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#335 1275997752000000 dread Done in cset:5c0c0b6e1342
#340 1276010234000000 dread Done in cset:f77639ddcf0d
#142 1276121257000000 [email protected] See also: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1355292/friendly-name-from-google-using-openid Looks like Google has made this difficult intentionally.
#336 1276162601000000 dread
#335 1276179605000000 dread On discussion with rgrp it's clear that it's also useful to set the redirect url in a config variable - then the client doesn't have to change. This was done in cset:b9fdd208dd45
#318 1276271343000000 wwaites url validation reputed to be here: http://www.livinglogic.de/Python/url/Howto.html
#342 1276278485000000 dread Done in cset:61f145b7d4a8
#318 1276438793000000 wwaites Some good news, ll.url seems to take bad urls and make them into good urls. viz: {{{ In [1]: from ll import url In [2]: print url.URL("https://mqi.ic.nhs.uk/IndicatorDataView.aspx?query=NRLS%3&ref=3.02.16") ------> print(url.URL("https://mqi.ic.nhs.uk/IndicatorDataView.aspx?query=NRLS%3&ref=3.02.16")) /Users/ww/Work/OKF/ckanrdf/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ll/url.py:2358: UserWarning: truncated escape at position 4 value = _unescape(namevalue[1].replace("+", " ")) https://mqi.ic.nhs.uk/IndicatorDataView.aspx?query=NRLS%253&ref=3%2E02%2E16 }}}
#318 1276438832000000 wwaites Also fyi, getting ll.url is done like so {{ pip install ll-xist }}}
#318 1276438907000000 wwaites I've updated ckanrdf to strip out datatypes and use this ll.url on external references so that should be sufficient to hold off talis. Still need to work particularly on validating dates though...
#350 1277072822000000 [email protected] Also check out the SEO review done by Charles Coxhead - http://www.quicksitereviews.com/ckan-net/ Pagination – In the tag section of the site particularly I’d suggest replacing the traditional numbered pagination with alphabetical links, ie, display 26 links A-Z and then on each of those pages displaying the relevant tags. The point being that the tag pages represent an opportunity to index pages which intersect with very targeted search demand, so let’s give them all every opportunity to get crawled and indexed. Linking to all 26 alphabetically arranged pages from the main tag page (and maybe even the home page) will bring all the tag pages closer to the home page and give them all some more link popularity. Also suggest something similar to this for the listings in the Packages section, so arrange these on alphabetical pages. Tag page titles – Take a programmatic, but more focussed approach to these. Currently all tag pages have the title “CKAN – Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network – Tags – [tag]” – I would make this something like “[tag] – Open Data – CKAN” or something like that which puts the emphasis on the tag keyword and adds some meaningful qualifiers to that. Tag page listings – On the tag pages there are related open data sets listed and next to each the associated tags. This leads to masses of tag links on the page and loads of duplicated links. If possible I recommend removing the tags from each data set listing, and instead displaying a cloud of “Related tags” on the right hand side. Group pages – The user curated group pages are possibly even better than the tag pages from a search perspective because they all intersect with very clear search demand, so would also benefit from having improved page titles. I suggest a similar approach to the above where the group name becomes the main keyword with some qualifiers added. It might even be a good idea to let group owners define their own page titles. Data set pages – These also could do with improved page titles, presumably the data set name, eg. “[data-set-name] – CKAN” Heading tags – not a big deal but I’m always in favor of using H tags strictly for headlines (rather than wrapping an H1 around the site logo for example).
#357 1277461466000000 johnbywater Fixed in 79c426c0acb6.
#344 1277477712000000 dread Done in cset:13737a7ba4d9
#341 1277483030000000 dread Done in cset:c7a9ba55db0d on metastable and merged to default.
#263 1277717180000000 rgrp I consistently get sent to google login even though I choose openid meaning I am unable to login!
#322 1277722821000000 dread Done but not pushed. Took 3.5 days.
