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#1831 1330956631000000 ross Already have a branch for this.
#2206 1331046486000000 johnglover Close enough for now. Still have to restyle language drop-down to match template, but will fix when updating the list of languages. Also still to decide on menu styles/locations (for CKAN login and main menu, and ODP main menu).
#1703 1331142926000000 johnglover Marking this stage as complete. Keywords can be added/updated via WUI and API, but are still labelled 'tags' when called via package_show API call, but this will be addressed in a separate ticket.
#2220 1331291241000000 toby issues: 1) want to cache static files long term - need to add a ?ver=xxx to allow changes - this will need a change to all templates etc - could be seen as a good thing 2) we can only purge specific pages not whole cache so we need to know all the urls which want to be invalidated - including language variants 3) urls should be consistent so we should use id not name for datasets etc 4) for now we can just use short expiry times as this prevents some of these problems
#1806 1331295310000000 toby closing as initial work has been done if we need to amend then create a new ticket
#1816 1331302835000000 amercader +1 to a new, more flexible extension. But in the meantime I've just spent a couple of hours making it work with latest CKAN, which was easier than expected, so we can deploy it with the new version of PDEU.
#1797 1331412469000000 rgrp All done!! Help for data api done in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/1d8e464f8542d4c33286bb93f4de50060665799f Checkbox for datastore enabled in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/3f1320cd92ae0e775fde1b5eada156260c55e0a6
#1797 1331412644000000 rgrp Merge fix https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/476a5bd32a3fac5d2dd85614f5d86c79f4ff6547
#1400 1331481461000000 rgrp Great to see this is done. I do have one question: why did we put this on the wiki rather than in the proper CKAN docs? In general, I think it would be better to use the wiki less and our proper docs more ...
#1400 1331543941000000 johnglover I thought that we had some sort of consensus that the official docs were aimed more at system admins and people using the CKAN WUI/API, with the wiki aimed more at developers? It would be easy to move of course, but there is no real "developers" section in the official docs that I can see, and it's even called "CKAN's Administration Guide".
#1400 1331544485000000 rgrp Hmmm. Emerging consensus from discussions in last few months is that wiki is fairly confusing and we should move core, solid docs (from whichever area) to the main docs. Furthermore, key dev info like how to setup and do extensions *is* already in the main docs (see http://docs.ckan.org/en/latest/writing-extensions.html) and has been for 6m+. I've created #2226 for more work on docs and you may wish to comment there.
#1400 1331544816000000 johnglover I'll have a look thanks. I'm +1 on using main docs instead (if we move everything), I was just trying to keep things consistent for now.
#1649 1331547577000000 ross After looking at some options via http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2209 I think a simple RDF template or triple in an internal ckanext-semweb might indeed be the most appropriate way forward with this. n3 sounds useful, but given we could allow people to specify an RDF template we may as well do that as well as it would then suffice for ecportal who appear to want rdf as well. Will check out json-ld as an option too.
#2209 1331547639000000 ross Option 4 is the most appealing at this point, although you probably should look at #2209
#2209 1331547674000000 ross Previous comment should read: Option 4 is the most appealing at this point, although you probably should look at #1649
#1831 1331549284000000 ross Email is not currently 'unique' in the user model. Find out if this is intentional or not.
#2210 1331549350000000 ross This is now done through the logic layer member_create/member_list/member_delete
#1649 1331550598000000 rgrp Can you elucidate on this template idea? I was thiking we want specification/configto be in the form of mappings (e.g. field X is really type Y etc rather than a specific piece of rdf/xml or n3) though perhaps that makes more sense. Let's centralize discussion on this in #2209.
#2209 1331551170000000 ross Current thinking is that option 4 is a default (as per ckanext-rdf) rdf output that is generated not in code (as currently) but using a genshi xml template to read the package into an RDF format (as if it were HTML). This would then be overrideable so that for ecportal where the format of the RDF is different (change of vocabs etc) we can just point the config to a new template. Pros: Easy to implement Easy to use Not hard-coded as currently Fast execution Cons: Requires knowledge of required RDF output if default is not useful RDF and not any of the other formats yet. Only works with package/resource/tags unless more work is done
#2209 1331551393000000 ross Can't edit comments .. so Current thinking is that option 4 is a default (as per ckanext-rdf) rdf output that is generated not in code (as currently) but using a genshi xml template to read the package into an RDF format (as if it were HTML). This would then be overrideable so that for ecportal where the format of the RDF is different (change of vocabs etc) we can just point the config to a new template. Pros: Easy to implement Easy to use Not hard-coded as currently Fast execution Cons: Requires knowledge of required RDF output if default is not useful RDF and not any of the other formats yet. Only works with package/resource/tags unless more work is done
#2223 1331558791000000 rgrp Have introduced boostrap js and css on merge of #1797 https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/476a5bd32a3fac5d2dd85614f5d86c79f4ff6547 However need to remove blueprint and make sure we keep our original theme.
