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#2559 1340617445000000 aron.carroll This is looking good. A couple of things to do. 1. Added resources should be displayed in the sidebar. See https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/package/pages/form_page.html#L36 2. Clicking "previous" needs to take you back to the add dataset action not the edit dataset action. 3. Clicking "previous" should take you back to stage one of the add dataset form but stage two should be active (green). 4. Clicking "previous" should take you back to stage one of the add dataset form then clicking next should take you to the last resource you were editing.
#2559 1342084940000000 toby I'm closing this now we can open tickets for bugs when we qa the add dataset
#2560 1340617540000000 aron.carroll Clicking "previous" should take you to the last edited resource. Clicking "previous" should take you to the last edited resource but stage 3 should remain active. Clicking "previous" should take you to the last edited resource, clicking next should take you to stage three with the same data as when you went back.
#2560 1342084988000000 toby again closing any problems can be bugfix tickets
#2562 1342090168000000 toby @aron, assigning to you so doesn't get lost let me know if you need anything from me for this
#2562 1352206599000000 johnmartin I'm closing this because I can't get context on this.
#2563 1340106310000000 aron.carroll Done in 73fe36c
#2564 1340118952000000 aron.carroll Fixed as of df8f82c
#2565 1340116053000000 aron.carroll Social links open in a new tab as of bb41d86
#2566 1340119694000000 aron.carroll Buttons are added in d15cf6f. Toby could you hook these up with appropriate routes.
#2567 1340120404000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 2564dfd
#2568 1340108132000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 4d3cd87
#2569 1340123360000000 aron.carroll Templates added in 4e84622 Toby, the implementation in the resource form needs data passing to it. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/package/pages/form_page.html#L35-36
#2569 1340362284000000 toby @aron, which page is this on? can you add a url - cheers
#2569 1340375156000000 toby i'm assuming this is the add data part 2 add dataset form
#2569 1340375595000000 shevski Ticket itself is for resource pages, e.g. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/afterfibre/resource/f5d81da5-2e55-4302-8ed2-58401d2c139e - there are two other resources in that other dataset, should be able to navigate between
#2569 1340376578000000 toby @ira, that's fixed in the dev branch just not pushed to demo we need the one i've suggested too
#2569 1340877069000000 toby There is now the list in the sidebar but it points to view resource not edit - that will be part of phase 2
#2569 1340878031000000 shevski Great! Can we change it so that the resource name (if available) displays instead of the URL?
#2569 1342085235000000 toby edit resources in add dataset is done anything else is a new ticket
#2570 1340107841000000 aron.carroll Closed in a3939a4
#2571 1340369783000000 toby this works so closing
#2574 1342008841000000 toby david I think this is a closed as we are using state= draft stuff
#2574 1342092416000000 toby this is all sorted so closing
#2575 1340184557000000 toby @adria, Do you have a url or some more info as I can't reproduce this
#2575 1340188954000000 toby wtf I never added that I did write in an hour ago f****g trac
#2575 1340899487000000 toby This should now have a fix do a proper fix for 1.9 - needs a more thought out approach and quite a bit of re-factoring of that bit of code
#2575 1343216544000000 toby merged for 1.8
#2576 1340300413000000 aron.carroll Fixed in fbeda87
#2576 1340369674000000 toby @aron the resources sidebox is still broken breadcrumb is fixed though
#2576 1340617688000000 aron.carroll Fixed proper in 4bf158b
#2577 1346669735000000 ross Better info was provided by jmckinney
#2579 1340899337000000 toby This can move to 1.9 as will need agreement to be merged
#2580 1342092353000000 toby I'm closing this as now you need to add at least one resource
#2581 1340287539000000 toby do before data.pop(key)
#2581 1340369369000000 toby fixed in commit 0f84d99 in the demo branch david can you just look at this for a sanity check - I'm just concerned that only state benefits from this if good reassign to me and i'll remove the fixme
#2581 1340711431000000 kindly This looks fine, just make doubly sure that if this flag is set then whatever sets it explicitly sets the state i.e overrides what the user sent.
#2581 1340714955000000 toby @kindly we actually need an extra state for full functionality can we create a new 'draft-complete' state as well? does that need any additional magic? please answer and reassign
#2581 1340728155000000 kindly No any state without active, pending or deleted in their name is fine.
#2581 1340800263000000 toby part of add dataset stages
#2582 1340313961000000 rgrp As this has been a serious UX issue for a while and it may take a while to be fixed I've taken the temporary step of fixing this directly on the datahub.
#2583 1342086274000000 toby moving to phase 3 as really a review of our code type stuff
#2584 1340620576000000 aron.carroll Implemented in 9bebf3d
#2587 1340375763000000 shevski If we have a name then yes, should be even without link.
#2587 1340376975000000 toby fixed by 99d14bd
#2595 1342086346000000 toby yadda, yadda, yadda - this should all be done any bugs are new tickets
#2596 1345209485000000 toby closing as too vague and probably done
#2598 1340875020000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 8dc7c56
#2599 1340798251000000 aron.carroll This is still broken in IE7 as of 543954b but pretty good in other browsers.
#2599 1346236806000000 johnmartin FYI: My methodology for getting the demo working in IE7 will be: get it functioning and not get it perfect
#2599 1346756230000000 johnmartin This is now closed and waiting pull request merge back in.
#2600 1340721815000000 ross Should do this as part of #2548
#2601 1340723256000000 seanh I think this happens whenever you try to edit a dataset that has no organization
#2601 1340960128000000 ross We've taken steps to make sure that users can't add datasets without a group, and can't remove a dataset from a group (without deleting it). Will submit patch to restrict adding without group.
