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You can't GET then POST a dataset as new

Reported by: dread Owned by: dread
Priority: major Milestone: ckan-sprint-2011-11-07
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Cc: kindly Repository: ckan
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If you try to GET a dataset, purge it then POST it again, it fails checking authz for the group:

Module ckan.controllers.api:278 in create
<<                  (register, subregister))
                   response_data = action(context, data_dict)
                   location = None
                   if "id" in data_dict:
>>  response_data = action(context, data_dict)
Module ckan.logic.action.create:240 in package_create_rest
<<      api = context.get('api_version') or '1'
           check_access('package_create_rest', context, data_dict)
           dictized_package = package_api_to_dict(data_dict, context)
>>  check_access('package_create_rest', context, data_dict)
Module ckan.logic:129 in check_access
<<          #    log.debug('Valid API key needed to make changes')
               #    raise NotAuthorized
               logic_authorization = new_authz.is_authorized(action, context, data_dict)
               if not logic_authorization['success']:
                   msg = logic_authorization.get('msg','')
>>  logic_authorization = new_authz.is_authorized(action, context, data_dict)
Module ckan.new_authz:16 in is_authorized
<<      auth_function = _get_auth_function(action)
           if auth_function:
               return auth_function(context, data_dict)
               raise ValueError(_('Authorization function not found: %s' % action))
>>  return auth_function(context, data_dict)
Module ckan.logic.auth.create:115 in package_create_rest
<<          return {'success': False, 'msg': _('Valid API key needed to create a package')}
           return package_create(context, data_dict)
       def group_create_rest(context, data_dict):
>>  return package_create(context, data_dict)
Module ckan.logic.auth.create:15 in package_create
<<      else:
               check2 = check_group_auth(context,data_dict)
               if not check2:
                   return {'success': False, 'msg': _('User %s not authorized to edit these groups') % str(user)}
>>  check2 = check_group_auth(context,data_dict)
Module ckan.logic.auth.create:90 in check_group_auth
<<      groups = set()
           for group_dict in group_dicts:
               id = group_dict.get('id')
               if not id:
>>  id = group_dict.get('id')
AttributeError: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'get'

(using RESTful Model API)

The reason is the POST is expecting the group to be expressed as a dict, not the list of names that GET returns.

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Fixed in cset:819a74bd1c03 for release 1.5. Note release 1.5 doesn't have #1381 feature, so you're not supposed to create with groups anyway, but this will be useful if people try it.

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