#323 1277722845000000 dread Done but not pushed yet. Took 3.5 days.
#349 1277820679000000 anonymous Mostly done, but issue regarding departments still outstanding: can the association between packages, groups, and departments be placed elsewhere?
#343 1277824018000000 johnbywater Regarding the package search, if I do: $ paster db clean && paster db init && paster create-test-data and then: $ paster serve development.ini & and then: $ curl I get: {"count": 1, "results": ["warandpeace"]} and with: $ curl I get: {"count": 1, "results": ["c90b6c00-9496-4c8c-b7fa-7bdd3ef65c72"]} Am I missing something?
#343 1277892699000000 johnbywater Okay, so in version 2, names were still being used in the relationships part of the packages entity. But I don't know why these entities can't be retrieved independently, and references to the entities returned in representations of the entities which reference them.
#273 1278578527000000 dread rgrp: We plan to use SOLR. May investigate Xapian. Nothing more to do in this investigation.
#324 1278599927000000 dread Done in changesets leading up to cset:ca565562129d.
#325 1278599979000000 dread Both sending and received tickets closed.
#336 1278700021000000 dread Done in cset:742adebb707c and cset:1748e6554e77.
#336 1278700266000000 dread Took 0.75 days.
#274 1278700842000000 dread A significant chunk of the work towards this done in cset:742adebb707c (refactoring search options).
#356 1278931816000000 rgrp Done in cset:a1af5f8fe59e. Have not done advanced search link normal package search currently provides no info about how to use advanced features.
#317 1279005278000000 pudo this has been in for a while now but still needs to be extended to include the indexing of entities (ckan.model.search_index)
#320 1279105983000000 dread site_title added in cset:b4c0e0a5630d site_logo is changeable in one place in the template so not essential
#226 1279130390000000 dread Remaining items done in cset:7c63c10f5681. Took: 1h
#320 1279130535000000 dread Took 1.5h
#227 1279192621000000 dread Page titles sorted in cset:2324447eb60f (related to ticket:350) Cost: 1.5h
#350 1279230686000000 dread Done in cset:b9b82e7ae078 Cost 9 hours, including: alphabetical pager, title changes, removed links from tags in package list.
#317 1279286041000000 pudo should be done after refactoring the search functions.
#242 1279286215000000 pudo item 1 is done with the refactoring
#263 1279292730000000 rgrp JB advised permanently remove ckan.net cookies (may be left over from much earlier). Having done this problem went away.
#310 1279300525000000 dread Fixed in cset:a0acf179355c Cost: 2h
#365 1279300621000000 dread Fixed in cset:c11738dcb1ba Cost: 1d
#337 1279300972000000 dread Fixed in cset:f5cc13ade0e8 Cost: 30m
#367 1279303693000000 dread Done in cset:79200de013e1 Cost: 1h
#336 1279368544000000 Donny http://ckan.net/api/search/resource?url=http://scraperwiki.com&all_fields=1&callback=ckantest yields Bad search option: Field "callback" not recognised in Resource search.
#336 1279373842000000 dread Fixed in cset:e719f449bc74
#338 1279886392000000 johnbywater Putting this into API Version 2 (similar to package references).
#274 1279890237000000 pudo This is included in the Solr indexing engine and will become available as Solr is adopted.
#374 1280223744000000 johnbywater Requested by DGU.
#274 1280262229000000 rgrp Need to work on postgres and test there.
#353 1280262363000000 pudo cset:1366:e719f449bc74 fixes this
#377 1280323309000000 johnbywater Thanks a lot! I totally agree and have already started working on this. For example, try pointing your browser to http://ckan.net/api/search/revision (ie without any arguments). Also, there is probably a lot less HTML than there was, since the errors are not handled as if it was an error within the "Web" user interface. At any rate, perhaps we could work through the error cases, filling in the tests as we go? I think it's just unworked ground, rather than anything deliberate. :-)
#379 1280326254000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #378 has changed sprint.
#380 1280326254000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #378 has changed sprint.
