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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#2540 Implement a way of upgrading ckan sites using ckanbuild ckan ckanbuild enhancement seanh accepted 06/15/12
#1460 Improve extensions documentation ckan enhancement assigned 11/12/11
#2362 Improve plugin documentaion, including examples. ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement toby accepted 05/01/12
#2818 Improve related item schema ckan demo phase 4 defect seanh assigned 08/09/12
#2334 Improved data import ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement kindly assigned 04/28/12
#1163 Improvements to Storage Extension ckan ckan-backlog enhancement rgrp new 05/26/11
#2405 Improvements to data viewer embed ckan ckan-v1.9 defect icmurray assigned 05/21/12
#1782 Improvements to datasets page UX (Feb 2012) ckan ckan-future enhancement zephod new 02/07/12
#1009 Improvements to user accounts sytem ckan ckan-backlog enhancement pudo new 02/25/11
#1101 Integrate googlanalytics into site nav ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 04/21/11
#2911 Internal documentation of Organization Groups ckan enhancement new 09/06/12
#2333 Introduce new resource type datastore ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement new 04/28/12
#2320 Introduce new state: archived ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement new 04/23/12
#1261 Investigate dots in extras search ckan ckan-backlog defect new 08/03/11
#2382 Investigate options for basic geocoding ckan ckan-future task amercader new 05/14/12
#794 Investigate reconciling UKLP Publisher and Provider with DGU uklii ckan-backlog requirement amercader assigned 11/08/10
#2539 Investigate the existing ckan debian package for ckanbuild ckan ckanbuild enhancement seanh accepted 06/15/12
#3029 JSONP parameter scuppers Search in API ckan defect seanh assigned 12/11/12
#2348 Java client library for CKAN ckan ckan-future enhancement assigned 05/01/12
#2885 Labels (editor, admin) not translated in authorization pages for datasets or groups ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement new 08/22/12
#2901 Language Dropdown bug in footer with IE7 ckan demo phase 5 enhancement new 09/04/12
#2964 Last organization admin can remove herself ckan ckan 2.0 defect new 10/15/12
#1336 License fudge ckan ckan-backlog defect johnglover new 09/13/11
#2324 Link API docs to relevant version not just latest ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement new 04/25/12
#2328 Link to Catalog API for each Dataset, Group and Tag ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement new 04/26/12
#1689 List deleted datasets in API ckan enhancement kindly assigned 01/20/12
#2833 Load module templates before calling .initialize() ckan demo phase 5 enhancement new 08/09/12
#3018 Load more in activity streams ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement johnmartin new 11/14/12
#2284 Local queries/views/viz in Related stuff. ckan ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 04/12/12
#2884 Lock icon shown next to unknown licenses ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 08/21/12
#2622 Login fails in Opera 12 ckan defect new 06/28/12
#1831 Login with email address ckan ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 02/24/12
#3021 Logout doesn't work without JS ckan enhancement johnmartin accepted 11/20/12
#2430 Look into marking tickets as dependent on other tickets in trac ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement seanh accepted 05/25/12
#2898 Looses data entered on step 1 of create dataset after login ckan demo phase 5 defect new 08/30/12
#2516 Make 'Assign to:' field on trac.ckan.org into a dropdown list ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement seanh accepted 06/13/12
#1748 Make activity streams conform to http://activitystrea.ms/ standard ckan ckan-future enhancement seanh new 02/05/12
#2473 Make datstorer store field ordering in _meta field ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement kindly assigned 05/29/12
#2508 Make it possible to run CKAN tests for each language ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 06/11/12
#2986 Make lib/base.py more like it was originally intended ckan ckan 2.0 refactor new 10/15/12
#2985 Make lib/helpers.py more template-specific ckan ckan 2.0 refactor new 10/15/12
#737 Markdown syntax summary page ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 10/22/10
#2479 Meanings of Author and Maintainer fields are unclear ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement new 05/31/12
#1572 Meta data Harvester ckan ckan-future enhancement David Raznik new 12/19/11
#1507 Minor fixes to dataset add on Group edit form - 0.5d ckan ckan-backlog enhancement zephod assigned 12/05/11
#1509 Mis-dated old revisions of datasets ckan defect assigned 12/05/11
#1311 Modal user register and login form ckan ckan-backlog enhancement rgrp new 09/06/11
#1203 Moderated edits: html code shows as "changed" although it is not ckan ckan-backlog defect johnglover new 06/28/11
#2412 More than one resource invalidatiing breaks dataset edit form ckan ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 defect zephod assigned 05/22/12
