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#2764 1343320440000000 rgrp Duplicate of #2732
#2783 1343814401000000 rgrp My 2c: this is very low priority atm (it will also be hard to do). What I'd vote for is some decent default patterned background or similar (what we have originally wasn't *that* bad ...)
#2881 1345626056000000 rgrp @seanh - this was the material from the wiki moved to the docs. I agree it is somewhat incomplete but we certainly shouldn't remove it without something better in place. Also, IMO this is currently very low priority ...
#2890 1346175867000000 rgrp I know this is tricky. The issue is that Datastore does not exist *just* to provided data views - it also provides a bunch of other stuff like a Data API and, well, a Datastore. I also think there are different audiences. Data view info is about publishers and (viewing) users, while the Data API is for (non-CKAN) devs and CKAN devs and the Datastore sysadmin section is for deployers. My feeling is therefore keeping things as is but with more stuff in the Data View seciton about it all works: * Data viewer: explanation for publisher, links to next 2 sections * Datastore page (as we have it) * Includes datastorer * Using Data API page (as we have it) So main change is a better data viewer page ...
#142 1289219069000000 pudo Fixed in cset:a3f713368bba pending release of repoze.who.openid==0.5.3
#146 1281002247000000 pudo After test hasn't reproduced it, let's wait for someone to notice this in production. We can analyze weberror then.
#190 1280686074000000 pudo This will be solved using an external plugin and the disqus service. A current test version of the external code is at: http://bitbucket.org/pudo/ckandisqus
#190 1280820852000000 pudo fixed as of cset:1389
#231 1288516929000000 pudo fixed in cset:00bc33fbc3ff
#235 1302508788000000 pudo The first three sub-items of this ticket are done in datautil and dcat-tools: Basic GDocs-based normalizer: * https://bitbucket.org/okfn/datautil/src/8bba83b4fa45/datautil/normalization/table_based.py Example of use: * https://bitbucket.org/okfn/dcat-tools/src/0ec5012bf12a/dcat/core/normalize.py#cl-32 Spreadsheet (as referenced in datautil source, should be a kwarg): * https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AplklDf0nYxWdE8tVlRrN1F3bG9PdDBFUDNZcENDNEE&hl=en#gid=0 Experience so far has been that Google rate limits the current implementation so we should perform all ops in one or two big calls rather than "piece by piece".
#242 1279286215000000 pudo item 1 is done with the refactoring
#242 1280823876000000 pudo Fixed in cset:1393 In the long run, we'll want to remove those SQL-based search from the search code. The upside to using the search backend right now is that we pipe things through the query parser, which means multiple terms are looked up properly. Not a big gain.
#273 1268996987000000 pudo cf http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-discuss/2010-February/000042.html
#273 1270717895000000 pudo SOLR Requirements * 4GB Memory * Sun Java * Tomcat * Scala (for Etherpad) * MySQL 5 (for Etherpad) * Cheap bandwidth/low latency to the CKAN servers.
#274 1279890237000000 pudo This is included in the Solr indexing engine and will become available as Solr is adopted.
#274 1287402155000000 pudo Replying to [comment:7 dread]: > I fixed the docs a couple of weeks ago. Need to ensure there is a test though. there is as of cset:c2e66cec3610
#275 1280999840000000 pudo cset:1396 fixes this
#275 1280999963000000 pudo Replying to [comment:3 pudo]: > cset:1396 fixes this Where "this" is the field renderer.
#275 1281001911000000 pudo Replying to [comment:2 rgrp]: > Also, now if you visit ckan.net/admin/Package get 500 error and following in logs: > > [Mon Aug 02 08:17:35 2010] [error] [client] Error - <type 'exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError'>: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\\xf4' in position 988: ordinal not in range(128) Cannot reproduce this at the moment. Will wait for it to occur again and then create another ticket.
#309 1280743432000000 pudo fixed in cset:1382
#317 1279005278000000 pudo this has been in for a while now but still needs to be extended to include the indexing of entities (ckan.model.search_index)
#317 1279286041000000 pudo should be done after refactoring the search functions.
#318 1296467308000000 pudo This will be implicit in #852, thus not building something specific for it now.
#322 1274773856000000 pudo This looks very reasonable. Maybe we should have a webhooks client as a simple demo for this?
#322 1274807530000000 pudo Replying to [comment:2 pudo]: > This looks very reasonable. Maybe we should have a webhooks client as a simple demo for this? c.f. #327
#324 1274807970000000 pudo I am currently writing a Solr subclass for the search index (#317) and would propose adding standard methods to the ckan.libn.search.Search class: index_package(), index_tag(), index_group(). Those could then be called by a generic queue consumer, irrespective of the used search back-end. I will prototype such a consumer soon, so we should talk to avoid doing some duplicate work here.
#327 1296467361000000 pudo Nerdy solution that doesn't really seem to catch on, does nothing that cannot be done through queue workers.