#383 1280348216000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #382 has changed sprint.
#386 1280356628000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #372 has changed sprint.
#372 1280514163000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.1.1
#383 1280514163000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.1.1
#391 1280514163000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.1.1
#386 1280514164000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #372 has changed sprint.
#190 1280686074000000 pudo This will be solved using an external plugin and the disqus service. A current test version of the external code is at: http://bitbucket.org/pudo/ckandisqus
#318 1280737620000000 rgrp Important but low priority according to CO so bumping into next milestone (v1.2). NB: did not seem able to update milestone in trac interface! (Perhaps due to agilo stuff?)
#275 1280737701000000 rgrp Also, now if you visit ckan.net/admin/Package get 500 error and following in logs: [Mon Aug 02 08:17:35 2010] [error] [client] Error - <type 'exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError'>: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\\xf4' in position 988: ordinal not in range(128)
#353 1280737966000000 pudo Add a supervisord example config
#332 1280743320000000 pudo was fixed in cset:1381
#309 1280743432000000 pudo fixed in cset:1382
#334 1280743667000000 pudo fixed in cset:1380
#353 1280756379000000 pudo This is done as of cset:8 (of ckanext!)
#190 1280820852000000 pudo fixed as of cset:1389
#242 1280823876000000 pudo Fixed in cset:1393 In the long run, we'll want to remove those SQL-based search from the search code. The upside to using the search backend right now is that we pipe things through the query parser, which means multiple terms are looked up properly. Not a big gain.
#275 1280999840000000 pudo cset:1396 fixes this
#275 1280999963000000 pudo Replying to [comment:3 pudo]: > cset:1396 fixes this Where "this" is the field renderer.
#275 1281001911000000 pudo Replying to [comment:2 rgrp]: > Also, now if you visit ckan.net/admin/Package get 500 error and following in logs: > > [Mon Aug 02 08:17:35 2010] [error] [client] Error - <type 'exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError'>: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\\xf4' in position 988: ordinal not in range(128) Cannot reproduce this at the moment. Will wait for it to occur again and then create another ticket.
#146 1281002247000000 pudo After test hasn't reproduced it, let's wait for someone to notice this in production. We can analyze weberror then.
#386 1281088994000000 johnbywater Not doing for Apache, since it does not run as a user process.
#395 1281110035000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.1.2
#396 1281110035000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.1.2
#327 1281342690000000 rgrp Remove from v1.1 as this awaiting triage now and we are not sure when exactly we will do this.
#301 1281342885000000 rgrp Should not have been closed. ticket:190 is about comments this is about a wiki-like discussion page which is very different.
#402 1281373707000000 pudo This is beginning to go somewhere: * http://bitbucket.org/pudo/ckanextarchive
#401 1281373828000000 pudo Coming along nicely: * http://bitbucket.org/pudo/ckanextworker
#364 1281451132000000 dread But this works with the new SOLR search now - close?
#274 1281452015000000 dread The docs are now out of date and there doesn't seem to be a test for this.
#407 1281506792000000 [email protected] Need to agree who is doing this. ATM Julian is on holiday and Richard is focussed on visualisation. Will pick up after holidays - hope this is ok.
#424 1281606707000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #422 has changed sprint.
#426 1281606707000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #422 has changed sprint.
#427 1281606707000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #422 has changed sprint.
