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#2878 1350561906000000 seanh Closing as we've gone forward with a slightly different approach instead
#2879 1350562096000000 seanh Closing as we've moved forward with a slightly different approach to organizations
#2880 1350561968000000 seanh Closing as we've moved forward with a slightly different approach to organizations in core instead.
#2881 1345626056000000 rgrp @seanh - this was the material from the wiki moved to the docs. I agree it is somewhat incomplete but we certainly shouldn't remove it without something better in place. Also, IMO this is currently very low priority ...
#2883 1345629890000000 seanh Also see the thread here: http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-discuss/2012-August/002382.html the questions asked in the thread should give ideas what to add to the overview
#2885 1345625524000000 seanh authz_form_table() in ckan/templates/package/authz.html creates a table with non-translatable labels (anon_editor, admin, editor, reader...)
#2890 1346175867000000 rgrp I know this is tricky. The issue is that Datastore does not exist *just* to provided data views - it also provides a bunch of other stuff like a Data API and, well, a Datastore. I also think there are different audiences. Data view info is about publishers and (viewing) users, while the Data API is for (non-CKAN) devs and CKAN devs and the Datastore sysadmin section is for deployers. My feeling is therefore keeping things as is but with more stuff in the Data View seciton about it all works: * Data viewer: explanation for publisher, links to next 2 sections * Datastore page (as we have it) * Includes datastorer * Using Data API page (as we have it) So main change is a better data viewer page ...
#2900 1346335788000000 seanh Why does this only happen on user profile pages and not dataset search page or group read page? Looks like maybe only user profile page uses the package_list.html snippet
#2906 1346862889000000 shevski fixed by removing custom css from the stylesheet, but should look into why it happened
#2907 1352206307000000 johnmartin Fixed in master
#2913 1350303779000000 seanh Moving into 2.0 milestone. Also affects 1.8.
#2931 1347891378000000 seanh Also set_global() seems to have the wrong docstring
#2934 1347969321000000 dominik This looks promising but seems to be discontinued: http://twill.idyll.org/python-api.html
#2934 1348060201000000 dread The functional tests actually do cover a logged in person editing a dataset and then checking it displays correctly in the view page again. The webtest framework we use in CKAN has form filling and link click() function which allows navigation between pages like you describe these other ones having too. Having said that, there is no reason why a newer library shouldn't be introduced if webtest is not sufficient. And if there are stories without tests then it would be good to add them.
#2937 1348157780000000 seanh This is fixed on master (commit e97b5c70e9325a1095778fef8e0d27c84e881b30) needs to be cherry-picked into 1.8
#2937 1348238875000000 seanh Cherry-picked into 1.8
#2942 1348610791000000 dread Unfortunately with a few hours hacking I couldn't find a way to get this version of WebOb to cope with this header. The line I think it goes wrong is {{{ctype = env.get('CONTENT_TYPE', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded')}}} in request.py, and the commented line above looks right, but wipes the request data for some reason. I tried intercepting the bad header and deleting it, but I couldn't do that before WebOb processed it, and couldn't persuade WebOb to reprocess it once the header was edited. I did write a failing test though if that is useful to someone in the future: {{{ diff --git a/ckan/tests/functional/api/test_api.py b/ckan/tests/functional/api/t index 539d184..b4cc4ce 100644 --- a/ckan/tests/functional/api/test_api.py +++ b/ckan/tests/functional/api/test_api.py @@ -49,6 +49,18 @@ class TestApi3(Api3TestCase, ApiTestCase): assert_in('Bad request - JSON Error: No request body data', res.body) + def test_content_type_headers_can_be_sent(self): + '''#2942 Webob can only cope with very specific Content-Type header + values, so this tests that a work-around is in place. + + This particular header value is the default for 'requests' 0.14. + ''' + offset = self.offset('/action/package_search') + params = '%s=1' % json.dumps({'q': 'russian'}) + headers = {'Content-Type': '; charset=utf-8'} + res = self.app.post(offset, params=params, headers=headers, + status=[200]) + }}} There is a clear error to the user: {{{ >>> requests.post('http://datahub.io/api/action/package_list', data='{}').content '"Bad request - JSON Error: Could not extract request body data: Bad content type: \'; charset=utf-8\'"' }}} The advice to users of requests would be to ensure they specify the content-type as follows: {{{ >>> requests.post('http://datahub.io/api/action/package_list', data='{}', headers={'content-type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'}).content }}}
#2942 1348611144000000 dread > {{{ > >>> requests.post('http://datahub.io/api/action/package_list', data='{}', headers={'content-type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'}).content > }}} Or even better: {{{ >>> requests.post('http://datahub.io/api/action/package_list', data='{}', headers={'content-type': 'application/json'}).content }}}
#2950 1349168838000000 toby just a note to say fanstatic will serve minified files if it finds them in production even if they are old so we need to make sure they are up to date.
#2951 1349168981000000 toby the files like red.css should also be done as part of this. and before minification of files - should really be part of same process
#2953 1349257893000000 toby awaiting merge https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/145
#2956 1349278531000000 johnmartin OK, this was simple... I just added an already made snippet to the page. Ira: Can you confirm that the attached screenshots satisfy fixing the problem?
#2956 1349346442000000 shevski This needs to be a navigation menu item that includes both the name & link to the dataset edit page and then underneath (nested) the links to it's resources - so that the user can easily move between the dataset edit pages and resource edit pages and know where they currently are (using the selected pointer style)
#2968 1350297070000000 seanh This also applies to other pages such as /member_new and /member_delete
#2980 1350560137000000 seanh Won't do unless required by a specific client
#3007 1351517019000000 seanh Only happens if you create a dataset through the web UI, creating a dataset through the API still produces just one activity.
#3018 1355140950000000 seanh https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/171
#3021 1353411968000000 johnmartin In code review
#3029 1355243824000000 dread Fix done here: https://github.com/datagovuk/ckan/commit/b6ad63d58dd6c0cc51677fa66c575179f908d050 which you're welcome to pull.
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