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#2651 1342084112000000 ross Messytables has been updated. A new branch for ckanext-datastorer has been created, hoping to get someone with a fully working setup to help test.
#2559 1342084940000000 toby I'm closing this now we can open tickets for bugs when we qa the add dataset
#2560 1342084988000000 toby again closing any problems can be bugfix tickets
#2569 1342085235000000 toby edit resources in add dataset is done anything else is a new ticket
#2362 1342085420000000 toby need to get the auto-documentation done now
#2634 1342085656000000 toby merged into master
#2583 1342086274000000 toby moving to phase 3 as really a review of our code type stuff
#2595 1342086346000000 toby yadda, yadda, yadda - this should all be done any bugs are new tickets
#2632 1342087027000000 toby merged
#2665 1342088650000000 aron.carroll Fixed in fe1d9ec
#2659 1342089310000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 9ff7a9b
#2553 1342090078000000 toby different implementation but same effect
#2562 1342090168000000 toby @aron, assigning to you so doesn't get lost let me know if you need anything from me for this
#2660 1342090270000000 toby this is sorted in master
#2660 1342090301000000 toby well not master but 2375-demo-theme-development which is good as
#2636 1342090614000000 toby duplicate of http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2631
#2640 1342092306000000 toby moving to phase 2
#2580 1342092353000000 toby I'm closing this as now you need to add at least one resource
#2642 1342092375000000 toby moving to phase 2
#2574 1342092416000000 toby this is all sorted so closing
#2661 1342092578000000 aron.carroll Styled in c165639 Toby, it would be good to display a flash message once the dataset has been deleted.
#2302 1342095074000000 toby @ross do you want to give this to aron or me?
#2302 1342097600000000 ross Have assigned it to Toby. Not sure how high priority this is, but only provides a very minimal level of configurability.
#2638 1342112772000000 toby merged
#2647 1342169056000000 toby @aron this button is now working on core http://localhost:5000/dataset/newcastle-city-council-payments-over-500/resource/0c2bd47a-6ac5-412e-a337-1b45a952e07e please note it is hidden in ckanext-demo also your `modal` think stops the link working - can you get it so that we open the href in a lightbox or somesuch. Also for now whilst waiting for the modal stuff to be implemented it'd be nice if it didn't block the link
#2668 1342172855000000 dread Fix done, ready for pull into core: http://github.com/datagovuk/ckan/commit/7da4aba97639ac29642548f7fcdb1a50d6bce027
#2664 1342181774000000 toby branch 2664-tag-errors has some ideas - how do we deal with whole errors issue
#2667 1342431877000000 aron.carroll Okay added the form and created a pull request for this feature. See https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/68
#2670 1342435186000000 ross https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/69
#1286 1342436420000000 dread This can happen now, if it hasn't already.
#2651 1342440899000000 ross Have assigned to icmurray to test
#2682 1342447364000000 seanh Note that this commit fixes the double-counting for page views: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/5739818a528bb16748f67b6d57a16f575ae78144 but not for resource downloads (which look like they could have the exact same fix) but I'm not particularly happy about the fix because I don't fully understand the SQL. It still needs unit tests and to be fixed properly, for both pages and resources
#2667 1342456802000000 toby @aron can you merge your branch into 2375-demo-theme-development - there are conflicts so i can't do a `git am patch` then reassign thanks
#2674 1342456931000000 toby this is some elastic search / nginx type issues - to be honest I know nothing about this. niether are setup on s031 and our documentation didn't help much
#2680 1342459451000000 toby @shevski, delete button implemented on demo-development reassigning to you till we decide on any rules - any decided should be added as new tickets and then close this one - chhers
#2676 1342461123000000 aron.carroll Does this actually offer any benefit over just visiting the related data page?
#2678 1342461370000000 aron.carroll I don't think there's actually any logic in CKAN to let you delete a related item at the moment. So assigning to Toby to take a look.
#2681 1342461453000000 aron.carroll Okay, is format supposed to be a mime type eg. application/json, text/csv etc or a straight file format?
