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#1316 defect kindly dread closed fixed /api/action uncaught exception if missing necessary parameter
curl http://ckan.net/api/action/package_show -d '{"name": "uk-quango-data"}'

This gives 500 error due to KeyError? (it looked for the 'id' param), rather than 400.

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#1317 defect dread ckan-backlog assigned password reset - improve user search

In password reset, it gets confused if you have two similar users. This is because with the string the user provides, it searches several fields, not just name but also fullname and email address, allowing you to search for these. But only name is unique.

Specific problem: Ira searches for "Irina" then it finds both: <User name=irina fullname=Irina [email protected] ] and <User name=shevski fullname=Ira email=> (I think)

Maybe need to choose which field it searches?

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#1318 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed 'Register user' doesn't log you in

When you register a user, it doesn't seem to be logged in properly straight away. Top-right it invites you to "log in" and "register". Also the "create package" menu option doesn't appear. Going to /user/me sends you to login page. If you then login, then all these things are corrected.

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#1319 enhancement rgrp dread ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Require an email address on User registration

Superticket: #1343

This avoids difficulties when they forget their password.

  • (?) Email validation (navl does not have one!)
  • Require email confirmation to be activated (?) (Answer: no, not at present -- see discussion below)
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#1320 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed Extend basic markdown to support normal http / https links

It is very annoying that you have to wrap links in <...> and most people don't bother. Extend h.markdown in code and markdown in js to fix this.

(We should also support 'package' links etc in javascript?)


  • Note that CKAN flavoured markdown will not currently recognise dataset:my_data links (still uses package).
  • Move the markdown api to /util/markdown
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#1321 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Flash message deferred

When you reset a password, the flash message saying "check your email" sometimes doesn't display on the next page. You then click on the link in your email and it displays on that page (i.e. too late).

Seen this on thedatahub.org. To do with the proxy caching?

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#1322 enhancement dread assigned Action API improvements

Focusing on improving Action API as the v3 API:

  • have an optional parameter of the data_dict called "options". Options would contain items that would get passed into the context. e.g. {"options" : {"ref_package_by": "id"}}.
  • instead of using API version to change the way packages are referenced, use the ref_package_by.
  • All package_show, group_show etc. to accept an object 'name' as an alternative to object 'id'.
  • Action API is v3 of api, replacement for v1 & v2. Default for most urls is still v1, but if url is /api/action then default to v3.

Next steps:

  • Add search API (package, resource,
  • Add Util API
  • Clarify JSONP still applies
  • Add doc strings, clarifying parameters
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#1323 enhancement dread dread ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed GET /authorizationgroup causes Exception when logged in

on thedatahub.org

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#1324 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-09-12 closed fixed Add extra fields to resource table

add extra fields to resource as outlined in


Specifically (all unicode strings except for those noted):

  • name: a name for this resource (could be used in a ckan url)
  • type: the type of the resource. One of: file | api | service | listing
  • mimetype: standard mimetype (e.g. for zipped csv would be application/zip)
  • mimetype_inner: mimetype of innermost object (so for example would be text/csv)
  • size: [integer] size of the resource (content length) in bytes. Usually only relevant for resources of type file.
  • last_modified: [datetime] the date when this resource's data was last modified (NB: not the date when the metadata was modified).
  • cache_url: url for cache of object in ckan storage
  • cache_last_updated: [datetime] timestamp when cached version was created
  • webstore_url:
  • webstore_last_updated: [datetime] timestamp when webstore was last updated
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#1325 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2011-09-12 closed fixed python 2.5 incompatibilities

We claim to support Python 2.5 (useful for Lenny), yet a few problems have crept in:

  • 'with' statement requires from __future__ import with_statement
  • import json from ckan.lib.helpers, rather than directly, since it copes with reverting to simplejson, used in python 2.5.
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#1326 enhancement thejimmyg ckan-backlog new Write a set of auth plugin functions to integrate with Druapl

Ticket #787 described join auth between CKAN and Drupal. The authentication part is live and implemented. This ticket is a placeholder for work that will be needed in the new auth system to link authorization functions to Drupal. It is dependent on the groups refactor.

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#1327 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.6 closed duplicate [super] Dataset Archiving

Split out of #852. Automated archiving of datasets (related to QA).

Automated archiving using worker process

  • #890 - Timed actions in ckanext-queue
  • #891 - Resource download worker daemon
  • #892 - Make stored data available in WUI
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#1328 defect [email protected] assigned Unicode & paster commands

A possible bug in CKAN when I tried deleting users using "paster --plugin=ckan user delete" command.

To reproduce the bug do the following:

  1. Create a user with an ID (which in my case was a user's full name)

that contains non-unicode caracters like Norwegian "æ", "ø", or "å".

  1. Make sure that you can see something like the example below:

(pyenv) [email protected]:$ paster --plugin=ckan user Users: name=Rustæm

  1. Then try deleting the user with following command:

(pyenv) [email protected]:$ paster --plugin=ckan user delete "Rustæm"

You should now get a python encoding error. I know that this is quite rare case, but in our case it caused some trouble. Could you guys have a look at this bug?

CKAN ver. 1.3.3.

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#1329 defect dread amercader ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed i18n poor in some templates - missing i18n tags

Just a tip for developers regarding translations:

  • When writing templates, mark <p>, <div>, etc elements with the

i18:msg attribute, otherwise the messages don't get extracted properly.

Good: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/src/1996b0439e81/ckan/templates/home/about.html#cl-40

<p i18n:msg="">More about CKAN, and the background to its creation can
   be found in <a

gives this: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/src/1996b0439e81/ckan/i18n/ca/LC_MESSAGES/ckan.po#cl-1238

Bad: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/src/1996b0439e81/ckan/templates/package/new_package_form.html#cl-211

<p class="hints">
<strong>Important:</strong> By submitting content, you agree to
release your contributions
 under the <a href="http://opendatacommons.org/licenses/odbl/1.0/">Open
Database License</a>. Please <strong>refrain</strong> from editing
this page if you are <strong>not</strong> happy to do this.

gives this: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/src/1996b0439e81/ckan/i18n/ca/LC_MESSAGES/ckan.po#cl-1384

The message is split in different parts that not necessarily match the grammar or syntax of the translated language.

