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#49 1214244368000000 rgrp Has become less of a problem since big efforts a few months ago so this can be downgraded for time being.
#49 1257244973000000 rgrp Not a problem at the moment.
#50 1239018913000000 rgrp Have done a bit of digging but noot currently a priority given direction datapkg is going.
#50 1259086615000000 casbon Probably the effort to install apt cross platform would be prohibitive. I would also like to see pure python if possible so that you could run on GAE.
#50 1267648356000000 rgrp Do not see there is much more to do here.
#51 1223908230000000 rgrp Done. See r344 to r354.
#52 1223908425000000 rgrp Turned out this was already implemented -- see r366.
#53 1239133021000000 rgrp See r435. This just provides basic list of revisions affecting this. Next step would be to show diffs but that is another ticket.
#54 1223909366000000 rgrp ckan v0.6 (dump only) done in r355 and r358.
#54 1230211256000000 rgrp See r362, r365, r370 + more.
#55 1223909475000000 rgrp See r356 and r362 and r365.
#55 1223909891000000 rgrp See r356 and r362 and r365.
#56 1239018857000000 rgrp See r398 + r412. Could do a bit more here to have nicer icons and a big sign on the package indicating whether open or not).
#57 1239018717000000 rgrp Done. See r415, r417, r423. (This was tidying up -- most work had already been done by start of last autumn).
#58 1239974365000000 rgrp See r442 and r437.
#59 1239436422000000 rgrp 1. done in r429.
#59 1249411064000000 rgrp Not really clear what needs to be done and how useful it would be. Removing milestone until that is clarified.
#59 1272468398000000 rgrp Think we should resolve this by: * Removing guide page. * Putting a link to ckan user guide (http://wiki.okfn.org/ckan/doc/) in RHS sidebox on front page along with other links ... -- can this link url be made a config option in ini (defaulted to that url on load in lib/base.py or wherever it is loaded) * Move current content of guide (one item about bookmarklet) to http://wiki.okfn.org/ckan/doc/faq/
#59 1273080019000000 johnbywater All points in comment:5 have been implemented.
#60 1246434921000000 rgrp 1. is ticket:24 and 2+3 have been done in r258:5b1f4efd09c3, r260:934442318774 etc.
#61 1246437341000000 rgrp Very low priority and creates complications (e.g. dump for backup is different from dump for public use).
#61 1253612984000000 dread Done in cset:41151725cc12 Cost: 1h
#62 1249410921000000 rgrp Defer until after conversion to formalchemy (ticket:76) is complete.
#62 1250181376000000 dread Agreed with rgrp that tags should be allowed to be international letters, but not symbols other than these three: ._- but not uppercase characters. This is done in the checkins for ticket 76.
#63 1245656000000000 rgrp Fixed in r63c48818395f
#64 1246127063000000 rgrp Fixed in r269:4a2febc4f1eb.
#65 1246434569000000 rgrp Done in r254:fa2ef73afb40.
#66 1250785405000000 dread Done in changeset:f875f0f87cb1
#67 1250785122000000 dread Done in changeset:f875f0f87cb1
#68 1245697554000000 rgrp Fixed in r7ffc8288cb88 and rc6ac0a80ba11.
#69 1246437494000000 rgrp Not sure how useful/important moving to text-only is so will defer this for the present. Use of new license list done in r270:ea466d2721ea.
#70 1247827053000000 dread Done on checkins: 46d39c62396a and 44eb4f2c4822.
#71 1250181211000000 dread Done in 1.5 hrs Change set 2b434d63d5fd
#72 1251451954000000 rgrp Done in cset:9199c49a81e6
#73 1266510366000000 johnbywater Moved ticket to okfn tracker: http://www.knowledgeforge.net/okfn/tasks/ticket/256
#74 1250182938000000 dread Done in 0.5h Checked in to dd2f9713a6a2. Third detail done - enquiry can be done for all packages. Still need to change isitopen site to make use of the parameter ?ckan-package=<package_name>
#75 1296341223000000 rgrp Closing as duplicate (invalid also): * Not sure recording view stats for a given package page is that useful -- so invalid here * Resource download is now ticket:937
#76 1250152708000000 dread Objectives 1 and 2 done. 3 left for another ticket if req'd. Several checkins from 4cd7935adaceup to af32f6c2c5f1
#76 1250175782000000 dread I spent 30 hours on this task.
