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#2893 defect seanh ckan-v1.8.1 new Tags missing from form_to_db_package_schema()

With an IDatasetForm plugin active with a form_to_db_package_schema() method that returns a schema based on ckan/logic/schema.py:form_to_db_package_schema() I'm getting validation errors like this:

[ckan.controllers.api] Validation error: "{'type': 'Validation Error', 'junk': [u'The input field junk was not expected.']}"

They seem to be caused when a data dict with key 'tags' is passed to e.g. the package_update API, for example in ckan/tests/functional/api/model/test_vocabulary.py there are various tests that get this error when they call package_update (if you run the tests with a suitable IDatasetForm plugin active).

In ckan/logic/schema.py:form_to_db_package_schema() 'tags' is for some reason deliberately removed from the schema.

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#2894 defect seanh ckan-v1.8.1 new Empty lists get stripped from package dicst in package_show()

If there's an IDatasetForm plugin active with a form_to_db_schema(), then packages with e.g. no extras get the 'extras' key entirely stripped by the validation in package_show, which causes some tests to crash, e.g. in ckan/tests/functional/api/test_activity.py (if the tests are run with a suitable IDatasetForm plugin active).

If a package has no extras the dict returned by package_show should still have an 'extras' key with an empty list as the value.

Suspect this also effects packages with no tags, no groups, etc.

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#2895 enhancement rgrp new QA pages (e.g. broken resource links) are not paginated

And as a result timeout on e.g. the datahub ...

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#2896 defect seanh ckan-v1.8.1 new resource_create crashes on ValidationErrors with KeyError: 'resources'



pkg_dict = _get_action('package_update')(context, pkg_dict)

except ValidationError?, e:

errors = e.error_dictresources?[-1] raise ValidationError?(errors)

This assumes that package_update always returns an error dict with 'resources' in it. This assumption doesn't hold.

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#2897 defect seanh ckan-v1.8.1 new db_to_form_package_schema() crashes historical dataset page

If there's an IDatasetForm plugin active with a db_to_form_schema() method based on db_to_form_package_schema(), then viewing historical versions of datasets (e.g. crashes.

Reason is that revison_id and revision_timestamp need to be added to db_to_form_package_schema(), something like:

schema.update({'revision_id': [validators.ignore_missing, unicode]}) schema.update({'revision_timestamp':

[validators.ignore_missing, unicode]})

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#2898 defect johnmartin demo phase 5 new Looses data entered on step 1 of create dataset after login

To reproduce:

  1. Enter details for new dataset without being logged in
  1. Hit login page for just before step 2
  1. Once logged in you end up back at the empty add dataset form (instead of expected 2nd step of dataset edit)
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#2899 enhancement johnmartin demo phase 5 new Step 2 > Save & add another bug


  1. Add dataset
  1. Get to step 2
  1. Click "Save & add another" without adding any data
  1. Ends on step 3

Should: fail to validate and remain on step 2

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#2900 defect seanh ckan-v1.8.1 new snippets/package_list.html template crashes on dataset that has no 'notes'

Sometimes a dataset dict comes through package_show() with 'notes': None and then the 'notes' key gets stripped from the dict when validation happens (validation only happens if there's an IDatasetForm plugin with a db_to_form_schema() method) and then package_list.html template crashes, e.g. on user profile pages.

Fix in the template? Or in the schema?

The template also crashes on packages with no tags (empty list gets stripped from dict) and probably other empty fields as well

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#2901 enhancement johnmartin demo phase 5 new Language Dropdown bug in footer with IE7

The language dropdown in Internet Explorer 7 behaves oddly. Essentially I think the problem is with the way that the dropdown decides to go into "drop-up mode" (e.g there aint enough screen space below the initial state so it has to drop up).

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#2902 enhancement ross ckan 2.0 new genshi is used in Group controller

The Group controller uses the genshi module where it may be better for it to use Markup() in the template.

See https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/117/files#r1524863

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#2904 enhancement johnmartin demo phase 5 new Show more formats/groups/tags shouldn't display if there aren't more

On the search results page when there are no more formats, groups or tags to display it should not display the show more links.