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#1330 enhancement rgrp ckan-backlog closed invalid Deprecate / Remove test_authz.py

test_authz.py appears to test in great detail some very specific additional authz (related to total site lock-down it seems -- introduced I think for hri project).

I think there are simpler ways to get total site lockdown (use external auth!) and this test is slow and delicate (e.g. depends on specific words in templates). Suggest removing. If we don't remove we should at least refactor tests for access to certain pages to use a proper method of testing (e.g. agreed html comments in each page) rather than being depending on the presence of absence of specific wording.

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#1331 defect dread dread closed worksforme Setting a tag twice causes exception

To reproduce:

  1. Create a package with two tags the same: "bulk bulk"
  2. Click 'save'
  3. 500 ERROR - 'Server Error'
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#1332 defect dread closed fixed i18n IndexError exceptions

We get this i18n error for the URL http://no.ckan.net/authorizationgroup (which runs 1.4.2 with Norwegian translation). I'm not sure why it occurs. Fixing it is low importance though, because this site doesn't use Authorization Group feature

Usually caused by bots. The user does not appear to be logged in.

WebApp Error: <type 'exceptions.IndexError'>: list index out of range
Module genshi.filters.i18n:177 in _generate
<<                  msgbuf.append(*previous)
                       previous = None
                   for event in msgbuf.translate(gettext(msgbuf.format())):
                       yield event
                   if previous:
>>  for event in msgbuf.translate(gettext(msgbuf.format())):
Module genshi.filters.i18n:1029 in translate
<<                      )
               parts = parse_msg(string)
               parts_counter = {}
               for order, string in parts:
>>  parts = parse_msg(string)
Module genshi.filters.i18n:1143 in parse_msg
<<      if string:
               parts.append((stack[-1], string))
           return parts
>>  parts.append((stack[-1], string))
IndexError: list index out of range
1315906429000000 1315999104000000
#1333 enhancement amercader amercader ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed Move form converters to ckan core

Functions like convert_to_extras and convert_from_extras will be widely used from extensions and should be on ckan core.

1315909268000000 1316951285000000
#1334 defect amercader amercader ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name'" exception when logging in

On same cases this exception is thrown when logging in:

File '/home/adria/dev/envs/iati/src/ckan/ckan/controllers/user.py', line 252 in logged_in
  user_dict = get_action('user_show')(context,data_dict)
File '/home/adria/dev/envs/iati/src/ckan/ckan/logic/action/get.py', line 414 in user_show
  revision_dict = revision_show(context,{'id':revision.id})
File '/home/adria/dev/envs/iati/src/ckan/ckan/logic/action/get.py', line 332 in revision_show
File '/home/adria/dev/envs/iati/src/ckan/ckan/model/__init__.py', line 317 in revision_as_dict
  for pkg in revision.packages]
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name'
1315909508000000 1319798961000000
#1335 enhancement kindly dread closed fixed Action API - basic

Provide an API to the logic layer at /api/action.

1315910021000000 1315910117000000
#1336 defect johnglover dread ckan-backlog new License fudge

cset:4b59ab34137d ckan/logic/action/get.py:

-            isopen = model.Package.get_license_register()[license_id].isopen()
-            result_dict['isopen'] = isopen
+            try:
+                isopen = model.Package.get_license_register()[license_id].isopen()
+                result_dict['isopen'] = isopen
+            except KeyError:
+                # TODO: create a log message this error?
+                result_dict['isopen'] = False 

This change hides problems with the license server and returns potentially incorrect values for openness.

This has been noted as 'temporary fix' but seems to be forgotten about, since it has been merged to default and gone into release 1.4.3.

I suggest the licenses are cached (I thought this was already the case when CKAN first requests them after start-up?). I suggest failure would return 503.

1315912057000000 1323173073000000
#1337 defect amercader amercader ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed Group extras are JSON endoded in the REST API responses

Instead of this:

extras: {
type: ""Primary source""
license_id: ""localauth-withrights""
publisher_frequency: ""2Pre\u00f1o \u20ac $ \u00e0dri\u00e0""

we should return this:

extras: {
type: "Primary source",
license_id: "localauth-withrights",
publisher_frequency: "2Preño € $ àdrià",
1315924727000000 1316951259000000
#1338 defect amercader amercader ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed Exception when trying to use a custom form schema from an extension

Both with the package and group controllers, when overriding the default _db_to_form_schema method (which does nothing) from an extension, you get an exception because the context is not passed to the validators.

File '/home/adria/dev/envs/iati/src/ckan/ckan/controllers/group.py', line 140 in edit
  old_data, errors = validate(old_data, schema)
File '/home/adria/dev/envs/iati/src/ckan/ckan/lib/navl/dictization_functions.py', line 215 in validate
  converted_data, errors = _validate(flattened, schema, context)
File '/home/adria/dev/envs/iati/src/ckan/ckan/lib/navl/dictization_functions.py', line 270 in _validate
  convert(converter, key, converted_data, errors, context)
File '/home/adria/dev/envs/iati/src/ckan/ckan/lib/navl/dictization_functions.py', line 178 in convert
  converter(key, converted_data, errors, context)
File '/home/adria/dev/envs/iati/src/ckan/ckan/logic/validators.py', line 108 in group_name_validator
  model = context['model']
KeyError: 'model'
1315925217000000 1317117738000000
#1339 enhancement kindly rgrp ckan-backlog closed fixed Issues / question re navl and data conversion

I ran into a bug with the size field on resources.

  • It would not accept an empty value from form (IMO this clearly equates to null/None)
  • This could be fixed via using ignore_empty instead of ignore_missing
  • However using this means there was no way to empty the field (e.g. i may just want to set the size field back to null not just change to another value)
  • similar issues could arise around other fields (such as last_modified ...)
    • cf cset:645031d07b60

To solve this (cset:58acdcfe6d4e) i created an int_converter temporarily in logic/schema.py (this is almost certainly the wrong place). But I think it raises a bigger issue about the conversion layer and how it works.

