only completions returned by the CKAN API are shown (which are existing formats I believe)
#2698 1343378378000000 toby I think this would be really helpful/nice
#2698 1343914688000000 aron.carroll We need an api endpoint that can render a markdown string on submission. * Client posts a string of text to the endpoint. * Server responds with a 200, text/html response containing the rendered markdown. * Server returns a 400 and empty body if the content is not valid markdown. * Server returns a 500 and empty body if something else crashes. Alternatively for better error handling we could use a JSON transport. * Client posts a blob of json containing a "content" key with the markdown string. * Server returns a 200 (application/json) and blob of json with a "content" key with the rendered markdown. * Server returns a 400 (application/json) and blob of json with a "error" key containing a useful message for the user. * Server returns a 500 (application/json) and blob of json with a "error" key containing a useful message for the user.
#2699 1342788074000000 toby We should look at this next weekish
#2699 1343597746000000 shevski Groups & auth notes: Datasets have an owner Dataset owner must be a group (not users) Actions on dataset are: Create: any logged in user who is a member of a group may create a dataset Choose which group will be owner on create page Read (determined by public/private flag on dataset). Private means only readable by members of owner Group Edit: any member of the owner group Admin: (change state, change owner) only can be done by Admins of owner group Resources: inherit permissions from dataset Groups: Create: Configurable whether creatable by any logged in user or just by sysadmins Edit: only group admin Read: public/private flag on group (?) Admin: (delete, update members / admins) Admin of Group Groups have users with roles/capacities on the group Admin Member System-wide sysadmin (boolean flag on your user account) who can do anything
#2699 1344507133000000 toby @ira, This is probably void now due to yesterdays dev meeting but will keep alive - moving out of phase 3 as not happening anytime soon and dependent on ross's organisation work will probably move to ckan 2.0 milestone
#2700 1343378577000000 toby auto submit done @shevski can you elaborate on the other issues else will close this ticket
#2700 1343580145000000 aron.carroll Needs pretty little flags, I think that's it.
#2700 1343914288000000 aron.carroll Added the flags in 06257ac. Ira can you sanity check that the flags are all correct. I need to get a proper German one from Sam as he used a European flag in the mockup.
#2700 1344244373000000 shevski Language names should all start with a cap letter, seems random currently. Slovenia flag (last one) missing a shield Is the Suomi just Finnish? May be a darker blue. I would find some pointers useful: e.g. "Shqipe (Albanian)"
#2700 1344245069000000 toby @ira, languages are in their own language Capitalisation is English Imperialism so I think we shouldn't do this
#2700 1344254979000000 shevski As long as languages are actually in their own standard of capitalisation, i don't mind. currently looks random
#2700 1344256383000000 aron.carroll Okay could you give me any pointers you want to add. Plus ask Sam to create a flags for the missing countries. Cheers.
#2700 1344258748000000 toby @aron, re flags it'd be nice to have more as the languages are not so fixed maybe that's too much work for this phase and is more wishlist @shevski, The language capitalisations should be correct they are from babel not us anyhow
#2700 1344358941000000 toby @aron you should have the flags close if complete
#2700 1344505614000000 aron.carroll Cool, done in bf23242
#2701 1343920287000000 aron.carroll I've updated the disqus extension (in development branch) and added the snippet to the development branch of the demo plugin. Toby, not sure about the way the disqus plugin is implemented via a helper vs the spacial plugin using a snippet. Would be good to decide on the "one" way to do this.
#2701 1343920314000000 aron.carroll BTW moved this to phase three as I consider it done.
#2701 1343949850000000 toby > Would be good to decide on the "one" way to do this. As the new extension guru/deity I say helper functions are the future - my word is the law a) a missing helper just returns '' so they can be added to templates even when not implemented, a missing template gives a 500 b) helper functions hide the implementation which I think is a good thing c) helpers are just soooooooo cool - plus they are new and shiny (what am I saying?) As far as moving the phase I'm not too fussed we can be ahead on phase 4
#2701 1343949913000000 toby track is shit - missing helpers return `''`
#2702 1343378761000000 toby @shevski can you rewrite this tickets so i can understand it - also is this several tickets?
#2702 1344255984000000 shevski this is just a placeholder reminding me that need to create these tickets. Will pick out the main things and close this eventually
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