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#1158 Put PDEU into read-only mode and remove unneeded functions pudo enhancement blocker lod2 fixed
#1157 A simple theme for, CKAN pudo enhancement critical lod2 fixed
#1161 Build a simplified theme for PDEU pudo requirement critical pdeu duplicate
#985 Harvest other data catalogues pudo enhancement major pdeu duplicate
#1155 Harvester for pudo enhancement major lod2 fixed
#1156 Scraping harvesters for Paris and Vienna Catalogues pudo enhancement major lod2 fixed
#1160 Havest CSW servers on PDEU amercader enhancement major pdeu wontfix
#1162 Define a common extra for storing the geographic extent amercader enhancement major pdeu fixed
#1173 Offer a DCat representation for packages in the API amercader enhancement major pdeu fixed
#1174 API Representation Registry pudo enhancement major lod2 wontfix
#1159 Add RDFa to CKAN package pages pudo enhancement minor lod2 fixed
#1164 Cloropleth Map of European Data Availability for PDEU amercader enhancement minor pdeu fixed
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