17:00 Ticket #3023 (New methods on IPackageController to provide access to the data_dict) created by amercader
Extension hooking into the edit and create methods of the …
16:45 Ticket #3022 (setup_template_variables method of IDatasetForm never called) created by amercader
On the package controller the package_type is not passed to the lookup …


11:19 Ticket #3021 (Logout doesn't work without JS) created by johnmartin
Essentially, the functionality should be as follows: - Add logout link …
11:14 Ticket #3015 (Dropdowns don't work without JavaScript) closed by johnmartin


20:11 Ticket #3020 (Update CKAN coding standards) created by seanh


18:44 Ticket #3019 (Cannot delete dataset extras) created by seanh
Deleting extras in the web interface is broken
13:34 Ticket #3018 (Load more in activity streams) created by johnmartin
Activity streams should be able to load more than 15 items within them. …


15:04 Ticket #3017 (New stable branch for the demo server) created by johnglover
13:30 Ticket #3016 (CKAN 2.0 template tweaks) created by johnmartin
Just a ticket to keep track of a few suggested template changes.
11:19 Ticket #3015 (Dropdowns don't work without JavaScript) created by johnmartin
Essentially the default bootstrap dropdowns don't work properly without …
10:50 Ticket #3014 (Crash when deleting a non-empty vocabulary) created by seanh
From Knud Möller: when I try to delete a non-empty tag vocabulary via the …


13:18 Ticket #3013 (common-error-messages is unreadable) created by dominik
Since the update of the doc theme, the page became unreadable. …


16:50 Ticket #3012 (data.gov auth) created by toby


11:40 Ticket #3011 (Recline fixes and updates for CKAN 2.0) created by johnglover
Fixes and updates to Recline / Datapreview for CKAN 2.0.


13:00 Ticket #2903 (Two search boxes) closed by johnmartin
12:57 Ticket #2471 (ckan.org bug) closed by johnmartin
invalid: I can't context on this. Closing.
12:56 Ticket #2562 (Demo theme tag improvements) closed by johnmartin
invalid: I'm closing this because I can't get context on this.
12:51 Ticket #2907 (Demo header) closed by johnmartin
fixed: Fixed in master
12:51 Ticket #2616 (Improve display of split stages in demo) closed by johnmartin
invalid: Old and not sure of context. Closing.
12:48 Ticket #2714 (XLS preview not working) closed by johnmartin
fixed: This seems fixed... I'm closing this.
12:48 Ticket #2742 (admin authz styling) closed by johnmartin
fixed: Fixed in master
12:46 Ticket #2806 (way to read full group description) closed by johnmartin
fixed: Fixed with new group pages.
12:46 Ticket #2741 (admin index styling) closed by johnmartin
fixed: Fixed in master
12:46 Ticket #2711 (bin/less dies for toby) closed by johnmartin
fixed: Fixed in master
12:45 Ticket #2705 (add link to edit dataset page from edit review page) closed by johnmartin
fixed: Fixed in master
12:45 Ticket #2704 (add list of resources to edit dataset page sidebar) closed by johnmartin
fixed: Fixed in master
12:45 Ticket #2676 (no way to browse through related items on dataset page) closed by johnmartin
fixed: Fixed in master
12:44 Ticket #2658 (On Demo change 'Groups' to 'Publishers' everywhere) closed by johnmartin
invalid: This is now invalid due to the work with orgs.
12:42 Ticket #2631 (Style activity stream in user profile) closed by johnmartin
fixed: This has been fixed with the LOD2 work on activity streams.


13:37 Ticket #1664 (Smarter group activity streams) closed by seanh


17:45 Ticket #3010 (Pin images don't appear in data explorer) created by seanh
When minified files are in use (set debug = false in ini file) the pin …


16:49 Ticket #3009 (On-site notification of new dashboard activity) created by seanh
We want a "bubble" with a number in it to appear in the top-right of the …
12:41 Ticket #3008 (Add tests for dashboard activity stream auth) created by seanh
We need to test that only logged in users can see their own dashboard …


13:15 Ticket #3007 (Adding a dataset creates multiple activities) created by seanh
Adding a new dataset creates multiple activity stream activities, e.g. …
10:22 Ticket #3006 (Update translations from Transifex) created by seanh
There are some new translations already on the CKAN 1.8 resource on …
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