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#1470 1321540943000000 dread Adria put in fix cset:ad29e3ea75 but the model change missed a migration script and left some spurious tests broken.
#1470 1321543837000000 dread Tidy up done in cset:c46388b945d581 for 1.5.1 release and merged to master.
#1470 1324473955000000 dread This issue only affects 1.5 release.
#1471 1340623578000000 seanh Also test the packaging tools
#1471 1340633734000000 seanh The source install instructions have been updated to work with both lucid and precise, see #2592
#1472 1321721874000000 rgrp Done yesterday. See https://github.com/okfn/ckanclient
#1473 1321872717000000 dread Done in cset:7733eb19971ff06e for 1.5.2
#1474 1321826753000000 kindly fixed cset:8f3d917e24390f91db577fdbd8b8c6a1d6228505
#1475 1326283573000000 ross Initial draft written at http://wiki.ckan.org/Writing_asynchronous_tasks
#1477 1324549459000000 dread I added the sub-tickets since this tickets already covers them really. They may provide useful details in the course of doing all this.
#1477 1325186158000000 rgrp @davidraznick: as per our discussion last week I think we need a ticket (or item) about writing up either in docs or in wiki how to implement various standard scenarios/workflows such as: * 'Curated tag' (standard) Groups * Publisher workflow - http://wiki.ckan.org/Workflows#Moderated_Workflow * DGU setup Suggest doing this either at end of http://wiki.ckan.org/Groups_Refactor, or perhaps better,http://wiki.ckan.org/Groups_Refactor.
#1477 1328016209000000 kindly This is done pending new superticket publihser_profile. (#1669)
#1478 1323161054000000 kindly completed in about 2.8 days. cset:58b7a09328111b97da7d8ac65b4710b94dac54e3
#1479 1321961592000000 dread Fixed in cset:380eab620c7397 for CKAN 1.5.1.
#1480 1321978546000000 dread Done in /api/util. Added length limits to mungers. Also added markdown test and documentation. Cset:e43009db393cb for 1.5.2
#1481 1322062707000000 johnglover Fixed in new dataset UX changes (branch feature-1450-dataset-view), still has to be merged with master.
#1483 1323279151000000 johnglover Fixed. Updated logic layer: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/520959ca6f83586d33cf7d4015d625a776ee46a1 Updated tasks (qa, archiver, webstorer): https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-qa/commit/78cbf5c6d16225e1580aee23fdf884f88d2475f5 https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-qa/commit/8553348942adad0babd4bdd91820c1d75a1784a7 https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-archiver/commit/8ed419280bd7f2e66aeb4f17f3f546d941fe11fb https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-webstorer/commit/d16fb090533a716c856e59838f79bbaa0ea42e76
#1484 1322059006000000 dread Fixed and added tests. Improved IntegrityError error messages. Changeset:ddca1a7 for release 1.5.1.
#1485 1323172388000000 icmurray Made a small start on this: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/tree/feature-1485-package-form-extension
#1485 1323186842000000 ross Implementing an initial IPackageController in ckanext-example
#1486 1322061518000000 seanh Fixed here: https://github.com/seanh/ckan/tree/defect-1486
#1486 1322077524000000 seanh I've merged the fix for this into my feature-1298-activities-table branch, will merge it all into master at once: https://github.com/seanh/ckan/commits/feature-1298-activities-table
#1486 1323172027000000 seanh I've now merged my feature-1298-activities-table branch into my super branch for activity streams, so my fix for this defect is now merged into the activity streams super branch and will be merged when that branch is merged. See the activity streams super ticket: #1515 Resolving this ticket now
#1487 1322095808000000 kindly fixed cset:4160859c8c9786588dbf0893981b93d9621019a9
#1487 1324474147000000 dread Fixed in CKAN 1.5.1.
#1488 1322241966000000 dread 'extensions' added. Also mounted RESTful version of status_show at: /api/util/status Done in cset:415d9ae aiming for 1.5.2 release.
