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#2448 1339669678000000 aron.carroll Done. Any issues should be created as new tickets.
#2449 1339670041000000 aron.carroll Closing this as the page is up. Issues should be reported as new tickets.
#2450 1339670997000000 aron.carroll Closing this, issues should be created as new tickets
#2451 1343378027000000 toby @aron, can we close this as being too general - and have specific tickets?
#2451 1352206567000000 johnmartin I can't get access to said project. Can someone please give me access so I can triage this?
#2452 1343377943000000 toby @aron, can we close this as being too general - and have specific tickets?
#2453 1343377952000000 toby @aron, can we close this as being too general - and have specific tickets?
#2454 1338993375000000 aron.carroll Implemented the templates for this. There are currently no decent error messages for missing fields, would be nice if we could have more specific error messages. eg. invalid username, username required, password required etc.
#2454 1338994536000000 toby I am against providing much more that you did something bad things like invalid username leak info - people should not know if usernames exist. Maybe I'm a bit mean about this. I'd be happier to add some javascript check on the form post that checks for no password etc - maybe that's not so practical
#2454 1339431487000000 toby @aron, I'd like to close this as a won't fix - your thoughts
#2454 1339493727000000 aron.carroll Hmm, I totally agree with you on the missing username front but it would be nice at least to provide the errors in the same way we do the other forms. Currently it just displays a flash message which is unexpected. I'd suggest we add a generic "failed to login, invalid fields" in the error_summary block. Then more specific "this field is required" when a required field is left empty.
#2454 1339495000000000 toby @aron, I'm going to leave this open for the moment but not make the requested change as I need to think of the best way forward. The flash message error is quite hard coded into the logic and I need to think of a nice solution.
#2454 1340710442000000 toby needs discussion and low importance
#2455 1338998214000000 aron.carroll Fixed as of 1dbe4df
#2456 1339670080000000 aron.carroll Closing this as the page is up. Issues should be reported as new tickets.
#2457 1352206516000000 johnmartin I can't get access to said project. Can someone please give me access so I can triage this?
#2458 1343596843000000 shevski Stats important for prototypes & be good to demo a key feature
#2458 1343737692000000 shevski Do we need a design for this? Or can we just use the same format as datahub.io/stats but within the new template?
#2458 1343818531000000 aron.carroll This will be up on s031 by the end of the day for feedback
#2458 1344254847000000 shevski This looks great. 4 small things: 1. clicking on a tag in 'top tags' takes you to old unstyled page, e.g. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/en/tag/economics. Should take you to search faceted by that tag. 2. I'd love to be able to link directly to e.g. the 'top tags' view - any way to do this? 3. Is there any way to rate datasets at the moment? If not, can we hide that option for now? 4. On 'Revisions to Datasets per week' can we rename this 'Dataset revisions per week' and can we change the orange icon/index in the table to 'all dataset revisions' instead of referencing 'packages'
#2458 1344262256000000 aron.carroll Made changes as of 9729f1c 1. Clicking a tag now takes you to the search page 2. When clicking the tabs the location now updates so you can bookmark pages. 3. Not sure how datasets are rated. 4. Text changes made.
#2461 1344543838000000 toby stop the error
#2464 1338910189000000 johnglover Fixed for now, but had to keep group type as 'organization' as the string is hardcoded into the publisher auth profile in 1.7.1.
#2466 1338467285000000 seanh Looks like we need to upgrade to Trac 0.12 and then install this plugin: http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/SpamFilter
#2467 1340981885000000 amercader Fixed (mainly by Aron)
#2468 1339757934000000 rgrp DONE. (Closed on github)
#2469 1340639702000000 seanh Closing this, has been broken down into individual tickets, see ckanbuild milestone
#2470 1338284041000000 johnglover Search results validated against schema. Added a class implementing IPackageController, in after_search results are replaced with package dicts got from package_show. A bit heavy-handed, but works for now. Maybe we should just call package_show in the package_search logic function in core?
#2471 1352206679000000 johnmartin I can't context on this. Closing.
#2474 1338982780000000 aron.carroll Closing this as we've decided to go with Jinja. There's some basic docs here: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/doc/templating.rst And a template overview: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/doc/template-blocks.rst Generally it's worth looking at the Groups pages to see how they're built.
#2477 1343124123000000 seanh See thread on ckan-dev for list of officially supported non-core extensions: http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-dev/2012-June/002439.html
#2479 1338468431000000 markw An alternative (and better, but harder) way of dealing with the 'maintainer' issue would be to allow messages to be sent between CKAN accounts, and to have a field whose value is the maintainer's login.
