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introduce new terminology, add to requirements, and create explicit … (diff)


16:12 Ticket #129 (Secure db access by channelling query generation through authz module) closed by dread
invalid: Implementing this would make it less likely that new code would be written …
15:26 Ticket #266 (Package feed) created by dread
As a user I want to track changes to a particular package. Provide an …
13:12 Ticket #265 (More detail shown in Atom feed) created by dread
== Use case == As a user I want to stay abreast of package changes, such …


20:47 Ticket #199 (Fix failing tests and provide documentation on how to run tests in datapkg) closed by rgrp
fixed: These tests are no longer failing afaict. To run tests you can just use …
20:36 Ticket #101 ((Improved) Download support) closed by rgrp
fixed: Marking as fixed as Item 1 and item 2 have now been done (at least …
20:32 Ticket #50 (Investigate apt-get in more detail) closed by rgrp
fixed: Do not see there is much more to do here.
20:31 Ticket #83 (Allow "ignored" fields on versioned objects) closed by rgrp
fixed: Done quite a while ago in cset:2a51e39be179/vdm
08:37 Ticket #264 (Investigate why there are revisions with no associated packages) created by rgrp
Revision.packages should not include all changes so why are we getting …
08:30 Ticket #263 (Improve and test openid login) created by rgrp
At the moment the user has to figure out to login with providers -- this …


18:19 Ticket #258 (Add uuids into package in REST) closed by dread
fixed: Was already there. Added test in cset:54d61cb0bd9a
18:12 Ticket #259 (isitopen enquiry broken) closed by dread
fixed: rgrp fixed this in cset:45e16431add9
18:09 Ticket #261 (License does not work through REST API) closed by dread
fixed: Fixed in cset:c024937fc6cb. license_id removed in API.


23:14 Ticket #262 (Mark package as duplicate of another package) created by rgrp
Need a way to mark packages as duplicate. Ideas/Questions?: * Could work …
21:52 Ticket #261 (License does not work through REST API) created by rgrp
Presence of license_id field in JSON input show below breaks REST API …
18:22 Ticket #260 (Display group package list in standard (richer) way) closed by dread
fixed: Done in cset:ffae8f89e577. Also made Group Read WUI format more like that …
12:24 Ticket #260 (Display group package list in standard (richer) way) created by rgrp
Currently use old "bullet-point" style. Should change to now standard …
12:22 Ticket #224 (UI Review - Groups) closed by rgrp
fixed: As far as I can tell all of these have been done by early Jan.


16:48 Ticket #251 (Present in the API a list of revision IDs, and present individual ...) closed by johnbywater
11:57 Ticket #259 (isitopen enquiry broken) created by dread
Pressing the 'make an enquiry' link on the package read page gives 404. …
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11:50 SearchEngine created by dread
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19:52 Ticket #258 (Add uuids into package in REST) created by dread
Add uuids into package in REST interface.
19:50 Ticket #254 (Package relationships - 1. model) closed by dread
fixed: Done with migration script in cset:663ff0c78e6e
12:38 Ticket #176 (Package dependencies) closed by dread
duplicate: Covered in ticket:253
12:38 Ticket #169 (Package derivations) closed by dread
duplicate: Covered in ticket:253
12:37 Ticket #257 (Package relationships - 4. Read in API) created by dread
API: * Appear in package listing Example: 'relationships': …
12:36 Ticket #256 (Package relationships - 3. Edit in WUI) created by dread
WUI: * Editable as part of package or separately? (e.g. like authz) * …
12:35 Ticket #255 (Package relationships - 2. Read in WUI) created by dread
WUI: * View: show both sides of the relationship (but think carefully -- …
12:34 Ticket #254 (Package relationships - 1. model) created by dread
New domain object: PackageRelationship? (revisioned) Attributes: * …
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corrected grammar (diff)
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added consideration of longer text attribute merging (diff)
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typo fixes (diff)
17:44 DistributingChanges created by johnbywater
initial considerations for distribution of CKAN model changes
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16:05 Ticket #253 (Package relationships) created by dread
= Overview = Functionality to formally associate packages. We see a need …
14:55 AccessControlExtended created by dread
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minor reformatting (diff)
11:23 Ticket #243 (Repetition of number of packages in a group) closed by dread
worksforme: Looks like this has been fixed already.
11:20 Ticket #198 (Change package and tag ids to uuids) closed by dread
fixed: This was finished off by rgrp in cset:ca995c2596c6
11:16 Ticket #184 (Stats page) closed by dread
fixed: This is done in cset:d2026bcf43f5 cset:ac7cf572cbf9 cset:51c6de2dc390 …


