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#404 1297072955000000 rgrp Nothing more required here I think.
#405 1297211204000000 rgrp By mime-type and all resources done in cset:7bd693614c80 and previous (with other improvements to download system).
#405 1297214793000000 rgrp Completed in cset:a7df5071f200
#405 1297214833000000 rgrp (That is did the interactive version)
#406 1291139434000000 rgrp Renaming done as part of v0.7 (cset:0ea44c864153/datapkg) but pluggability for downloaders is currently disabled (half-implemented and then decided to hold back pending further thoughts).
#407 1330769956000000 rgrp Long out of date ...
#409 1297074067000000 rgrp Done item (2) http://packages.python.org/datapkg/extending.html#commands and Command class is already pluggable.
#413 1282661798000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #481 has changed sprint.
#414 1282661799000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #481 has changed sprint.
#418 1291637919000000 rgrp Not clear what ticket entails and think this has happened (should be on dgu in any case).
#434 1283189807000000 rgrp Looking at stack trac clear this was an issue with genshi/babel and i18n. Net search led to http://trac.edgewall.org/ticket/9171 which confirmed this. Fact that error was on every page when logged in suggested this was a string in template showing up on log in. Quick search confirmed suspicion ('You are logged in as' string) and fix in http://bitbucket.org/bboissin/ckan-i18n/changeset/8e0c25102cc0
#443 1282662560000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #457 has changed sprint.
#445 1282662530000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #477 has changed sprint.
#455 1291637172000000 rgrp Closing as invalid as not clear what task is and now almost certainly out of date.
#460 1285489964000000 rgrp To add to this ticket I note that package 'owners' are entitled to see State not just system sysadmins (this allows owners to delete packages).
#461 1282662564000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #454 has changed sprint.
#468 1282662774000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #467 has changed sprint.
#469 1282662778000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #471 has changed sprint.
#470 1282662774000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #467 has changed sprint.
#475 1282662794000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #472 has changed sprint.
#478 1282662798000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #473 has changed sprint.
#479 1282662526000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #462 has changed sprint.
#486 1291639321000000 rgrp This is a requirement ticket which we no longer support and a duplicate #847.
#487 1291639404000000 rgrp Obsolete story type and looks like duplicate of #353 (and other parts of ticket:847)
#500 1287747652000000 rgrp Looks like a duplicate of ticket:463 (also added by dread -- so hope I'm not making a mistake!)
#527 1293097531000000 rgrp Just to note: did this relate to IATI or ...? Any way to add component and milestone?
#535 1283167040000000 rgrp Duplicate of #434
#538 1294414537000000 rgrp We don't use reports any more -- just the query module -- so closing as wontfix.
#544 1291638966000000 rgrp Duplicate of #672
#662 1297344790000000 rgrp Now part of 'model/validation/forms' meta-ticket #961 so reassigning to Seb.
#667 1297069121000000 rgrp Actually marking as wontfix!
#676 1295869107000000 rgrp Closing as wontfix. For dev/sysadmin documentation people can follow the link in the CKAN footer to ckan.org where we are consolidating documentation.
#681 1288036387000000 rgrp This has been fixed.
#691 1295610145000000 rgrp Most of package relationships was implemented in ticket:253 and its subtickets. Therefore closing this as duplicate.
#698 1292239372000000 rgrp 1. move repo to bitbucket 2. clone james proxy code and modify to make google spreadsheets compatible (add a test ...) 3. update the ckanext to pass on parameters .... 4. Deploy all of this to test.ckan.net 5. Rufus: check redirects with javascript
#698 1293649815000000 rgrp This ticket is complete: * ckanext-dataapi: working /api/data/{resource-id} with tests * https://bitbucket.org/okfn/dataproxy - the dataproxy code running at http://jsonpdataproxy.appspot.com * functioning but needs tests and improvements There a whole bunch of improvements to be done but these will be in ticket:888
#700 1288562082000000 rgrp I can verify that groups are getting lost on package preview on ckan.net (steps: 1. click edit, 2. preview 3. look at edit form and group has disappeared). Given this is a bug on a production service it is urgent this gets fixed. @pudo: please can you confirm your expected fix date on this?
#729 1288012854000000 rgrp Closed in cset:a9006fd56450
#730 1291139609000000 rgrp Duplicate of ticket:402
#741 1291988087000000 rgrp Done in cset:49d5bd0a6a99 and cset:68522feabfeb among others. Documentation of progress on http://ckan.okfnpad.org/plugins
#776 1297066840000000 rgrp Moved to https://bitbucket.org/okfn/vdm/issue/3/avoid-generating-vdm-warnings
#796 1291640040000000 rgrp We no longer have an alpha page due to refactor of search and usage of search for list view (see ticket:847 and subtickets).