#143 Most active users listed on homepage ckan ckan-backlog enhancement thejimmyg assigned 10/08/09
#2336 Move Jenkins' install script into ckan core so it can be versioned ckan ckanbuild enhancement seanh accepted 04/30/12
#1750 Move ckan/lib/activity.py into the model ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 02/05/12
#2982 Move functionality from controllers into template helpers ckan ckan 2.0 refactor new 10/15/12
#2973 Move new_authz.py into logic/auth/__init__.py ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement new 10/15/12
#1136 Move to SessionExtension in vdm vdm enhancement kindly assigned 05/12/11
#1077 Move to simpler vdm system ckan ckan-backlog enhancement kindly new 04/08/11
#3001 Multilingual plugin crashes CKAN on add dataset when some languages are default ckan ckan 2.0 defect new 10/18/12
#2763 Multilingual tests failing ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 07/26/12
#1287 NAVL validation errors - Junk fields should be listed explicitly ckan ckan-backlog enhancement thejimmyg assigned 08/24/11
#2796 Need a datahub one-pager ckan enhancement mark.wainwright new 08/02/12
#2830 Need method to undelete groups ckan demo phase 4 enhancement toby new 08/09/12
#1466 Need to support https login for multiple instances as part of the CKAN package install ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 11/15/11
#2948 Negative range breaks datastore backend ckan enhancement new 10/01/12
#2957 New datastore on postgres prior to 9.0 ckan task new 10/03/12
#2732 New file upload functionality ckan ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 07/23/12
#3023 New methods on IPackageController to provide access to the data_dict ckan enhancement amercader new 11/22/12
#3003 New pg databases should be created with UTF8 encoding rather than system default ckan ckan-v1.8 enhancement new 10/19/12
#3017 New stable branch for the demo server ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement johnglover new 11/13/12
#2531 New state option: archived / deprecated ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 06/15/12
#140 News section on front page ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 10/07/09
#2635 Non-destructive SOLR reindex ckan enhancement new 07/09/12
#2483 Non-local resources should not have Download links ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement new 05/31/12
#2416 Normalise resource/data types ckan demo phase 5 enhancement toby accepted 05/23/12
#1244 Notes field carriage-returns converted to CRLF ckan enhancement assigned 07/26/11
#2547 ODS Initial data sets ckan opendatasuite 2 enhancement shevski assigned 06/18/12
#2546 ODS Managing homepage content ckan ckan-backlog requirement assigned 06/18/12
#2548 Object ownership for groups/package ckan datahub-july enhancement kindly assigned 06/18/12
#2619 Omit private datasets from public activity streams ckan ckan-v1.9 enhancement seanh assigned 06/28/12
#1424 Openness notice should be clearer ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 10/26/11
#1644 Order default dataset page by most downloaded resources on thedatahub ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 01/12/12
#2917 Organization admins can delete themselves ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement johnmartin new 09/12/12
#2970 Organization and group member links use id not name ckan ckan 2.0 defect new 10/15/12
#2967 Organization members edit page reloads after demoting self ckan ckan 2.0 defect new 10/15/12
#2846 Organizations allows you to set an organization as the parent organization of itself ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 08/13/12
#2939 Orgs are groups ckan enhancement toby new 09/25/12
#301 Package discussion pages ckan enhancement assigned 04/26/10
#812 Package edit form only allows three extra fields ckan ckan-backlog defect new 11/17/10
#1288 Package edit/creation can't include 'relationships' field ckan ckan-backlog defect new 08/24/11
#1355 Package extras property does not include the newly created ones ckan ckan-backlog defect new 09/26/11
#253 Package relationships ckan ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 02/22/10
#256 Package relationships - 3. Edit in WUI ckan ckan-backlog requirement assigned 02/23/10
#285 Paginate list of packages on tag read page ckan enhancement assigned 04/07/10
#2745 Password reset returns an exception if the key parameter is missing ckan ckan-v1.9 defect new 07/24/12
#2951 Paster command for building css from less ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement new 10/01/12
#2945 Pdf preview does not load in IE ckan enhancement new 10/01/12
#3010 Pin images don't appear in data explorer ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement new 10/31/12
#1535 Plump for auth header of: X-CKAN-API-KEY ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 12/07/11
#2976 Polish group and organization member pages ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement new 10/15/12
#2995 Popovers for resources, groups, organizations, tags... ckan ckan 2.0 enhancement new 10/17/12
#2851 Preview of PDF tries to connect to datastore ckan enhancement new 08/15/12
1 2 3 4 5
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