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Design notes - search results page

  • Tags - Move related tags to the sidebar confuses the purpose of the page having them as part of the results
  • Pagination - Remove the top pagination control. Standard behaviour is scroll down -> next scroll down ->next
  • Results - Display tags for each package inline to help use choose which once to click through
  • Search box - make each example in the "E.g. 'geo', 'shakespeare', 'science'" links
  • Resources icons - Not very useful as a link. Better to display inline the number of resources available
  • Filters - 'downloadable' isn't a term used elsewhere. Change to 'Packages with downloads or other resources'
  • Filters - explain 'open license' better
  • Results make use of a:visited to help browsing
  • No results - better call to action to add a package e.g. 'Do you know of a dataset relating to $search_term? help improve CKAN by adding it'
  • No results - 'No results' and '0 packages found' are displaid, choose one.

search mockup 1