#76 1251295339000000 dread Reopening to improve look of the form. Text input fields need to be wider to be like before (size=40). Try and get remaining field information text on there.
#76 1251301765000000 dread Part 3 done in cset:7ace6c5d6c68.
#77 1255173809000000 dread Basic work done in cset:80c83a5be797. Extra work done (rgrp) in cset:ac2fdd73e347
#77 1255176732000000 dread Migrate script done in cset:f232b05eb875
#78 1311181280000000 thejimmyg This ticket is now more than 6 months old so closing in line with our new ticketing policy.
#78 1314877151000000 zephod Fixed in cset:8638a0ac2255 (fifty year expiry time on the four cookies)
#79 1250789298000000 dread Search: geo landsat Gives: 3 tags found: geo (1), geo-somthing (12), landsat (4) 11 packages found: (usual results)
#79 1250789659000000 dread [x] only open packages [x] only downloadable packages open licenses start with 'OKD compliant' or 'OSI compliant' (same test as isopen). See model/core.py
#79 1251110610000000 dread All done in changeset:6155a424e775 Now gives tags results. All words in query are searched for independently unless you enclose them in "quote marks". Options for filtering by openness/downloadable.
#79 1251111212000000 dread Also changeset:856047aa2ea6 (forgot to add a couple of files)
#80 1251111180000000 dread Done in changeset:1f8132df0aa8
#81 1268487327000000 rgrp Done in cset:a16c18167b6c/vdm and cset:8e235d730790/vdm (was actually reasonably simple to do).
#82 1256565343000000 dread Done basic work in vdm in cset:2a51e39be179. Previous work in ckan in cset:2cfa1c47acd2 - maybe not needed.
#82 1256565441000000 dread Follow on work in ckan in ticket:173.
#83 1267648301000000 rgrp Done quite a while ago in cset:2a51e39be179/vdm
#84 1340626385000000 icmurray Moved to ckan-future, and assigned to kindly. @kindly : move to a different milestone, or close/won't-fix as you see fit.
#85 1263206391000000 rgrp Done in cset:6c58b1f5a542/vdm. Migration script will be in ckan.
#86 1249050202000000 rgrp Done in changeset:e295241f4a53
#87 1258470719000000 dread Same as ticket:189
#88 1264439112000000 dread Download metadata added - format, descripiton, hash. See ticket:87.
#89 1260458636000000 dread API provided for tag counts in cset:5a94d1ac60ef allowing an external tag cloud.
#89 1265892698000000 dread Done in cset:66144a206c6b
#90 1257535604000000 rgrp All pre-requisites done. However unsure about how we integrate into WUI so downgrading for the moment.
#90 1264158298000000 wwaites see http://semantic.ckan.net/ data can be loaded into the store easily enough (cron job for now?) http://semantic.ckan.net/data/package-name the RDF equivalent of http://ckan.net/package/package-name has sparql interface at http://semantic.ckan.net/sparql not so sure about the assertions Talis has made about the ckan namespace...
#90 1265315677000000 dread Machine-readable link added in cset:9a7726fec351 but not 303 redirect yet. Cost so far: 1.5h
#90 1265388992000000 dread 303 redirect done in cset:ee207cfe617d. Cost: 1h. rgrp said leave "Alternative formats" part to Nick.
#90 1265890334000000 rgrp Closing as main part done and alternative formats part is now ticket:247
#91 1250864156000000 dread Done in changeset:a6c3af2024da
#92 1297344859000000 rgrp wontfix at the moment as we have the separate RDF service and RDFa is probably not the best option as always a bit incomplete.