#797 1289402982000000 rgrp Fixed yesterday night in cset:5b522c762e71
#806 1291128886000000 rgrp Duplicate of ticket:827
#807 1297075372000000 rgrp wontfix as with traffic we have this is not a massive issue and these are very minor items (we can reopen later if this comes up again).
#810 1300093797000000 rgrp Moving back to backlog for v1.4 as should be dependent on forms overhaul and seems to be problematic (and not that urgent).
#816 1312192499000000 rgrp What about idea of 'model' refactor for resource, specifically to have: * format: human created format string with possible nesting e.g. zip:csv * kind: file | api | example | service * mimetype: standard mimetype (e.g. for zipped csv would be application/zip) * mimetype-inner: mimetype of innermost object (so for example would be text/csv) See http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-discuss/2011-April/001139.html
#827 1290766239000000 rgrp Fixed in cset:63a0c0223da4
#828 1290696586000000 rgrp Closed in cset:66a3efe16ed4
#829 1303838115000000 rgrp This is a wontfix for the present.
#831 1290760864000000 rgrp Done over the last week (finally fixed weird trac no __dict__ bug today and enabled user accounts on wednesday).
#832 1296334980000000 rgrp Done (~4w ago). See https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanext-stats and remove from core cset:311313e4afdb.
#833 1295263447000000 rgrp Have repo https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanext-admin
#833 1298889104000000 rgrp In progress now (sysadmin view and update nearly done).
#833 1302276855000000 rgrp Authz subsystem complete.
#833 1303236364000000 rgrp Two main tickets done so closing.
#834 1291633657000000 rgrp Alexander: Documentation is here: http://packages.python.org/ckan/api/version2.html#search-api Those queries should work but I do suggest you use the stable version of CKAN which is v1.2 and we suggest you use that. If you still have problems please reopen.
#836 1291851041000000 rgrp Fixed in cset:2f6d54341b47 and branch feature-286-siteurl
#838 1295259773000000 rgrp I'm going to close this ticket as almost everything done and remaining ticket can be done on its own.
#842 1296468313000000 rgrp Change to awaitingtriage as definitely not critical.
#844 1296340486000000 rgrp Looking at DNS this apparently has been fixed.
#846 1291715212000000 rgrp Reopening and fix used illegal css ;) -- it is illegal to have an @import statement (as we do with extras.css) after normal css statements. We therefore need to move the core css back out into a ckan.css (or similar file).
#847 1291639903000000 rgrp Done my best to pull all the solr related tickets and work together in one place.
#847 1292844627000000 rgrp Still have ticket:669 and ticket:874 to do (431 probably won't be done for a while).
#852 1295259620000000 rgrp Removing from sprint and moving to release as a master ticket.
#852 1315821628000000 rgrp Moved dataset archiving into new ticket #1327 and this is therefore now done.
#863 1295259827000000 rgrp Removing milestone as not certain when we'll do this.
#867 1299866685000000 rgrp This was a breaking change for loaders code. Obviously we don't have tests for that so would not have been noticed ... Fixed in cset:af81e54bd590/ckanclient
#869 1292059662000000 rgrp Closed by cset:83734b5e251c which implements an IConfigurer interface.
#871 1296340558000000 rgrp This is not a ckan issue. should have been on http://knowledgeforge.net/okfn/tasks
#877 1297680579000000 rgrp Basic pass on an implementation (no permissions yet etc): https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanext-upload/changeset/9ae543f0645f
#877 1298624165000000 rgrp Various tidying in https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanext-upload/changeset/0fad7aa7aa97 (success messages, permissions on uploaded file - public-read) and completed permissions in https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanext-upload/changeset/a83ce00a1266. Still need to integrate into general workflow (e.g. create a Resource on successful upload) but that is a separate item so this ticket is now done.
#878 1314404621000000 rgrp A working version of this in ckanjs as of 2 weeks ago. Need to integrate into main CKAN.
#878 1315820838000000 rgrp This is now done in feature-1294-ux-improvements-dataset. see e.g. cset:c6f7f5018b4f
#881 1296335072000000 rgrp Closing due to lack of clarification.
