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#1487 1322095808000000 kindly fixed cset:4160859c8c9786588dbf0893981b93d9621019a9
#1522 1324333827000000 kindly fixed cset:060efe4a0e7e4ede3337623092848740c58107f9
#1531 1326155226000000 kindly final commit 8457a34dff227e50aed8833673600b22683a23a1
#1595 1325604696000000 kindly This will be fixed when the activity stream will be in place of the revision list. There is no bug with the revisioning, it just is getting everything related to the group.
#1603 1338202654000000 kindly Duplicate as new theme will implement this.
#1612 1325688886000000 kindly finished a4d1f616caf3c3f2dcd963369c3e14299433097d
#1614 1325689136000000 kindly a1ca82bbc5cf89a0e308dee278f6d8ea23af8b7e
#1715 1328494878000000 kindly Mostly there, need to added types and stopfiles. Need to add actual multilingual fields. Decided to translated title as well for relevance.
#1738 1328494709000000 kindly cset: 117dce4d64de731e7b0a3c55175a1d093f2bf540
#1739 1328495651000000 kindly fixed cset:117dce4d64de731e7b0a3c55175a1d093f2bf540
#1741 1329750838000000 kindly done cset:7825caed3361e88a245b5dd2f946da8bedb160e0
#1779 1329393759000000 kindly complete at 669a8e9f7a768b147b1668940842b72b2a302088
#1781 1329393814000000 kindly complete at 669a8e9f7a768b147b1668940842b72b2a302088
#1819 1332163324000000 kindly Currently using package_show_rest. Should be moved to just use package_show but that is another ticket.
#2198 1339771453000000 kindly Already in the docs.
#2283 1340623843000000 kindly No super tickets anymore.
#2317 1340033433000000 kindly Getting replace as part of new theme.
#2331 1337782689000000 kindly This is a wontfix. I think terms should be ored by default. All modern search engines work like this. If there is an issue due to relevancy (i.e if you type mulitple words and your result not coming near the top) then we should use this examples so we can tweak the results.
#2331 1338455981000000 kindly Scoring is primary in my opinion. Who cares if you have 1000 results if the top few are yours. If things are hard to find we need to change our relevancy first. So if you have examples of where you think the scoring is wrong then please make a ticket for that. Google, I imagine, just has a cutoff of anything under a certain score not being shown. We could do that as well but it would take some working out what we wanted that score to be. Full "And" queries also limit any accidental discovery, especially of rare terms. If you do not get your search exactly correct then you get nothing, which is bad. Obviously you can still AND things or +things. The correct solution to this is adding a minimum match parameter which is a middle ground. eg you can say that you want to match over half of the terms. "thing1 thing2 thing3 thing3" means you have to match at least 2. There are many options described here. http://wiki.apache.org/solr/DisMaxQParserPlugin. You can change this in an extension if you want it just requries adding an mm field to the before_search in the Ipackage controller. I do not personally think we should change it as default. I am closing it as wont fix as its trivial to change and is a philosophical difference not a technical one.
#2331 1343862230000000 kindly As I said I do not not agree with it being a UX problem or *wierd*. *wierd* is not acceptable in response to a thought out comment. So I am closing it again.
#2402 1337302474000000 kindly cset: 12da5e9effeeb1aca0df321c355d8438647ef426
#2403 1337302700000000 kindly cset: 05144f8621ee719c345373934e70719f46e87cf6
#2581 1340711431000000 kindly This looks fine, just make doubly sure that if this flag is set then whatever sets it explicitly sets the state i.e overrides what the user sent.
#2581 1340728155000000 kindly No any state without active, pending or deleted in their name is fine.
#2877 1345600430000000 kindly 1. This is fixed need to reload data to test though. 2. Fixed as far as I am concerned, limit 0 now returns correct total. If there are no results in filter return total of 0. 3. Want to keep postgres types. This will stop the need for mappings in both directions and makes everything simpler. We are currently not storing any metadata on tables and would like it to stay that way.
