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#293 1271940083000000 johnbywater With the metastable revision of CKAN, the package resource data structure in ckanclient scripts must have all four keys set in the Resource-Dict. Setting 'hash' in the resource data cures this issues with "metastable". The "bad" code was: resources.append((res['url'], res['format'], res['description'], res['hash'])) KeyError: 'hash' This code was adjusted in revision 40c4fe04038d, to default unspecified resource attributes to the empty string. It was changed further in subsequent revisions, to use parameters of the Package.add_resource method to default unspecified values. However, the API doc doesn't mention the resource hash, although it is required, but I just fixed that in the source (in revision 0f20bfb45d13). http://knowledgeforge.net/ckan/doc/ckan/api.html
#2980 1350560137000000 seanh Won't do unless required by a specific client
#526 1340626152000000 icmurray Won't fix as it's 20 months old, and no feedback on whether it's still relevant or not.
#99 1297081088000000 rgrp Won't fix as we are not using sqlalchemy any longer.
#944 1298571917000000 pudo Won't work on this for now - IATI is now running against plain CKAN but this is not deployed. We will continue work on this once IATI requests more functionality and shelf it for now.
#1630 1327313971000000 rgrp Work done so far 0.25d. Estimate completion by end of day.
#2345 1336492725000000 seanh Work on this has started in branch feature-2345-action-api-autodocs
#1135 1305210134000000 rgrp Work on this is largely complete in changeset branch: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/vdm/src/changeset/ Overview docs: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/vdm/src/changeset/doc/changeset.rst
#1003 1298490126000000 rgrp Work so far in http://bitbucket.org/rgrp/ckanjs
#1683 1326975613000000 dread Workaround done in branch defect-1683-search-order - SOLR is asked for one extra result which it then discards. Merged to master, aimed for release 1.5.2. When we upgrade SOLR from 1.4 then we can remove this workaround
#1236 1311351476000000 dread Working on it on branch enh-1236-view-package-revision
#1583 1327422386000000 zephod Working on this on branch feature-1583-qa. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/tree/feature-1583-qa Design work is done, it needs integrating with the live API. That's all in the QA extension. Suggest all my work should be moved into the ckanext-qa extension and plugged into the API available there. Shouldnt have developed this in core after all.
#2502 1339493182000000 aron.carroll Works beautifully. Be great if we could remove the parens around url_for and add an extra one for h.nav_link but I think call it link_for instead. {{{ {% url_for controller='foo', action='bar', ... %} {% link_for controller='foo', action='bar', class='btn', icon='plus'... %} }}}
#1133 1324057072000000 dread Works for me - change occurs successfully. {{{ (pyenv-ckan)[email protected]:~/gitroot/ckan$ paster rights add russianfan admin warandpeace /home/dread/gitroot/pyenv-ckan/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pylons/templating.py:610: UserWarning: Unbuilt egg for setuptools [unknown version] (/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages) Engine = entry_point.load() User russianfan -> is admin on -> Package warandpeace (pyenv-ckan)[email protected]:~/gitroot/ckan$ paster rights /home/dread/gitroot/pyenv-ckan/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pylons/templating.py:610: UserWarning: Unbuilt egg for setuptools [unknown version] (/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages) Engine = entry_point.load() 22 results User visitor -> is editor on -> Package annakarenina User logged_in -> is editor on -> Package annakarenina User testsysadmin -> is admin on -> System system User logged_in -> is editor on -> System system User visitor -> is reader on -> Group david User annafan -> is admin on -> Package annakarenina AuthorizationGroup anauthzgroup -> is reader on -> Package warandpeace User visitor -> is editor on -> Package warandpeace AuthorizationGroup anauthzgroup -> is editor on -> Group david User logged_in -> is editor on -> Package warandpeace User logged_in -> is reader on -> Group david User visitor -> is reader on -> Group roger User logged_in -> is reader on -> Group roger User russianfan -> is admin on -> Package warandpeace User visitor -> is admin on -> Package warandpeace AuthorizationGroup anotherauthzgroup -> is editor on -> AuthorizationGroup anauthzgroup User russianfan -> is admin on -> Group roger User russianfan -> is admin on -> Group david AuthorizationGroup anauthzgroup -> is admin on -> AuthorizationGroup anotherauthzgroup User visitor -> is anon_editor on -> System system User visitor -> is admin on -> Group roger AuthorizationGroup anauthzgroup -> is editor on -> System system }}} Tests would be nice, but it currently works, is only for admins and is therefore not as high priority as other other tests, such as front-end js.
