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#115 1253091426000000 dread R/W access control of packages added to REST api in cset:a2e0df462427.
#116 1253270921000000 dread Done in cset:683d42238666.
#117 1254735855000000 dread Done in cset:aa1435678eb6
#118 1253784319000000 dread Done in cset:36b586f95e87
#118 1253784902000000 dread Additional change in cset:642d0c4837fa
#119 1253791147000000 dread Done in cset:15566874efe7 We decided that admins could read a non-active package.
#120 1254406544000000 dread Found two security holes, both only in READ access (not write). Tickets raised for holes: ticket:132 - REST listing packages & groups ticket:133 - search package/group (WUI & REST) Full details of files checked: $ find . -name "*.py" | xargs grep "import ckan.model" ./ckan/presentation.py:import ckan.model as model REMOVED - unused ./ckan/tests/functional/test_group_edit_authz.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/functional/test_rest.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/functional/test_package.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/functional/test_user.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/functional/test_tag.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/functional/test_group.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/functional/test_package_edit_authz.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/functional/test_revision.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/functional/test_authz.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/test_search.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/models/test_package.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/models/test_user.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/models/test_group.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/models/test_extras.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/models/test_misc.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/models/test_authz.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/forms/test_package.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/forms/test_group.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/forms/test_authz.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/test_converter.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/getdata/test_data4nr.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/__init__.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/test_authz.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/tests/test_purge_revision.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/forms/common.py:import ckan.model as model - just validator ./ckan/forms/package.py:import ckan.model as model - validator & package edits ./ckan/forms/group.py:import ckan.model as model - validate & package, wui & rest edits ./ckan/forms/authz.py:import ckan.model as model - package & group wui/rest ./ckan/controllers/rest.py:import ckan.model as model - HOLE ticket:132 - REST listing packages & groups ./ckan/controllers/base.py:import ckan.model as model - paginate filters out deleted ones ./ckan/migration/versions/005_add_authorization_tables.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/getdata/data4nr.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/lib/search.py:import ckan.model as model - HOLE ticket:133 - search package/group (WUI & REST) ./ckan/lib/cli.py: import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/lib/cli.py: import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/lib/cli.py: import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/lib/cli.py: import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/lib/cli.py: import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/lib/cli.py: import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/lib/cli.py: import ckan.model as model - not runtime ./ckan/lib/converter.py:import ckan.model - dumper, not runtime ./ckan/lib/base.py:import ckan.model as model - just a remove ./ckan/authz.py:import ckan.model as model - only gets roles ./bin/ckan_spam.py:import ckan.models as model - not runtime ./bin/ckan-correct.py:import ckan.models - not runtime ./test_migrate.py:import ckan.model as model - not runtime
#121 1253716782000000 dread Done in cset:f5a762dae878
#122 1253716695000000 dread Done in cset:f5a762dae878
#122 1253716757000000 dread Previous comment was an ERROR! This was actually done in cset:cf62473b8495
#123 1254321447000000 dread This has been done, starting with cset:7d8bada15d88.
#124 1254735558000000 dread Done in cset:687f7be58dcf
#125 1258377621000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:152
#126 1254740244000000 dread Done in cset:469b0ed6d682
#127 1253868048000000 dread Done in cset:6e4119b4351c
#128 1260294960000000 dread Done in 57c5b5ed4737 Cost: 30 mins
#129 1260179292000000 dread Not needed at the moment (minor security issue since only for read actions).
#129 1267719162000000 dread Implementing this would make it less likely that new code would be written to be insecure. But it would also make a lot of things harder. Decided not to do it.
#130 1254735501000000 dread Done in cset:77ff9d3259bd
#131 1254308115000000 dread Done in cset:399e2bf1e14b.
#132 1273254514000000 dread This was fixed before and now works.
#133 1273253977000000 dread WUI and REST interfaces recently updated. You can't read, list or search for packages or groups not-authorised for. The only remaining view of a non-authorised group is that the group is named when viewing a package using all_fields option in REST interface. But no details of other packages in the group are given.
#134 1255430998000000 dread Authorization added in cset:3484c10753e7
#135 1255180858000000 dread * authz/is_sysadmin method now looks up sysadmins in user-role table * SystemRole and System added * migration script for new SystemRole and System * CLI for adding sysadmins Done in cset:94028478608a
#136 1255169466000000 dread Done in cset:fb571c27e04b
#138 1258466054000000 dread Done in cset:bfbd0bb1b91d
#138 1258466074000000 dread Overall cost: 2.25h
#139 1255188974000000 dread I didn't manage to create duplicate tags - must be the old code. I fixed this particular package in ckan.
