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#49 1257244973000000 rgrp Not a problem at the moment.
#151 1257414545000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:175
#168 1257414795000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:145
#149 1257414916000000 dread Done in cset:4d6bfca98d97
#163 1257415333000000 dread Facility to do this, pulling packages out of ckan over REST, is here: ckan/lib/ckan-to-talis.py (cset:752f346b47c2) Currently not implementing a cron job to do this regularly.
#178 1257439349000000 dread First batch of changes for this in cset:b5ef888e44b6. Works in basic way.
#178 1257523544000000 dread Second batch of changes in cset:7d524a92d602. Status: You can import new packages with all package properties using Excel or CSV format. Outstanding: * Validation is displayed poorly. * Overwriting existing packages is warned about, but doesn't work. * Can't add packages to group yet. * Functional tests are only working for the basic case. * Need to centralise package rendering for package controller. Time spent: 13hrs
#178 1257523596000000 dread Expect 1d to finish outstanding features.
#178 1257523668000000 dread Time spent (correction): 20h
#172 1257532331000000 rgrp Done in cset mentioned previously. See: http://knowledgeforge.net/ckan/ckan/doc/
#176 1257533003000000 rgrp My suggestion here is that this ticket get taken to okfn-discuss/okfn-help. This isn't a trivial issue. Do we go Debian (must exist in debian and to a name) or PyPI (very flexible, to name + version) route?
#144 1257533957000000 rgrp But we don't record views ...
#140 1257535009000000 rgrp Not sure how useful this is atm
#154 1257535066000000 rgrp Don't think anything obvious to fix at present (and perhaps plan a larger ticket on form customization).
#125 1257535181000000 rgrp I think this is done :) -- dread do you want to close this with linked cset?
#90 1257535604000000 rgrp All pre-requisites done. However unsure about how we integrate into WUI so downgrading for the moment.
#161 1257762932000000 dread Rufus says: Two issues: 1. search -- this has be done in internals ... 2. is: tag.packages attribute -- this is solved by using StatefulList
#179 1257762996000000 dread Changeset was to solve 'deprecated' messages. See line 46 ff. of changeset.
#175 1257780907000000 dread Migration requires quoting of table names 'user' and 'group' - need SA migrate v0.5.6.
#107 1257803384000000 rgrp On the "long run" item
#175 1257847996000000 dread Done in cset:78f04724b875 Cost: 6.5h
#125 1258377621000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:152
#153 1258381364000000 dread Cost: 3h with help from rgrp
#161 1258381450000000 dread Cost: 4h with help from rgrp
#107 1258381854000000 dread Cost: 1h
#179 1258392697000000 dread Done in cset:76e6cd49e503
#179 1258392723000000 dread Cost: 1.5 h
#138 1258466054000000 dread Done in cset:bfbd0bb1b91d
#138 1258466074000000 dread Overall cost: 2.25h
#87 1258470719000000 dread Same as ticket:189
#173 1258543707000000 dread Done in cset:05b1a12c5e71 Cost: 8.25h but only basic fields. e.g. extras not covered, license is not pretty.
#161 1258573607000000 rgrp Resolved in cset:6d466d8b702a
#195 1258585500000000 rgrp Easy for groups because simple secondary=m2m table setup in sqlalchemy (done in cset:9e17314583ce). For packages+tags was hard because PackageTag is versioned and therefore only get the package_tags relation to work with in mappers. Tried various methods but gave up (see cset:ea4a790e9db9 for details). My conclusion was that if you want the fields ordered let's just do it by hand with a dedicated attribute or method and added packages_ordered and tags_ordered attributes to Tag and Package respectively (cset:3d3c1025a311).
#187 1258970509000000 dread Done in cset:af3cbf266750 and e70af291455e. Issues addressed: * tags ARE indexed * if tags are converted into lexemes but we also search on exact match. * name is split on dash when indexed by postgres. * weight name and title higher than other fields. Remaining issues: * natural language search doesn't do partial words, so search for 'gov' doesn't bring up 'government'. * previous search system not yet usable with a config file switch (for if we install on a db aside from postgres)
#187 1258970766000000 dread Cost: 16h
#153 1258971895000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:195
#156 1258981721000000 dread Looks like it was taking out a lot of stuff.