#408 1281609572000000 pudo * Plugin for this is located at: http://bitbucket.org/pudo/ckanextdeliverance * Usage is documented in HOWTO.txt (http://bitbucket.org/pudo/ckanextdeliverance/src/tip/HOWTO.txt) * Changes to CKAN were in: cset: 1422
#410 1281619720000000 pudo Done in http://bitbucket.org/pudo/ckandisqus/changeset/be90fd4d386c
#432 1282065261000000 dread Fixed in cset:5adbb79d33a2
#433 1282081297000000 wwaites So one more modification, the datapkg_sources argument is no longer a dictionary but a string, similar to the metadata.txt but with the name as the section heading rather than [DEFAULT] so as to be able to support more than one download. As of now, this works:: {{{ This class treats an installed python package as a data index. For instructions on creating such a package, what needs to go in its setup.py and such, see :func:`datapkg.pypkgtools.datapkg_sources`. Here we are concerned with how to use such a package. An example of one such package can be installed like so:: % pip install hg+http://bitbucket.org/ww/ukgov_treasury_cra Once installed, datapkg can be used to inspect it and install parts wherever desired:: % datapkg list egg://ukgov_treasury_cra cra2009 -- Country and Regional Analysis 2009 % datapkg install egg://ukgov_treasury_cra/cra2009 file:///tmp [...] % ls -l /tmp/cra2009/ total 11112 -rw-r--r-- 1 ww wheel 5681852 May 12 15:48 cra_2009_db.csv -rw-r--r-- 1 ww wheel 292 Aug 17 22:37 metadata.txt }}} Of course the related python code and machinery hasn't been ported over to that package yet, but that's quite another matter.
#390 1282214629000000 dread Done - removed 'test' package: 88c485ec-fb70-44b2-9e18-b5dbcb7de57e 2010-07-28 14:35:30.922018 frontend2
#399 1282227985000000 dread Finished all code for this today. Cost: 4.5d (+1d to fix ticket:432)
#463 1282306480000000 dread Could be related to this shortly afterwards at 22:32: {{{ Mail Contacts Tasks Compose mail Inbox (11364) Starred Sent Mail Drafts (10) alert (5090) bts (383) Notes okfn (134) okfn-lists (26) osm (462) 8 more▼ David Read Google Docs Invite a friend >< About these ads UK Ruby on Rails £10/m - www.1stEasy.com/ruby-on-rails - 1) Phusion Passenger LAMP stack. 2) Great support. 3) Try us free :) « Back to InboxArchiveReport spamDeleteMove to Labels More actions ‹ Newer 29 of 19141 Older › WebApp Error: <class 'genshi.template.eval.UndefinedError'>: None has no member named "id" Inbox X Reply [email protected] to ckan-sysadmin show details 22:32 (14 hours ago) URL: http://ckan.net/revision/diff/dbtune-audioscrobbler?diff=a99c98be-767a-4e49-9025-2472b2d18b9c&oldid=66a47b9e-232a-4838-8674-66fa1a5c76e1), Module weberror.errormiddleware:162 in __call__ << __traceback_supplement__ = Supplement, self, environ sr_checker = ResponseStartChecker(start_response) app_iter = self.application(environ, sr_checker) return self.make_catching_iter(app_iter, environ, sr_checker) except: >> app_iter = self.application(environ, sr_checker) Module beaker.middleware:73 in __call__ << self.cache_manager) environ[self.environ_key] = self.cache_manager return self.app(environ, start_response) >> return self.app(environ, start_response) Module beaker.middleware:152 in __call__ << headers.append(('Set-cookie', cookie)) return start_response(status, headers, exc_info) return self.wrap_app(environ, session_start_response) def _get_session(self): >> return self.wrap_app(environ, session_start_response) Module routes.middleware:130 in __call__ << environ['SCRIPT_NAME'] = environ['SCRIPT_NAME'][:-1] response = self.app(environ, start_response) # Wrapped in try as in rare cases the attribute will be gone already >> response = self.app(environ, start_response) Module pylons.wsgiapp:125 in __call__ << controller = self.resolve(environ, start_response) response = self.dispatch(controller, environ, start_response) if 'paste.testing_variables' in environ and hasattr(response, >> response = self.dispatch(controller, environ, start_response) Module pylons.wsgiapp:324 in dispatch << if log_debug: log.debug("Calling controller class with WSGI interface") return controller(environ, start_response) def load_test_env(self, environ): >> return controller(environ, start_response) Module ckan.lib.base:73 in __call__ << # available in environ['pylons.routes_dict'] try: return WSGIController.