#2221 1331561095000000 ross Fixed in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/compare/1eeda11...ad2358a
#1831 1331655458000000 ross Decided to delay this until later but code is in feature-1831-login-by-email
#2212 1331719868000000 johnglover Added as a new paster command in ckanext-ecportal (run 'paster ecportal' for a list of commands and arguments).
#2212 1331720191000000 johnglover Deployed on test server, where it imported 4087 datasets. A small number of datasets were not created as they failed CKAN validation - most of which had strange values such as 9999 and 0 for date fields (some also didn't have unique names).
#2236 1332153688000000 rgrp Done. See https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/0d970d3a0e523a1695830e8c8c28c0ba10a8d8b9
#2226 1332159640000000 seanh These deployment docs seem worth moving into sphinx as well: http://wiki.ckan.org/Deployment
#1819 1332163324000000 kindly Currently using package_show_rest. Should be moved to just use package_show but that is another ticket.
#1734 1332167315000000 amercader All sub tickets have been implemented, so closing it now.
#1559 1332242129000000 rgrp Fixed. See https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/9965818e20f7532b37eb97a3b76c078263eb0dd1 and https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-disqus/commit/ae6bf09a153831e75f9182a4b30921973ff7d080
#2223 1332246030000000 zephod I have been working overtime to try and get this change straightened out as it's suddenly on the critical path for something. Have a look here: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/tree/feature-2223-bootstrap It's 80% of the way there; some form CSS needs overriding because Bootstrap tends to make things very large so they spill over. But on the whole the markup is in a steady state, which is what we need.
#2208 1332251880000000 seanh I've attached a ckan.pot file. To make it, I edited setup.py in CKAN core like this: https://gist.github.com/2135849 and then ran python setup.py extract_messages. (And I had ckanext-ecportal installed at ~/pyenv/src/ckanext-ecportal.) I guess I may need to run this again when the ckanext-ecportal source is finalised, so leaving this ticket open for now.
#1616 1332327635000000 amercader Fixed in 10cfd168413 Also new flags and fixes for other commands were added: * Add -o option to only reindex datasets not already indexed * Add -i option to ignore exceptions when rebuilding * Add -r option to just refresh the index (not clearing it first) * Fix show command to show the index stored for a dataset * Add support for clearing the index of just one dataset
#2251 1332331650000000 rgrp Big +1: everyone wants to know page views. Would like detail of how this goes into interface. Downloads already being tracked. Also isn't this just an extension to ckanext-googleanalytics.
#2232 1332331660000000 amercader Fixed in 6b4c6c9 This was due to some characters not being supported by XML. We now strip them before indexing.
#2251 1332332390000000 toby not really part of ckanext-ga as we need to sit first in the middleware for speed reasons. I'm looking at recording the details and will do a summary page like ga extension. As far as other uses like showing popular resources etc then we need to decide where the data will live - on the resource or separate. Downloads tracked? where is this done in the code/data stored
#2251 1332340874000000 toby notes from meeting 21-3-2012 US1 As a Site Admin / Visitor (?) I want to see how often a page has been viewed (every page) and how often resources have been downloaded. US1a Next to a resource or a dataset see how often it has been downloaded / viewed US1b I want to see datasets or resources ranked by most downloaded or viewed US1c See a trend graph for a dataset (and resources) Adminstrative Dashboard (?) * I want to see the traffic breakdown by country to my site ... * Ditto for browser type, language, etc etc * I want to see it graphed over time ... == Implementation Details == 1. How do we store this data in CKAN? 2. How do we track (and store)? 3. How do we display * Config option ckan.status.enabled = False (by default) === Storing Data === How does ckanext-googleanalytics do this? Current table: package_id | count_recent | count_total Move to a new stats_summary table id | item_id | object_type | stats_type (total, month_yyyy_mm, ...) | value Do we store this data into the search (solr) so we can search by it? === Displaying Data === * Helper functions / dictize: * Helper function: h.stats_get(object_type, id, stats_type) * h.stats_top_ranked(object_type, number) -> returns object_dicts or just labels or ... * Change to dictize * Location in the default theme (do we show for example in search results too!) * Support for ranking by most popular in search? === Tracking Data === * Our own solution (just write to site_tracking) * Google analytics (plus extension for retrieving data) <- would need a refactor * Piwiki ==== Own Solution ==== site_tracking table id | url | timestamp | action (page_view, resource_download) | * Make javascript to make request to ckan to store clicks and page views. * Add middleware so these requests do not go through pylons and just store data quickly.