1315947022000000 1316014954000000
#1340 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed Editing non-existent group causes Exception

e.g. http://ckan.net/group/edit/history

Module ckan.controllers.group:135 in edit
<<          try:
                   old_data = get_action('group_show')(context, data_dict)
                   c.grouptitle = old_data.get('title')
                   c.groupname = old_data.get('name')
>>  old_data = get_action('group_show')(context, data_dict)
Module ckan.logic.action.get:347 in group_show
<<      if group is None:
               raise NotFound
           check_access('group_show',context, data_dict)
>>  raise NotFound
1315991374000000 1315991534000000
#1341 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-backlog reopened Delete spam users from ckan

Spam users where added to thedatahub and we need to clean them.

1315995034000000 1320141540000000
#1342 defect johnglover amercader ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed Home controller does not capture SearchError exceptions

If there is a problem with the SOLR connection,the home page just shows a 500 Server error, instead of a notice (the package controller shows a notice when visiting http://localhost:5000/dataset).

Steps to reproduce:

1316001227000000 1318256532000000
#1343 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-backlog new [super] User related improvements (login, user pages etc)
  • Disallow account creation via openid - #1386
  • Require email field - #1319
    • Require email confirmation to be activated (?)
  • Improvements to user page (e.g. show activity and more info about user) - #1396
  • Modal user login - #1311
1316017098000000 1318528138000000
#1344 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed datetime error json conversion on search

Json decoding error on search, due to date in resources.

1316020195000000 1317211299000000
#1345 enhancement kindly nils.toedtmann closed fixed Investigate possible memory leak

There is some evidence pointing to CKAN handling memory inefficiently or even leaking under certain conditions:

When we migrated ckan.net/thedatahub.org from eu7.okfn.org (32bit) to s053.okserver.org (64bit) (ticket) we experienced extraordinary memory usage peaks (ticket). Here are the observed value with Apache default settings:

  • eu7, mpm-prefork: base level ~0.6GB, peaks up to 2GB
  • s055, mpm-prefork: base level ~1GB, peaks up to 4GB
  • s055, mpm-worker: base level ~1.5GB, peaks up to 6GB

William reduced the life-time of a WSGI CKAN process from 500 requests down to 25 requests (changeset). This (together with two other tweaks) changed the situation drastically:

  • s055, mpm-event: base level ~1.4GB, no peaks

This suggests that the more requests a CKAN processes serves over time, the more memory it consumes, aka bad memory management or a leak.

To prove this theory, one could reduce the total number of WSGI CKAN processes as much as possible without killing the performance (e.g. down to processes=3), and then observing the relation between maximum-requests=25...500 and memory consumption.

On 14/09/11 17:49, David Read wrote:

Someone to do a bit of top-down memory-use profiling would be very useful. Also useful would be something in the tests that reported what test cases use lots of memory - this could be in the nose plugin.


1316041450000000 1343215489000000
#1346 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed 'get_authorization_group_dict not found' exception

This stems from a feature to allow you to prefill fields in the authorizationgroup creation form.

e.g. http://ckan.net/authorizationgroup/new?name=science

It's not tested, not supported in the new logic layer and therefore broken. I don't think anyone uses it - can remove it.

1316081974000000 1316094632000000
#1347 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed Exception caused by New Group form POST with bad formed parameter

Exception caused by bots POSTing 'new group' form, but with bad (old-style) parameters.

<type 'exceptions.ValueError'>: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'cache'
Module ckan.controllers.group:102 in new
<<          if context['save'] and not data:
                   return self._save_new(context)
               data = data or {}
>>  return self._save_new(context)
Module ckan.controllers.group:152 in _save_new
<<          try:
                   data_dict = clean_dict(unflatten(
                   context['message'] = data_dict.get('log_message', '')
                   group = create.group_create(data_dict, context)
>>  tuplize_dict(parse_params(request.params))))
Module ckan.logic:57 in tuplize_dict
<<          for num, key in enumerate(key_list):
                   if num % 2 == 1:
                       key_list[num] = int(key)
               tuplized_dict[tuple(key_list)] = value
           return tuplized_dict
>>  key_list[num] = int(key)
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'cache'
1316094466000000 1316094608000000
#1348 enhancement zephod zephod ckan-sprint-2011-09-26 closed fixed UX polishing (dataset create/view/edit experience)

Tweaking UIs and polishing the work done in #1294.

## Edit Page ##

  • [Done; cset:49e0b059b6f5] Hide upload if storage not enabled
  • [Done; cset:81ff13b42dad] Make 'Add resource' links on edit page clearer and more button-like.
  • [Done; cset:03904fc50cbf] Move edit form tabs to the left
  • [Done; cset:fde26b87d6ce] API placeholder text should not link to a CSV file
  • [Done] We used to autocomplete the format field - restore this functionality
    • Works on live. My local db has an empty 'resource_revision' table; maybe 'paster create-test-data' should insert something here?
  • [Done; cset:1aab499d73db] Summary should contain 'name' (or, if unavailable, use description. Long term: description is to be deprecated)
  • [Done] Remove/move instructions where possible (a lot could just be placeholder text on the elements) (other stuff could only show on hover)
    • NB: reveal_instructions.js already disabled on edit page
    • [RP] have now done this on create -- think we can leave on edit
  • [Done; cset:755b1a622199] We have broken 'error' reporting for resource issues. Either need to move that into error summary or somehow not destroy it when we rewrite table on page load ...
  • [Done; cset:7ad090cb7855] Add slideDown to Resource expanded view
  • [Done; cset:d3595143e506] Need ability to delete resources
    • No thought yet given to uploaded resources. Long term re-think probable.
  • [Done; cset:2430a68a59fc] Empty resource table to resemble view page ("no resources" text)

## General ##

  • [Done; cset:cc0ad47293e5] Highlight the package tab I'm on (view/edit/history)
    • More generally, the presence of the #minornavigation bar is very inconsistent throughout the site.
  • [Done; cset:d5babc3629cf] Remove 'license' filtered search from backend
  • [Done] Move script stuff to footer of page
1316170410000000 1317650043000000
#1349 enhancement zephod zephod ckan-sprint-2011-09-26 closed fixed Template tidying

Various things in templates can be tidied up after work has finished on #1294:

  • remove styling in page in group/index.html (put in css main)
    • ditto for package/search.html
    • ditto for home/index.html
  • Forms.css - to merge into style.css; remove explicit imports elsewhere
    • @import at the top of style.css @import url(forms.css)
  • Make a note: Success/failure controllers clash CSS with success/failure flash banners
1316171025000000 1317650050000000
#1350 enhancement zephod zephod ckan-sprint-2011-09-26 closed fixed i18n of new javascript

New js code running produced in the work following #1294 contains various string literals, and needs proper internationalisation.

