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Collect data previews and data store docs in one chapter

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Currently there is this page:


which covers Recline Data Explorer and other kinds of data preview in CKAN. It is under the Publishing Datasets section in the documentation. I had to to a search for 'recline' to find it.

Separately there is this page: http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-1.7.1/datastore.html which covers datastore, datastorer, and the data api.

I suggest collecting this together in one chapter called 'Data Previews'. If I understand it right the general gist would be:

CKAN has builtin previews of data resources on resource pages, enabled by default.

Images, Google Documents, and web page resources will be loaded into embedded iframes for preview.

Text-like files will be displayed raw.

CSV or Excel files uploaded to CKAN will be previewed using Recline Data Explorer.

Additionally, you can enable CKAN's DataStore?, requires you to install ElasticSearch? and nginx and put datastore.enabled=1 in your ini file. Lets you use the Data API to query data.

Does having DataStore? enabled mean you get preview of more types of resources? Any resource that's available via the Data API will be previewed using Recline,

You can install ckanext-datastorer, and then CSV and Excel files _linked to_ as CKAN resources will be previewed using Recline also. Requires celeryd.

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I know this is tricky. The issue is that Datastore does not exist *just* to provided data views - it also provides a bunch of other stuff like a Data API and, well, a Datastore. I also think there are different audiences. Data view info is about publishers and (viewing) users, while the Data API is for (non-CKAN) devs and CKAN devs and the Datastore sysadmin section is for deployers.

My feeling is therefore keeping things as is but with more stuff in the Data View seciton about it all works:

  • Data viewer: explanation for publisher, links to next 2 sections
  • Datastore page (as we have it)
    • Includes datastorer
  • Using Data API page (as we have it)

So main change is a better data viewer page ...

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