#141 1255007583000000 dread Decision made to put it in a section alongside REST docs at api/index. Search API docs already done in cset:5562b3e53977. Refactored in cset:a096132a6c6b
#144 1264439281000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:215
#145 1255434248000000 dread Done in cset:d664c9caeb69.
#147 1255515162000000 dread Same as ticket:148
#148 1255515222000000 dread Done in cset:4d6bfca98d97
#149 1257414916000000 dread Done in cset:4d6bfca98d97
#150 1256751974000000 dread Done in cset:4dcb28d339a3
#151 1257414545000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:175
#152 1256056193000000 dread Done in: cset:f57dbb45418e - main work cset:78930cfd01b7 - not requiring values now.
#153 1255621895000000 dread Comment from rgrp: Yes, and want this for tags too -- this involves working out how to order joins in sqlalchemy (shouldn't be too hard).
#153 1258381364000000 dread Cost: 3h with help from rgrp
#153 1258971895000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:195
#154 1255621856000000 dread Comment from rgrp: I don't think we have to prescribe one or the other.
#155 1255621836000000 dread Comments from rgrp: Very reasonable - and should not be too hard to do (bit of javascript and support at the backend ...)
#156 1256145730000000 dread Done in cset:8a29d5351650
#156 1258981721000000 dread Looks like it was taking out a lot of stuff.
#156 1261399351000000 dread Sorted display of <links> by converting them to markdown format [links] (links) in cset:9c3e64104cbf
#156 1266348238000000 dread Example problem: http://ckan.net/package/patent-nber
#156 1267373651000000 dread Another example: http://www.ckan.net/package/dbtune
#157 1256062680000000 dread As far as I can tell this never worked in the past. Added in cset:f4ba0dcfb1a3 Cost: .65h
#158 1255949818000000 dread Done in cset:2aaaedff9d60
#159 1256060264000000 dread Fixed in cset:e7ea5b97365e Note: no spaces allowed between search operator and the word associated with the operator. So with "tags: postcode" it was searching for a blank tag. I've made the change so that would ignore 'tags' in this case, producing reasonable search results for postcodes in all fields. postcodes. Cost: 1.5h
#160 1261399380000000 dread Done in 1h in cset:9c3e64104cbf. Not allowing space - non-standard.
#161 1256114485000000 dread Yes, deleted tags are still listed and associated with a package.
#161 1257762932000000 dread Rufus says: Two issues: 1. search -- this has be done in internals ... 2. is: tag.packages attribute -- this is solved by using StatefulList
#161 1258381450000000 dread Cost: 4h with help from rgrp
#162 1256142462000000 dread Done in cset:429f2c89d4de
#163 1256140829000000 dread Basic facility to do it with CLI command done in cset:a4217353a7be Still need to make it regular.
#163 1257415333000000 dread Facility to do this, pulling packages out of ckan over REST, is here: ckan/lib/ckan-to-talis.py (cset:752f346b47c2) Currently not implementing a cron job to do this regularly.
#164 1256056395000000 dread Done in cset:ab50a8ee0ba3
#166 1256222093000000 dread Done in cset:bb7566d82b9f. Couldn't get logging going.
#167 1256210109000000 dread Done in cset:7d129fc35e5c
#168 1257414795000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:145
#169 1266928708000000 dread Covered in ticket:253
#170 1256572201000000 dread Done in cset:517d25bc56f3
#173 1258543707000000 dread Done in cset:05b1a12c5e71 Cost: 8.25h but only basic fields. e.g. extras not covered, license is not pretty.
#174 1256650986000000 dread Fixed in cset:d13bfdb99282
#175 1257780907000000 dread Migration requires quoting of table names 'user' and 'group' - need SA migrate v0.5.6.
#175 1257847996000000 dread Done in cset:78f04724b875 Cost: 6.5h
#176 1266928721000000 dread Covered in ticket:253
#178 1257439349000000 dread First batch of changes for this in cset:b5ef888e44b6. Works in basic way.
#178 1257523544000000 dread Second batch of changes in cset:7d524a92d602. Status: You can import new packages with all package properties using Excel or CSV format. Outstanding: * Validation is displayed poorly. * Overwriting existing packages is warned about, but doesn't work. * Can't add packages to group yet. * Functional tests are only working for the basic case. * Need to centralise package rendering for package controller. Time spent: 13hrs
#178 1257523596000000 dread Expect 1d to finish outstanding features.