#197 1258989700000000 dread Done in cset:0db8ee29a8fa Cost: 1.5h
#50 1259086615000000 casbon Probably the effort to install apt cross platform would be prohibitive. I would also like to see pure python if possible so that you could run on GAE.
#189 1259925111000000 dread All done in 5 days in: cset:5c7f0ebd728c cset:20374a1ee763 cset:02ce73aef595 cset:36eda4112f72 cset:dd285dd1b821 Also made relevant changes in importer, create-search-test-data and data4nr. It wasn't clear that download_url could be made a SA proxy, so instead put download_url proxy in the REST interface to maintain compatibility with existing clients.
#129 1260179292000000 dread Not needed at the moment (minor security issue since only for read actions).
#204 1260191598000000 dread First, do simple fields, department and a date field. See how it goes.
#102 1260285104000000 rgrp Done (a couple of weeks or more ago) in cset:061e3f3d253b/vdm. Migration script as used in CKAN in browser:ckan/migration/versions/008_update_vdm_ids.py.
#209 1260288728000000 rgrp Done in cset:4983f1da3a27/isitopen (a while ago).
#128 1260294960000000 dread Done in 57c5b5ed4737 Cost: 30 mins
#203 1260456150000000 dread The list of groups was already done. The group view is now done in cset:a9506c0c9c68. Cost: .5h
#194 1260456304000000 dread Judging by the logs, a great number of bots are hitting the star ratings. In cset:8985cd53f8e5 I've added a robots.txt as well as cli functions to reset star ratings.
#89 1260458636000000 dread API provided for tag counts in cset:5a94d1ac60ef allowing an external tag cloud.
#212 1260703969000000 rgrp Done in cset:3b68a54bd2b0
#206 1260881123000000 dread Done in wiki:UiReviewNotes and ticket:214 - ticket:227
#214 1260889758000000 dread 3rd item (Routing redirects) done in cset:1b2edc315d1b
#216 1260891028000000 dread First two items done in cset:f49a987492c6 Third item: If this book was correctly input the title would be 'Anna Karenina' and would match. Matching substrings isn't that useful and is difficult to achieve. Google doesn't do it, only doing similar matches. We do some of this - donkey and donkies are indexed and query the same. Fourth item: still TODO
#216 1260891603000000 dread On item 3: It does match 'geospatial' if you search for 'geo' or 'spatial' - I think it splits up words like these sensibly. Annakarenina doesn't split only because they are proper nouns.
#217 1260891718000000 dread Last item done - copywriting - in cset:74ffa691c7b4
#219 1260892527000000 dread Item 2 done in cset:399c37b2ed35.
#156 1261399351000000 dread Sorted display of <links> by converting them to markdown format [links] (links) in cset:9c3e64104cbf
#160 1261399380000000 dread Done in 1h in cset:9c3e64104cbf. Not allowing space - non-standard.
#208 1261413421000000 dread Email addresses now URL-encoded in the package/read/id HTML. Done in cset:af07f3bd9a04
#192 1261487668000000 dread Similar stuff is being done in ticket:204. Consider transferring this field into default package schema?
#204 1262605982000000 dread Basically done in changesets particularly: cset:06b1232321d7 cset:adc4ad5c5b3f cset:2b4c0f723307 cset:39dc4b106dd2
#213 1262689477000000 dread There is a fab file for microfacts already.
#229 1262799850000000 dread Done mainly in cset:dcde72b325d8 plus migrate script in cset:3905a1c08d01 and minor corrections in cset:fe0dba15703b. Still to resolve questions about what sort of hash to store.
#230 1263055318000000 nickstenning Package read view is now more-or-less self-contained. Refactoring of the template to use a c.pkg object is all that remains to be done and it then can be factored out and used for the preview.
#217 1263055918000000 nickstenning Mostly done.
