22:34 Ticket #1219 (CSS issues on IE7) created by timmcnamara
As reported on …
15:03 Ticket #1168 (Test system for deb packaging) reopened by dread
This might run manually on the us7, but the buildbot is not running these …
14:59 Ticket #1214 (API improvements (following javascript use)) reopened by aron
The groups property in the package resource is always empty (or is for all …
11:56 Ticket #1218 (Colour the History tab icon) closed by dread
fixed: This has been done in cset:bd0f83a2e287 for release 1.4.2. Deployed to …
09:16 Ticket #1218 (Colour the History tab icon) created by minspamboks@…
Change the color of the "History" tab icon to yellowish, like the rest of …
09:11 Ticket #1217 (Diff exception) created by dread
Exception raised doing this particular diff. …


22:05 Ticket #1215 (Edit Resources table - removing all rows prevents adding them again) closed by kindly
fixed: fixed cset: 8a317eadbb36 If you delete the last row then it just clears …


15:06 Milestone ckan-v1.5-sprint-4 completed
15:06 Milestone ckan-v1.5-sprint-3 completed
14:42 ReleaseProcess edited by dread
14:22 Ticket #1095 (add way to pass in schema to logic layer.) closed by thejimmyg
14:21 Ticket #1168 (Test system for deb packaging) closed by thejimmyg
fixed: This is now working on dgu-buildbot.okfn.org. The code that manages it is …
14:20 Ticket #1125 (Debian package "ckan" should not depend on "postgresql") closed by thejimmyg
14:12 Ticket #941 (Submit apps or ideas for apps related to datasets (extension)) closed by thejimmyg
wontfix: This is now implemented by pudo in publicdata.eu. For the portal case, …
14:08 Ticket #972 (Merge 'extras' into main package dict rather than having separate key) closed by thejimmyg
wontfix: Having thought about this more David Raznick and I have decided to stick …
13:55 Ticket #764 (Read-only CKAN Web UI) closed by shevski
duplicate: will be done as part of #1094
13:53 Ticket #1215 (Edit Resources table - removing all rows prevents adding them again) created by dread
I'm not sure if this was reported earlier, but I have found a minor bug in …
12:41 Ticket #1129 (CREP0002: Moderated Edits) closed by thejimmyg
12:39 Ticket #358 (Resources in REST API) closed by thejimmyg
duplicate: Merging with #922 go there for latest updates.
12:35 Ticket #910 (Refactor CKANrdf to support extras) closed by thejimmyg
invalid: Not enough information and over 6 months old so closing.
12:34 Ticket #810 (Move "add packages" field up in group form) closed by thejimmyg
wontfix: This ticket is over 6 months old so closing.
12:25 Milestone vdm-0.8 completed
11:58 Ticket #559 (Fix package lookup on group edit form) closed by shevski
invalid: I don't understand this one. It is older than 6 months so marking invalid.
11:55 Ticket #961 ([super] Refactoring of forms, validation and model synchronization) closed by shevski
fixed: The main parts of this ticket are now done. The remaining parts can be …
11:51 Ticket #363 (Blank revisions) closed by thejimmyg
wontfix: This will eventually be fixed as part of braoder VDM changes. This work …
11:44 Ticket #1053 (Deletion in Model API) closed by thejimmyg
fixed: This is now fixed as part of the API refactor and revisioning updates …
11:40 Ticket #952 (CKAN should run under nginx/uswgi) closed by thejimmyg
09:25 Milestone pdeu-1 completed
The goal of this milestone is to create a second iteration version of …
09:24 Ticket #1070 (Plan a new domain model and layer architecture for CKAN) closed by rgrp


21:06 Ticket #1214 (API improvements (following javascript use)) closed by dread
fixed: I've put the fixes onto test.ckan.net - repoen the ticket if there are any …


18:00 Ticket #1214 (API improvements (following javascript use)) created by dread
Notes on the CKAN API from Aron: * Server returns text/html for errors …
17:53 Ticket #1210 (POST application/json error handling with newer WebOb) closed by dread
fixed: Fix in ckan for AssertionError? in cset:8f6ba8ef63f3 lined up for CKAN …
13:20 Ticket #1211 ([super] Drupal integration) created by kindly
Sub-tasks / tickets: * #1335 Action API - access to any logic layer …
10:50 Ticket #1210 (POST application/json error handling with newer WebOb) created by dread
WebOb? from v1.0.7 has some interesting new behaviour with reading request …


22:07 Ticket #1209 (sort out rendering of formalchemy package preview) created by kindly
Got broken due to the moderated edits changes #1141. Need to make sure …
18:34 Ticket #1208 (Webstore: a datastore with web API) created by rgrp
* SQLite based * Use Cyclone for async http server on top with auth * …
18:27 Ticket #1158 (Put PDEU into read-only mode and remove unneeded functions) closed by pudo
18:27 Ticket #1160 (Havest CSW servers on PDEU) closed by pudo
18:27 Ticket #1157 (A simple theme for publicdata.eu, CKAN) closed by pudo
08:42 Ticket #1193 (bug with new formalchemy causing all resouces to be deleted) closed by kindly
fixed: fixed cset:87d6140e06ad


10:19 Ticket #1207 (ckanclient.package_entity_get should raise more specific exception) created by dread
When package does not exist in ckan catalogue, …