#2488 1339412538000000 johnglover Works for me on 1.7.1. Perhaps floapps was using older groups (of type 'group' instead of 'organization') and/or didn't add a user to the group?
#2623 1341232433000000 seanh Works if you remember to enable publisher_auth (the Authorization button never appears, Join is always there, can Edit the org and add users that way)
#2678 1342512234000000 shevski Worth checking with Ross on this
#1374 1317895709000000 dread Would be nice also to print the default language first in the list.
#1245 1311864530000000 annapowellsmith Would be nice to list some extensions somewhere on this site (features page perhaps). Along the lines of: http://docs.ckan.org/extensions.html#finding-extensions It wasn't until I wrote this list that I realised just how many extensions there were, and what it said about the CKAN community that there were so many... So I think it would be a good sales point.
#2642 1344243797000000 shevski Would like to have this for next week for a demo if possible
#1065 1302033244000000 dread Wow, lots of solutions here, and not enough evidence of the problems encountered / difficult use cases. I have tried here to extract what John and Seb might be suggesting is difficult with our current http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-based_access_control system. 1. (Seb) It seems crazy to change the User-Object-Roles for every single package to 'lockdown' a CKAN instance. Instead of using Roles 'reader' & 'editor' we start using Roles 'logged_in_user' and 'anon_user'. Then, with only changing a couple of lines of the Role-Action table for these Roles, you can give or remove permissions to edit / create packages, groups etc. 2. (John) Actions are being added all the time by migrations and extensions. I'm not sure what the problem is here - can someone explain? The separation of Users and the new Actions by adding the Role 'join' means the migration/extension can add existing Users with the new Actions. For example when we added the 'Group' protection object, logged in users could previously create groups, so it is natural to add this action to the 'editor' role. If you get rid of Roles, as John suggests, then you end up having to add as many Rights objects as users. And you might end up trying to infer new Rights on the basis of old Rights, rather than a role, which would be more natural. (Is the only reason to denormalise the UOR and RA tables the sake of ease of understanding? I would think we can explain the concept better now...!) 3. (John) This Group Hierarchy description sounds a bit like earlier incarnations of the DGU requirements. "or any of his groups group-children (but not user-children)" I'm not sure I understand the user-children bit, and I'm wary of any difficult-to-grasp concept. This modelling seems to take the UserGroup/User hierarchy model and use that as a hard-coded interpretation of the Authorized permission. In contrast, in DGU Evan split the Organisation Hierarchy model from the Authorization model. Each User has explicit permissions for each Organisation he is allowed to add/edit packages for. This helps for these two use cases we have to contend with: when a user is an admin for unrelated branches of the Organisation hierarchy, and when an Organisation is actually in two branches of the Organisation hierarchy. It also seems more generally flexible.
#1279 1314303732000000 rgrp Wow, that's a pretty big omission. authz groups are important and are used. I think we should discuss this in next planning meeting.
#1001 1300704249000000 pudo Wrote a WDMMG version of this yesterday: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/wdmmg/changeset/398ce0eb3901#chg-wdmmg/lib/authenticator.py
#2836 1344852009000000 aron.carroll Yeah you can pass an html block into a macro like so: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/2375-demo-theme-development/ckan/templates/package/snippets/resource_form.html#L44-48 What do you think? If it's useful I'll document it.
#998 1298372171000000 dread Yes I agree - either of those sounds good. I think I've always used 'db init' in preference anyway.
#1447 1330082808000000 dread Yes please Nils!
#1167 1306856992000000 sebbacon Yes to all the above. Further question: which extensions should be installed as standard? I would argue: * ckanext-stats * ckanext-googleanalytics * ckanext-disqus * ckanext-solr (implies installing a running solr, too...) * ckanext-follower * ckanext-admin Note that googleanalytics and disqus both require user accounts set up at the corresponding service. Not sure how we would handle this in the instance setup.
#662 1288628902000000 dread Yes we all agree this needs fixing it. I'm tempted by John's 'permissive' suggestion of ignoring these 'read-only' values, but to avoid confusion we should except with a 400 error if the user has changed these values. Read only fields: 'id', 'relationships', 'ratings_average', 'ratings_count', 'ckan_url' Use cases for changes between GET package, PUT package: 1. package unchanged - 200 OK 2. user changes id, ckan_url, relationships, ratings_* expecting that value to change - 400 error. 3. just license changes (but not license_id) - 400 error 4. both license and license_id change in step - 200 OK Does that sound reasonable John and Will?