#218 1263055964000000 nickstenning Mostly done. Alphanumeric filtering à la KForge is probably still worth doing at some point.
#214 1263056226000000 nickstenning Routing now redirects /packages to /package, in addition to /packages/* to /package/*. Introduced in cset:9eda6ff974ae.
#214 1263057591000000 nickstenning Hover names haven't been addressed yet. Otherwise mostly done. Closing.
#85 1263206391000000 rgrp Done in cset:6c58b1f5a542/vdm. Migration script will be in ckan.
#180 1263373715000000 rgrp Looked through jquery plugins and best I could find was this one: http://addywaddy.github.com/jquery.tagcloud.js/ (http://plugins.jquery.com/project/jquery_tagcloud)
#90 1264158298000000 wwaites see http://semantic.ckan.net/ data can be loaded into the store easily enough (cron job for now?) http://semantic.ckan.net/data/package-name the RDF equivalent of http://ckan.net/package/package-name has sparql interface at http://semantic.ckan.net/sparql not so sure about the assertions Talis has made about the ckan namespace...
#230 1264435915000000 dread Done in cset:ad3bcfb10002 to cset:fa3bc8c93a91
#213 1264436021000000 dread Done from cset:f342b4928466
#220 1264436377000000 dread Done mainly in cset:a61604d082ed
#188 1264436473000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:219
#202 1264436548000000 dread Started in cset:8b6263a422d9
#88 1264439112000000 dread Download metadata added - format, descripiton, hash. See ticket:87.
#144 1264439281000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:215
#223 1264439367000000 dread From rgrp: Looked through jquery plugins and best I could find was this one: http://addywaddy.github.com/jquery.tagcloud.js/ ( http://plugins.jquery.com/project/jquery_tagcloud)
#180 1264439377000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:223
#201 1264439427000000 dread Done by rgrp
#198 1264688525000000 dread Bulk of work for this is in cset:d213e942245b
#164 1264875709000000 rgrp Reopen as now part of semantic.ckan.net
#239 1264875924000000 dread This was done in cset:d213e942245b
#196 1264876030000000 rgrp This will be fixed via using meta http-equiv (see ticket:90).
#112 1264876463000000 rgrp No easy way to test this and now have ticket:239 (test migrate scripts)
#90 1265315677000000 dread Machine-readable link added in cset:9a7726fec351 but not 303 redirect yet. Cost so far: 1.5h
#90 1265388992000000 dread 303 redirect done in cset:ee207cfe617d. Cost: 1h. rgrp said leave "Alternative formats" part to Nick.
#196 1265389771000000 dread In cset:7eadcdc94b3a package URI changed to: http://ckan.net/package/32000-naples-florida-businesses-kml This resolves to html or rdf+xml - see ticket:90
#202 1265399429000000 dread Step 1 previously done by Benoit Step 2 done now in cset:cf13a82ab243 Step 3 remains
#90 1265890334000000 rgrp Closing as main part done and alternative formats part is now ticket:247
#202 1265892350000000 rgrp Closing. Bulk of work has been done and we have deployments at fr.ckan.net and de.ckan.net. Remaining work on forms needs some reflection and has been turned into new ticket:248.
#89 1265892698000000 dread Done in cset:66144a206c6b
#156 1266348238000000 dread Example problem: http://ckan.net/package/patent-nber
#210 1266509788000000 johnbywater Isitopen tickets are actually on the OKFN tracker.
#238 1266509806000000 johnbywater Isitopen tickets are actually on the OKFN tracker.
#211 1266509848000000 johnbywater Isitopen tickets are actually on the OKFN tracker.
#73 1266510366000000 johnbywater Moved ticket to okfn tracker: http://www.knowledgeforge.net/okfn/tasks/ticket/256
#215 1266513523000000 johnbywater All done, see e.g. tag cloud in #89.
#184 1266837414000000 dread This is done in cset:d2026bcf43f5 cset:ac7cf572cbf9 cset:51c6de2dc390 cset:58c660932fcf cset:dd9761591ffb
#198 1266837606000000 dread This was finished off by rgrp in cset:ca995c2596c6
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