20:39 Ticket #329 (Bad dates cause exception on Gov form) closed by dread
fixed: Fixed in cset:d264f9d57477 and cset:07701ef4085e
15:30 Ticket #329 (Bad dates cause exception on Gov form) created by dread
== Reproduction == Using the government form, create a new package with …


19:21 Ticket #328 (Mention code libraries in API documentation) created by rgrp
Should prominently (at the top?) mention existing code libraries for …


00:01 Ticket #301 (Package discussion pages) closed by tim
duplicate: Duplicate of #190, although that ticket has a different implementation. It …


17:09 Ticket #327 (Create a web hook worker for CKAN) created by pudo
This will be useful as an example consumer of the new queue notifications …
12:08 Ticket #326 (Centralise importation of json library) closed by dread
fixed: Done in cset:66c21d78d2f8. Took 20mins.
10:43 Ticket #326 (Centralise importation of json library) created by dread
Later versions of python use json which is better than simplejson, but it …


17:51 Ticket #325 (Event push notification) created by dread
=== As a === CKAN client program === I want to === be notified when …
17:51 Ticket #324 (Search indexing using notifications) created by dread
Currently search indexing is triggered directly using a Postgresql db …
17:48 Ticket #323 (Notification message) created by dread
=== Which events to notify on === Listed by domain object, these are the …
16:54 Ticket #322 (Client interface for Notification Service) created by dread
=== Use cases === * Register for package changes * Register for all …
12:47 Ticket #321 (Delegate authentication to Drupal) created by johnbywater
When CKAN is included in a Drupal front-end, CKAN edit pages are used in a …


18:09 Ticket #320 (site_title configuration variable which is used in template) created by rgrp
As a sysadmin I want to configure basic site title information for use in …
14:48 Ticket #319 (Local Authority license misnamed in migration script 18) closed by dread
fixed: Fixed in cset:a1ef783d27d2 on default and metastable.
10:01 Ticket #319 (Local Authority license misnamed in migration script 18) created by dread
Migration script 18 converts license "OKD Compliant::Local Authority …


20:58 Ticket #318 (Insufficient validation of resource URIs) created by wwaites
The CKAN instance on data.gov.uk serves invalid URIs out of its API. For …
18:56 Ticket #317 (Make search pluggable) created by rgrp
Make lib/search.py pluggable so that we can plug in different search …
15:14 Ticket #311 (Reordering of package resources can lead to integri) closed by rgrp
fixed: Resolved (sort of) in cset:489007a10bb9. This was a migration issue. …
10:45 Ticket #316 (Search URL escaping) created by dread
If you search for unescaped characters such as '`' (backtick) in the URL …


12:54 Ticket #315 (Improvements and fixes to csv dump) created by rgrp
1. Issues with quote in fields: …


09:42 Ticket #314 (Bugs getting revisions from the REST API) created by johnbywater
Bug report regarding getting revisions: Getting revisons by ID (on the …


19:30 Ticket #313 (Allow packages to be specified by IDs in REST interface) created by dread
If a package name changes, a simple CKAN client may not be aware of this …


15:01 PushAlert created by dread
13:07 WikiStart edited by dread
09:13 Ticket #312 (Race condition creating PackageRating) created by dread
On ckan.net there are a few packages which cause a 403 exception when you …


20:02 Ticket #311 (Reordering of package resources can lead to integri) created by rgrp
Created a new package resource line and then moved it up above existing …
19:58 Ticket #310 (Commit message box looks wrong in edit page since edit style overhaul) created by rgrp
Suggest move this below the label and make full width of screen and only …


17:54 Ticket #291 (Investigate search options encoding) closed by dread
worksforme: This seems spurious. The options.q is unicode finds foreign characters …
17:48 Ticket #132 (Security hole - read package/group list (REST)) closed by dread
fixed: This was fixed before and now works.
17:39 Ticket #133 (Security hole - search package/group (WUI & REST)) closed by dread
fixed: WUI and REST interfaces recently updated. You can't read, list or search …
15:55 Ticket #223 (UI Review - Tag) closed by dread
fixed: Tag cloud is already on the front page. The consolidation of browse and …
15:54 Ticket #309 (Tag list shows unused tags) created by dread
Deleted tags are visible on the /tag page and are searchable. Delete tags …


14:24 Ticket #263 (Improve and test openid login) closed by rgrp
08:37 Ticket #263 (Improve and test openid login) reopened by rgrp
Sorry, I meant this plugin: …


18:12 Ticket #263 (Improve and test openid login) closed by johnbywater
fixed: 1. Have suspended cookie setting (which was remembering the provider). …
17:47 Milestone v1.0 completed
17:25 Ticket #233 (Allow simple site-specific customization/overriding of templates) closed by rgrp
17:20 Ticket #59 (Provide a basic guide to CKAN on the site) closed by johnbywater
fixed: All points in comment:5 have been implemented.
15:23 Ticket #263 (Improve and test openid login) reopened by rgrp
Issue where if you click on google or yahoo seems to "remember" login so …
09:09 Ticket #216 (UI Review - Search) closed by rgrp
fixed: Closing. Everything done except for item 4: "autocomplete package names & …
09:09 Ticket #308 (Autocomplete package names & tags in package search) created by rgrp
Extracted from ticket:216. Dubious of its merit.
09:03 Ticket #177 (Service documentation) closed by rgrp
invalid: Not really relevant to this trac (as outside of CKAN scope) and is …


18:03 Ticket #276 (Resources in Package form seen multiple times upon preview) closed by dread
fixed: Fixed in cset:060e2df72148
17:40 Ticket #305 (Search result pagination is broken) closed by rgrp
fixed: Closed in cset:8136e7369c0c
15:56 Ticket #303 (Package history & diff & feed to show changes to tags, extras and ...) closed by dread
fixed: Done in cset:dc99df3ab4bd cset:beb72a0aa810 cset:96bab1eb53f5 and vdm …
08:08 Ticket #267 (Diffs for object that is created in that revision) closed by rgrp
fixed: Fixed in cset:9e2e66cced90/vdm


08:29 Milestone vdm-0.7 completed
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