#889 1293715109000000 rgrp Done in cset:cdbb2e6128b3 (had added item to template earlier pulling from 'g' object but had not tied that up to config as yet). Also added test and also '''removed existing google analytics code''' -- so need to explicitly set this in config from now on.
#890 1318529648000000 rgrp May want to close as invalid as obsoleted by more recent queue work.
#891 1318602128000000 rgrp May only do link-checker and not do full storage in this sprint.
#892 1324314636000000 rgrp Moved to v1.6.
#902 1296638257000000 rgrp Also confirmed in FF. David (R) and I have both had a go and fixing this and it seems to be a bit tricky (very odd css behaviour!). Rather than directly fix this I'm thinking of doing a bit of rework of that set of menu tabs as they could be much nicer anyway and hence re-titling of this ticket.
#902 1297078885000000 rgrp Fixed in cset:42102bf7f922 and cset:42102bf7f922 by switching to a new 'tabs' look that has none of these issues. (See branch feature-902-submenu).
#904 1299840539000000 rgrp We're already now into improving the docs and ticket:927 is now reasonably detailed.
#906 1324299793000000 rgrp Do we need to change in core code or just configure solr?
#907 1296335337000000 rgrp Basic implementation done and deployed. However plenty to improve, e.g. * Support more formats (use external systems for preview?) * json (!) * html (trivial!) * sparql * ... * Do not display preview if no preview
#907 1297072303000000 rgrp Closing this now and improvements can go in a new ticket.
#913 1299841413000000 rgrp If at all possible this should uris from the OKF licenses registry at http://licenses.opendefinition.org/
#916 1297066902000000 rgrp Moved to https://bitbucket.org/okfn/vdm/issue/4/port-new-vdm-to-mongodb
#922 1320664187000000 rgrp Duplicate of #1032 (I think)
#926 1296637927000000 rgrp Comments from RP - http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-dev/2011-January/000181.html Libraries I have used: FormEncode, FormAlchemy (what we are currently using, before that formencode). Neither seemed perfect but I think the form issue is a 'hard' problem (perhaps with no perfect answer) [1]. FormAlchemy, in retrospect, was probably a mistake as it merges too much model/validation/form generation into one thing. At least 3 functions involved: 1. Generating (or just filling) a form template with 'form data' (and errors) 2. Converting model data to form data (also happens for APIs in fact) -- let's call this 'dict-ization' 3. Converting form data to model data (and validating) (inverse of previous step) I think one can and should separate 1 from 2+3 (and one of problems with formalchemy is it doesn't -- the attraction being you don't repeat yourself as forms get generated from model but I think this is actually a false economy in medium-term). I'm not specifically recommending the following as I haven't used them but I've looked through docs, they are active and reasonably mature: 1. Flatland: http://discorporate.us/projects/flatland/docs/tip/ * Only does 2+3 which is a good thing IMO 2. WTForms: http://wtforms.simplecodes.com/ * Used in standard flask docs: <http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/patterns/wtforms/>
#926 1298489517000000 rgrp @Seb: I believe this is now decided following discussion last week. Please could you detail results and close :)
#927 1299841206000000 rgrp Major update including notes of what has been done (where not a separate ticket) and addition of a few items.
#927 1300105638000000 rgrp Closing this ticket as #841 is minor. More work on docs can go in new tickets.
#928 1297115097000000 rgrp Fixed in cset::540e8e548d84
#928 1297115136000000 rgrp Forgot to say moved contributors material to http://ckan.org/wiki/Contributors for the time being.
#929 1299840884000000 rgrp I'm closing this ticket as a) most systems should install the licenses package (and hence have the licenses locally) and b) licenses service has now moved to s3 so should be very robust (see ticket:973 and http://knowledgeforge.net/okfn/tasks/ticket/605)
#930 1297066292000000 rgrp Just want to agree with wwaites assessment here. dubious this code is currently useful as a) not used b) (more importantly) probably better ways to achieve this functionality.
#936 1303838713000000 rgrp Completed it seems :-) see https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanext-follower
#940 1296807699000000 rgrp I agree with pudo (though it would not be the end of the world if these were treated as the same realm!). I've now created a permanent redirect for www.ckan.net to ckan.net. {{{ RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.ckan\.net$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://ckan.net$1 [R=301,L] }}}
#940 1297071748000000 rgrp Listing as wontfix now since: 1. Have workaround 2. Better for most sites to converge on a single domain anyway (for SEO etc) -- via std redirect approach or otherwise 3. Seems problematic to fix this via openid realm
#943 1297076498000000 rgrp Done see http://wiki.ckan.net/
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