See files:

  • application.js
  • templates.js

Furthermore, efforts can be made to tidy up strings as described in #1329.

1316172576000000 1317650056000000
#1351 enhancement zephod zephod ckan-sprint-2011-09-26 closed fixed Tidy edit-user form; strip preview functionality

The template for editing a user's profile seems to output the same form twice in one page. Furthermore, the page is made needlessly complex by the preview functionality. The neat inline preview used in package will make this page a lot neater.

  • Fix the duplicate form
  • Strip the preview functionality from the front-end, replacing it with js editor
  • Strip the preview functionality from the back-end and test
1316534753000000 1317650062000000
#1352 enhancement amercader ckan-backlog new Use logic functions instead of as_dict when indexing entities

The current search implementation uses the output of the the as_dict method of the domain Package object to update the index


It also uses package_to_api1 in the SynchronousSearch? plugin:


This prevents extensions from being able to index custom properties (e.g. faceting by custom extras not included in the model).

The search should use the logic function to get the package properties:

1316615397000000 1339774086000000
#1353 defect nickstenning ckan-v1.5 closed fixed No UI to remove resources

I have no idea whether this was a deliberate decision or not, but there is a total absence of any UI with which to delete resources from the currently deployed version of thedatahub.org.

1316729765000000 1317075904000000
#1354 enhancement amercader amercader ckan-v1.5 closed wontfix Pass the context object to plugins implementing the IPackageController and IGroupController

Plugins implementing some IPackageController or IGroupController operations (i.e. read, create, edit, delete) may need the context used in the logic action. For instance, to access the Session that created a package to perform additional queries from the extension (In that case the main logic action will still perform the final commit).

1316955680000000 1316970374000000
#1355 defect amercader ckan-backlog new Package extras property does not include the newly created ones

The extras in the package object sent to the extensions after editing (https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/src/01efd5649c10/ckan/logic/action/update.py#cl-226) do not include the newly added.

1317034126000000 1339774056000000
#1356 enhancement kindly amercader ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed Can not recreate a deleted extra

If you delete an extra and later on change your mind, you can not recreate it with the same value (Different value works fine).

1317034180000000 1318279617000000
#1357 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed Integrate new version of data preview

We have an all new and much improved data preview system developed as part of QA in July. Need to integrate this.

  • Is pure javascript
  • Will have this in CKAN core but considered to be a plugin (so need datapreview in ckan.plugins list to work -- will enable this by default)
  • Will depend on the http://wiki.ckan.org/DataExplorer
1317076044000000 1318164458000000
#1358 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-backlog assigned Generate configuration documentation automatically from the deployment_ini_tmpl file

At the moment documentation of config options is duplicated between source (deployment_ini_tmpl in ckan/config which is used to generate user ini file) and the docs.

Suggest we write a script that automatedly generates reference documentation for the config from the source.

May be obsoleted by #277 (some config in db)

1317076350000000 1318257823000000
#1359 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Radically simplify standard list of licenses

Major UX grip and incredibly simple to do. May also want to have basic autocomplete support within the list (trivial to do as well I believe).

(Talk to RP about this re how we define lists of licenses).

1317077855000000 1329132464000000
#1360 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-09-26 closed fixed Remove support for filter by download and filter by openness in search

Deliver little user benefit and easier just to search and then see what is listed as open and with resources.

Implementation Details

Areas to fix:

  • UI
  • lib/search/...
  • tests
  • ...?


Est: 2h

1317077958000000 1317650018000000
#1361 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.5 closed fixed Simple search support

Would be nice if CKAN could work out of the box without the need for SOLR (solr is great but complex and heavyweight to install).


  • ckan.simple_search config option
  • If set:
    • query via simple query to database backend
    • do no specialized indexing



  • TagSearchQuery? from lib/search (just do a search directly)?
  • #1360: filter by downloadable and filter by open search options

Possible Extras

(Probably future improvements)

  • Re-introduce full-text search indexing where supported in e.g. postgres and use for querying
1317078276000000 1317082893000000
#1362 defect johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed Clearing the database should also clear the search index

When paster db clean is run, the search index should also be cleared.

1317121861000000 1318256546000000
#1363 enhancement johnglover kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed Add task_status table to store qa/archiever/webstore information that does not need to be versioned.
table: task_status


unique(entity_id, task_type, key)

example keys:
1317219617000000 1318256600000000
#1364 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed If package in index that is not in ckan error is caused.

We should ignore these but log the packages that are causing this to investigate.

1317222206000000 1318279636000000
#1365 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2011-11-07 closed fixed Support old search formats

Lots of things rely on the old (i.e. pre-SOLR) search param formats, including ckanclient / DGU. Need a translation layer to convert these params (in api v1&2) to SOLR syntax.

This functionality was broken by the changes in #1277 which went into 1.5a

1317233338000000 1319815052000000
#1366 defect dread ckan-future assigned Search inside extra fields

SOLR search doesn't support searching for part of an extra field, but it does for other fields.

i.e. title="One Two Three" matches q=one AND q=title:one and geographic_coverage="England Scotland" matches q=England BUT NOT q=geographic_coverage:England

This problem emerged when we went to SOLR in #1275 (CKAN 1.5a). Tests were skipped.

This is could be a problem for DGU and maybe elsewhere.

1317290992000000 1338206707000000
#1367 defect dread dread closed fixed PyPI ckan broken

manifest.cfg was not included in the pypi package, causing InvalidRepositoryError? when you do 'paster db init'.