#2675 1342461534000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 9dbf936
#2677 1342461576000000 aron.carroll Fixed in f8da5b7
#2681 1342512160000000 shevski I think just a file format, but want other perspectives. What do you think? & David: what do you think?
#2678 1342512234000000 shevski Worth checking with Ross on this
#2676 1342512315000000 shevski Yes. Not as important as getting functional bits of JS working, this is a pretty 'nice to have' that I think will bring value.
#2678 1342512362000000 toby No need it exists
#2661 1342515034000000 toby @aron, flash messages added I've changed these to being done via form javascript action: on click delete button display dialog confirm -> set hidden input name=confirm_delete value -> "yes" submit form no -> stop form submit hope that makes sense if not shout need this for dataset/group will also need for resource/related at some point soon
#2648 1342517191000000 aron.carroll Assigning to Ira to QA
#2554 1342518917000000 ross Python based cartridges rely on the virtuoso python hosting, which appears to be broken on my self-built open source version. This is likely to take a lot of time fighting with build setups. Going to delay this.
#2661 1342524525000000 aron.carroll Implemented in d980ec7. But we really need to go over the delete implementation as it could be much cleaner.
#2667 1342525152000000 toby @aron, Almost got this sucker - can you add an error summary to the top of the form - put in a crappy date to trigger an error do that the close this unless you find something
#2680 1342529500000000 shevski Okay thanks. Can we undelete groups?
#2667 1342530810000000 aron.carroll Done in 63c193e. Assigning to Ira for QA
#2687 1342534855000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 0a7f05e
#2550 1342535924000000 rgrp Sounds good. BTW all users stories if at all possible go in google docs now for permanence. Here is the template: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U5yahDrvp_PKQMNjzI_8u3xixnALf4eNZWK2BdTXOVw/edit
#2691 1342538699000000 shevski Also weirdly after I removed all text from the tag field and clicked on 'next: add data' i got an 404 Not Found The resource could not be found. Dataset not found error message
#2684 1342539637000000 aron.carroll Implemented in 9ae7f13
#2680 1342541256000000 toby we can do anything however in my opinion admin stuff like that should be phase 3 as not/really needed for the demos
#2691 1342541384000000 toby @shevski closing as a duplicate http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2664 - if you can work out how to get that 404 error please create a new ticket explaining how to reproduce - thanks
#2691 1342542047000000 shevski I can replicate the 404 error. Follow steps below 1. Click on add a new dataset 2. Name it and put an incorrect character in tag field "e.g. " :" 3. Click on 'Next: Add Data' 4. Error message shows, wipe tag field (i.e. delete " : " until field is blank 5. Click in 'Next: Add Data" again
#2690 1342542394000000 aron.carroll Improved spacing and alignment in 679e2d0
#2682 1342545573000000 seanh Talked with kindly, seems the above fix is correct and should be applied to resources as well
#2691 1342604273000000 toby fixed and cherry picked into stable
#2637 1342617226000000 toby fixed
#2689 1342617293000000 toby fixed on s031
#2692 1342617328000000 toby fixed on s031
#2703 1342624713000000 aron.carroll Just needs a new action that loads the same resource_form.html template with an empty stages array.
#2709 1342626212000000 markw but some of the relevant info is here: http://ckan.org/2012/05/30/atom-feeds/
#2710 1342630558000000 aron.carroll Displayed in a lightbox as of f347f11
#2661 1342685899000000 toby @aron can you change this so that we now post to the href if confirmed should then work for group, dataset, related resource will pretend to work but not actually delete yet
#2703 1342687332000000 toby created on dev branch
#2550 1342699856000000 icmurray Awaiting merge: https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-datahub/pull/1
#2714 1342706752000000 toby @ira, this isn't a phase 2 item - moving to phase 3 can you view the document when you download it? The message says it thinks it is corrupt
#2705 1342707341000000 toby @ira, I'm not sure about this if some one is editing a resource moving to edit the dataset seems wrong - a back to resource makes sense to me but not moving to the edit page @aron, If you want this then assign it to me if you're busy
#2704 1342707398000000 toby @ira, again not sure this makes sense from a ux perspective @aron, reassign to me if you want it doing should be trivial
#2706 1342707718000000 toby @aron, I've done this for you
#2704 1342709081000000 shevski Not an ideal UX solution, but important in the interim!
