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02/02/12 23:36:10 (2 years ago)

Move dataset edit to #1744.

Dataset search moved out altogether to #1745.


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    77== Dataset edit == 
    9   * Fix (i.e. allow / show) name editing on dataset edit. 
    10     * Fix the slugify so it does not overwrite if i change title after fixing name. 
    11     * Make slugify encourage people to use shorter names. Either by cutting off (not so good) or showing a warning and saying something like 'hey you may want to cut this down. Hit edit to customize the dataset name now' 
    12   * Show edit summary form again, at least on edit pages (and prefill it for create to something sensible like: Creating dataset {title} {name}) 
    13   * Fix drop down for resource types in resource add/edit to limit to fixed set of options (as per 
    14     * See also 
    15   * Allow reordering of resources (or: and this is somewhat more complex but possibly simpler: allow editing of a resource_order field and we use that to sort resources (this is more like wordpress page_order -- these two options could become the same if we just hijack the existing position field on the join table and get rid of ordereredlist extension)) 
    16     * Alternative/complement: forget ordering of resources and just allow for simple search on dataset page (do it in pure js). Would still need a default ordering (with editing of extra fields could allow users to add a position field to each resource) 
    17   * Merge Groups and Tags into main Edit section (no point having them on their own and most people will miss this). 
    18   * Radically simplify set of licenses - #1359 
    19   * Clarify that additional info = extra fields + add guidance - #1648 (minor? wontfix?) 
    20   * "Unsaved changes" warning briefly when you click "Save" #1735 
     9See #1744  
    2211== Dataset Create == 
    2413  * ? Show Home Page field when creating dataset (+ show description (?) (-- but state that it should just be a few lines) 
    2514  * ?  Do some Guerilla UX to see whether we need to Redirect to Resources directly after dataset creation? 
    27 == Dataset search == 
    28   * Autocomplete  / drop down on search (i.e. search while you type) 
    29     * A 'Nice to have' but quite a bit of work (and should be a separate ticket) 
    3116== Group Improvements ==