Appears to affect most CKAN PyPI releases up to and including 1.4.3.

1317379931000000 1317394273000000
#1368 enhancement zephod zephod ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed UX polishing and bugfixes

From Ira: PDF of bugs and suggestions is attached.

This ticket is included in release v1.5. Post-v1.5 UX improvements are collected in #1404.


  • [dataset/edit]: Deletions are confirmed with a dialog box
  • [dataset/edit]: Long URLs break the edit resources tab. Show name (& 'no name') with a pencil icon.
  • [dataset/edit]: Rearrange the delete resources mechanism;
    • Use a little minus icon on the far left, followed by a pencil icon for editing.
    • The 'delete resource' button can become 'hide'
    • Deletions are confirmed with a dialog box
  • [dataset/edit]: Rearrange the 'you have unsaved changes' warning;
    • Delete the little green plus sign on the right;
    • Try a flash banner instead (more general purpose & beautiful)
  • [dataset/edit]: Try a pencil icon (+'hide' button) rather than the +/- buttons which look a bit like you're adding a dataset.
  • [dataset/view]: Subscribe button (& subscribe to history) doesn't work as expected. Modal dialog carrying instructions?
  • [dataset/view]: Drop the 'add to a group>>' and 'add tag>>'. Needs inline tag-adder.
  • [markdown editor]: Tab colours confuse the user. Inactive button appears to be greyed out.
  • [dataset/edit]: The upload file UI mutates and breaks across lines; make it a little more rigid. Verify at different zoom levels.
  • [groups/add]: Hide unimportant fields
  • [navigation] Add 3D bevel (@see github) to current tab highlight.
  • [dataset/create and groups/create]: Slug generator can be tidied. Default: Not editable. @see http://groupspaces.com/a/group/
  • [groups/view]: Show description and owner. To match dataset section.
  • [groups/authz]: Tidy to match admin/authz (pretty buttons & spacing). Add navigation bar.
  • [groups]: Entire section to use pretty buttons please.
  • [about]: Get the about page working on test.ckan.org. (Works locally and on live).


  • [dataset/edit]: Make 'tags' a top level form section; it is too important to go below the fold. (wontfix)
  • [groups]: Clicking a column heading should sort by that column. Default should be 'size', not 'name'. (ticket #1403)
  • ([groups]: (Investigate) Is it easy to implement a little search-groups feature?) (ticket #1403)
  • [*/authz]: Add tooltips to explain column headers. (Not required if mechanism is about to be refactored...) (wontfix: we need to rethink this mechanism; authorization refactor is coming)
  • [general]: 'Authorization' refactor to 'Permissions' on nav-bars. (wontfix, further discussion. authorization might be less techy...)
  • [search]: (Investigate) Can we quickly & easily reintegrate the faceted search-by-license but present it in the sidebar like the other facets? (wontfix: high cost and maintenance overhead; need compelling user story)
1317391960000000 1318847910000000
#1369 enhancement zephod zephod ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed Remove showdown.js from the page download

ckan.js can be rearchitected to avoid instantiating showdown.js in the root namespace. That way, layout_base.html doesn't need to import the script (because we don't use the showdown-dependant parts of ckan.js).

1317392516000000 1318165086000000
#1370 enhancement toby rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-04-30 closed fixed [super] Social sharing for datasets (and resources)

Add a way to share datasets and see mentions of datasets on twitter (and elsewhere)

As a visitor I want to share a link to a dataset I have found. I also want to see how many others have shared this (or mentioned it).

  • Sharing platform: simplest option is probably twitter but could generalize to e.g. sharethis system which supports, facebook, twitter etc etc.
    • Will need a config option for relevant API key e.g. ckan.sharethis.apikey
  • Location: Put this at top of sidebar on dataset view (a better suggsetion?)
  • Should show how many mentions / shares there are. (very important!)


  • (Tom and Ira and ...): do we really want this, versus e.g. proper follow extension?
  • What about bringing conversation back in to CKAN. E.g. show all times this dataset (i.e. its url) was mentioned on twitter. If we do this I think this should be definite +1.
  • Also, given our users, I think just doing twitter (identica) may be sufficient (how many people want to share links to datasets on facebook?)
1317422686000000 1336045983000000
#1371 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed Make logic layer functions for working with task_status table

The background tasks will use the logic API to access the task_status table so new logic layer functions are needed.

1317808776000000 1324037905000000
#1372 refactor johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Refactor archiver to work as a celery task

Take the resource archiver (currently part of ckanext-qa) and make it into a standalone extension that works as a celery task.

1317808970000000 1319625783000000
#1373 defect shevski ckan-sprint-2011-11-07 closed fixed home page view does not react to logging in / out

Either: thedatahub.org does not display 'add a dataset' top navigation link or the 'create dataset' main central link to logged in user - instead showing 'sign up' link in the central box. It does however display the 'my account' and 'logout' link in the top right correctly.

Navigating to another part of the site (e.g. search or about or my account) does bring the 'add a dataset' navigation link back and the functionality works.

Works fine on test.ckan.net so only on thedatahub.

Not obviously a caching problem, since I did try clearing cache.

OR: it displays as if you're logged in even when you log out. The links doesn't work and prompt you to log in though.

1317829479000000 1320174240000000
#1374 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Can't switch to English if default is non-English

e.g. cz.ckan.net defaults to Czech (config option lang=cs_CZ) but it fails when you try to switch to English.

1317893975000000 1319648746000000
#1375 enhancement amercader amercader ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed Define new package id before sending it to the IPackageController plugins

When creating a package, the package_create logic function sends the newly created package object to all plugins implementing the IPackageController interface


At this point, the changes have not yet been commited and the id of the package is not set (It has a default value of make_uuid, which is set when commited). For this reason, plugins have no way of knowing the package id. E.g. the spatial query plugin needs to know this id to link the package extent to the actual package.

One possible solution would be to set the package id in the data dict received by package_create (if it's not defined):

from ckan.model.types import make_uuid
if not 'id' in data or not data['id']:
   data['id'] = make_uuid()
1317910441000000 1318260008000000
#1376 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed 404 raised when approving package

Regression found by updating datacatalogs.