#868 1292890251000000 [email protected] Below is a patch to make the tests run at least 2.5 times faster (about 15 mins on my old laptop). Instead of dropping the tables each time, it just deletes everything in them, using a low level connection. All the tests pass this way. It's a surprisingly clean patch. Here are a few points concerning it. * I tested truncating the tables but it's slower. If there are any big tables in the tests this way is the fastest (faster than drop). * The sequences (id columns) will start from where they left off. * I also investigated making postgres template database and cloning it, but the complication was not worth it. * sqlalchemy iterates the tables in reverse dependency order, which make this possible. * I targeted rebuild_db as that what most of the tests I saw where using, however I have not checked all tests to see if they all are. * There is a slight hack on the repo object to make sure it knows that "clean_db" is coming from the tests. * I refactored init_db for code reuse. * I have not done a version check. sqlalchemy >= 0.5 do this in a different way as outlined in the comments. {{{ diff -r 7f2239b0f743 ckan/model/__init__.py --- a/ckan/model/__init__.py Fri Dec 17 10:34:47 2010 +0000 +++ b/ckan/model/__init__.py Mon Dec 20 23:25:04 2010 +0000 @@ -41,6 +41,9 @@ def init_db(self): super(Repository, self).init_db() + self.add_initial_data() + + def add_initial_data(self): # assume if this exists everything else does too if not User.by_name(PSEUDO_USER__VISITOR): visitor = User(name=PSEUDO_USER__VISITOR) @@ -69,6 +72,26 @@ import migrate.versioning.api as mig version = mig.version(self.migrate_repository) return version + + def clean_db(self): + # delete only added for tests + if hasattr(self, "delete_only") and self.delete_only: + self.delete_all() + else: + super(Repository, self).clean_db() + + def delete_all(self): + + self.session.remove() + ## use raw connection for performance + connection = self.session.connection() + ## sqla sorts in reverse dependancy order. + ## in >= 0.5 use reversed(metadata.sorted_tables()) instead of table_iterator + for table in self.metadata.table_iterator(): + connection.execute('delete from "%s"' % table.name) + self.session.commit() + + self.add_initial_data() def setup_migration_version_control(self, version=None): import migrate.versioning.exceptions diff -r 7f2239b0f743 ckan/tests/__init__.py --- a/ckan/tests/__init__.py Fri Dec 17 10:34:47 2010 +0000 +++ b/ckan/tests/__init__.py Mon Dec 20 23:25:04 2010 +0000 @@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ import ckan.model as model model.repo.rebuild_db() +model.repo.delete_only = True class BaseCase(object): }}}
#870 1294862485000000 [email protected] A patch is available here. https://bitbucket.org/kindly/ckan/changeset/9a1d6f55587b
#876 1292891133000000 [email protected] I have looked into this already so I can give you a head start. I am working on a project that uses many backends so I have some experience. So here is what I have found so far. == nested transactions == VDM does not support sqlite, as it uses nested transactions. I do not think vdm needs nested transactions. It can use a flush instead. Here is the patch that works. All vdm tests pass. {{{ --- a/vdm/sqlalchemy/base.py Sat Sep 11 23:06:26 2010 +0000 +++ b/vdm/sqlalchemy/base.py Mon Dec 20 16:16:34 2010 +0000 @@ -40,9 +40,8 @@ self.setattr(session, 'HEAD', True) self.setattr(session, 'revision', revision) if revision.id is None: - session.begin_nested() session.add(revision) - session.commit() + session.flush() }}} == indexes == The index file 021_postgres_upgrade.sql in the migrate repository will not run as it uses syntax particular to postgres. Another will need to be made thats similar. sqlite does not support complex indexes like upper(text), so a work around will need to be found. == unicode == The harvesting returns utf8 encoded strings and pysqlite dbapi only supports python unicode objects (as far as I can tell). There will need to be a process in converting all strings that get into the database with string.decode("utf8") == dates == Have not looked into this one too much. However, as sqlite stores everything as strings the timestamps appear to be failing on conversion back into python. I have solved the above two issues before by adding attribute extensions to sqlalchemy mappers to do the conversions without effecting too much code. == in memory sqlite == Some tests need to change in order to make sure the database is created first because the database gets lost each time. In the tests that I have made pass, they run in about a seventh of the time as they do on postgres. == Other things to keep in mind. == * Need a new flag in test.ini to remove full text indexing completely, or always use it with solr. * There are enough incompatibilities between the databases that you would also want to test against postgres as well, at least before a release. * I would probably upgrade sqlalchemy first, so you will not have to the changes twice. The new versions are significantly faster too. * I have submitted a patch to #868 that makes the tests run about 2.5 times as fast and I think there are more low hanging fruit if the aim is test speed.