#332 1280743320000000 pudo was fixed in cset:1381
#334 1280743667000000 pudo fixed in cset:1380
#353 1280262363000000 pudo cset:1366:e719f449bc74 fixes this
#353 1280737966000000 pudo Add a supervisord example config
#353 1280756379000000 pudo This is done as of cset:8 (of ckanext!)
#366 1299845781000000 pudo You're right, that's done!
#401 1281373828000000 pudo Coming along nicely: * http://bitbucket.org/pudo/ckanextworker
#402 1281373707000000 pudo This is beginning to go somewhere: * http://bitbucket.org/pudo/ckanextarchive
#402 1296467635000000 pudo De-dup: #891
#403 1287392451000000 pudo Available at http://bitbucket.org/pudo/repod
#405 1296467471000000 pudo Rufus, you mentioned this could be done very quickly - could you have a look?
#406 1296467427000000 pudo Has existed for a while, not implementing any more except for what is in #852.
#408 1281609572000000 pudo * Plugin for this is located at: http://bitbucket.org/pudo/ckanextdeliverance * Usage is documented in HOWTO.txt (http://bitbucket.org/pudo/ckanextdeliverance/src/tip/HOWTO.txt) * Changes to CKAN were in: cset: 1422
#410 1281619720000000 pudo Done in http://bitbucket.org/pudo/ckandisqus/changeset/be90fd4d386c
#411 1287393033000000 pudo Now using squid in production on eu6; will only need one cache at a time.
#501 1282563166000000 pudo * Apache version is documented here: http://knowledgeforge.net/okfn/tasks/ticket/466
#517 1283897199000000 pudo See forms/iati, fixtures.py, fixtures.json as of ckanextiati: a02467cb67ba
#518 1282893844000000 pudo * Priority: 5 * Web user interface for publishing entities
#518 1283536932000000 pudo * Still needs "archive file" and "donors country" fields, PE questions to be answered.
#518 1283896718000000 pudo functional as of cset:ae4d4263b0c0 in ckanextiati
#519 1283536828000000 pudo * Mostly implemented, still have to consider further cleanup.
#520 1283538080000000 pudo * http://bitbucket.org/okfn/iati/changeset/378431974c76 solr facets
#521 1282893545000000 pudo Ability to search over the IATI metadata stored about the IATI records that have been registered. * Priority: 5 (may merge into 1 to some extent)
#521 1283538342000000 pudo * still needs to have schema adapted a bit * work so far is at eu4:~/var/solr/iati/conf/schema.xml
#521 1283897124000000 pudo Schema has been adapted to suit IATI
#522 1285595317000000 pudo Still missing some internal authorization work but on the UI side, things are mostly functional. cf. http://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanextiati/changeset/b2588091fa56 ff
#522 1287392999000000 pudo Has been fixed for quite some time.
#523 1283897688000000 pudo * Auth will be finished in #524. * PE write access etc. via standard API, compare ckanextiati:a02467cb67ba
#524 1285594971000000 pudo fixed as of cset:470d1e1c4460
#525 1285595080000000 pudo As of now, PE creation can only be done by sysadmins. When opened to normal users, they will not be able to set the group type and thus moderation will be required of sysadmins.
#528 1283536475000000 pudo Done at http://iati.ckan.net
#529 1283536554000000 pudo at https://spreadsheets5.google.com/ccc?key=tuOtQjD0Psoqr1pWTS8EXZQ&hl=en#gid=0
#530 1282899463000000 pudo The core of the COI/data.gov.uk standard seems to look like: Identifier Title Abstract Department Contact Contact e-mail Licence Resource format Resource URL Resource ID Publisher And the IATI-specific ones we'd want are: Publishing Entity: Publishing Entity Type: (Donor, Recipient, Community Data..) Donor Country Activity period: Verification status: enumeration of statuses (checked, not checked etc) Resource links: to the actual IATI record Number of activities: ... Date record updated: Date data updated: License: Need this field even if it may be a standard license So naively mashing these together, we get something like: Identifier Title Abstract Donor Country Publisher Publisher Type Verification Status Department Contact Contact e-mail Licence Resource format Resource URL Resource ID Activity period Number of activities Date record updated Date data updated
#531 1283536676000000 pudo done: http://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanextiati/src/tip/ckanext/iati/fixtures.py
#558 1283781883000000 pudo fixed in cset:2c4c43302f21
#559 1288085627000000 pudo Still missing: the possibility to remove an added entry before committing the form (i.e. you look up a package and then decide not to include it after all).
#562 1284063574000000 pudo fixed by ww by upgrading python-openid
#648 1284889656000000 pudo introduced in ckan-authz2 cset:934b30ec84fd
#649 1284889939000000 pudo developed in cset:e65d7342ffe4
#650 1287391932000000 pudo included since cset:781ef73e61cc
#652 1284998201000000 pudo Fixed in cset: 688cbd25b3f0 (ckan-authz2)
#669 1291715237000000 pudo Important sub-task: check in schema.xml from eu4 somewhere.
