22:50 Ticket #2962 (Search across multiple ckan instances) created by dominik
Could be done by: - using the solr distributed search - difficult set up …
11:39 Ticket #2961 (Preview plugin endpoint) created by dominik
Users could write ckan extensions that offer previews for a certain …
11:04 Ticket #2960 (Private datasets are not private) created by dominik
At the moment everyone can read all resources. There is no support for …


15:18 Ticket #2959 (Changing a Group's name through the action api disassociates it from its ...) created by icmurray
Repro: - Create a new Group, named "test-group". - Add a dataset to it. …
09:29 Ticket #2958 (Uploading files with unicode characters in filename fails in CKAN 1.7 and ...) created by seanh
e.g. 2012_08(주요국가).xls I tested in CKAN 2.0 and it seemed to work fine …


19:23 Ticket #2957 (New datastore on postgres prior to 9.0) created by dominik
15:11 Ticket #2956 (Allow for resource editing in CKAN 2.0) created by johnmartin
On the edit dataset page... there needs to be a way for users to be able …
13:22 Ticket #2955 (Recline should be updated) created by dominik
12:55 Ticket #2954 (Flickering on resource view when changing between views) created by johnmartin
From the google doc: When I move between grid, graph and map view mode (or …
09:51 Ticket #2953 (Server error in template directories) closed by toby
fixed: awaiting merge https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/145
08:28 Ticket #2953 (Server error in template directories) created by dominik
If you go to: /{any template dir} for example /home or /related, a Server …


14:54 Ticket #2950 (paster command to minify javascript and css) closed by seanh


19:15 Ticket #2952 (incorporate javascriopt translations into translations workflow) created by icmurray
There are now javascript translations. There's a paster command, `trans …
19:12 Ticket #2951 (Paster command for building css from less) created by icmurray
With the latest template, css and js changes in 2.0, there are a number of …
19:06 Ticket #2950 (paster command to minify javascript and css) created by icmurray
With the latest template, css and js changes in 2.0, there are a number of …
16:04 Ticket #2949 (Reenable Data API button on the new theme) created by amercader
The checks to show or not the button need to be updated for the latest …
14:30 Ticket #2948 (Negative range breaks datastore backend) created by dominik
Recline allows negative ranges. The backend returns an error 500 for that …
13:15 Ticket #2947 (Redirect to the resource page from /resource/{res-id}) created by dominik
Use story: As a user of the datasore I want to be able to put the resource …
11:29 Ticket #2946 (Pdf preview does not load in IE) closed by dominik
11:27 Ticket #2946 (Pdf preview does not load in IE) created by dominik
The pdf preview does not load in IE 9.
11:27 Ticket #2945 (Pdf preview does not load in IE) created by dominik
The pdf preview does not load in IE 9.
11:26 Ticket #2944 (Recline preview does not work in Opera) created by dominik
Opera cannot show a recline preview. I shows 0 records.
11:08 Ticket #2943 (Chrome does not resize preview) created by dominik
Chrome does not resize iframe after a full refresh/ on first load


22:06 Ticket #2942 (API POST barfs on interesting Content-Type headers) closed by dread
wontfix: Unfortunately with a few hours hacking I couldn't find a way to get this …
17:12 Ticket #2942 (API POST barfs on interesting Content-Type headers) created by dread
When POSTing to the API, if specified, the 'Content-Type' header must be …
14:51 Ticket #2941 (Add follower support back into CKAN 2.0) created by johnmartin
Add the views and functionality of following users and groups into 2.0
13:46 Ticket #2940 (Edit different resources from edit dataset pag) created by johnmartin
We need a nice way to be able to get to editing the different resources …
09:07 Ticket #2939 (Orgs are groups) created by toby
holder for ticket number


12:13 Ticket #2938 (Explain bundling in doc/resources.rst) created by dominik
Since it makes sense to bundle resources into one js file that are …


14:47 Ticket #2937 (GroupController.history() missing extras_as_string) closed by seanh
fixed: Cherry-picked into 1.8


