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#948 1300271009000000 sebbacon I would propose a "trash can" model: a "deleted items" area where only deleted items can be viewed / searched. Deleted items should not appear anywhere else, but we could include a "also search deleted items" option in the search for admins. (In which case, deleted items should have a "div class='deleted'" or similar so they can be highlighted with CSS).
#948 1300385979000000 sebbacon Emptying the trashcan (which would amount to purging deleted objects) would probably be a function of the administrative dashboard #833
#971 1299245064000000 sebbacon folded into #1013
#1011 1298820235000000 sebbacon On reflection, may as well make a Plugin interface called IAuthorizer, which allows customisation of get_authorization_groups, get_roles, and is_authorized....
#1011 1298824649000000 sebbacon The "external source" is an Oauth service. We need to lookup user groups from that service.
#1011 1298825600000000 sebbacon Proposed implementation at https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/187e65afb35f
#1011 1299245206000000 sebbacon Merged to default https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/e8217c317a8e
#1013 1299245157000000 sebbacon This is now resolved, but depends on core CKAN behaviour (specifically pluggable middleware and unicode-aware error pages) to function: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/c846794c1799
#1014 1299245293000000 sebbacon Run out of time for decoupling, but tests and README.txt written (including pointers about how to customise for anyone who needs to decouple in the future)
#1051 1301305079000000 sebbacon This has been completed in https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/64a949990e0b
#1063 1302514033000000 sebbacon Fixed in https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/145eaae3168a
#1065 1301914004000000 sebbacon To reflect further conversations: * We are parking this ticket until dictization is complete * We would prefer to see roles as asserted globally by default, with packages just storing exceptions. E.g. If I am a "reader" globally, then I have "read-package" permission on all packages new and existing, unless otherwise asserted locally on a package. * Also w.r.t. algorithm above, consider repoze.what's model; "possible" is analagous to "has_permission". See http://what.repoze.org/docs/1.0/Manual/Predicates/Builtin.html
#1065 1302075994000000 sebbacon Re the point against my name, yes -- I think the fundamental principles of the current system are fine, but the implementation means asserting things for every single object, whereas we should be able to optimise it for the general cases -- something along the lines you suggest. I would be very happy to write up a full, detailed proposal for the system before we implement anything, if only as a proper straw man to have debates around.
#1076 1302515674000000 sebbacon See also http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/948
#1134 1305623531000000 sebbacon Agreed with James that we should consider *from the start* how to provide for a nice UI -- my worry is if we start out with people editing raw JSON we'll end up keeping that for years :)
#1142 1305880901000000 sebbacon The guys at Wikimedia also produced this spreadsheet including notable users and features of other software. Could be useful.: https://spreadsheets2.google.com/ccc?authkey=CLWu1cgP&hl=en&key=tYiwc9kUVLLlALOQEzFqujw&hl=en&authkey=CLWu1cgP#gid=0
#1167 1306856992000000 sebbacon Yes to all the above. Further question: which extensions should be installed as standard? I would argue: * ckanext-stats * ckanext-googleanalytics * ckanext-disqus * ckanext-solr (implies installing a running solr, too...) * ckanext-follower * ckanext-admin Note that googleanalytics and disqus both require user accounts set up at the corresponding service. Not sure how we would handle this in the instance setup.
#1167 1306857142000000 sebbacon Another thing to consider: how do we ensure we keep a single, up-to-date version available? (I'm thinking wrt developer / sysadmin workflow)
#559 1310126313000000 shevski I don't understand this one. It is older than 6 months so marking invalid.
#764 1310133334000000 shevski will be done as part of #1094
#961 1310126100000000 shevski The main parts of this ticket are now done. The remaining parts can be dealt with separately as their own tickets.
#1319 1315476057000000 shevski Ideally we should also verify people's email addresses. Do we think that's overkill?
#1373 1317829572000000 shevski Apparently works locally for David Raznick on default
#1508 1323168583000000 shevski Will deploy ext-spatial, need to build geo-search for DGU for searching for UKLP datasets - will discuss at next meeting
#2302 1343315555000000 shevski My ideas for this could include one day: One page where the portal admin can choose and/or change the: 1. Portal name & tag line 2. Logo (to be displayed in header) 3. About page text 4. Featured dataset & text on homepage ? 5. Featured groups for homepage ? 6. Footer links 7. Colour scheme 8. Homepage background (?)