__call__(self, environ, start_response) finally: model.Session.remove() >> return WSGIController.__call__(self, environ, start_response) Module pylons.controllers.core:221 in __call__ << return response(environ, self.start_response) response = self._dispatch_call() if not start_response_called: self.start_response = start_response >> response = self._dispatch_call() Module pylons.controllers.core:172 in _dispatch_call << req.environ['pylons.action_method'] = func response = self._inspect_call(func) else: if log_debug: >> response = self._inspect_call(func) Module pylons.controllers.core:107 in _inspect_call << func.__name__, args) try: result = self._perform_call(func, args) except HTTPException, httpe: if log_debug: >> result = self._perform_call(func, args) Module pylons.controllers.core:60 in _perform_call << """Hide the traceback for everything above this method""" __traceback_hide__ = 'before_and_this' return func(**args) def _inspect_call(self, func): >> return func(**args) Module ckan.controllers.revision:123 in diff << c.diff.sort() c.pkg = pkg return render('revision/diff.html') def _has_purge_permissions(self): >> return render('revision/diff.html') Module ckan.lib.base:38 in render << return literal(stream.render(method=method, encoding=None)) return render_template() #return cached_template(template_name, render_template, cache_key=cache_key, # cache_type=cache_type, cache_expire=cache_expire, >> return render_template() Module ckan.lib.base:36 in render_template << stream = _filter(stream) return literal(stream.render(method=method, encoding=None)) return render_template() >> return literal(stream.render(method=method, encoding=None)) Module genshi.core:183 in render << method = self.serializer or 'xml' generator = self.serialize(method=method, **kwargs) return encode(generator, method=method, encoding=encoding, out=out) def select(self, path, namespaces=None, variables=None): >> return encode(generator, method=method, encoding=encoding, out=out) Module genshi.output:57 in encode << _encode = lambda string: string if out is None: return _encode(''.join(list(iterator))) for chunk in iterator: out.write(_encode(chunk)) >> return _encode(''.join(list(iterator))) Module genshi.output:339 in __call__ << for filter_ in self.filters: stream = filter_(stream) for kind, data, pos in stream: cached = cache_get((kind, data)) if cached is not None: >> for kind, data, pos in stream: Module genshi.output:670 in __call__ << _gen_prefix = _gen_prefix().next for kind, data, pos in stream: output = cache_get((kind, data)) if output is not None: >> for kind, data, pos in stream: Module genshi.output:771 in __call__ << push_text = textbuf.append pop_text = textbuf.pop for kind, data, pos in chain(stream, [(None, None, None)]): if kind is TEXT: >> for kind, data, pos in chain(stream, [(None, None, None)]): Module genshi.output:586 in __call__ << def __call__(self, stream): prev = (None, None, None) for ev in stream: if prev[0] is START: if ev[0] is END: >> for ev in stream: Module genshi.core:288 in _ensure << # unchanged yield event for event in stream: yield event >> for event in stream: Module genshi.template.base:618 in _include << tmpl = self.loader.load(href, relative_to=event[2][0], cls=cls or self.__class__) for event in tmpl.generate(ctxt, **vars): yield event except TemplateNotFound: >> for event in tmpl.generate(ctxt, **vars): Module genshi.template.base:618 in _include << tmpl = self.loader.load(href, relative_to=event[2][0], cls=cls or self.