#2251 1332340947000000 toby TODO look at 1. How do we store this data in CKAN? 3. How do we display * Config option ckan.status.enabled = False (by default)
#2204 1332341044000000 toby needs discussion - planned for 23-3-2012
#2204 1332341080000000 toby http://ckan.okfnpad.org/feature-2204-related-stuff
#2254 1332343198000000 toby What do we want to be able to do? what do we use the stream stuff for at the moment? la la la
#2240 1332408769000000 ross Distributed to ckan-coord
#2226 1332475468000000 rgrp All done (as of Tuesday in fact!). No doubt further work to do but that's a new ticket!
#2224 1332475944000000 rgrp Autocomplete based on bootstrap looks pretty non-trivial ...
#1447 1332510790000000 nils.toedtmann Just checked s025 (which is depricated now), looks like my script is working fine - nothing older than a week in /home/okfn/var/srvc/publicdata.eu/data/sessions/. We should activate this script on other hosts as well, e.g. so55/thedatahub.
#1447 1332510913000000 nils.toedtmann Just to add: the remove_old_files script is only a workaround, not a fix. CKAN should clean up after itself. Feel free to re-open this ticket for a proper solution ;-)
#1447 1332511544000000 rgrp @kindly: hope ok to assign to you (maybe just for review and thought on who would be best placed to look at ...)
#1447 1332519029000000 nils.toedtmann Ticket http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/1222 tracks the effort to push the clean-up script onto CKAN hosts.
#2251 1332524123000000 rgrp Update description in great detail.
#2250 1332680690000000 rgrp Is this now how we are doing it? I thought we were integrating with RDF store (so it was more about sorting out the data viewer / recline stuff)?
#2255 1332752936000000 rgrp I would say Public is default for Organization with Private being an option (or do we make this a config option?). What about ownership by users? > New datasets can be created from the organization form, in which case the organization will be set in the dataset form dropdown (with privacy set to private - see below) Does this mean like the setup on groups on the datahub (i.e. forward to new dataset but with some things hard-coded, organization/group?)? Or does it mean actual new dataset form on organization page.
#1792 1332755148000000 toby closing as done all that I was asked to do as part of this ticket
#2255 1332772340000000 ross > What about ownership by users? Good question. WIll add to description. > > New datasets can be created from the organization form, in which case the organization will be set in the dataset form dropdown (with privacy set to private - see below) > Does this mean like the setup on groups on the datahub (i.e. forward to new dataset but with some things hard-coded, organization/group?)? Or does it mean actual new dataset form on organization page. The former, although currently we will have a slightly different form in the organizations extension, until such a time as we're ready to replace the existing one. Tried merging the two forms but it ended up with such a mess of logic that it was unmanageable.
#2251 1332776926000000 toby we want resource show downloaded/viewed on resources show on the dataset total/recent
#2261 1332838253000000 toby new config option ckan.root_path = /path/from/root/with/{{LANG}}/substitution
#2261 1332840056000000 toby completed plus documentation updated
#2261 1332840112000000 toby please test logging in/out as the redirect was not testable but should be correct
#2223 1332842692000000 zephod Merged into master here: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/0bf4b33955df3806785f9b42a55acaeb45596e25
#2227 1332843126000000 toby being done in other tickets
#2204 1332843232000000 toby still awaiting discussion
#2265 1332865837000000 dread I started work on this and need to park it somewhere - here will do for now. I was using the 'MLT Component' http://wiki.apache.org/solr/MoreLikeThis : https://gist.github.com/2217684 But I think it would make more sense to use the 'MLT Handler' http://wiki.apache.org/solr/MoreLikeThisHandler which needs enabling by adding this to the config {{{/usr/share/solr/core1/conf/solrconfig.xml}}}: {{{ <requestHandler name="/mlt" class="solr.MoreLikeThisHandler"> </requestHandler> }}}
#1792 1332872069000000 dread What is the changeset for this? There is evidence of a branch "enhancement-1792-api-logic" but perhaps this name got fast-forwarded out through a bad merge? Is this merged into 1.6.1 release?