#2302 1343596669000000 shevski I reckon getting this live, esp with a easy to fill styled text header (see Sam's design) and a UI for changing About page text, featured dataset on homepage and welcome text is key
#2347 1339602763000000 shevski Name-wise: what do we think of 'Related Media' - that suggests news articles, apps & visualisations to me I'n not sure about relating 'ideas' to specific datasets. Looking at the way ideas work in DGU & pd.eu - it's more general and portal-wide so should flesh out user stories for this before adding ideas to related extension
#2432 1338325120000000 shevski Where do new tickets go to await triaging? Is priority set by whoever creates the ticket? Does this get revised? Will we have a field for dev time estimate or where will this go?
#2446 1352658819000000 shevski gave john basecamp project access
#2458 1343596843000000 shevski Stats important for prototypes & be good to demo a key feature
#2458 1343737692000000 shevski Do we need a design for this? Or can we just use the same format as datahub.io/stats but within the new template?
#2458 1344254847000000 shevski This looks great. 4 small things: 1. clicking on a tag in 'top tags' takes you to old unstyled page, e.g. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/en/tag/economics. Should take you to search faceted by that tag. 2. I'd love to be able to link directly to e.g. the 'top tags' view - any way to do this? 3. Is there any way to rate datasets at the moment? If not, can we hide that option for now? 4. On 'Revisions to Datasets per week' can we rename this 'Dataset revisions per week' and can we change the orange icon/index in the table to 'all dataset revisions' instead of referencing 'packages'
#2569 1340375595000000 shevski Ticket itself is for resource pages, e.g. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/afterfibre/resource/f5d81da5-2e55-4302-8ed2-58401d2c139e - there are two other resources in that other dataset, should be able to navigate between
#2569 1340878031000000 shevski Great! Can we change it so that the resource name (if available) displays instead of the URL?
#2587 1340375763000000 shevski If we have a name then yes, should be even without link.
#2612 1342005971000000 shevski This seems to be fixed, but needs proper testing
#2612 1342714613000000 shevski All looks good for now. Need to review authorisation stuff as part of demo 3
#2641 1343737625000000 shevski Design here: https://okfn.basecamphq.com/projects/9558659-demo-ckan-front-end/posts/65443876/comments
#2642 1344243797000000 shevski Would like to have this for next week for a demo if possible
#2642 1345113645000000 shevski done
#2644 1344255836000000 shevski I think this requires some thought & probably a discussion. For example need to be clear on the purpose of a user dashboard vs say a publisher dashboard. I image a publisher dashboard would have the stats to datasets belonging to that group (e.g. views, downloads, comments, shares, ratings), issues reported (when we get that extension working), call to action to add a new dataset (that adds it to the group). User dashboards I'm less clear about. May be we can talk about this on Tues/Wed? Or skype today
#2648 1342714659000000 shevski done
#2667 1342714769000000 shevski Waiting to see http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2706 done
#2669 1343597264000000 shevski I think they should be slightly greyed out. More importantly they should be hidden to everyone not a member of ownership group
#2676 1342512315000000 shevski Yes. Not as important as getting functional bits of JS working, this is a pretty 'nice to have' that I think will bring value.
#2678 1342512234000000 shevski Worth checking with Ross on this
#2680 1342529500000000 shevski Okay thanks. Can we undelete groups?
#2681 1342512160000000 shevski I think just a file format, but want other perspectives. What do you think? & David: what do you think?
#2691 1342538699000000 shevski Also weirdly after I removed all text from the tag field and clicked on 'next: add data' i got an 404 Not Found The resource could not be found. Dataset not found error message
#2691 1342542047000000 shevski I can replicate the 404 error. Follow steps below 1. Click on add a new dataset 2. Name it and put an incorrect character in tag field "e.g. " :" 3. Click on 'Next: Add Data' 4. Error message shows, wipe tag field (i.e. delete " : " until field is blank 5. Click in 'Next: Add Data" again
#2695 1343059199000000 shevski Looks good. Anything we can go about slowness? If i type & hit enter too quickly it doesn't catch the last 1/2 characters?
