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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#1136 Move to SessionExtension in vdm vdm enhancement kindly assigned 05/12/11
#1135 Changeset model for vdm vdm enhancement kindly assigned 05/12/11
#1137 Remove need for statefulness in vdm vdm enhancement kindly assigned 05/12/11
#84 Revert support on versioned objects vdm ckan-future enhancement kindly assigned 07/23/09
#1152 True support for generic CSW servers uklii ckan-backlog enhancement amercader new 05/23/11
#2268 UKLP Use same schema as form for harvested records uklii ckan-backlog enhancement thejimmyg new 03/30/12
#728 CSW Harvesting shall be optimised in respect of reharvesting only records that have changed uklii ckan-backlog requirement amercader assigned 10/21/10
#794 Investigate reconciling UKLP Publisher and Provider with DGU uklii ckan-backlog requirement amercader assigned 11/08/10
#1382 Deleted resources are present for harvested package uklii ckan-backlog defect thejimmyg new 10/11/11
#1815 Reenable Sparql endpoint on publicdata.eu pdeu ckan-future task amercader new 02/20/12
#909 DCat importer for CKAN lod2 ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 01/17/11
#1789 Implement a tag_update() logic action function ecportal ckan-backlog enhancement new 02/09/12
#2859 Fix the build ckan ckan-v1.8 defect icmurray new 08/16/12
#2582 Do not hide notes / readme on dataset pages ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement new 06/21/12
#2766 prevent draft datasets making it to activity stream ckan demo phase 4 enhancement seanh assigned 07/26/12
#2686 enabling datastore & data API breaks recline ckan ckan-backlog defect assigned 07/17/12
#1198 Publisher hierarchy ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 06/23/11
#1466 Need to support https login for multiple instances as part of the CKAN package install ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 11/15/11
#1832 dataset purge API ckan ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 02/24/12
#2751 check translations for full demo site ckan demo phase 5 enhancement toby new 07/25/12
#2949 Reenable Data API button on the new theme ckan defect amercader new 10/01/12
#1244 Notes field carriage-returns converted to CRLF ckan enhancement assigned 07/26/11
#1322 Action API improvements ckan enhancement assigned 09/08/11
#1460 Improve extensions documentation ckan enhancement assigned 11/12/11
#1689 List deleted datasets in API ckan enhancement kindly assigned 01/20/12
#2635 Non-destructive SOLR reindex ckan enhancement new 07/09/12
#3019 Cannot delete dataset extras ckan ckan 2.0 defect new 11/14/12
#3011 Recline fixes and updates for CKAN 2.0 ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement johnglover new 11/07/12
#3017 New stable branch for the demo server ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement johnglover new 11/13/12
#1134 CREP0003: Description and Configuration of Harvesters ckan ckan-backlog CREP new 05/11/11
#1447 disk space leakage ckan ckan-backlog defect kindly assigned 11/07/11
#1577 Can't upload file with foreign chars in filename ckan ckan-backlog defect rgrp new 12/19/11
#1661 Wrong Routes version installed by CKAN package ckan ckan-backlog defect assigned 01/16/12
#1041 Start Using the CKAN Wiki for Tutorial-style documentation ckan ckan-backlog enhancement thejimmyg assigned 03/16/11
#1163 Improvements to Storage Extension ckan ckan-backlog enhancement rgrp new 05/26/11
#1168 Test system for deb packaging ckan ckan-backlog enhancement thejimmyg assigned 05/26/11
#1257 Anti-Spam tools ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 08/02/11
#1262 Enforce "create-user" permission ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 08/03/11
#1286 Remove remaining formalchemy stuff ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 08/23/11
#1311 Modal user register and login form ckan ckan-backlog enhancement rgrp new 09/06/11
#1343 [super] User related improvements (login, user pages etc) ckan ckan-backlog enhancement rgrp new 09/14/11
#1352 Use logic functions instead of as_dict when indexing entities ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 09/21/11
#1439 Action API discoverablility ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 11/01/11
#1489 Updating example theme/extension ckan ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 11/24/11
#1534 Change revisions to record userid rather than username ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 12/07/11
#1542 Buttons to purge spam datasets and groups ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 12/08/11
#1584 QA report improvements - 2.5d ckan ckan-backlog enhancement johnglover new 12/21/11
#1588 QA - Give SPARQL endpoints a 4 star rating ckan ckan-backlog enhancement johnglover new 12/21/11
#1589 QA - Give 5 star rating to datasets with link metadata ckan ckan-backlog enhancement johnglover new 12/21/11
#1827 'Register' link should be hidden if you not allowed to register ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 02/22/12