#2704 1342710830000000 toby @ira, this isn't really needed then! there is no point doing work if we need to do it again editing resources is easy enough now anyway I suggest we just close this ticket as a won't fix and #2705 as well while we're at it. I'm also not happy about these being added to the phase 2 milestone when we are at the end of finishing it and these are not bugfixes or critical functionality
#2612 1342714613000000 shevski All looks good for now. Need to review authorisation stuff as part of demo 3
#2648 1342714659000000 shevski done
#2667 1342714769000000 shevski Waiting to see http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2706 done
#2716 1342716474000000 toby fixed and on s031
#2715 1342716931000000 toby live on s031
#2704 1342716968000000 toby need some thought
#2705 1342716980000000 toby need some thought
#2667 1342773124000000 toby @ira #2706 is done maybe this can be closed now
#2493 1342774354000000 toby @aron, I've removed the breadcrumb and got it to eat flash messages as these tend to be repeated at least for some actions - maybe the flash messages is overkill. Anyhow I think it's good enough for phase 3 and we should either say it is done or move to phase 3 I think this would benefit from some design from Sam at some point and I quite like a graphic on an error page to make it a little pretty but not any rush
#2710 1342779460000000 toby @aron, we need to have this styled a little better when non-js user maybe it needs a little thought so that the lightbox gets a snippet and the non-js user gets the snippet embedded in a page so consisten styling and looks like part of ckan
#2710 1342784018000000 toby @aron I've done this - it needs a bit of work ie breadcrumb and you won't like what I did with the css classes/js- a better solution is needed but this gives a quick example that we can improve on let me know your thoughts https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/cec57f36094327611ff9bc8935c061a61ca3e961
#2718 1342785406000000 toby @shevski can you use links to s031 for stuff like this as it is the testing serve and i can play with the data more - unless the error is specific to demo.ckan.org ------------- with this issue it is actually wider than you suggest as I cannot edit the group that the dataset is in either. We need to discuss this one as I don't know the best approach should groups select datasets or datasets groups or both - how do we remove datasets from groups - who can do this etc - maybe next week?
#2699 1342788074000000 toby We should look at this next weekish
#2718 1342788150000000 toby related to #2699
#2714 1342794133000000 shevski Got it working http://demo.ckan.org/dataset/test-dataset/resource/14244c9c-7dcd-43f0-9df0-b363baa2fa8d
#2714 1342794216000000 toby @aron what was the problem?
#2721 1342948657000000 shevski E.g. 'test-group' was created & deleted
#2722 1342948991000000 shevski In fact, this is the wrong bug. Search doesn't seem to work *at all* in groups Tried to search http://s031.okserver.org:2375/group/data-explorer?q=&sort=views_recent+desc Bug 1: no results Bug 2: the text display covers the order by box
#2726 1342949999000000 shevski Point 2 relies on the Chrome previews of PDFs, but can we not use this ability?
#2729 1342951176000000 shevski Also, why does searchign for format:csv not work? http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset?q=format%3ACSV&sort=relevance+asc
#2724 1343030687000000 toby 1) this is because it is an incomplete dataset that has not been fully added 2) please explain where you mean - we need a url 3) These should not be seen reassigning to toby
#2725 1343030773000000 toby @ira, This is a ckan issue not demo-theme I think we need a ckan day - wider team to look at many of these style issues
#2726 1343030906000000 toby @ira, I think this is probably linked to the qa plugin and auto detecting formats rather than believing the user.
#2728 1343031111000000 toby @ira, This is because you are a sysadmin - not sure why ckan does this but i'll look at it with the other group search tickets moving to phase 3 as not a user viewable issue
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