#1792 1332928847000000 toby This is in the 1.6.1 as far as I'm aware. The branch was deleted after the merge into master
#2266 1332932634000000 dread Fixed in [release-v1.6.1 ed2772b] with test.
#2255 1332934041000000 ross Changed description based on docs of stuff to verify.
#2257 1332950416000000 toby pushed first round of changes into master
#2220 1332950550000000 toby Implementation of this has been carried out at the page level. ckan.page_cache_enabled is config option to enable it requires redis need to document it somewhere
#2254 1332950678000000 toby plan of attack a) get removal of TDH from core - this will give a better idea of the issues involved b) have a think
#1792 1333037710000000 dread I have tracked down the changesets to: * branched off master at dff9f7a8 * merged master in for the last time (and became the 'new master'?) at 1a9227d9ff73c
#2252 1333108787000000 amercader There is a new ticket for the same schema as forms issue: #2268 The exception was fixed on [https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-inspire/commit/0dff1f6 0dff1f6]
#1788 1333133365000000 zephod I've been performing a full sweep of the site to rebuild the markup & stylesheets using Bootstrap, and in doing so have managed to close off this ticket. Bootstrap allows us to delegate lots of clever functionality and layouts to Twitter's tried-and-tested code, making it easier to be compatible with IE7. It has brought up plenty of issues: Lots of Javascript was broken; plenty of pages generate broken doctypes causing the browser to go into quirks mode (which in turn causes the page to explode all over the screen); most dynamic content would fail to generate properly in one way or another.... (see the #1788 branch for a log of issues encountered). I've been refactoring our JS and have managed to strip ckanjs, too, because the only significant element we'd used was the File Upload view (which also now works in IE7). test.ckan.net has been redeployed on master; I'm browsing the site in IE7 and everything is looking great :-)
#1600 1333362031000000 rgrp Closing as wontfix atm since think this will either go to main manual or won't be done here. (Also did quite a lot of work).
#2260 1333373978000000 johnglover Still some work to do on this, template needs to be finalised.
#2252 1333374836000000 amercader This needs more work on ckanext-dgu and testing.
#2242 1333375436000000 seanh Conclusion: jenkins should work, may need some jenkins plugin magic to get it to show what branch each build was run on.
#1593 1333385052000000 icmurray Implemented in branch [https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commits/feature-1593-create-feeds-from-search-results feature-1593-create-feeds-from-search-results] Not quite close as I've only included links to the atom feed in the <head>. Will do that this week.
#2278 1333441177000000 rgrp https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/b7b32820a9132811028e7ccc243b2d2339492d4d
#2251 1333535572000000 toby we have various options on tracking unique users seems the sane approach. * unique daily view - needed for nice graphing * unique total views * total unique daily views - higher numbers and feels more right - easier to calculate if original data is lost/or archived for now will collect all and then decide which to use for display as gives us flexibility if needed display ------- why is group listing of datasets inconsistent with main search (TDH at least)? should we make these consistent? group listing allows downloading of resource without tracking (this should be fixed) if we make listings uniform do we want the download links or not? I don't like the term download when it is just a link (maybe that's just me - what would be better?)
#2260 1333554069000000 johnglover Finished for this iteration, waiting for design work to be completed before making further changes.