1318088589000000 1318279651000000
#1377 defect zephod zephod ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed Ckan admin repair

Integrating ckanext-admin into core has thrown up a number of problems:

  • Look & feel does not match the rest of the site
  • Tests are not passing
  • On the trash page, clicking 'undelete' triggers a purge
  • Using the purge functionality is dangerous; deleting and purging the latest revision will corrupt a dataset (& several corrupt datasets have been found on thedatahub.org)
  • Trash page can contain nested form tags in certain cases (breaking test harness & form redirection)
1318240018000000 1318245795000000
#1378 enhancement zephod zephod ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed New to TheDataHub? - StackOverflow style banner

Implement a banner across the top of the screen giving newbies a link to the about page, and making them feel welcome. See stackoverflow for reference?

1318247329000000 1324047835000000
#1379 defect zephod zephod ckan-sprint-2011-11-07 closed fixed Markdown conversion of linked references broken

eg. http://thedatahub.org/dataset/us-gov-tarp

[This Paper][my-paper] is very interesting.

[my-paper]: http://somelink.com/paper

Write a test to check this markdown feature works - if not, use external markdown lib rather than webhelpers.markdown. Probably need to add markdown lib to list of requirements.

1318247719000000 1320161439000000
#1380 enhancement zephod zephod ckan-sprint-2011-11-07 closed fixed Making customizing CSS easier

While integrating the new theme and making a large number of UX tweaks, I've allowed the CSS file to bloat out of control with some very specific rules and subtle hacks, as well as a couple of clearfix <div> objects in the markup which isn't really good practice.

In general we want a logical CSS structure which is as easy to modify as possible. You should not find yourself being overwritten by highly specific rules all the time!


  1. Clean up css
  2. Add a config option ckan.template_head_end - arbitrary string inserted at end of <head> tag so you can add custom css etc (may also want to update theming docs to reflect possibility of using this)
  3. (While we're at it): Add ckan.template_footer_end config option to deployment.ini_template. (This already exists, we just haven't told anybody)
  4. The /users index page isn't linked anywhere. Clean it up and link it in the footer next to Groups etc.
  5. package/new, package/edit, group/new and group/edit all include their forms differently. Use h.literal in all cases.
  6. Fix the padding on minornavigation.


David Read sent me the following as background:

  1. basic theming is described here: http://docs.ckan.org/en/latest/theming.html

Deep customisation of the templates is done by creating an extension, with this as a template: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanext-exampletheme/overview

That's what Augusto and the Brazilians have done http://alpha.dados.gov.br/dados/ and their code is here: hg clone http://dev.dados.gov.br/codigo/dev/tema-ckan <snip> Another thing of interest was us becoming compatible with Wordpress themes last December. Richard Pope worked with Rufus on this. I believe the base theme is 'twentyten' and I'm guessing that one would swap that css file with another to change theme, but I don't know. I don't know if this feature has been dropped since then. http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-dev/2010-December/000073.html


1318263956000000 1324048324000000
#1381 enhancement amercader pudo ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Managing groups via package entity API

It is not currently possible to assign or remove groups by adding or removing their group name from the "groups" list on the REST API. This should be allowed, as it is easier than first adding a package and then editing each group it must belong to.

1318266706000000 1324037815000000
#1382 defect thejimmyg thejimmyg ckan-backlog new Deleted resources are present for harvested package

Perhaps the importer deletes them before re-importing. We shouldn't have deleted resources, so let's investigate.

1318337889000000 1318337889000000
#1383 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Add IResourceChange IResourceUrlChange Interfaces.

Need to add way for extensions to trigger based on resource change and just resource url change.

1318342153000000 1320142305000000
#1384 task rgrp shevski ckan-backlog new CKAN wiki needs updating to refer to thedatahub.org instead of ckan.net and datasets instead of packages

Most articles still refer and link to ckan.net, wiki.ckan.net and to packages

1318414077000000 1318414077000000
#1385 enhancement dread dread closed fixed Resolve postgres permissions issues

Currently there is a problem because the docs guide us to set the sqlalchemy url to use 'localhost' i.e. loopback, whereas paster commands don't specify '-h localhost' so use unix sockets (you need to do 'sudo -u postgres'). These should be the same.

Also do we need to tell people to add a line to their postgres authentication config /etc/postgresql/8.4/main/pg_hba.conf to help things? Florian suggests:

local   std         std                          md5


1318418537000000 1326218703000000
#1386 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Disallow account creation via openid

Superticket: #1343

Creation of accounts from OpenID causes large number of problems:

  • No guarantee of other profile info
  • Poor username (just from openid)

We therefore will:

  1. Require creation of user account via register (no auto-creation of accounts via openid)
    • sidebar of register page should point to login page rather than openid signin

  1. Permit association of an openid with an account ...
    • How: paste in your openid url (requires change to edit form to have this)
      • won't work for google with their weird openid urls
    • [future] Nicer way is to have login via openid while logged in (which association then happening in background)
  1. Migration (for 1+2):
    • (?) Generate decent usernames for all existing accounts
    • As this is nontrivial suggest instead we allow editing of usernames (by account owner and sysadmins). This is useful in its own right and is a reasonable 80/20 solution.
      • This does present the problem of re-associating commits with the new username. Best solution to this would be to switch revisions to point to userid rather than username. See #1534
  1. [optional] Change display_name to always be username
    • Change My Account to Username at top right of all pages (once we know usernames are short ...)
      • could do this straight away by truncating long usernames (e.g. truncate at 20 chars ...)
      • Also should we lose the icon?
1318425493000000 1324036930000000
#1387 defect toby johnglover ckan-v1.8 closed fixed Not specifying a protocol in dataset url causes broken link to be served on dataset view page

If a user enters a url with no protocol (eg: www.data.gov.uk) in the 'url' field of a dataset, a broken link is created on the view page.

CKAN should probably either put in a http:// if no protocol is given, or validation should fail.

1318428893000000 1343042311000000
#1388 defect dread ckan-backlog closed fixed etags caching on home page

Needs to update on:

  1. language - It's broken on thedatahub.org if you change to German and then click on the CKAN icon top-left to go to thedatahub.org again.