#2602 1340805904000000 ross After merging the 2601 fix the user can no longer set None as the group/organisation for a dataset
#2605 1340874110000000 ross Seeing *very* strange behaviour here with the tests working fine when run individually, but when run as part of the entire suite it is returning an old group (called david) that is NOT in the database (set breakpoint, queried db, not there). Hoping Mr Raznicks sqlalchemy skills will be able to see what is going on with this.
#2605 1343126767000000 ross Make a decision on how we can test this cleanly and get it into 1.8
#2605 1343127369000000 ross Code for the CTE fix is in master ready for 1.8 branch.
#2608 1343125400000000 seanh This seemed to be a problem in Firefox only and only when a certain Firefox extension was enabled, nothing quite got to the bottom of it, not worth fixing given the obscureness and difficulty
#2609 1340900271000000 toby fixed in demo branch
#2610 1341501424000000 aron.carroll Replaced by #2611
#2611 1342008509000000 aron.carroll Done aside from Change 'Groups' to 'Publishers' everywhere which is now #2658
#2612 1342005674000000 toby is this still valid?
#2612 1342005971000000 shevski This seems to be fixed, but needs proper testing
#2612 1342007335000000 toby cool close when you are happy or reassign if you find it broken somewhere I'm moving this to phase 2
#2612 1342714613000000 shevski All looks good for now. Need to review authorisation stuff as part of demo 3
#2614 1343685572000000 aron.carroll Done in 71aca07. Moving paster to a seperate ticket.
#2616 1352206282000000 johnmartin Old and not sure of context. Closing.
#2619 1340884739000000 seanh A thought about efficiency, you probably don't want to pass all the activities through the filter function since only the most recent 15 will be shown anyway. Suggest a filter function with an optional limit=15 argument, you pass it the whole activity list and it iterates over it until it has found 15 public ones then immediately returns those.
#2619 1346670257000000 ross Have a push request with a privacy flag which might be useful in determining the status of the dataset (public/private) but no idea if it will be accepted yet. Have assigned back to you for safe-keeping so it doesn't get lost in backlog.
#2619 1351531137000000 seanh I think we need a function that filters out all activities and activity details where the user doesn't have permission to read either the subject or object of the activity or any of its activity details. Each of the *_activity_list() functions can then use it.
#2620 1342074737000000 toby This got fixed at some point
#2623 1341232433000000 seanh Works if you remember to enable publisher_auth (the Authorization button never appears, Join is always there, can Edit the org and add users that way)
#2624 1341583610000000 seanh Moving into 1.8 and making high priority, needed for cmap
#2624 1341599776000000 ross Is likely just tags missing from the new schema in organizations. Will add/test etc on Monday AM.
#2624 1341609814000000 seanh Thanks Ross!
#2628 1343392717000000 seanh Already done on another ticket, closing this as dup
#2629 1343392596000000 seanh New ticket #2771 encompasses this and related changes, closing this one as a dup
#2630 1343392411000000 seanh I made another ticket (#2771) to encompass this and related work, closing this one as dup
#2631 1352205778000000 johnmartin This has been fixed with the LOD2 work on activity streams.
#2632 1342087027000000 toby merged
#2634 1342085656000000 toby merged into master
#2636 1342090614000000 toby duplicate of http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2631
#2637 1342617226000000 toby fixed
#2638 1342112772000000 toby merged
#2639 1343297711000000 amercader Merged into master before 1.8. There are a couple of issues with that need to be fixed on recline code base: * Filter does not fire the state change event (Embed URL does not get updated) https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/195 * File format not saved in Dataproxy state (Embed fails with dataproxy files with no extension) https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/196 When we fix these on recline we can update the build on ckan core.
#2639 1345125290000000 rgrp #196 is fixed. Not sure about #195. Otherwise think we are good to go.
#2639 1345125344000000 rgrp There is also an additional issue which is that recline no longer uses elasticsearch_url so we will need to patch this either in js or in the controller code for the embed ...
#2639 1345146087000000 rgrp Also found that previous recline setup used elasticsearch_url in recline 'state' (dataset part) when generating embed_url for dataset. But recline no longer supports this so move to url attribute of dataset attribute of state.
#2639 1345146289000000 rgrp Port of fix for recline issue 196 in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/fd1abd9d5701b4addf7e709c1766d6ffed1bb8bf Fix of embed issue in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/fd1abd9d5701b4addf7e709c1766d6ffed1bb8bf
#2639 1345221501000000 amercader Added some new comments to #195: https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/195
#2640 1342092306000000 toby moving to phase 2
#2641 1343737625000000 shevski Design here: https://okfn.basecamphq.com/projects/9558659-demo-ckan-front-end/posts/65443876/comments
#2641 1343738074000000 amercader It looks awesome, really nice! Note that the "Enter location" box logic (geocoding) is not yet implemented, so first stage of the widget should not show it.
#2641 1352206794000000 johnmartin I can't get access to the project... can someone link me?
#2642 1342092375000000 toby moving to phase 2
#2642 1344243797000000 shevski Would like to have this for next week for a demo if possible
#2642 1344601299000000 toby @ira, can you review this http://s031.okserver.org:2375/harvest The add/edit form isn't perfect I have no idea how to use this extension so my testing has been limited make a new ticket for any problems - Also for now we only care about major issues @adriá would be nice if you could also see if it's working correctly
#2642 1345113645000000 shevski done
#2644 1343925546000000 aron.carroll Updated the theme in 2b81958, seems very similar in functionality to the profile page...
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