#876 1292939711000000 [email protected] I have read quite a lot of people having problems with savepoints with sqlite and thought they were not supported on sqlalchemy. They are at least not consistant with postgres ones. I may well be out of date on this. Here is an [http://groups.google.com/group/sqlalchemy/browse_thread/thread/dc9d1b61044bf730/65a62a33ec313842?lnk=gst&q=no+such+savepoint#65a62a33ec313842 example] even though its a bit old. I did get some non deterninistic errors, the above seemed to fix them. A failed subtransaction is not handled well by sqlalchemy and I think this causes knockon effects due to the unresolved transaction. I would stay well clear of them entirely if possible. What are the errors you are getting?? My 2 cents. ignore me at will... I would think about using a different backend for testing than production. [http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2716847/sqlalchemy-sqlite-for-testing-and-postgresql-for-development-how-to-port look here]. If you want to support both then you should test on both. There are simple ways to scrape a few more minutes off the tests. If you want real speed, then a multiprocess solution (with a database per core) would be sensible if a bit tricky.
#1111 1304935139000000 lucychambers CKAN FAQ now complete (Sections 1,2,5,6 - needs uploading onto site): http://ckan.okfnpad.org/FAQ At CKAN Community Meetup it was decided that Sections 3 and 4 would form a separate contributor's manual.
#1142 1305881244000000 lucychambers Replying to [ticket:1142 rgrp]: > Previous super ticket (from 3m ago): http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/927 > > * CKAN 1-page overview (for enterprise and for data hackers) > * Administrator's Guide (including install) > * Extensions Guide > * Separate CKAN.net info from Software Documentation (?) > > == Minor Items == > * Include guide on how to configure local filesystem storage, instead of Google storage. (http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-discuss/2011-May/001235.html)
#1530 1323283240000000 lucychambers Screenshot attached - browser = Chrome
#1396 1323255616000000 markbrough +1 on listing owned datasets and seeing all historical activity for a user (especially for logged in user :-) )
#1583 1327424812000000 markw Added request to fix table of broken resource links, which is itself broken
#2479 1338468431000000 markw An alternative (and better, but harder) way of dealing with the 'maintainer' issue would be to allow messages to be sent between CKAN accounts, and to have a field whose value is the maintainer's login.
#2709 1342626212000000 markw but some of the relevant info is here: http://ckan.org/2012/05/30/atom-feeds/
#2731 1343051608000000 markw Also, http://offener.datenkatalog.at, also called http://at.ckan.net, gives me a 500 error, including the words "Please contact the server administrator, [no address given]".
#2812 1344521102000000 markw That's still fairly terrible. Also surely the auth stuff is part of Ross's Organizations stuff? It doesn't matter much if it's implemented yet, that's why this is a demo. But anyway, here is a more generic but readable version based on Ira's text above: Groups allow you to group users and data together so that they are easier to manage. Group owners can assign roles and authorisations, giving each project or department control of its own data publishing. Users can browse or search by group, making it easier to find the data they are looking for.
#234 1294657094000000 memespring @ rgrp - No, I think I suggested something simular for adding new tags to a package though.
#447 1294410738000000 memespring Have you got a link or screengrab?
#838 1291299716000000 memespring Package page redesign: http://ckan.org/ticket/839
#838 1291636351000000 memespring Merge css files http://ckan.org/ticket/846
#838 1291721955000000 memespring Show welcome message: http://ckan.org/ticket/850
#838 1291729819000000 memespring Prompt users to enter missing info - http://ckan.org/ticket/863
#838 1291736461000000 memespring Search results changes: http://ckan.org/ticket/864
#838 1291812318000000 memespring Add download formats to search results (http://ckan.org/ticket/866)
#839 1291736541000000 memespring Done with the exception of the discuss/comments page. Plugin won't install on my setup. Fredrich looking into it.