#178 1257523668000000 dread Time spent (correction): 20h
#179 1257762996000000 dread Changeset was to solve 'deprecated' messages. See line 46 ff. of changeset.
#179 1258392697000000 dread Done in cset:76e6cd49e503
#179 1258392723000000 dread Cost: 1.5 h
#180 1264439377000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:223
#184 1266837414000000 dread This is done in cset:d2026bcf43f5 cset:ac7cf572cbf9 cset:51c6de2dc390 cset:58c660932fcf cset:dd9761591ffb
#187 1258970509000000 dread Done in cset:af3cbf266750 and e70af291455e. Issues addressed: * tags ARE indexed * if tags are converted into lexemes but we also search on exact match. * name is split on dash when indexed by postgres. * weight name and title higher than other fields. Remaining issues: * natural language search doesn't do partial words, so search for 'gov' doesn't bring up 'government'. * previous search system not yet usable with a config file switch (for if we install on a db aside from postgres)
#187 1258970766000000 dread Cost: 16h
#188 1264436473000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:219
#189 1259925111000000 dread All done in 5 days in: cset:5c7f0ebd728c cset:20374a1ee763 cset:02ce73aef595 cset:36eda4112f72 cset:dd285dd1b821 Also made relevant changes in importer, create-search-test-data and data4nr. It wasn't clear that download_url could be made a SA proxy, so instead put download_url proxy in the REST interface to maintain compatibility with existing clients.
#191 1305732285000000 dread Will's suggestion is to have "modified_since" param, just as we have for Revision Search. Maybe we don't need a range. 'Order by modification' should be on by default for queries with 'modified_since' param.
#191 1305732414000000 dread Do this after refactor #1129
#191 1305814900000000 dread Maybe allow searching by package creation date too? Suggestion from kindly: when indexing a package, have the search backend also store the metadata_modified value, to make it easy to search on it.
#191 1322762567000000 dread So you can do this sort of search: {{{ curl http://thedatahub.org/api/action/package_search -d '{"q": "groups:lodcloud", "sort": "metadata_modified asc"}' }}} but it doesn't work because solr doesn't store the metadata_modified field yet.
#191 1323708844000000 dread A test for this would be great, and maybe add as an example in the search docs too?
#191 1323970011000000 dread Added a fix for the problems caused by the #1546 fix. SOLR indexing was excepting for new packages (tests such as ckan/tests/functional/api/model/test_package.py:TestPackagesUnversioned.test_entity_update_indexerror failed). The problem was (somehow) related to last_modified function using a new connection causing problems for the modified_metadata in finding the revision & package table entries created during the commit. Changeset: [release-v1.5.1c 2c595ae] and cherry picked to [origin/defect-191-modification-date f98a4b2]
#191 1323973116000000 dread I put the sort syntax example in the apiv3.rst table and moved the full curl example to http://wiki.ckan.org/Searching_CKAN I added tests for metadata_modified and prepared this branch for closure. Changeset: [origin/defect-191-modification-date bebf7a5] John, please review and close/merge if you think it is all ok.
#191 1330020677000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.6
#191 1330020983000000 dread Replying to [comment:15 dread]: > Went into CKAN 1.6 Sorry, I meant 1.5.1
#192 1261487668000000 dread Similar stuff is being done in ticket:204. Consider transferring this field into default package schema?
#192 1291733895000000 dread The gov form has had this for months.
#194 1260456304000000 dread Judging by the logs, a great number of bots are hitting the star ratings. In cset:8985cd53f8e5 I've added a robots.txt as well as cli functions to reset star ratings.
#196 1265389771000000 dread In cset:7eadcdc94b3a package URI changed to: http://ckan.net/package/32000-naples-florida-businesses-kml This resolves to html or rdf+xml - see ticket:90
#197 1258989700000000 dread Done in cset:0db8ee29a8fa Cost: 1.5h
#198 1264688525000000 dread Bulk of work for this is in cset:d213e942245b
#198 1266837606000000 dread This was finished off by rgrp in cset:ca995c2596c6
#201 1264439427000000 dread Done by rgrp
#202 1264436548000000 dread Started in cset:8b6263a422d9
#202 1265399429000000 dread Step 1 previously done by Benoit Step 2 done now in cset:cf13a82ab243 Step 3 remains
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