16:10 Ticket #1206 ("Content-Type json" header scuppers package POST) closed by dread
fixed: Fixed with cset:149be76faabc on default branch, aiming for ckan 1.4.2. …


10:45 Ticket #1206 ("Content-Type json" header scuppers package POST) created by dread
Compare these two requests to create a package: […] The second one gets …
09:28 Ticket #1205 (db upgrade problem on cz.ckan.net) created by dread
When upgrading database for cz.ckan.net (psql.okfn.org/cz.okfn.org) an …


23:30 Ticket #1204 (renaming packages seems to result in a server error) created by timmcnamara
When renaming a package, and doing other changes at the same time an error …
15:29 Ticket #1203 (Moderated edits: html code shows as "changed" although it is not) created by rolf
I've installed the Moderated Edits extension (ckanext-moderatededits) and …
12:20 Ticket #1202 (Links to datapkg utility don't lead to info about it) created by rolf
In the presentation of data packages, the link in "The information on this …


11:22 ReleaseProcess edited by dread


15:21 Ticket #1201 (seperate out logic in atom feeds to logic layer.) created by kindly
Simplify the logic in the atom feed an make all feeds use logic layer to …
13:33 Ticket #1199 (Implement an email function for users.) closed by pudo
fixed: merged to default with password reset forms


11:34 Ticket #103 (View a package at a given revision) reopened by dread
Now we have this working in #1141 we can add the links from the package …
10:13 Ticket #1200 (Port PDEU theme to CKAN.net) created by pudo
PDEU has a newer layout which could be adapted to also be used on …
09:39 Ticket #1199 (Implement an email function for users.) created by pudo
We need an email function in CKAN to accept messages sent to users. The …
09:16 Ticket #1198 (Publisher hierarchy) created by dread
'Publisher' entities in the model. They are hierarchical. …
03:50 Ticket #1197 (Add JavaScript guide for CKAN) created by timmcnamara
A new library, …


11:57 Ticket #1196 (Markdown logging ignores config settings) closed by dread
fixed: Reason here: …
11:51 Ticket #1196 (Markdown logging ignores config settings) created by dread
Markdown produces Debug logging, even when the pylons logging config is …


13:58 Milestone ckan-v1.5-sprint-2 completed
13:58 Milestone ckan-v1.5-sprint-1 completed
10:08 Ticket #1191 (Unicode in user password gives 500 error on user registration) closed by dread
fixed: Done in cset:c3822feffb38 for 1.4.1 release
09:07 Ticket #1164 (Cloropleth Map of European Data Availability for PDEU) closed by amercader
fixed: Done. See it in action here: http://publicdata.eu/map
09:06 Ticket #1162 (Define a common extra for storing the geographic extent) closed by amercader


13:32 Ticket #1195 (Storage extension to handle incorrect routes better) created by dread
We've seen exceptions caused by people getting the file storage link …
09:49 Ticket #1194 ("Welcome back" message for newly registered user) created by dread
1. Register a new user (/user/register) 2. It redirects you to user page …


23:20 Ticket #1193 (bug with new formalchemy causing all resouces to be deleted) created by kindly
The new formalchemy stores dict in a new format.


15:29 Ticket #1192 (Convert CKAN Sphinx docs into admin/reference manual) created by annapowellsmith
As part of the general documentation overhaul (ticket:1142) we (APS and …
12:14 Ticket #1191 (Unicode in user password gives 500 error on user registration) created by dread
Create/register a user with a unicode character in the password. It …
11:34 Ticket #1033 (Register user with blank password causes 500) closed by dread
fixed: Fixed in 5c7caca30737 for v1.4.1


12:33 Ticket #1190 ([super] CREP 0004 Data API and Data Processing System) created by rgrp
For some time (e.g. 1y+!) we have known that we want to integrate some …
12:26 WikiStart edited by rgrp
01:18 Ticket #1189 (Spideroak support in CKAN Storage) created by timmcnamara
Spideroak is a bulk storage platform by a company …


15:52 Ticket #1188 (Allow diffing against initial (blank) package version) created by nickstenning
Currently the history page only allows diffing between different versions …
13:13 Ticket #1187 (Stop spam users with links in the 'about' field) closed by dread
fixed: Also stopped creating revision for user edits. Done in cset:795ccd6405ba …
13:03 Ticket #1187 (Stop spam users with links in the 'about' field) created by dread
When you edit a user, you should be stopped from putting links in the …
12:59 Ticket #1186 (Password reset facility) created by dread
You can register a user with password and (optional) email address. But if …
04:23 Ticket #1185 (Administrators can't delete packages from web UI) created by timmcnamara
Administrators have "View", "Edit" and "History" tabs. However, I can't …


09:55 Ticket #1178 (Local storage issue with ckanext-storage) closed by rgrp
fixed: Fixed. This was due to incorrect config of bucket option.
06:59 Ticket #1184 (Support Wuala as CKAN storage option) created by timmcnamara
Most of CKANs storage options are tied to the USA. This brings concerns of …


09:32 Ticket #1147 (Add expired_id to all revision tables.) closed by kindly
09:32 Ticket #1146 (make logic layer control its own state) closed by kindly


11:09 Ticket #1123 (Please re-package CKAN packages as "noarch") closed by thejimmyg
wontfix: This isn't necessarily a trivial thing. Let's get the build system for the …
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