#1489 1322138014000000 dread I updated the theme stuff in a75ca84. I've asked Ian to see if he can replace the form stuff with a new form (v. quick simple!).
#1490 1322489155000000 amercader Fixed in c23821b
#1490 1324033557000000 dread Fixed in 1.5.1 * group_package_show introduced in 1.5.1 * tag_show added extended packages in 1.5 (e6bad88a) * package_search added extended packages in 1.5 (e6bad88a)
#1491 1322563620000000 seanh I've finished some work on this ticket here, ready to be reviewed: https://github.com/seanh/ckan/compare/defect-1491-visible-strings-need-internationalisation
#1491 1323703317000000 seanh Merged into master
#1491 1330020630000000 dread went into CKAN 1.6
#1493 1323166859000000 dread Fixed in db814bed5 and cdbfa799f on master
#1493 1324474360000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.5.1.
#1494 1326103951000000 seanh I've added a controller function for getting a user's activity stream as rendered html to ckan/logic/action/get.py in this commit: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/30264997c7fe34324381123d6741d404baa67c1e I'm proposing to leave it at that for now and not actually hook this controller function up to an API call, as I'm not sure how useful an API call for getting rendered HTML will be (we already have an API call for getting the user's activity stream a JSON).
#1495 1325606124000000 seanh Implemented in branch feature-1515-activity-streams and ready for review. See #1511 first as this builds directly on that. Relevant changes are in commit 3d328aa0: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/3d328aa07f038287d4ecb3a9ba6facc9fabbddd2
#1496 1326104045000000 seanh I've implemented this in the activity streams branch: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/tree/feature-1515-activity-streams
#1496 1326736298000000 seanh This is finished, but I think that before closing this ticket a little more thought needs to go into what the activity streams and the user page should look like, where on the page they should go, what else should go on the page, etc. Also maybe add a simple test that the activity stream is being rendered into the page.
#1497 1322569805000000 dread Got rid of this one that appears on many CLI commands: {{{ /home/dread/gitroot/pyenv-ckan/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pylons/templating.py:610: UserWarning: Unbuilt egg for setuptools [unknown version] (/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages) Engine = entry_point.load() }}} cset:e1e2918 Look out for others and reopen when found.
#1498 1323165876000000 amercader This is now done. See [1] for the deployment documentation and conventions. CKAN checks the remote schema version on startup to see if it's compatible. See commits starting from 50285ef6. The migration work needed after releasing 1.5.1 is described in #1516. [1] https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-1498-multiple-schemas/doc/solr-setup.rst
#1499 1322591888000000 dread Done in cset:9d97592 on master aimed for release 1.5.2.
#1500 1323166918000000 dread Fixed in cset:783e9ed05 on master aimed for 1.5.2
#1501 1322684411000000 johnglover Fixed, commit: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/255352a1c2f403aa5d25b461ca60dbc272d90ea4
#1502 1322687823000000 johnglover Fixed: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/1534d9f16d300f7d5a7aa6bf1a61f120ca7eff3d
#1502 1324480415000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.5.1.
#1503 1323090114000000 rgrp Done. See email: http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-dev/2011-November/001530.html (no follow-up but it happened!)
#1503 1323281764000000 dread This is still ongoing - see the spreadsheet!
#1503 1323695557000000 dread The repos moved to github have now been deleted on bitbucket.
#1503 1323793662000000 dread All done now.
#1504 1322757715000000 dread Fixed in cset:725670972371 on master, aimed for release 1.5.2.
#1504 1324035928000000 dread Cherry picked for 1.5.1.
#1505 1322760570000000 dread Also added tests for search_package api. Done in cset:edde51c aiming for release 1.5.2.
#1505 1324474577000000 dread Fix cherry-picked for 1.5.1.
#1506 1328000218000000 rgrp As super ticket should stay in major milestone.
#1506 1328001415000000 rgrp Add in link to user and group UX work.
#1506 1328225770000000 rgrp Move dataset edit to #1744. Dataset search moved out altogether to #1745.
#1507 1329752194000000 rgrp Moving as no opportunity to do last sprint.