#846 1291719074000000 memespring It's been done on a branch and pushed to bitbucket: http://bitbucket.org/memespring/ckan/src/9e74c40ff073/ckan/public/css/style.css
#864 1291741028000000 memespring Havent implemented all text changes because worried about impact on other themes.
#214 1263056226000000 nickstenning Routing now redirects /packages to /package, in addition to /packages/* to /package/*. Introduced in cset:9eda6ff974ae.
#214 1263057591000000 nickstenning Hover names haven't been addressed yet. Otherwise mostly done. Closing.
#217 1263055918000000 nickstenning Mostly done.
#218 1263055964000000 nickstenning Mostly done. Alphanumeric filtering à la KForge is probably still worth doing at some point.
#230 1263055318000000 nickstenning Package read view is now more-or-less self-contained. Refactoring of the template to use a c.pkg object is all that remains to be done and it then can be factored out and used for the preview.
#371 1292257189000000 nils.toedtmann (I know the term "QoS" as a very specific networking term about classifying and prioritising network traffic. I assume here it means ''uptime'', ''availability'', ''performance monitoring''?) There seem to be are at least three monitors already in place: * http://munin.okfn.org/ on eu1 monitoring eu[0-7] and us1, gathering additional health information via locally installed daemons. Munin's notification subsystem is not configured. * http://nagios.hmg.ckan.net/ on hmg.ckan.net monitoring the CKAN-HMG service group (network monitoring only). Notfications are not configured (or?) * We have a http://wasitup.com/ account which is watching some OKFN services (e.g. {ca,de,www}.ckan.org, {blog,www}.okfn.org) and sending loads of alerts to [email protected] Only checking for "HTTP 200 OK" and whether the response contains a configurable string. My 2ct: We should consolidate. What do we want? * A webservice like https://www.pingdom.com/ ($40/month incl 30 checks and 200 SMS, $0.5/month per extra check, $0.14-20/SMS) or http://www.serverdensity.com/ ($10/server-month plus 5-10p/SMS)? * Or run our own monitor (nagios, opsview, monin)? In the latter case we want to have a separate machine which is not in on EC2 (but e.g. ByteMark), dedicated to monitoring only. We should also include root mails into the alert/notification policies. Root mails should be trimmed down to important warnings and errors only.
#371 1292257389000000 nils.toedtmann The nagios fork [http://www.opsview.com/ OPSview] might be worth a look.
#371 1292704716000000 nils.toedtmann Replying to [comment:9 nils.toedtmann]: > There seem to be are at least three monitors already in place: [[BR]] Correction: at least four, we seem to have a Montastic account, too:[[BR]] On 18/12/10 15:03, [email protected] wrote: {{{ Dear okfn, This is a monthly reminder that you have an account on Montastic, the website monitor service. ### ACCOUNT INFORMATION Signup date: 2009-10-06 Email you signup with: [email protected] ### 20 WEBSITES MONITORED [OK] - http://www.ckan.net/ [OK] - http://www.knowledgeforge.net/ [OK] - http://okfn.org/ [not monitored] - http://blog.okfn.org/ [...] ### EMAIL ALERT RECIPIENTS - [email protected] - [email protected] - [email protected] [...] To make changes to your account or contact us, go to www.montastic.com. [...] }}}
#659 1298424109000000 nils.toedtmann Good idea. Listed this in my nagios ticket http://knowledgeforge.net/okfn/tasks/ticket/600
#871 1292323656000000 nils.toedtmann Re postfix: I second ww. I like to run some super simple local MTA (e.g. "nullmailer") on all but one server, using a central postfix (or a send-only GMail account) as smarthost. Am happy with postfix for >10years, it's straightforward and rock solid.