#906 1328782087000000 amercader Yes, I don't think there will be any problem, and we won't need to create a new version of the schema as the change is backwards compatible.
#1001 1300367555000000 thejimmyg Yes, I think the two should be consolidated, but as was noted elsewhere (I think) we don't want the API to ever be authenticated via a cookie, otherwise we open ourselves to CSRF attacks. Instead we could support the API key as a query parameter as an alternative to via the HTTP header if it is hard to set an HTTP header in JS libraries?
#651 1311171097000000 dread Yes, John fixed this. Changing to fixed.
#1069 1310133794000000 thejimmyg Yes, and this will be more important in thedatahub.org
#2234 1337239588000000 ross Yes, definitely need a replacement for wordpresser and sooner rather than later. Doing some experimental noodling to work out an estimate.
#161 1256114485000000 dread Yes, deleted tags are still listed and associated with a package.
#1154 1314192324000000 dread Yes, forcing a retry may be possible, although I guess on these occasions you'd be looking at rolling back the creation of the package object too, which is not really in the spirit of the notifications system at present. This is why we had the queue for solr for occasions like this - is it here no longer?
#1393 1318508765000000 johnglover Yes, there are a few of these problems with SQLite which is why the tests are being skipped currently. I'm not exactly sure of the reason, it seems that it sometimes drops tables from memory, but we haven't found a solution. Myself and David Raznick were going to spend some time looking at it but haven't had a chance yet.
#1132 1307352675000000 dread Yes, these are apparently search-related and so are skipped when testing under sqlite. See README.rst for more info. Compare with this: {{{ $ nosetests --ckan --with-pylons=test-core.ini ckan/tests/functional/test_authz.py ............................................ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Ran 44 tests in 69.287s OK }}}
#2676 1342512315000000 shevski Yes. Not as important as getting functional bits of JS working, this is a pretty 'nice to have' that I think will bring value.
#963 1298284252000000 thejimmyg You can now get CKAN from the repository http://apt-alpha.ckan.org/debian
#183 1290604779000000 dread <[email protected]> You can see the top rated packages in the stats box. Actually not very useful at the moment - not much rating is going on.
#2769 1343328989000000 ross You can view this at http://test.ckan.org/apps to get an idea of how simple the form is. Have also moved the templates out of the package folder into their own now.
#1123 1307795508000000 rgrp You can't get small amazon instances as 64 bit and many people's own machines are 32 bit. How costly is packaging no-arch exactly (it must be more than a simple 'switch' in the build if you are saying this is costly :-) )
#1104 1303744486000000 rgrp You haven't done paster search-index rebuild I think. If you haven't the search index will not have been built (Create Test Data code creates data without indexing it). This could be considered a bug of Create Test Data but I'm not sure -- if you think so re-open this ticket and change description.
#1001 1301307814000000 dread You mentioned writing tests? Also the CSRF question from James hasn't been addressed.
#1430 1320444567000000 pudo You probably know this by know but the solrconfig.xml for both points to /var/lib/solr/data (line 71).
#1358 1317748211000000 dread You're gonna have massive config files if you do this! Might well be worth it though.
#366 1299845781000000 pudo You're right, that's done!
#2445 1338375577000000 ross Yup. Will look at this Thurs when I'm back in.
#2347 1335962835000000 ross [ ] Check that dataset privacy can be taken into account.
#1305 1315317033000000 nils.toedtmann [15:22:02] Adrià Mercader: Yes it looks like it works on both thedatahub.org and iatiregistry.org
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#79 1250789659000000 dread [x] only open packages [x] only downloadable packages open licenses start with 'OKD compliant' or 'OSI compliant' (same test as isopen). See model/core.py
#1574 1325847230000000 ross __Some issues to be addressed__ * What about existing content stored on google/s3? * Metadata for OFS should use username/userid? If user changes username we could just change the pairtree metadata json file, it should not be automated or easy for users to change username though. * OFS Metadata should contain the form data from CKAN upload * Remove _owner from OFS metadata (unnecessary) __Some issues to still consider__ * Allow .sqlite upload? * Allow .sql upload?
#1614 1325689136000000 kindly a1ca82bbc5cf89a0e308dee278f6d8ea23af8b7e
#2734 1343127101000000 shevski ace!