15:42 Ticket #2937 (GroupController.history() missing extras_as_string) created by seanh
GroupController?'s history() method doesn't pass 'extras_as_string': True …


09:47 Ticket #2936 (Updating a group via the API clears its packages) created by seanh
If the group dict that you post to the API does not have any 'packages' …
08:14 Ticket #2935 (Make recline work with new datastore) created by kindly


12:18 Ticket #2918 (Can't remove users from organizations) closed by johnmartin
12:18 Ticket #2916 (User management in orgs needs autocomplete) closed by johnmartin
11:10 Ticket #2934 (Webtests for CKAN) created by Dominik
The tests in CKAN only test single pages (functional tests) or single …


17:11 Ticket #2536 (cleanup activity streams) closed by toby
17:11 Ticket #2578 (demo theme breaks the tests) closed by toby
17:11 Ticket #2618 (allow nested js resources) closed by toby
15:21 Ticket #2933 (Update theming docs) created by seanh
There's quite a lot of custom stuff going on, with all the custom jinja …
14:50 Ticket #2932 (Add docstring to system_info.py) created by seanh
What is the system_info table for? It looks like a way to override config …
14:13 Ticket #2931 (Better docstring for app_globals.py) created by seanh
The application's Globals object is not very informative.


16:24 Ticket #2930 (convert_from_extras() returns qupted strings from API) created by seanh
Use an IGroupForm plugin to add a custom metadata field to groups using …


16:09 Ticket #2929 (Remove is_fallback() from I*Form extension interfaces?) created by seanh
If a plugin wants to take over the default package type for example, it …
16:05 Ticket #2928 (Run CKAN tests with example_i*form extensions enabled) created by seanh
Before releasing CKAN 2.0 we need to run all the CKAN tests with a …
16:02 Ticket #2927 (Test new package/group/organization type URLs support) created by seanh
IPackageForm, IGroupForm and IOrganizationForm allow you to define e.g. …
16:01 Ticket #2926 (I*Form tests for per-type templates) created by seanh
Finish the tests for the per-package-type custom template support in …
10:06 Ticket #2925 (Remove trans mangle paster command?) created by seanh
- Is trans mangle really necessary? If you upload a pot file to …
10:04 Ticket #2924 (Better docs for trans js command, and add to release process) created by seanh
Add a better docstring to for trans js command explaining what it does and …
10:03 Ticket #2923 (Change regularise -> regularize) created by seanh
The function is called regularise_html(), can't remember what file it's …
10:01 Ticket #2922 (Better docstring for CKANInternationalizationExtension) created by seanh
I'm unsure about what's going on here. As I understand it, when we run …
10:00 Ticket #2921 (Add docstring to top of lib/extract.py file) created by seanh
I think it couldn't hurt for this module to have a docstring at the top of …
09:57 Ticket #2920 (Genshi text template message extractor no longer needed?) created by seanh
In setup.py, do we still need: ('templates/.txt', 'genshi', { …


14:47 Ticket #2919 (Remove IController from docs) created by seanh
Still in docs but seems gone from code
13:12 Ticket #2918 (Can't remove users from organizations) created by ross
When you remove someone, without adding them, the text box at the bottom …
12:10 Ticket #2917 (Organization admins can delete themselves) created by ross
Organization administrators can delete themselves from the user management …
12:09 Ticket #2916 (User management in orgs needs autocomplete) created by ross
The user management in organizations ( …
10:37 Ticket #2915 (Refactor form_to_db_schema_options()) created by seanh
Having two methods form_to_db_schema(self) and …
10:29 Ticket #2914 (Add form_to_db_schema_options() to IDatasetForm and IGroupForm) created by seanh
This optional method is supported when creating or updating groups and …


14:45 Ticket #2913 (IGroupForm has package_form() method) created by seanh
Should be group_form() I think


09:58 Ticket #2845 (Editing an organization removes all datasets from the organization) closed by seanh
09:57 Ticket #2912 (ckanext/organizations: Neither public or private initially selected when ...) created by seanh
When adding a dataset with the organizations extension on, neither the …
09:49 Ticket #2843 (Adding existing datasets to organizations is broken) closed by seanh
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