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#2502 1339494853000000 toby url_for no longer needs () link_for added but not tested - pretty certain it will just work
#851 1292941303000000 wwaites urllib2 is good for http(s) urls but not, unfortunately, for other types most prominently ftp. change the httpReq action to use http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/python/
#1806 1330942356000000 toby version one completed
#332 1280743320000000 pudo was fixed in cset:1381
#2680 1342541256000000 toby we can do anything however in my opinion admin stuff like that should be phase 3 as not/really needed for the demos
#853 1294594581000000 wwaites we don't need a policy document exchange. it's simpler than that. the "server" instance has already permissions to upload. it just calculates the headers and such that are needed (based on the "client"'s initial headers) and gives them to the "client" the client then uploads without knowing the "server"'s credentials. The "client" never needs any of its own goostor credentials at all. the only separate step is to make the widget readable by the world. ticket #879 is to expose this as a small set of API calls.
#2251 1333535572000000 toby we have various options on tracking unique users seems the sane approach. * unique daily view - needed for nice graphing * unique total views * total unique daily views - higher numbers and feels more right - easier to calculate if original data is lost/or archived for now will collect all and then decide which to use for display as gives us flexibility if needed display ------- why is group listing of datasets inconsistent with main search (TDH at least)? should we make these consistent? group listing allows downloading of resource without tracking (this should be fixed) if we make listings uniform do we want the download links or not? I don't like the term download when it is just a link (maybe that's just me - what would be better?)
#2739 1343135348000000 toby we need all the help text - moving to phase 3
#2251 1332776926000000 toby we want resource show downloaded/viewed on resources show on the dataset total/recent
#2660 1342090301000000 toby well not master but 2375-demo-theme-development which is good as
#1491 1330020630000000 dread went into CKAN 1.6
#764 1310133334000000 shevski will be done as part of #1094
#1174 1307615200000000 pudo wontfix as thejimmyg wants to turn REST API into RPC API and this doesn't fit in. Not an excellent plan in my idea but this is to be discussed elsewhere.
#807 1297075372000000 rgrp wontfix as with traffic we have this is not a massive issue and these are very minor items (we can reopen later if this comes up again).
#205 1297068450000000 rgrp wontfix as: 1. Easier to just to an import from google docs for which we have several importer examples in ckanclient 2. (More important) importing is something that is quite bespoke (changes for each cirumstance). As a result pre-written importers tend to be very fragile and it is not a good use of time to try and some customizable WUI one when you can just write a custom importer in code (code is much more flexible than whatever we can write!)
#92 1297344859000000 rgrp wontfix at the moment as we have the separate RDF service and RDFa is probably not the best option as always a bit incomplete.
#1519 1324317373000000 rgrp wontfix for present. * stats should go into core see #1576 * but analytics is more complex and requires more thought. Not really sure what integration buys us right now (though understand from a deployment / client perspective these together in some way so may be worth revisiting in future)
#1520 1323279697000000 rgrp wontfix in favour of #1534 (a proper fix)
#1091 1323102767000000 rgrp wontfix plus we now requires usernames see #1386
#191 1323706210000000 johnglover working in current master and 1.5.1
#2817 1344544901000000 toby works in dev branch - may not be on s031 yet also please include urls in bug reports if possible - thanks
#2819 1344545479000000 toby works in dev branch for /apps http://localhost:5000/dataset/1-kmwaterfractionfromnationaltopographicdatabasemapscanada/related
#2575 1340188954000000 toby wtf I never added that I did write in an hour ago f****g trac
#1084 1303894555000000 dread ww you did this didn't you? Perhaps you could update us with the branch/changeset it was in and close this ticket please.
#2595 1342086346000000 toby yadda, yadda, yadda - this should all be done any bugs are new tickets
#2497 1339085489000000 toby yes is ckan 1.7 issue
#2440 1339430956000000 toby you may want to look at your css as the dataset is generated by the package_list snippet I've made all packages popular for now
#1088 1302630624000000 wwaites you use the negotiate function in autoneg.py with a cfg dictionary like this, {{{ cfg = { "mime_types": [ ("application/xhtml+xml", ["html"]), ("text/html", ["html"], ("application/rdf+xml", ["rdf", "owl"]), ("application/turtle", ["ttl"]), ("text/plain", ["nt"]), ("text/x-graphviz", ["dot"]), ] for content_type, exts in negotiate(cfg, accept_header): if "html" in exts: render page normally else: redirect to semantic.ckan.net } }}}
#2502 1339407123000000 toby {% snippet 'template_name', var=value, var2=value ... %} {% url_for(controller='foo', action='bar', ...) %} let me know if you want these changed eg remove need for () in url_for merged into demo branch they are just available in jinja templates no need to do anything special Let me know any problems or if you need some others added
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