#1096 1307444626000000 nils.toedtmann See also http://ckan.okfnpad.org/multisite
#1117 1304277240000000 nils.toedtmann Oh, it *does* depend against python-pastescript. Ignore. For some reason it was not (completely/correctly) installed with ckanext-datanl on us4, but is a different issue then. Might be due to missing locale "en_GB.utf8" and dpkg-configrue failing.
#1123 1311863798000000 nils.toedtmann Looks like the packages on apt.okfn.org are now architecture "all" - great. To avoid future confusion, i change this ticket's solution to "fixed".
#1124 1304601771000000 nils.toedtmann I installed the python-ckanext-solr package rom http://apt-alpha.ckan.org/datanl-dev onto us10/DataGM too, and it seems to work just fine, see http://datagm.test.ckan.net/package?q=manchester
#1165 1306413953000000 nils.toedtmann this is similar, but not equal to #1096
#1165 1307444733000000 nils.toedtmann See also http://ckan.okfnpad.org/multisite
#1305 1314971164000000 nils.toedtmann Always use "localhost" as mail relay. On all servers, the local MTA should be configured correctly (e.g. in this case to relay via mail.fry-it.com), also to be able to send rootmail. I fixed it on IATI (s049.okserver.org = ex eu23) and thedatahub.org (s055.okserver.org). Please verify that it's working now.
#1305 1315317033000000 nils.toedtmann [15:22:02] Adrià Mercader: Yes it looks like it works on both thedatahub.org and iatiregistry.org
#1345 1337961353000000 nils.toedtmann This becomes an actual problem on the CKAN farm s057, see http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/1245
#1345 1338551926000000 nils.toedtmann See #2485 for workarounds containing the leak(s).
#1415 1319457583000000 nils.toedtmann Arww ... sorry i only now rediscovered James' mail "CKAN Packaging" from Sept 29th where he announced the availability of the repository http://apt.okfn.org/ckan- . This package release already addresses many of the above points. I will test those packages and refine my comments then. Sorry for the noise.
#1447 1326296987000000 nils.toedtmann For time being, i created a cron script [https://bitbucket.org/okfn/sysadmin/src/default/etc/cron/remove_old_files remove_old_files]. You could just copy it to /etc/cron.daily/, but i recommend to not run it as root: if it's misconfigured, it could wipe the system! So you better copy it to /home/okfn/sbin/ (not /home/okfn/bin/ which often is the sysadmin HG repo), and add it to some unprivileged user's crontab. In most cases, the leftover files are owned by user "www-data", so {{{ $ sudo crontab -e -u www-data }}} and then add something like {{{ 37 4 * * * /home/okfn/sbin/remove_old_files }}} Don't forget to edit the script remove_old_files itself and list the directories you want to be cleaned up. This is already done on s008/eu8 and s019/eu19. dread, do you want to do this for s025/eu25 and see how this goes? ---- Todo nils: verify tomorrow on s019 that it worked properly, e.g. this should show only a few files: {{{ find /var/lib/ckan/nederland/data/sessions/ -type f -amin +$((7*24*60)) -ls }}}
#1447 1330082636000000 nils.toedtmann I had forgotten to check s019 how well my cleanup script is working (and now s019 is gone), but at least it didn't destroy it :-) You might want to give it a try on s025/PDEU. (Tell me if you want me to do that).
#1447 1330089662000000 nils.toedtmann OK i fixed a bug in my script and refactored it so that it can now be dropped into /etc/cron.daily/ while still deleting as unprivileged user. It is now running on s025, removing everything older than 7 days. Please verify in 9 days or so that it's working. Consider to add [https://bitbucket.org/okfn/sysadmin/src/default/etc/cron/remove_old_files this cron job] to the ckan deb package e.g. as "/etc/cron.daily/ckan-cleanup"
#1447 1332510790000000 nils.toedtmann Just checked s025 (which is depricated now), looks like my script is working fine - nothing older than a week in /home/okfn/var/srvc/publicdata.eu/data/sessions/. We should activate this script on other hosts as well, e.g. so55/thedatahub.