#1508 1323168583000000 shevski Will deploy ext-spatial, need to build geo-search for DGU for searching for UKLP datasets - will discuss at next meeting
#1508 1323184952000000 ross Custom form is referenced in #1485
#1508 1328000871000000 rgrp Closing as fixed -- while there are some remaining things to do mentioned here such as wordpresser it is agreed these aren't for the immediate present (and we can open new tickets for theme as and when we need them).
#1510 1325866117000000 rgrp @seanh: Duplicate of #1299? Also estimate in super ticket which is #1515 (not linked from this ticket!) is 3.5d. Is it possible to at least make a guesstimate. E.g. probably know this won't take 30d and probably know it is more than 0.5d :-). Also if you are not sure can you not ask kindly?
#1511 1323100081000000 seanh This ticket is just for getting the activity stream at the model level, not yet for rendering it in any particular output format. Estimate: one day Related user stories: #039 User I want to see the activity stream for another user when I go to their user (profile/home) page. #042 User Subscribe to RSS feeds for activity in relation to packages, users, groups, tags (?) #032 User See what status people have by seeing small bits of info next to their name, e.g. a sign to indicate being a superuser/sysadmin and/or the number of datasets they have. I know the approximate activity and authority of users I come across Also see: http://ckan.okfnpad.org/notifications
#1511 1323264315000000 seanh Should be as a list of dicts, not Activity objects.
#1511 1325605964000000 seanh Implemented in branch feature-1515-activity-streams and ready for review. Relevant changes: ckan/lib/dictization/model_dictize.py: Added functions activity_dictize(), activity_list_dictize(), activity_detail_dictize(), activity_detail_list_dictize(). ckan/logic/action/get.py: Added functions user_activity_list() and activity_detail_list(). ckan.tests.models.test_activity.py: Now uses user_activity_list() and activity_detail_list() functions instead of accessing the model directly to get activity streams.
#1513 1326728958000000 dread This problem is now more obvious because we display use name. If there is an user icon, but no user name then you are in this 'inbetween' state. The problem is that the cookie exists in your browser, but it is not valid, for whatever reason. The solution is to change the css/javascript that displays the Register/My Account bit in the corner to talk to Auth, rather than just check for the cookie.
#1513 1328205092000000 dread Fixed in [master ff90b3f]. Headed for 1.6 release.
#1514 1323101621000000 rgrp Thanks for registering this. This was known in the change that allow editing of usernames. Suggestion there was a bigger fix which was to do, asap, a switch to change all revisions to use user id rather than username. If we do this now that will save us a lot of pain ...
#1514 1323279018000000 rgrp This is now a duplicate of #1534
#1515 1323106050000000 seanh Branch for this feature: https://github.com/seanh/ckan/compare/master...feature-1515-activity-streams
#1515 1330086273000000 dread The main body of this went into CKAN 1.6, including: #1298, #1299, #1495, #1511, #1623, #1631, #1637, #1663, #1666, #1686, #1639, #1694
#1515 1338204149000000 seanh Closing this super ticket. See remaining tickets with keyword "activity_streams": http://trac.ckan.org/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&order=priority&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=type&col=priority&col=milestone&col=component&keywords=~activity_streams
#1516 1323360020000000 amercader Closing as the main Solr servers are ready to support different Solr schemas. I.e they have two different cores: * http://<server>/solr/ckan-schema-1.2 * http://<server>/solr/ckan-schema-1.3 to which CKAN instances can point to. The CKAN instances that have not been updated (the ones under s004) are pointing to a Solr core with an old version of the schema, so they can wait until upgraded to 1.5.1 to update the solr_url property and rebuild the index. Data.gov.uk can be dealt with during the next deployment. It's not clear which Solr server are using the rest of the instances, but they can be updated as necessary when they upgrade their CKAN instance.