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#2905 enhancement johnmartin demo phase 5 new Add dataset URL key behaviour

On step 1 for adding a dataset can we add a ajax ping that checks if the URL that is generated by the JS is taken? Behaviour should be as follows:

  1. User types title in box (as current)
  1. URL key is regexed by JS (as current)
  1. The JS does a ajax call to check if the generated URL key is valid. The ajax callback returns a JSON dump which contains what the URL key should be (e.g. if 'test' was taken it returns 'test-1')
  1. If the URL key returned in the ajax is different than the one generated by the JS then:

4a. If the user hasn't clicked the edit button then: it automatically updates the URL key field with the URL key supplied in the ajax

4b. If the user has clicked the edit button then: a form error next to the input appears saying that the URL key is taken and within that error is suggests the URL key returned by the ajax as alternative (the user can click said URL key within the error to automatically choose that one)

The URL key isn't reserved by the ajax and upon form submission the usual validation should still apply.

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#2906 defect dominik demo phase 5 new Wrong flags in language dropdown

The flags in the dropdown on details pages are not right.

You can see the error on http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/malawi-aid-projects/resource/b717c20e-2006-4ad4-82d2-59b57ebc1ab0.

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#2908 enhancement johnmartin demo phase 5 new Dataset related with image should retain aspect ratio

At the moment if you have an related item with an image associated to a dataset that appears in the side column it's resized but doesn't keep it's original aspect ratio.

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#2909 enhancement johnmartin demo phase 5 new User profile headers are a bit weird

They seem to be not exactly well thought out. Needs some thought on better display of the information that they contain.

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#2910 enhancement johnmartin demo phase 5 new User listings are not very compelling

They are currently are just a small image / name. They should be: Larger image, Full name (username), description, edits/dataset

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#2911 enhancement kindly new Internal documentation of Organization Groups

A summary/user story doc of how organizations and groups are expected to work.

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#2912 defect seanh ckan-v1.8.1 new ckanext/organizations: Neither public or private initially selected when adding dataset

When adding a dataset with the organizations extension on, neither the Public or the Private radio button is initially selected. Public should be selected.

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#2913 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new IGroupForm has package_form() method

Should be group_form() I think

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#2914 defect seanh ckan-v1.8.1 new Add form_to_db_schema_options() to IDatasetForm and IGroupForm

This optional method is supported when creating or updating groups and packages and is used in DefaultGroupForm? and DefaultPackageForm?, but seems to be missing from the interfaces. Should be added with docstring.

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#2915 refactor seanh ckan 2.0 new Refactor form_to_db_schema_options()

Having two methods form_to_db_schema(self) and form_to_db_schema_options(self, options) seems unnecessary, why not just have form_to_db_schema(self, options=None)?

Fixing this might break existing extensions although I don't think any are using form_to_db_schema_options() so it should be okay.

The same thing goes for db_to_form_schema_options().

Also why are we passing a dict 'options' that always contains the same three keys 'api', 'context' and 'type'? Why not three params api=None, contenxt=None, type=None?

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#2919 defect seanh ckan-v1.8 new Remove IController from docs

Still in docs but seems gone from code

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#2920 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Genshi text template message extractor no longer needed?

In setup.py, do we still need:

('templates/.txt', 'genshi', {

'template_class': 'genshi.template:TextTemplate'


in message_extractors? Doesn't like there are any txt files in there anymore.

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#2921 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Add docstring to top of lib/extract.py file

I think it couldn't hurt for this module to have a docstring at the top of the file explaining what the module is for. I know from setup.py that it's there to provide the extract_ckan() string extractor function for Babel, but I think looking at the file on its own it's not so obvious.

Also a couple of other small fixes:

jinja2_cleaner looks like a helper function only meant to be used by extract_ckan(), might make things clearer if it was called _jinja2_cleaner(), just so it doesn't look like a public function the module wants to export.

jinja_extensions seems to be a module-level variable that is only used in one function, could be moved into the function, unless you think there might be more functions that want it in future.

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#2922 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Better docstring for CKANInternationalizationExtension

I'm unsure about what's going on here. As I understand it, when we run python setup.py extract_messages it's going to use the extract_ckan() function from ckan/lib/extract.py to process the HTML files. For the HTML files that are jinja2 templates, extract_ckan() will call jinja2_cleaner() which will call regularise_html() on the strings. So the strings are regularised when they are extracted from the source files.

But then we have the parse() method of CkanInternationalizationExtension? also calling regularise_html(). I don't get what's happening here. Why do the strings need to be regularised twice?