  1. whether signed in or not - #1373

BUT not latest revisions (which is what it was)

Or get rid of etag caching on this page and others?

1318429443000000 1320174229000000
#1389 defect johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Update ckanext-datacatalogs for ckan 1.5 1318497052000000 1319625799000000
#1390 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Update ckanext-moderatededits for ckan 1.5 on datacatalogs.org 1318497099000000 1319625810000000
#1391 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Update datacatalogs.org to ckan 1.5 1318497186000000 1319625819000000
#1392 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2011-11-07 closed fixed Move datacatalogs.org to an OKFN server 1318497251000000 1320143150000000
#1393 enhancement johnglover dread ckan-backlog assigned Don't skip search tests

Now we don't use postgres search, all the tests involving search now don't need to be skipped when running on sqlite. Should help coders spot earlier if these tests break.

1318505453000000 1320153590000000
#1394 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2012-01-09 closed fixed Resource validation error messages misleading

(Editing a dataset) If the second resource contains any validation error then it says "Resources: Package resource(s) incomplete" and "Resource 1:".

1318515262000000 1325604784000000
#1395 defect seanh closed fixed "Import Error: cannot import name UnicodeMultiDict" when installing ckan from source

At the paster db init command when installing ckan from source I get the error "Import Error: cannot import name UnicodeMultiDict?" (happens with both ckan 1.4.2 and today's latest bleeding edge code, on Ubuntu 10.04.3).

UnicodeMultiDict? has been removed in a recent version of python-webob, and the pip install ... lucid_missing.txt causes a too-new version of python-webob to be installed into ckan's virtualenv (the new webob gets installed as a dependency of formalchemy).

I manually did pip uninstall webob and then ran paster db init again and it worked.

1318520183000000 1320857823000000
#1396 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Improvements to user page UX - 1d

Super ticket: #1506

  • Show member since
  • Display email (in obfuscated form)
  • List all owned datasets (in standard manner)
    • Will need change to logic layer to show datasets on user dict (this is useful for the API as well ...)
  • (Re)move list of changes
    • Should have activity (once activity available)


  • ?? Allow users to provide a home page, organization (requires migration)
1318527967000000 1330086237000000
#1397 enhancement kindly rgrp ckan-v1.7 closed fixed [super] Resource archiving

We want to cache/archive data associated to a resource so it is available if the resource url disappears (and in order to support other processing we may wish to do e.g. webstorer ...)

Etherpad: http://ckan.okfnpad.org/queue (most relevant parts inlined here)


  • Add task_status table to store qa/archiever/webstore information that does not need to be versioned. - #1363 (and #1371 - related logic functions)

Configuration setup for daemons

Pass config through to workers i.e site_url, user, api_key. Need to make site user account. #1408

celeryd config:

All providers of tasks will add an item to the following entry point:

name = ckanext.{name}.tasks:....


from pkg_resources import iter_entry_points
for entry in iter_entry_points:

CELERY_IMPORTS = celeryimports

Work Items

  • Resource change notifications in core - Make an IResourceChange and IResourceUrlChange. [1d] [0.75d] - #1383
  • Generate archiving request on resource url change [0.25d][0.25d] - #1399
  • Make site user account.
  • Make entry point system for celery config
  • Archiver daemon #891
    1. implement link-check function and task (point 2 from Archiver.update above) [1d] [0.5d]
    2. Rewrite archiver to use external storage. (decide how!)[3d][~2d]
  • Write to resource and task status table.[1d][0.75d]
  • [Required?] Make archived data available in WUI - #892
  • Documentation - #1400
1318529593000000 1338202920000000
#1398 enhancement kindly rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-11-21 closed fixed Automated conversion of resource data into webstore
  • Possible sibling / requirement: #1397 (resource archiving)
  • Setup test environment. 1d
  • Make task to upload files to webstorer. 3d
    • This includes writing back webstore_url and updated date. 0.5d
    • Type guessing of file format. 1d
    • Make cron to upload all un webstored resources. 0.5d
  • Testing for errors by running cron 2d
  • Make nice way to deploy celery 1d.
  • Documentation. 1d
  • Deployment. 1d
1318529724000000 1321827970000000
#1399 enhancement johnglover rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Generate archiving request on resource url change

Superticket: #1397

Generate archiving request on resource url change by implementing IResourceUrlChange and sending tasks to celery. [0.25d][0.25d]

Will be part of of ckanext-archiver extension.


  1. A resource is added to CKAN
  2. IResourceCreate event generated
  3. IF: resource url points to ckan storage or falls within some other set of exclusion conditions then END else continue
  4. Generate a Archiver.Update task with resource.id
1318600123000000 1319625829000000
#1400 enhancement johnglover rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Document Archiver Extension
  • Create page on http://wiki.ckan.org/ about setting up a queue (this will merge into core docs when this is stable) - having a queue will now become a generic requirement for a bunch of extensions
  • README with install instructions in ckanext-archiver
  • Create an entry in http://wiki.ckan.org/Extensions
  • Write a blog post
1318600705000000 1331544816000000
#1401 defect rgrp flofokus ckan-sprint-2012-01-23 closed fixed Some links don't take account when CKAN is mounted at a non-root URL

if you want your ckan to reside not at http://yourhost.org/ but rather e.g. at http://yourhost.org/ckan/ you can use this hint http://wiki.pylonshq.com/display/pylonsdocs/Configuration+Files and set ckan.site_url accordingly in your .ini. However, there are some instances where internal links are created without the required prefix.

1318621586000000 1328001014000000
#1402 enhancement kindly rgrp ckan-v1.6 closed fixed Migrate repository from mercurial to git

Plan to migrate from mercurial git


  • Do trial run
  • Announce conversion date / time
  • Require everyone to have pushed all outstanding changes at that time
  • Do conversion
  • Test
  • Announce on list and ckan.org/
1318811651000000 1324334011000000
#1403 enhancement zephod zephod ckan-backlog new Refactor groups index page

Groups are listed alphabetically with paging - not an ideal user experience. We would like to list groups in order of 'popularity': The number of datasets they contain.