#1516 1323362689000000 nils.toedtmann Please note that * register.data.overheid.nl (s047) and datagm.org.uk (s048) should use solr on s046 - see http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/906 * thedatahub.org should use solr on s052 - see http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/931
#1517 1323175957000000 zephod After some research, I've decided to disable the iframe datapreview of unknown filetypes. We need a safer mechanism for verifying that it's a text file or web page; a blacklist of filetypes which won't be iframed (GZIP, ZIP, etc) will never be adequate, and accidently starting a binary file download is a dangerous thing. The fix is simple - commit: 17f33031f5e348e623146601f830b8c67462fe00 But more work will be required to relax this restriction.
#1518 1323760656000000 rgrp Debug via js console revealed the problem: Google storage replaces spaces with +.
#1518 1323761438000000 rgrp Further investigation shows that: * Spaces and any other characters work fine with local file storagfe * Google escapes other non-url allowed characters (so should work fine)
#1518 1323762304000000 rgrp Fixed in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/3b209af3656851e560aeb4d6f5563f05897c8f01
#1518 1330020742000000 dread Fix went into CKAN 1.6
#1519 1324297045000000 johnglover Didn't have time to look at this in previous sprint, moving to current sprint.
#1519 1324317373000000 rgrp wontfix for present. * stats should go into core see #1576 * but analytics is more complex and requires more thought. Not really sure what integration buys us right now (though understand from a deployment / client perspective these together in some way so may be worth revisiting in future)
#1520 1323279697000000 rgrp wontfix in favour of #1534 (a proper fix)
#1520 1323280999000000 dread Rufus has persuaded me that this is not important since it is so rare, and focus on #1534 (which was #1514) instead.
#1521 1323174618000000 thejimmyg It would be nice if the new UX also made it clearer that a user has to login, before they click the "Add a group" link which currently takes them to the login page with the message "Unauthorized to create a group".
#1521 1327080136000000 zephod This function can be deprecated, as groups will use Solr searching to list their packages. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/master/ckan/logic/action/get.py#L398
#1521 1327405394000000 zephod Resolved in this merge: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/2337424dd4ebe3b81b6da454f2305031922d3d5c
#1521 1330084599000000 dread This went into CKAN 1.6
#1522 1324333827000000 kindly fixed cset:060efe4a0e7e4ede3337623092848740c58107f9
#1523 1323172904000000 icmurray Erroneously created when a file upload failed.
#1528 1323198001000000 zephod Done here. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/b2748e395760083be2071b007641e787a071f955
#1528 1330020444000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.6
#1529 1324318628000000 dread Was done in cset:237ad148ba9 on master 7/12/11, aimed for 1.5.2
#1530 1323283240000000 lucychambers Screenshot attached - browser = Chrome
#1530 1323283663000000 dread Cheers Lucy. Ok the gap between the name field and its help text is way too big. Zeph, any chance you can take a look?
#1530 1326283604000000 rgrp Never accepted for this sprint. Should have been v1.6 or backlog.
#1531 1326155226000000 kindly final commit 8457a34dff227e50aed8833673600b22683a23a1
#1532 1323956004000000 dread I couldn't see a way to communicate the situation "OpenID authenticated, but doesn't match any CKAN user" from the repoze middleware to CKAN. So in [release-v1.5.1c 9e86c8b] I have provided extra instructions in the OpenID log-in screen, and in the log-in error message suggest what could have gone wrong. This issue appeared in 1.5.1b and fixed in 1.5.1c in time for the 1.5.1 release.
#1533 1323359638000000 ross Investigating: 1. The XPATH that the middleware is currently using will definitely not match the navigation on 1.5.1, we'll need to change the xpath and also extract the anchors from the LI tags that are retrieved from the wordpress site. 2. Getting the main wordpress content just doesn't seem to work at all. Lots of class/id confusion. Will fix for 1.5.1 in branch
#1533 1324397900000000 rgrp Moving to v1.6 backlog. Sort of working but ross suggests we should be using atom feeds.
#1533 1325190689000000 rgrp Reassigning to me as per chat with Ross.
#1533 1325474699000000 rgrp Not really urgent in my view atm. Propose to defer at least out of this sprint. Needs further discussion of purpose and implementation.
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