#1447 1332510913000000 nils.toedtmann Just to add: the remove_old_files script is only a workaround, not a fix. CKAN should clean up after itself. Feel free to re-open this ticket for a proper solution ;-)
#1447 1332519029000000 nils.toedtmann Ticket http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/1222 tracks the effort to push the clean-up script onto CKAN hosts.
#1447 1340726283000000 nils.toedtmann This is becoming painful for the sysadmins. Please fix.
#1516 1323362689000000 nils.toedtmann Please note that * register.data.overheid.nl (s047) and datagm.org.uk (s048) should use solr on s046 - see http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/906 * thedatahub.org should use solr on s052 - see http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/931
#1591 1328735849000000 nils.toedtmann Some critical CKANs (e.g. PDEU, DataNL, DataGM) seem to be still on pre-1.5 versions. Shouldn't they be upgraded too? Or is that tracked elsewhere?
#695 1287677169000000 ollyc This is down to blinker not persisting the signal objects. Although the docs claim: "Every call to signal('name') returns the same signal object, allowing unconnected parts of code (different modules, plugins, anything) to all use the same signal without requiring any code sharing or special imports" This isn't true unless you maintain a reference to the signal object. To demonstrate this: {{{ >>> import gc >>> from blinker import signal >>> signal_id = id(signal('Package')) >>> gc.collect() 0 >>> id(signal('Package')) == signal_id False }}} The synchronous notifications code connects to signals without storing the signal objects, which are subsequently garbage collected and hence never fire. The async notifications stores references to all signals as a class attribute, so this problem is not seen when async notifications are enabled.
#695 1287748240000000 ollyc Fix and tests for this are here: * http://bitbucket.org/ollyc/ckan/changeset/48234e36ee61 * http://bitbucket.org/ollyc/ckan/changeset/f1447bbc9d65 * http://bitbucket.org/ollyc/ckan/changeset/1d3cb5378a2f * http://bitbucket.org/ollyc/ckan/changeset/e8409c84683d * http://bitbucket.org/ollyc/ckan/changeset/8e89cbce15c7 * http://bitbucket.org/ollyc/ckan/changeset/d1d63db64585 * http://bitbucket.org/ollyc/ckan/changeset/3d9eb4172f48
#142 1276121257000000 [email protected] See also: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1355292/friendly-name-from-google-using-openid Looks like Google has made this difficult intentionally.
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#142 1289219069000000 pudo Fixed in cset:a3f713368bba pending release of repoze.who.openid==0.5.3
#146 1281002247000000 pudo After test hasn't reproduced it, let's wait for someone to notice this in production. We can analyze weberror then.
#190 1280686074000000 pudo This will be solved using an external plugin and the disqus service. A current test version of the external code is at: http://bitbucket.org/pudo/ckandisqus
#190 1280820852000000 pudo fixed as of cset:1389
#231 1288516929000000 pudo fixed in cset:00bc33fbc3ff
#235 1302508788000000 pudo The first three sub-items of this ticket are done in datautil and dcat-tools: Basic GDocs-based normalizer: * https://bitbucket.org/okfn/datautil/src/8bba83b4fa45/datautil/normalization/table_based.py Example of use: * https://bitbucket.org/okfn/dcat-tools/src/0ec5012bf12a/dcat/core/normalize.py#cl-32 Spreadsheet (as referenced in datautil source, should be a kwarg): * https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AplklDf0nYxWdE8tVlRrN1F3bG9PdDBFUDNZcENDNEE&hl=en#gid=0 Experience so far has been that Google rate limits the current implementation so we should perform all ops in one or two big calls rather than "piece by piece".
#242 1279286215000000 pudo item 1 is done with the refactoring
#242 1280823876000000 pudo Fixed in cset:1393 In the long run, we'll want to remove those SQL-based search from the search code. The upside to using the search backend right now is that we pipe things through the query parser, which means multiple terms are looked up properly. Not a big gain.
#273 1268996987000000 pudo cf http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-discuss/2010-February/000042.html
#273 1270717895000000 pudo SOLR Requirements * 4GB Memory * Sun Java * Tomcat * Scala (for Etherpad) * MySQL 5 (for Etherpad) * Cheap bandwidth/low latency to the CKAN servers.
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