#93 1253613274000000 dread Split up into smalled tickets including: ticket:114 ticket:115 ticket:116 ticket:117
#94 1250604808000000 dread Done in changeset:631431630ef2
#95 1251454716000000 rgrp Done in cset:29a5928e617b
#96 1311176063000000 thejimmyg This sounds like an issue with setuptools not CKAN. It has been open for more than 6 months and doesn't appear to have been an issue so closing.
#97 1318181317000000 rgrp Duplicate of: https://github.com/okfn/datapkg/issues/5
#98 1297210774000000 rgrp Done in cset:b7d8786614c0 - removed pastescript and just do 'by hand'.
#99 1297081088000000 rgrp Won't fix as we are not using sqlalchemy any longer.
#100 1318181227000000 rgrp Resolving as wontfix since not really sure any point to this.
#101 1267648607000000 rgrp Marking as fixed as Item 1 and item 2 have now been done (at least partially), using urlgrabber. However no "distribution" support (we just assume all downloads are "payloads" and get metadata from ckan). See cset:ae89cbc898c7/datapkg cset:8448f862c588/datapkg cset:df22cd0f92a1/datapkg etc.
#102 1260285104000000 rgrp Done (a couple of weeks or more ago) in cset:061e3f3d253b/vdm. Migration script as used in CKAN in browser:ckan/migration/versions/008_update_vdm_ids.py.
#103 1300217647000000 thejimmyg See also #1012 Add package revision history to api
#103 1300363180000000 thejimmyg Closing, we'll take this up in #1012.
#103 1301943140000000 dread Didn't take this up in #1012 after all. Closing as wont fix.
#103 1308828847000000 dread Now we have this working in #1141 we can add the links from the package history page suggested here.
#103 1311175065000000 thejimmyg This is now implemented. Date parsing is fairly rudimentary but you can now do things like this: http://test.ckan.net/package/[email protected]
#103 1311175601000000 dread This isn't finished - see second point in description and comment 4: Now we have this working in #1141 we can add the links from the package history page suggested here.
#103 1311179429000000 thejimmyg David, I'm in the middle of a ticket refactor. Please don't open tickets I've just closed ;) This will be taken forward as part of #1233
#103 1311180850000000 dread Ah, you should have mentioned the new ticket! ;-)
#105 1252488496000000 dread All done apart from group owners. This functionality will be left for another ticket. cset:bd4e48a544e2 cset:3263b6612fb7 cset:c6a6f88a50c2 cset:e9111a221222 Took 1d.
#106 1256140649000000 dread Ticket split into ticket:163 and ticket:164
#107 1257803384000000 rgrp On the "long run" item
#107 1258381854000000 dread Cost: 1h
#107 1296341644000000 rgrp Superseded by plans for upload: * #877 - File upload in WUI: 2d * #878 - Integrate file upload with workflow around package resources: 3d
#108 1252318938000000 dread This has been done in changeset:ec90f59040e0.
#109 1291829457000000 thejimmyg This is effectively implemented by the util API; http://knowledgeforge.net/ckan/hg/file/tip/doc/api/version2.rst John has a separate proposal to move the util API into the REST API but that is a different discussion. Here's how you can now search on tags: /api/2/util/tag/autocomplete?incomplete=ru
#110 1252488660000000 dread This was all done in work for ticket:105
#111 1252331626000000 rgrp Done in cset:c1bad304e1a0
#112 1264876463000000 rgrp No easy way to test this and now have ticket:239 (test migrate scripts)
#113 1252318818000000 dread Test database directly and via wui. Paste.Fixture to be used via proxy in paster.
#113 1252328204000000 dread Done in cset:57b263f51a6b
#114 1253034529000000 dread Done in cset:895ae4371377. Remaining problem in WUI for revision purging. Have not implemented functionality to cope with blank objectid in user-roles table. Adding group access control will be in future ticket.
#115 1253034599000000 dread R/W access control of packages added to WUI in cset:3e79c4398a3d.
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