#2695 1343121866000000 shevski I got a server error once updating long tags, but can't reproduce. Look fine apart from slowness already mentioned - anything we can do about that?
#2696 1343121485000000 shevski Tested. Issues are http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2737 and http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2734 Also just to check: does the autocomplete only look through existing tags or things previously typed too? Should only be existing tags.
#2699 1343597746000000 shevski Groups & auth notes: Datasets have an owner Dataset owner must be a group (not users) Actions on dataset are: Create: any logged in user who is a member of a group may create a dataset Choose which group will be owner on create page Read (determined by public/private flag on dataset). Private means only readable by members of owner Group Edit: any member of the owner group Admin: (change state, change owner) only can be done by Admins of owner group Resources: inherit permissions from dataset Groups: Create: Configurable whether creatable by any logged in user or just by sysadmins Edit: only group admin Read: public/private flag on group (?) Admin: (delete, update members / admins) Admin of Group Groups have users with roles/capacities on the group Admin Member System-wide sysadmin (boolean flag on your user account) who can do anything
#2700 1344244373000000 shevski Language names should all start with a cap letter, seems random currently. Slovenia flag (last one) missing a shield Is the Suomi just Finnish? May be a darker blue. I would find some pointers useful: e.g. "Shqipe (Albanian)"
#2700 1344254979000000 shevski As long as languages are actually in their own standard of capitalisation, i don't mind. currently looks random
#2702 1344255984000000 shevski this is just a placeholder reminding me that need to create these tickets. Will pick out the main things and close this eventually
#2704 1342709081000000 shevski Not an ideal UX solution, but important in the interim!
#2714 1342794133000000 shevski Got it working http://demo.ckan.org/dataset/test-dataset/resource/14244c9c-7dcd-43f0-9df0-b363baa2fa8d
#2721 1342948657000000 shevski E.g. 'test-group' was created & deleted
#2722 1342948991000000 shevski In fact, this is the wrong bug. Search doesn't seem to work *at all* in groups Tried to search http://s031.okserver.org:2375/group/data-explorer?q=&sort=views_recent+desc Bug 1: no results Bug 2: the text display covers the order by box
#2722 1343060105000000 shevski Hey, I only mentioned bug 2 here because I'm pretty certain this already exists as a separate ticket. Have definitely reported it before, but i think someone else created the ticket - so just wanted to remind that this hasn't been fixed either yet. What's the best way to do this in future?
#2726 1342949999000000 shevski Point 2 relies on the Chrome previews of PDFs, but can we not use this ability?
#2729 1342951176000000 shevski Also, why does searchign for format:csv not work? http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset?q=format%3ACSV&sort=relevance+asc
#2734 1343061994000000 shevski I did this with a dataset I just created, 5 mins before creating this ticket Tried it again with a new datasrt, happened again. It's when you're editing a resource
#2734 1343121017000000 shevski Wierd. It always breaks for me. Maybe we go through this on skype. I just did it with a non-admin account. Steps: 1. Create new dataset. Name whatever, resource it a link (I use http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2734) e.g. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/format-error-test 2. Once you've *finished* the dataset creation process you are on the main dataset page. Click on the resource you added. 3. Click on "edit" 4. Change resource field to "html," for example and click on "update resource" 5. Error shows, clicking on "update resource" doesn't do anything. How about I do it and you watch via screen share?
#2734 1343127101000000 shevski ace!
#2738 1343125335000000 shevski in CKAN core there is a tickbox to add to datastore (which we don't have anywhere) David: how should this work?
#2740 1343123431000000 shevski breadcrumb should be /datasets/ dataset name / add data
#2743 1343131092000000 shevski brill, works great, thanks!
#2744 1343211810000000 shevski should probably be same width of format field, e.g. here: http://s031.okserver.org:2375/en/dataset/new_resource/gold-prices
#2751 1343597577000000 shevski Do we need two versions? 1 for thedatahub - where we stick to having "groups" resources etc and 1 for datasuite where groups are re-named as "publishers" and more emphasis on data files vs resources?