My guess is that CkanInternationalizationExtension? is used when the strings are extracted from the templates at runtime, and they need to be regularised at this time in order to match them against the regularised strings in the mo files to find the translations to output?

Maybe CkanInternationalizationExtension? needs a better docstring saying what it does?

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#2923 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Change regularise -> regularize

The function is called regularise_html(), can't remember what file it's in.

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#2924 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Better docs for trans js command, and add to release process

Add a better docstring to for trans js command explaining what it does and why, and how to use it.

Also add this command to the CKAN Release Process as it's needed there

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#2925 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Remove trans mangle paster command?
  • Is trans mangle really necessary? If you upload a pot file to Transifex, it can generate a po file for you with 100% strings translated into a fictional pseudo language where everything is really long strings of unicode characters. I found this worked well for coverage testing, and also tests handling of unicode and long strings all over the place.
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#2926 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new I*Form tests for per-type templates

Finish the tests for the per-package-type custom template support in IPackageForm, IGroupForm and IOrganizationForm (i.e. the new_template(), read_template() etc. methods).

The new way that template inheritance works in jinja looks like it should allow this to be tested nicely without duplicating entire templates in the example extensions.

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#2927 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Test new package/group/organization type URLs support

IPackageForm, IGroupForm and IOrganizationForm allow you to define e.g. new package types with new top-level URLs, but the example extensions don't have tests for this yet.

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#2928 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Run CKAN tests with example_i*form extensions enabled

Before releasing CKAN 2.0 we need to run all the CKAN tests with a modified test-core.ini with the example_idatasetform, example_igroupform and example_iorganizationform plugins enabled. If any tests fail, fix the bugs. This needs to be done for each release so add it to the release process.

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#2929 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Remove is_fallback() from I*Form extension interfaces?

If a plugin wants to take over the default package type for example, it can return dataset? from its package_types() method. I don't see how there can be a package type that is not the default 'package' and is not returned by the package_types() method of a plugin, because the URLs for such a package type would not be mapped. Am I missing something or is is_fallback() not needed?

Same for IGroupForm and IOrganizationForm

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#2930 defect seanh ckan-v1.8.1 closed fixed convert_from_extras() returns qupted strings from API

Use an IGroupForm plugin to add a custom metadata field to groups using convert_to_extras() and convert_from_extras(), when calling group show the value comes back quoted, e.g. '"my_value"'

Should add tests to example_igroupform and others that setting and getting the custom fields works through the action API.

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#2931 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Better docstring for app_globals.py

The application's Globals object is not very informative.

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#2932 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Add docstring to system_info.py

What is the system_info table for? It looks like a way to override config file settings in the database, perhaps so that admins can use a web interface to change site title etc. Could do with a docstring explaining the intended purpose of the table.

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#2933 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Update theming docs

There's quite a lot of custom stuff going on, with all the custom jinja extensions, and the use of Fanstatic plus custom fanstatic extensions. People who are new to CKAN wanting to write CKAN themes are likely to be confused. I think the whole lot could do with documentation, maybe in the Theming and Customizing chapter in the sphinx docs.

I suggest completely replacing the contents of doc/theming.rst, and putting a 'legacy theming' link at the bottom linking to a doc/legacy_theming.rst file with the old contents.

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#2934 enhancement Dominik new Webtests for CKAN

The tests in CKAN only test single pages (functional tests) or single methods (unit tests). In order to make sure that the whole system still works as expected, we need tests that cover whole processes.

An example user story to be tested would be: "As a user with create permissions I want to be able to log in, create a new resource, save it and then make sure that it is in the system." or: "As a user I want to use the search functionality and open a resource from the search page."

These user stories require a different testing system with interaction and processes.

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#2936 defect seanh ckan-v1.8 new Updating a group via the API clears its packages

If the group dict that you post to the API does not have any 'packages' key then all the group's packages get removed. I think it would be better if you could just update e.g. the group's description without having to also post the list of packages, and apparently this is how other update API actions work.