19:02 Ticket #252 (Change revision object so that it has parent(s) attribute) created by johnbywater
19:02 Ticket #251 (Present in the API a list of revision IDs, and present individual ...) created by johnbywater
Want to have: * /api/search/revision/ Support querying by "since time" …
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add new sections at the top (diff)
17:18 Ticket #215 (UI Review - Home page) closed by johnbywater
fixed: All done, see e.g. tag cloud in #89.
16:26 Ticket #73 (Put enquiry template in db so it can be edited by admins) closed by johnbywater
16:17 Ticket #211 (User login) closed by johnbywater
invalid: Isitopen tickets are actually on the OKFN tracker.
16:16 Ticket #238 (The system shall accept submissions from unauthenticated users of the data ...) closed by johnbywater
invalid: Isitopen tickets are actually on the OKFN tracker.
16:16 Ticket #210 (User registration) closed by johnbywater
invalid: Isitopen tickets are actually on the OKFN tracker.
15:41 Ticket #250 (RDF link in Atom feed) created by dread
Add link to RDF representation of a package in our Atom feed.
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Added summary at top (diff)
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17:08 Ticket #249 (Regex search) created by dread
Search of package name and title (and other fields) using regular …


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12:51 Ticket #89 (Tag cloud for package tags) closed by dread
fixed: Done in cset:66144a206c6b
12:45 Ticket #202 (Internationalization (i18n) try-out) closed by rgrp
fixed: Closing. Bulk of work has been done and we have deployments at fr.ckan.net …
12:45 Ticket #248 (i18n of forms) created by rgrp
Need to do i18n of forms (not in templates but in code). Should consult …
12:12 Ticket #90 (Link to RDF versions of CKAN data) closed by rgrp
fixed: Closing as main part done and alternative formats part is now ticket:247
12:12 Ticket #247 (Alternative formats links on package page) created by rgrp
"Alternative formats". Has logo for RDF (link to RDF) and JSON (link via …
10:07 Ticket #246 (Support for primary key not named id) created by rgrp
At the moment setting of continuity_id depends on base table pkcol being …
10:03 Ticket #245 (Support for composite primary keys) created by rgrp
Problem here is that foreign key then becomes "complicated" (composite). …


21:20 Ticket #244 (Several links preceded by link URL) created by dread
e.g. Text on ckan.net home page: "All material available under an …
21:17 Ticket #243 (Repetition of number of packages in a group) created by dread
http://ckan.net/group/publicdomain has: "There is 16 package in this …
11:31 Ticket #242 (Miscellaneous tidying up (v0.11)) created by rgrp
Dumping ground for various minor and miscellaneous items (mainly …


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link usecases (diff)
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refactor front page and add toc (diff)
10:39 Ticket #241 (License doesn't preview correctly) created by dread
4 failing tests, including 2 in misc/package_saver and 2 in …


19:55 Ticket #240 (Do not allow creation of PackageResource object without a url) created by rgrp
Currently it is possible (v0.11) to have a PackageResource? object without …
17:09 Ticket #196 (RDF URI to resolve on CKAN) closed by dread
fixed: In cset:7eadcdc94b3a package URI changed to: …


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describe ckan and mention excel importer (diff)
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