Following this chain of thought, then, it would be nice to rearrange the groups table by clicking on column headers and having it sort by that column.

Furthermore, then, we'd like to implement a full-fledged groups search feature (if this is at all feasible).

The forthcoming groups refactor will probably have some bearing on this task.

1318847512000000 1318847566000000
#1404 enhancement zephod zephod ckan-v1.7 closed wontfix Search Page UI improvements

[Refactored] :: Follows on from #1506 UX changes.

  • Declutter the sidebar. No yellow box.
  • Facets to go on the left, rather than the right. More logical flow.
  • Did you know you can search by author? Probably not. Find a nice way of presenting extended search options.
  • Make Datasets in the search page look more like Datasets on the groups pages (ie. like awesome sexy search results).
    • Update that look-and-feel to include the new resource icons created in #1506
1318847818000000 1338203639000000
#1405 defect dread [email protected] ckan-sprint-2011-11-07 closed fixed You can add a package twice to a group

To reproduce (from Jonathan Gray):

  • I go to add an item to the group
  • As I type, I get autocomplete options (cool!)
  • When I click on one, it adds this, and copies the same autocomplete option in the box
  • When I click submit, it seems to add the item twice
  • On the main group page I think it just shows up once, but when I click edit it shows two identical boxes, both ticked - and the count includes two copies of the same item

Basically the problem is allowing the same package associated multiple times with a group.

This is an issue on CKAN 1.5b and probably earlier.

1318856354000000 1320152291000000
#1406 enhancement zephod ckan-backlog new Re-enable RSS subscriptions

RSS 'subscribe' buttons appeared in many places on the site but were not very helpful. They took (confused) users pointed to the raw feed code, and Google Reader could not understand the feed. Safari, however, could interpret it correctly.

Their presentation needs to be clear and consistent; the RSS feed really needs testing in a variety of readers; and we need to decide exactly which items should get a feed. (Package updates? Groups?)

1318861327000000 1320930088000000
#1407 defect rgrp dread ckan-sprint-2011-12-19 closed fixed Stats extension not working

Graphs don't show any more at http://thedatahub.org/stats

1319014605000000 1323764239000000
#1408 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Make site user, so tasks can post information back to ckan.

Give site user system administrative rights.

1319019626000000 1320141847000000
#1409 enhancement zephod zephod ckan-sprint-2011-11-07 closed fixed Add Gravatars to user profiles

Since we now require email addresses, it's sensible to request users' gravatars to add a little flavour to their user profile (and, potentially, other places eg. comments threads?)

[Reopened: Additional] Use gravatars in the HTML generated by helpers.py to create lists of users. Eg. on user/list and dataset/history.

1319200773000000 1324047722000000
#1410 enhancement zephod zephod ckan-v1.5 closed duplicate Add Gravatars to user profiles

Since we now require email addresses, it's sensible to request users' gravatars to add a little flavour to their user profile (and, potentially, other places eg. comments threads?)

1319200774000000 1319213205000000
#1411 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-backlog new Force resource format to be lower case (also mimetype)

Format should be lowercase. Automatically lower case (for extra points have a bit of javascript to force lower case when entering).

  • Even more points: do a update on thedatahub repo to make all format lower case (or script this as an update?)
1319319604000000 1319319604000000
#1412 defect rgrp seanh ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed worksforme application.js crashes when viewing a dataset with no resources

Create a new dataset, don't add any resources to the dataset yet, view the dataset in ckan, if you have firebug enabled you'll see the error "resource is undefined" at line 699 of application.js.

1319450625000000 1328226385000000
#1413 enhancement seanh shevski ckan-backlog closed fixed Ask users to 'add email address' when logged in

I'd like us to display a one-off banner that prompts users who log into thedatahub.org to go and update & their profile & fill in their email address (if we could do it just for those who don't have an email address, then even better) That is, once they log in, they see a banner which says: Please update your profile [here] and add your email address, so you can receive notifications, be able to reset your password and get updates

Then when we build notifications or if we decide to survey people, we can actually contact them. Email address should be required as standard

DR: Also, mention their Full Name too - v. useful for selecting correct user in group curation

1319453108000000 1330020486000000
#1414 enhancement shevski ckan-backlog new track user log-ins on thedatahub.org

Set up tracking for user logins so that we have stats about how many active users of thedatahub exist want to be able to see who logged in the the last x months

1319454782000000 1319454782000000
#1415 enhancement thejimmyg nils.toedtmann ckan-sprint-2011-12-05 closed fixed Comments on current status of ckan deb packages

This is a scratch pad ticket with some comments on the current status of our ckan deb packages. I know that some of it is the deb packaging roadmap anyway, please forgive me if i mention them here again.

Rufus and me re-deployed some community ckan instances onto s022 (see http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/926). We followed the documentation http://docs.ckan.org/en/latest/install-from-package.html

  • Deb package version number: the version of the deb package is "python-ckan 1309471251~149be76faabc+lucid-1", and it's hard to guess from there that it contains a ckan 1.4.2a
  • When is 1.4.3/1.5.x expected as deb package?
  • There was a bug in the DB upgrade script /usr/share/pyshared/ckan/migration/versions/029_version_groups.py (line 150) which looks like it was fixed 1.4.1==>1.4.2 but was nevertheless present in this deb package.
  • The current script /usr/bin/ckan-std-install
    • does not set the Apache ServerName? according to the $INSTANCE variable
    • automatically configures a ckan extension named after $INSTANCE
    • depends on local postgres
    • could be replaced with "/usr/bin/ckan-deploy --name=ckan-std --domain=ckan-std.localhost (see next point)
  • (i think this is exactly James' plan): have more generic deployment script /usr/bin/ckan-deploy as part of python-ckan which takes arguments like
    • --domain=cc.ckan.net
    • --aliases=$list-of-domains
    • --name=cc (defaults to "domain")
    • --no-db (does not configure a DB)
    • --sql-alchemy=$DB_CONFIG_STRING (also runs "paster --plugin ckan db upgrade --config")
    • --extension $list-of-extesions
    • ...
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