__class__) for event in tmpl.generate(ctxt, **vars): yield event except TemplateNotFound: >> for event in tmpl.generate(ctxt, **vars): Module genshi.template.base:618 in _include << tmpl = self.loader.load(href, relative_to=event[2][0], cls=cls or self.__class__) for event in tmpl.generate(ctxt, **vars): yield event except TemplateNotFound: >> for event in tmpl.generate(ctxt, **vars): Module genshi.template.base:605 in _include << from genshi.template.loader import TemplateNotFound for event in stream: if event[0] is INCLUDE: href, cls, fallback = event[1] >> for event in stream: Module genshi.template.markup:378 in _match << for event in self._match(self._flatten(template, ctxt, **vars), ctxt, start=idx + 1, **vars): yield event >> ctxt, start=idx + 1, **vars): Module genshi.template.markup:327 in _match << break for event in stream: # We (currently) only care about start and end events for matching >> for event in stream: Module genshi.template.base:565 in _flatten << elif kind is EXPR: result = _eval_expr(data, ctxt, vars) if result is not None: # First check for a string, otherwise the iterable test >> result = _eval_expr(data, ctxt, vars) Module genshi.template.base:277 in _eval_expr << if vars: ctxt.push(vars) retval = expr.evaluate(ctxt) if vars: ctxt.pop() >> retval = expr.evaluate(ctxt) Module genshi.template.eval:178 in evaluate << __traceback_hide__ = 'before_and_this' _globals = self._globals(data) return eval(self.code, _globals, {'__data__': data}) >> return eval(self.code, _globals, {'__data__': data}) Module ?:11 in <Expression u'c.revision_from.id'> << <p> From: ${c.revision_from.id} - ${c.revision_from.timestamp} </p> >> From: ${c.revision_from.id} - ${c.revision_from.timestamp} Module genshi.template.eval:324 in lookup_attr << val = obj[key] except (KeyError, TypeError): val = cls.undefined(key, owner=obj) return val >> val = cls.undefined(key, owner=obj) Module genshi.template.eval:410 in undefined << """Raise an ``UndefinedError`` immediately.""" __traceback_hide__ = True raise UndefinedError(key, owner=owner) >> raise UndefinedError(key, owner=owner) UndefinedError: None has no member named "id" CGI Variables DOCUMENT_ROOT '/htdocs' GATEWAY_INTERFACE 'CGI/1.1' HTTP_ACCEPT 'image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, application/x-shockwave-flash, application/x-ms-application, application/x-ms-xbap, application/vnd.ms-xpsdocument, application/xaml+xml, application/vnd.ms-excel, application/vnd.ms-powerpoint, application/msword, application/x-silverlight, */*' HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING 'gzip, deflate' HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE 'en-us' HTTP_CONNECTION 'TE, close' HTTP_HOST 'ckan.net' HTTP_TE 'deflate,gzip;q=0.3' HTTP_UA_CPU 'x86' HTTP_USER_AGENT 'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; InfoPath.2; MS-RTC LM 8)' PATH '/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin' PATH_INFO '/revision/diff/dbtune-audioscrobbler' PATH_TRANSLATED '/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/bin/ckan.net.py/revision/diff/dbtune-audioscrobbler' QUERY_STRING 'diff=a99c98be-767a-4e49-9025-2472b2d18b9c&oldid=66a47b9e-232a-4838-8674-66fa1a5c76e1),' REMOTE_ADDR '' REMOTE_PORT '39586' REQUEST_METHOD 'GET' REQUEST_URI '/revision/diff/dbtune-audioscrobbler?diff=a99c98be-767a-4e49-9025-2472b2d18b9c&oldid=66a47b9e-232a-4838-8674-66fa1a5c76e1),' SCRIPT_FILENAME '/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/bin/ckan.net.py' SCRIPT_URI 'http://ckan.net/revision/diff/dbtune-audioscrobbler' SCRIPT_URL '/revision/diff/dbtune-audioscrobbler' SERVER_ADDR '' SERVER_ADMIN '[no address given]' SERVER_NAME 'ckan.net' SERVER_PORT '80' SERVER_PROTOCOL 'HTTP/1.1' SERVER_SIGNATURE '<address>Apache/2.2.9 (Debian) mod_wsgi/2.5 Python/2.5.2 Server at ckan.net Port 80</address>\n' SERVER_SOFTWARE 'Apache/2.2.9 (Debian) mod_wsgi/2.5 Python/2.5.2' WSGI Variables application <beaker.middleware.CacheMiddleware object at 0xaa5f14c> beaker.cache <beaker.cache.CacheManager object at 0xaa5f16c> beaker.get_session <bound method SessionMiddleware._get_session of <beaker.middleware.SessionMiddleware object at 0xaa5f0ec>> beaker.session {'_accessed_time': 1282253553.63995, '_creation_time': 1282253553.63995} mod_wsgi.application_group 'ckan.net|' mod_wsgi.callable_object 'application' mod_wsgi.listener_host '' mod_wsgi.listener_port '80' mod_wsgi.process_group '' mod_wsgi.reload_mechanism '0' mod_wsgi.script_reloading '1' mod_wsgi.version (2, 5) paste.cookies (<SimpleCookie: >, '') paste.parsed_querystring ([('diff', 'a99c98be-767a-4e49-9025-2472b2d18b9c'), ('oldid', '66a47b9e-232a-4838-8674-66fa1a5c76e1),')], 'diff=a99c98be-767a-4e49-9025-2472b2d18b9c&oldid=66a47b9e-232a-4838-8674-66fa1a5c76e1),') paste.registry <paste.registry.Registry object at 0x11f9d8cc> paste.throw_errors True pylons.action_method <bound method RevisionController.diff of <ckan.controllers.revision.RevisionController object at 0x1200454c>> pylons.controller <ckan.controllers.revision.RevisionController object at 0x1200454c> pylons.environ_config {'session': 'beaker.session', 'cache': 'beaker.cache'} pylons.pylons <pylons.util.PylonsContext object at 0x11fb464c> pylons.routes_dict {'action': u'diff', 'controller': u'revision', 'id': u'dbtune-audioscrobbler'} repoze.who.logger <logging.Logger instance at 0xab7168c> repoze.who.plugins {'openid': <OpenIdIdentificationPlugin 179181772>, 'auth_tkt': <AuthTktCookiePlugin 179770188>} routes.route <routes.route.Route object at 0xaa42fac> routes.url <routes.util.URLGenerator object at 0x11f9d42c> webob._parsed_query_vars (GET([('diff', 'a99c98be-767a-4e49-9025-2472b2d18b9c'), ('oldid', '66a47b9e-232a-4838-8674-66fa1a5c76e1),')]), 'diff=a99c98be-767a-4e49-9025-2472b2d18b9c&oldid=66a47b9e-232a-4838-8674-66fa1a5c76e1),') webob.adhoc_attrs {'language': 'en-us'} wsgi process 'Multi process AND threads (?)' wsgi.file_wrapper <built-in method file_wrapper of mod_wsgi.Adapter object at 0x11c20698> wsgiorg.routing_args (<routes.util.URLGenerator object at 0x11f9d42c>, {'action': u'diff', 'controller': u'revision', 'id': u'dbtune-audioscrobbler'}) }}}
#464 1282325194000000 johnbywater Duplicates #458.
#460 1282330016000000 [email protected] Note, I'm not a sysadmin but I ''can'' see the Status dropdown for this package, with values "active" and "deleted". Not knowing much about the permission system, I was assuming that's because I created the package. I am however certain that I did not modify (or even notice) this dropdown in the mysterious edit that led to the state change from "active" to "None".
#446 1282423615000000 johnbywater I think "an admin writes to the CKAN API" is a mishearing.
#432 1282552819000000 dread Looks like the line with the 'location' header went in in this changeset: changeset: 1207:0525981e3b78 user: johnbywater date: Wed Jun 02 12:22:11 2010 +0100 summary: Added support for using package ID as a package reference in all operations of the API.
#501 1282563166000000 pudo * Apache version is documented here: http://knowledgeforge.net/okfn/tasks/ticket/466
#413 1282661798000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #481 has changed sprint.
#398 1282661799000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #481 has changed sprint.
#400 1282661799000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #481 has changed sprint.
#414 1282661799000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #481 has changed sprint.
#479 1282662526000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #462 has changed sprint.
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