#672 1291715338000000 pudo This is fixed for Solr now, plus a decision not to support postgres facets has been made.
#695 1287391751000000 pudo This is triggered by an issue where having local blinker notifications without asynchronous notifications will break indexing. The issues cause is still unknown, but one possible fix is running CKAN with a queue enabled, synchronous indexing on and no queue consumers attached. Not a real solution, but made possible in cset:a065dbc8041c
#699 1296499061000000 pudo fixed in cset:81a0f5538a5b
#703 1289909096000000 pudo fixed in cset:b23377108b6d
#706 1289909028000000 pudo fixed in cset:b23377108b6d
#715 1297796784000000 pudo fixed in cset:69c4210f635a
#718 1288459823000000 pudo fixed http://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanextiati/changeset/4bf10d3f26e7
#720 1288459344000000 pudo Customer has stated they do not want this in the current iteration.
#721 1288459534000000 pudo Solved using javascript to toggle hide/show preview for each resource: http://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanextiati/changeset/942cec028cf5
#722 1288459703000000 pudo fixed: http://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanextiati/changeset/fb166fde9d3e
#723 1288459610000000 pudo Fixed in cset:78b23f3f6aaf
#725 1289295966000000 pudo fixed in cset:ff4264eb609c (http://bitbucket.org/okfn/iati/changeset/ff4264eb609c)
#775 1295260144000000 pudo fixed in cset:98c9997e80e8
#782 1289218497000000 pudo This has existed for quite a while, but misses documentation. Has been documented in cset:db18a16a5b4d
#787 1289295207000000 pudo Alternative: * The Drupal system will expose a resource at data.gov.uk/profile which wil contain the reqesting user's nickname, fullname, email etc. in JSON (or XML) form. * The Drupal system will also run an OAuth server (and provide /request_token, /access_token, /authorize). * CKAN's login form will be rewired to initiate a client OAuth request on the /profile resource. * Recognizing CKAN's callback URL at catalogue.data.gov.uk, Drupal will automatically grant the request if a user is signed in. * Upon return, a user is created, optionally using the OAuth access token as the users API key, thus making it known both to Drupal and CKAN. * The authorizer will be extended to check access to the /profile resource for OAuth accounts (slow but safe). Advantages: * Well-known protocol, does not depend on cookies (which are strange and never behave as defined, or even the same in multiple browsers) * Python code is available: http://oauth.googlecode.com/svn/code/python/oauth/example * Drupal seems to have very complete support: http://drupal.org/node/296205 * Can be fully implemented as a plugin, using an OAuthClientController for callback and adding hooks to the Authorizer (perhaps need to reconfigure who.ini)
#808 1297783658000000 pudo implemented in cset:8200247e74e9
#810 1297679091000000 pudo At the moment, this crashes the groups field for some mysterious reason. Since this is going to be redundant with the new forms and the ticket has a low priority, I'm bumping this back 2 weeks.
#826 1297415095000000 pudo I want to strongly support david in his call for fully flexible extras: one of my use cases for them is to store the various bits of fallout from an archiving process, such as: * last-status * last-crawled * last-etag * last-expires * last-md5 * failure-count * fall-back-url These are things needed to really archive the data well, but they have nothing to do with CKAN core ops. Essentially, the archiver is a seperate concern and it need not appear in the CKAN config.
#835 1291644820000000 pudo done in cset:d41b77099954
#843 1291652696000000 pudo The real name is also requested via AX/SReg extensions in OpenID so for new users who are not using google, this should usually be filled in automatically.
#847 1295259902000000 pudo This is now functional, minus the index testing tool.
#849 1291715179000000 pudo == #846
#853 1294047550000000 pudo Looking at the changeset this cannot be functional yet: where is the implementation of the policy document exchange. It seems to me like this is currently adding the actual credentials to the request (self.ofs.conn.add_aws_auth_header(headers, 'PUT', path)). c.f.: * http://doc.s3.amazonaws.com/proposals/post.html#Form_Fields * http://code.google.com/apis/storage/docs/reference-methods.html#postobject
#865 1295259773000000 pudo This has been fixed on the respective branch and merged into default..
#875 1297085261000000 pudo So far opting for route 1) (not implementing facets), therefore this can be closed!
#903 1295265645000000 pudo This is now partially solved by filtering for deleted packages. As two further measures, we should also add a package deletion method to the Solr backend and skip deleted packages when indexing.
#903 1296588070000000 pudo fixed in https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanext-solr/changeset/be4cffa9b987
#908 1296659056000000 pudo fixed in https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/08c0e1a819e4 and https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanext-stats/changeset/6e86c071db99
#908 1296730578000000 pudo I've moved the uswgi/nginx part to #952, closing this issue since the problem it describes has been fixed.
#911 1296467375000000 pudo Done.
#912 1306774876000000 pudo moving to ckan
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