#256 Package relationships - 3. Edit in WUI ckan ckan-backlog requirement assigned 02/23/10
#1366 Search inside extra fields ckan ckan-future defect assigned 09/29/11
#989 Extending the model from plugins ckan ckan-future enhancement kindly new 02/14/11
#1235 [super] Search Improvements ckan ckan-future enhancement new 07/20/11
#1438 Action API - parameter discovery/checking ckan ckan-future enhancement new 11/01/11
#1818 Spatial metadata editor ckan ckan-future enhancement amercader new 02/20/12
#2331 Search should AND terms not OR terms ckan ckan-sprint-2012-05-29 defect kindly reopened 04/28/12
#2412 More than one resource invalidatiing breaks dataset edit form ckan ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 defect zephod assigned 05/22/12
#2963 Timeout on tag pages with lots of datasets ckan ckan-v1.8 defect new 10/15/12
#2279 Write tutorial for our DataStore API / Data Explorer ckan ckan-v1.8 enhancement rgrp new 04/03/12
#2363 Documentation of best caching practice. ckan ckan-v1.8 enhancement toby new 05/01/12
#2887 "Welcome to CKAN!" on front page is untranslatable ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 08/22/12
#2405 Improvements to data viewer embed ckan ckan-v1.9 defect icmurray assigned 05/21/12
#2745 Password reset returns an exception if the key parameter is missing ckan ckan-v1.9 defect new 07/24/12
#2430 Look into marking tickets as dependent on other tickets in trac ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement seanh accepted 05/25/12
#2431 Trac git integration ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement seanh accepted 05/25/12
#2733 Datastore logic functions ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement johnglover new 07/23/12
#2466 Fix spam handling on trac ckan ckan-v1.9 task seanh accepted 05/28/12
#2818 Improve related item schema ckan demo phase 4 defect seanh assigned 08/09/12
#2790 logic.action.user_show is slow ckan demo phase 4 enhancement kindly new 08/01/12
#2357 Create build script for front-end resources ckan demo phase 5 enhancement aron.carroll accepted 05/01/12
#2641 Adapt spatial widgets to new theme ckan demo phase 5 enhancement johnmartin assigned 07/09/12
#1328 Unicode & paster commands ckan defect assigned 09/12/11
#1509 Mis-dated old revisions of datasets ckan defect assigned 12/05/11
#2719 Feeds controller does not catch NotAuthorized exception ckan defect new 07/21/12
#2673 simplify set of options for resources ckan enhancement new 07/14/12
#2947 Redirect to the resource page from /resource/{res-id} ckan enhancement new 10/01/12
#3026 Support icons on nav_named_link ckan enhancement amercader new 11/30/12
#2959 Changing a Group's name through the action api disassociates it from its datasets in the index ckan ckan 2.0 defect icmurray new 10/04/12
#1171 Citation instructions on dataset and resource view pages ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement mark.wainwright assigned 06/01/11
#2831 Create a limited subset of markdown that's supported ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement new 08/09/12
#2951 Paster command for building css from less ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement new 10/01/12
#2952 incorporate javascriopt translations into translations workflow ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement seanh new 10/01/12
#2996 Fix behaviour of View Profile button in user popover when already on user's profile ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement new 10/17/12
#1062 Data preview encoding error ckan ckan-backlog defect johnglover assigned 03/29/11
#1288 Package edit/creation can't include 'relationships' field ckan ckan-backlog defect new 08/24/11
#1336 License fudge ckan ckan-backlog defect johnglover new 09/13/11
#2395 paster db clean/init don't work when spatial extension enabled ckan ckan-backlog defect new 05/16/12
#143 Most active users listed on homepage ckan ckan-backlog enhancement thejimmyg assigned 10/08/09
#924 Search box has no search button ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 01/24/11
#1259 "Add a row" for Extras on Package form ckan ckan-backlog enhancement johnglover new 08/02/11
#1314 ckanclient search - generator improvements ckan ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 09/07/11
#1326 Write a set of auth plugin functions to integrate with Druapl ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 09/12/11
#1393 Don't skip search tests ckan ckan-backlog enhancement johnglover assigned 10/13/11
#1424 Openness notice should be clearer ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 10/26/11
#2247 Resource preview glitch in some browsers ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 03/20/12
#2310 Refactor the search-query construction in feeds.py ckan ckan-backlog enhancement icmurray new 04/16/12
#2277 Use the new atom feeds in IATI ckan ckan-backlog refactor icmurray new 04/02/12
#1544 delete old git branches ckan ckan-backlog task new 12/12/11
#763 Read-only mode - Setup ckan ckan-future enhancement assigned 10/26/10
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