#1379 1320161439000000 zephod actually here: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/607f3363a8c5
#930 1296070197000000 wwaites actually, this is a configuration variable ckan.enable_call_timing cleaned up the code a bit, make sure this variable unset or set to false or no and there should be no millions of files as it is unclear if this is actually used or necessary, not doing the rrdtool part just yet. if there is call for it, make a new ticket for this.
#1240 1316022145000000 rgrp add autocomplete
#1396 1328179618000000 rgrp add note about needing to add datasets attribute to user dict in logic layer
#965 1297682632000000 kindly added with cset:553421d05ce8
#2433 1338397268000000 toby after discussion it has been agreed to keep the existing behaviour and improve documentation as it is likely to break existing applications etc
#2560 1342084988000000 toby again closing any problems can be bugfix tickets
#1297 1315404322000000 zephod all done: cset:71096cd7b27d
#2418 1337875172000000 toby all facets now shown and selected have <li class="active"> @aron styling of active facets with long names breaks. we could make the names shorter in snippet/facet_list.html via truncate or make the selected taggy thing wider
#2796 1345129495000000 shevski and here: http://wiki.ckan.org/Using_the_Web_Interface
#1629 1326215334000000 johnglover anon_editor and editor were given the create-package role, I had previously removed it via paster roles deny [anon_]editor create-package.
#2251 1334074772000000 toby api counter moved to ticket #2282 as needs better specification
#470 1292587187000000 dread apikey_header_name was set to X-CKAN-API-Key some time ago I believe.
#1240 1324319119000000 rgrp assigning to kindly for review
#2885 1345625524000000 seanh authz_form_table() in ckan/templates/package/authz.html creates a table with non-translatable labels (anon_editor, admin, editor, reader...)
#2700 1343378577000000 toby auto submit done @shevski can you elaborate on the other issues else will close this ticket
#1107 1340632612000000 icmurray autocomplete action has been deprecated in favour of /api/2/util/dataset/autocomplete : https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/master/ckan/controllers/package.py#L655
#2953 1349257893000000 toby awaiting merge https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/145
#2371 1340038431000000 toby awaiting release and demo theme merge
#2227 1332843126000000 toby being done in other tickets
#1582 1326110801000000 johnglover blog post added: http://ckan.org/2012/01/09/qa-on-thedatahub/
#2664 1342181774000000 toby branch 2664-tag-errors has some ideas - how do we deal with whole errors issue
#1653 1329215488000000 toby branch feature-1653-i18n_url_rewriting in ckanext-ecportal is part of this fix
#2740 1343123431000000 shevski breadcrumb should be /datasets/ dataset name / add data
#2743 1343131092000000 shevski brill, works great, thanks!
#2709 1342626212000000 markw but some of the relevant info is here: http://ckan.org/2012/05/30/atom-feeds/
#1657 1330083881000000 dread c.f. "Mounting CKAN at a non-root URL" at http://wiki.ckan.org/Deployment
#1582 1324489033000000 johnglover celery and ckanext-qa both deployed to thedatahub. ckanext-archiver also installed as the link checker is used by ckanext-qa, but the plugin is not activated. QA scan of all datasets (CRON job) currently scheduled once a week (Sunday, 4:30am)
#273 1268996987000000 pudo cf http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-discuss/2010-February/000042.html
#2812 1344509156000000 toby changed
#433 1283183548000000 wwaites changed datapkg_sources to datapkg_index and updated to work with the new changes to how the downloader works.
#560 1297084192000000 kindly changeset https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/b899085071a8 cset:b899085071a8
#366 1300212171000000 dread changeset d7a8df888f44
#2818 1344545331000000 toby check schema
#54 1223909366000000 rgrp ckan v0.6 (dump only) done in r355 and r358.
#2355 1336731240000000 toby ckan.plugins.toolkit introduced to help control access to ckan for extensions. This should reduce breakage for extensions using this. ITemplateHelpers allows extensions to add helper functions so templates can be less reliant on Genshi filter
#2257 1336731023000000 toby ckan.restrict_template_vars defaults to true for 1.8 release
#1675 1328519608000000 ross ckanext publisher_form ui needs reflecting to ensure only admins can admin the group.
#2783 1343817744000000 toby closing after discussion with kindly
#1792 1332755148000000 toby closing as done all that I was asked to do as part of this ticket
#1806 1331295310000000 toby closing as initial work has been done if we need to amend then create a new ticket
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