#2484 1340013145000000 toby merge requested https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/17
#2484 1340285964000000 toby merged into master
#2487 1338892521000000 johnglover https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-ecportal/commit/958208cfec1dfddb792b9b0ce0ac835fb1e2872a
#2488 1339412538000000 johnglover Works for me on 1.7.1. Perhaps floapps was using older groups (of type 'group' instead of 'organization') and/or didn't add a user to the group?
#2491 1338979614000000 toby fixed by commit e6554e7
#2493 1338986768000000 aron.carroll Editing ticket title (sorry Toby I know you hate it)
#2493 1342774354000000 toby @aron, I've removed the breadcrumb and got it to eat flash messages as these tend to be repeated at least for some actions - maybe the flash messages is overkill. Anyhow I think it's good enough for phase 3 and we should either say it is done or move to phase 3 I think this would benefit from some design from Sam at some point and I quite like a graphic on an error page to make it a little pretty but not any rush
#2494 1338994890000000 toby this was due to out of date version of demo branch - updated
#2495 1340624905000000 amercader See #2467
#2496 1339418832000000 toby fixed in demo branch
#2497 1339085489000000 toby yes is ckan 1.7 issue
#2498 1339660986000000 toby fixed in the demo branch
#2502 1339407123000000 toby {% snippet 'template_name', var=value, var2=value ... %} {% url_for(controller='foo', action='bar', ...) %} let me know if you want these changed eg remove need for () in url_for merged into demo branch they are just available in jinja templates no need to do anything special Let me know any problems or if you need some others added
#2502 1339493182000000 aron.carroll Works beautifully. Be great if we could remove the parens around url_for and add an extra one for h.nav_link but I think call it link_for instead. {{{ {% url_for controller='foo', action='bar', ... %} {% link_for controller='foo', action='bar', class='btn', icon='plus'... %} }}}
#2502 1339494853000000 toby url_for no longer needs () link_for added but not tested - pretty certain it will just work
#2503 1339495333000000 toby @aron, To clarify this a bit. We want this so that a extension can create a new template say dataset/read.html but rather than rewriting the `core` template in ckan it can extend it in the same way as {% extends %}. The main difference is that {% ckan_extends 'template.html' %} would `walk` the ckan template tree rather than the extensions template tree. Is that what we are thinking?
#2503 1339498751000000 aron.carroll Toby yeah, that's exactly it.
#2503 1339580675000000 toby implemented in commit 14067ff
#2504 1339409776000000 aron.carroll Closing this as there are just snippets remaining now and they're a lower priority.
#2507 1339436591000000 aron.carroll Fixed as of 2a5714b, pull request here: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/22
#2507 1339596399000000 seanh merged
#2509 1339419867000000 johnglover https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/20
#2510 1339516414000000 toby ok I've done this and also unified the tags they are now tag/class {{{ <ul 'tag-list'> <li> <a 'tag'> }}} on home page tag was on <li> not <a> slightly changes the spacing please review
#2510 1339670520000000 aron.carroll Looks okay to me
#2511 1339517817000000 aron.carroll Fixed in b24d162
#2512 1339576809000000 toby This seems to be working now
#2513 1340187230000000 ross Have pushed back to 1.9 but if may be the the converter service will replace it in the meantime.
#2514 1340959630000000 ross I'm going to close this as it is not safely in Aron's hands for the new demo theme.
#2514 1340959787000000 ross s/not/now/ stupid keyboard
#2519 1345565215000000 ross Fixed by pull request from jpmckinney
#2520 1340624831000000 seanh Also see #2370
#2523 1339679814000000 aron.carroll Added in 4f6d8b9 Toby, there's no form data being passed to this page yet, could you add that in?
#2523 1340368036000000 toby there and working
#2527 1339683264000000 toby Do we have a specific usecase for this?
#2527 1340116130000000 aron.carroll Closing as this has been superceded by #2553
#2528 1339687025000000 aron.carroll Now implemented as of bc440d5. Doesn't seem to be successfully submitting, has something been setup wrong?
#2528 1340380415000000 toby fixed in 109ec86 what else are we wanting with this?
#2532 1340874456000000 toby see void now
#2534 1340631124000000 amercader See #2399
#2536 1339770953000000 toby minor changes All links now go to the item - before deleted ones didn't. while this makes sense it is inconsistent and adds complexity. Some wrapping spans eg <span class="object">.. have been removed again these add complication and feel wrong given the issues of i18n PS: why messing with my tickets???