#2766 1343318862000000 shevski e.g. see 'ff' dataset http://s031.okserver.org:2375/en/user/shevski shows up in activity stream
#2779 1343737270000000 shevski Related ticket for undeleting datasets - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2780
#2782 1343810353000000 shevski @toby I added this post discussion about attribution. Sam says that if we actually use the app itself (currently we're using the maps from it - but primarily by taking screenshots instead of actually integrating) then the attribution would automatically show. In terms of ticket creating, I added this so people could see it and have a think about whether it's phase 3 or phase 4 (& move where necc) & whether you wanted more detail from me etc or whether it needed to be a more generic kind of ticket (i.e. 'need some low cost / low maintenance way to create backgrounds for demos'). In future, shall I email instead? Call on skype? IRC? before any tickets are created?
#2785 1344243731000000 shevski I think it's a nice to have, esp if we give it an intuitive UI Rufus is keen for this also
#2785 1344256089000000 shevski I would say leave as phase 4 for now
#2796 1345129471000000 shevski Some notes already here: http://ckan.okfnpad.org/datahub-faq
#2796 1345129495000000 shevski and here: http://wiki.ckan.org/Using_the_Web_Interface
#2801 1344526607000000 shevski @Aron / Ross is it worth having a separate page for related items? E.g. like on pd.eu http://publicdata.eu/app/irail
#2812 1344507240000000 shevski Current text does need updating, but I think we need an explanation along the lines of: "Groups allow you to group together datasets under a organisation (for example, the Department of Health) or topic (e.g. Transport, Health) so make it easier for users to browse datasets by theme. Groups also enable you to assign roles and authorisation to members of the group - i.e. individuals can be given the right to publish datasets from a particular organisation." But even that could be clearer. Mark's text could be misleading since we haven't currently implemented private datasets or the right auth settings.
#2824 1344527130000000 shevski @aron any ideas?
#2826 1344527309000000 shevski @Toby do you know what's happened? Don't think this was the case before. Should pre-fill with standard image when there's no group image URL
#2852 1345104027000000 shevski Red is fine here Can we amend the message to: Cannot create new harvest jobs on inactive sources. First, please change the source status to 'active'.
#2855 1345104178000000 shevski I cleared my cache and it's working now
#2856 1345049793000000 shevski server error URL: http://s031.okserver.org:2375/apps/49a509f7-4eb6-456f-b1fc-87cfde90c60d
#2863 1345123824000000 shevski If by default it doesn't happen, then that's fine & we can close this. Any way for me to see how permissions are set?
#2906 1346862889000000 shevski fixed by removing custom css from the stylesheet, but should look into why it happened
#2956 1349346442000000 shevski This needs to be a navigation menu item that includes both the name & link to the dataset edit page and then underneath (nested) the links to it's resources - so that the user can easily move between the dataset edit pages and resource edit pages and know where they currently are (using the selected pointer style)
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#78 1311181280000000 thejimmyg This ticket is now more than 6 months old so closing in line with our new ticketing policy.
#96 1311176063000000 thejimmyg This sounds like an issue with setuptools not CKAN. It has been open for more than 6 months and doesn't appear to have been an issue so closing.
#103 1300217647000000 thejimmyg See also #1012 Add package revision history to api
#103 1300363180000000 thejimmyg Closing, we'll take this up in #1012.
#103 1311175065000000 thejimmyg This is now implemented. Date parsing is fairly rudimentary but you can now do things like this: http://test.ckan.net/package/[email protected]
#103 1311179429000000 thejimmyg David, I'm in the middle of a ticket refactor. Please don't open tickets I've just closed ;) This will be taken forward as part of #1233
#109 1291829457000000 thejimmyg This is effectively implemented by the util API; http://knowledgeforge.net/ckan/hg/file/tip/doc/api/version2.rst John has a separate proposal to move the util API into the REST API but that is a different discussion. Here's how you can now search on tags: /api/2/util/tag/autocomplete?incomplete=ru
#143 1311181336000000 thejimmyg Baze is looking into this and also into most followed packages.
#146 1291829862000000 thejimmyg I've just tested this too and it works for me. Let's close this ticket.
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