Ticket #2679 (new enhancement)

Opened 22 months ago

Change default behaviour of TemplateController.view to 404.

Reported by: icmurray Owned by: icmurray
Priority: minor Milestone: ckan-v1.9
Component: ckan Keywords:
Cc: Repository: ckan
Theme: none


The current behaviour of TemplateController?.view() (which is the fallback controller should all others fail) is to attempt to render (as a genshi template) the requested file.

Although this may be a feature that some instances want. In general, it leads to:

  • 500s when attempting to access a normal template (eg - http://datahub.io/importer/preview)
  • A way of inadvertantly serving things you may not want to serve. (Small risk, as it needs to be renderable as a genshi template).


  • Change the controller to 404
  • Ensure there's a way for existing ckan instances to override that behaviour should they need it.
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