#2256 1333620795000000 toby I'd like to remove all 'custom' icons and just use bootstrap ones - is this reasonable? they are added in different ways but h.icon() could be easily adapted for this. minimal .sj .css files
#2264 1333635637000000 seanh Many strings have been fixed (and committed on master). Still to go: When uploading a file: - The "Browse..." button. This comes from the user's browser? - Hangs when I try to upload a file, so the rest of this UI is unchecked. The licenses on the dataset add, edit and view pages, "License Not Specified" etc. Dataset state on dataset view page, e.g. "active". When adding or editing resources: - The resource types (Data File, etc.) The strings seem to come from resource.resource_type. - "You can use Markdown formatting here", "Should a DataStore table and Data API be enabled for this resource?", "Dates are in ISO Format — eg. 2012-12-25 or 2010-05-31T14:30". I can't get strings with hyperlinks in them to translate here. Dataset view page: - License not specified. Dataset search page: - "Tags", "Res_format" and "Groups" in the sidebar. Leaving because this code has been refactored on feature-1821-multilingual-extension. Fix after that branch has been merged. Dataset view page: - The resource types, e.g. "plain text". - The field names under additional information: cache_last_updated etc. Dataset history view: timestamps not localised. Login page: - "Login failed. Bad username or password. (Or if using OpenID, it hasn't been associated with a user account.)" This string is marked for translation but I can't seem to get translations to work for flash messages. Also "Sean Hammond is now logged in" flash message. Register page: - "Missing value" in error message when you try to register and don't give an email. The string seems to come from formencode. stdtrans() not working? User view page: - Activity streams strings. Activity streams genshi function needs a little refactoring to be i18n-friendly. Users page: - "less than 1 month". This string comes from Pylons' time_ago_in_words() function which doesn't appear to support i18n. New auth group (and edit auth group) page: - "Unique identifier for group. 2+ chars, lowercase, using only 'a-z0-9' and '-_'". This string is marked for translation but for some reason it isn't working. - "Name: Please enter a value" (in an error msg) - "User name". The string comes from class FormBuilder? Also, need to check that all tooltips are translated!
#2251 1333644538000000 toby most work completed: outstanding issues * add a prune tracking_raw data to cli * add indexes to tracking_raw * add summary page for new data format * add api counter 1) do we record the url or action etc (action seems more sensible) 2) add in __call__ or in action?
#2256 1333720237000000 rgrp Not sure what ticket means (remove TDH from core?). Also agree that we should glyphicons from bootstrap where possible going forward - though that would seem to fit more naturally with #2224 (Simplify javascript and css dependencies and add minified version) and have little to do with TDH versus core :-)
#2281 1333967862000000 dread Done in [release-v1.6.1 9ecbfa5][release-v1.6.1 9ecbfa5]
#2256 1334051526000000 toby @Rufus, The idea of this ticket is to separate TDH into an extension rather than it being incorporated into core. This should help TDH by making it possible to push fixes without needing to do a new release of core. It should also help make core more stable and as slim line as possible. New features can be tested in TDH and then if they have a wider appeal they can be merged into core. There is a strong desire for this within the dev team.
#2256 1334051733000000 rgrp @toby: indeed and I'm strongly in favour of the basic idea too (and largely a dev question so up to you guys though feature / functionality implications would need to be talked through). My point was that custom icon stuff was #2224 :-)
#2256 1334052087000000 toby @Rufus, Thanks, I think there is overlap and I'm happy to leave that bit of work to you (or future ticket owner) I was just adding some brief notes to this ticket on some of the outcomes I'd like to see and hence why I'd be happy to simplify the icons.
#2251 1334074772000000 toby api counter moved to ticket #2282 as needs better specification
#2204 1334077936000000 rgrp Important comment: not sure how much we have thought through using this for storing queries / views / visualizations coming from our data viewer. In particular, wonder if this necessitates some kind of support for arbitrary json data ... Also (@icmurray): does this interact with our desire to do embedding?
#2251 1334144999000000 toby For meeting today with Adria * How to add tracking to solr index. Can the data live in tracking_summary? Do we need any extra indexes on table to help indexing? * How will we add order by popularity to search? * Can we add resources too? * Will search be best way to find most popular packages/resources or should we get that pages data from tracking_summary?
#2275 1334159668000000 johnglover Done in branch feature-2275-group-logo, still need to decide on how to style.
#2204 1334218735000000 ross I'd be happier adding this to another ticket rather than moving the target for this ticket half way through so have created #2284 Should only be a short ticket in the next sprint.
#2264 1334348070000000 seanh A few strings are still left to be marked for translation: - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2289 - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2288 - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2287 - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2290
#2296 1334567141000000 icmurray * ensure the read_ajax and history_ajax actions work in the routing. * ensure the moderatededits.js works with the new templating * ensure that the css works with the new templating * ensure that the stream filters work with the new templating. ~ 6 days work
#2252 1334567495000000 amercader Fixed on 0dff1f6c2e
#2271 1334567582000000 amercader This was caused by an human error.
#2297 1334569632000000 seanh http://ckan.okfnpad.org/27
#2285 1334580266000000 rgrp Recline improvements are done. https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/88
#2239 1334581838000000 ross Changes to schema/rdf output
#2255 1334582784000000 ross Review + restrict resource access (when private)
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