Ticket #2922 (new defect)

Opened 20 months ago

Better docstring for CKANInternationalizationExtension

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Priority: awaiting triage Milestone: ckan 2.0
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I'm unsure about what's going on here. As I understand it, when we run python setup.py extract_messages it's going to use the extract_ckan() function from ckan/lib/extract.py to process the HTML files. For the HTML files that are jinja2 templates, extract_ckan() will call jinja2_cleaner() which will call regularise_html() on the strings. So the strings are regularised when they are extracted from the source files.

But then we have the parse() method of CkanInternationalizationExtension? also calling regularise_html(). I don't get what's happening here. Why do the strings need to be regularised twice?

My guess is that CkanInternationalizationExtension? is used when the strings are extracted from the templates at runtime, and they need to be regularised at this time in order to match them against the regularised strings in the mo files to find the translations to output?

Maybe CkanInternationalizationExtension? needs a better docstring saying what it does?

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