#2536 1340038712000000 toby https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/25
#2536 1340899218000000 toby This need some changes to make it possible to add new activity stream bits - will look at doing for 1.9
#2545 1344337973000000 ross Up at http://datagm.ckanhosted.com
#2548 1340626532000000 ross Accepted to clarify requirements
#2549 1350561840000000 seanh Closing as we've gone forward with a different solution instead
#2550 1340626589000000 ross Clarify
#2550 1341767370000000 icmurray I've done some initial work on this. I think the best way is to define extra tables in the datahub extension. (Rather than: using groups; or modifying the user table; or defining extras for users (in core)). Initially, I've created a new domain object, PaidService, which captures the different levels of account a user may have. And then attached users to this through a secondary table. I think the advantages of this approach are: - the PaidService table can contain supplementary info about that account type: eg - amount of storage allowed; or cost to sign up etc... - allows us to use a modular payment system if biz decide that would be favourable. ie - users belong to multiple PaidServices which are independant of one another, rather than a linear hierarcy (eg - "sign up for storage, but not for privacy" vs. "sign up for enterprise level rather than basic level") The thing that's held me up today is being able to run tests: I'm having a sqlalchemy issue with defining extra mappings on the User table; which then gets dropped when initializing the test setup. I've gotten to the bottom of the problem, and will ask kindly's advice. In the meantime, I could do with some user stories please. I think I have a fairly good idea of what's likely to be needed by this ticket; but to what extent should this be exposed to a sysadmin (adding payment schemes; adding users to payment schemes; users seeing which payemtn services they're paying for (public to other users or not?); user's seeing history of payments? sysadmins seeing list of users for each service level?) - should this be: through a dashboard? through paster commands? through the api? all 3? Do we want modular payments or a linear hierarchy of payment schemes? How does is this suppossed to fit in with organizations? Do organizations purchase on behalf of users as well as individuals being able to make purchases? Do we need to be able to deativate a user's paid service if their payment hasn't come through?
#2550 1341833460000000 ross I think you've nailed the user stories already, but have added them to Description to be explicit.
#2550 1342535924000000 rgrp Sounds good. BTW all users stories if at all possible go in google docs now for permanence. Here is the template: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U5yahDrvp_PKQMNjzI_8u3xixnALf4eNZWK2BdTXOVw/edit
#2550 1342699856000000 icmurray Awaiting merge: https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-datahub/pull/1
#2550 1346669497000000 ross Reassigned to icmurray rather than back to backlog.
#2551 1343042712000000 johnglover All done (in master and release-v1.8 of ckanext-googleanalytics), with the exception of the download and data api buttons which should be tracked already in download stats. Untested, but will probably remain so for the near future at least as this doesn't seem to be a high priority any more.
#2552 1340626635000000 ross Clarify
#2553 1342090078000000 toby different implementation but same effect
#2554 1342518917000000 ross Python based cartridges rely on the virtuoso python hosting, which appears to be broken on my self-built open source version. This is likely to take a lot of time fighting with build setups. Going to delay this.
#2554 1344338036000000 ross Reducing the priority of this at present, may become more relevant after the LOD3 plenary
#2554 1346670433000000 ross Shelved until LOD plenary/funding found. Longer term plans for an LOD hosted triplestore may make this unnecessary.
#2555 1340373267000000 toby non urgent moving milestone
#2556 1340212090000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 2b3b005
#2557 1340185609000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 123b914
#2558 1340188906000000 aron.carroll Started this as of 4d3c87a however tags need to be hooked up (apparently they can only be added on update at the moment). Also by moving the groups to the metadata form I now get integrity errors while saving. Toby could you please take a look at this.
#2558 1340271359000000 toby @aron, not quite sure what your problem was. I had an integrity error on part 1 save which is fixed. my issues 1) part 1 tags not saved 2) part 2 resources not saved 3) part 3 no form shown - i thought you had one showing where did it go? will look at 1 & 2 for starters
#2558 1340280814000000 toby 1) tags save but don't show in dataset edit - will push fix soon
#2558 1340284495000000 toby 2) resources save but not sure if being validated etc needs testing but working to an extent @aron, I'm pushing this back to you now reassign as needed
#2558 1340301273000000 aron.carroll Metadata is back as of b20538f Groups currently aren't showing because the {{{c.groups_available}} param isn't available. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/package/new_package_metadata.html#L7
#2558 1340359174000000 toby groups available now is a helper function (templates updated) commit d0506f3
#2558 1340367843000000 toby @aron, metadata now saves pushing back to you - in branch
#2558 1340615257000000 aron.carroll Marking as fixed. Will create new issues as they arise
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