Might be worth checking all the update API actions for this behaviour, and making sure they're all consistent

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#2937 defect seanh ckan-v1.8 closed fixed GroupController.history() missing extras_as_string

GroupController?'s history() method doesn't pass 'extras_as_string': True in the context when it calls group_show. This means that if you have an IGroupForm plugin that is adding a custom metadata field and using convert_to/from_extras() then a field value of 'foo' will be returned as '"foo"'

Other GroupController? and PackageController? methods do pass 'extras_as_string'

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#2943 enhancement dominik new Chrome does not resize preview

Chrome does not resize iframe after a full refresh/ on first load

1349089686000000 1349090759000000
#2944 enhancement dominik new Recline preview does not work in Opera

Opera cannot show a recline preview. I shows 0 records.

1349090802000000 1349090802000000
#2945 enhancement dominik new Pdf preview does not load in IE

The pdf preview does not load in IE 9.

1349090869000000 1349090869000000
#2946 enhancement dominik closed duplicate Pdf preview does not load in IE

The pdf preview does not load in IE 9.

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#2947 enhancement dominik new Redirect to the resource page from /resource/{res-id}

Use story: As a user of the datasore I want to be able to put the resource id without the dataset name in a url and see the resource page.

Proposed redirect:

/resource/{res-id} -> dataset/foo-bar/resource/{res-id}

1349097325000000 1349097325000000
#2948 enhancement dominik new Negative range breaks datastore backend

Recline allows negative ranges. The backend returns an error 500 for that which breaks the recline preview.

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#2950 requirement icmurray ckan 2.0 closed fixed paster command to minify javascript and css

With the latest template, css and js changes in 2.0, there are a number of things that need preparation prior to a production deployment. One of these is:

  • the fanstatic_resources defined in ckan/lib/fanstatic_resources.py (bottom of module) should be prepared, and minified.

This ticket is to:

  • provide a paster command which when run will generate the minified javascript as css files.
  • stop the auto-minification of files when CKAN starts up.
  • remove reference to the minified files in the .gitignore file.
  • add instruction to the release process to run this command, and check-in the minified files to the repo.

## Background

Currently, minification works seamlessly without the need for any preparation when CKAN is started in a development setup. But on a production site, the webserver will (almost certainly) not have write-access to the directories that will contain the minified files. And so the minification will fail, and the site will end up serving the un-minified media, or even *old* minified media.

One way around this would be to allow webserver write access to the directory its serving out of. But this is not generally considered good practice.

Another method would be to distribute the minified files with CKAN. This ticket describes how to do this without causing a lot of noise in the commit history of the repo.

The auto-minifcation occurs when importing ckan/lib/fanstatic_resources.py.

## Changing the process slightly

The reason for moving away from auto-minifying files at start-up, to minifying files when running a paster command is:

  • we should be distributing the minified files when we make a release (as we do with translation files). This makes it easier to install CKAN from source.
  • if we distribute the minified files, then they need to be checked-in to the repo.
  • if they are auto-minified, whenever small changes are made, then this will create a lot of noise in the repo. It will be clearer to have the minified-files generated manually as part of the release process. (Or whever we make a deployment internally).
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#2951 enhancement icmurray ckan 2.0 new Paster command for building css from less

With the latest template, css and js changes in 2.0, there are a number of things that need preparation prior to a production deployment. One of these is:

  • the less files should be compiled to css (main.css, not just main.debug.css)

This ticket is to provide a paster command which will compile the .less into the main.css file. The idea of the paster command is that it will be run by developers, and they will check in the resulting .css files. It will also provide a convenient mechanism for production scenarios with node.js installed on the production server, as they will be able to compile the .less there as well.

## Background

The .css files that need to be served are built using less. The css files that are generated *are* checked-in to the repo; but they are a build artifact. So the general workflow is:

  • commit changes to the less files
  • build the main.css file and commit

This paster command slots into the above workflow for convenience.

## Notes

  • doc/frontend-development.rst
  • bin/less

to run this paster command, Node will be required. So that dependency should be checked.

## The paster command

This is the proposed behaviour of the paster command:

  • ensure custom.less does not exist
  • for each colour in{fuchsia,green,maroon,red}:
    • generate a custom.less file for $colour. There's a paster command that does this already: `paster color <color name>.
    • generate the css from the less files. ie - the equivelant of running bin/less --production.
      • this will generate a main.css file, which should be renamed to $color.css.
  • ensure custom.less does not exist
  • generate the css from the less files. This will create a main.css with the default colour scheme.
  • call the paster command that minifies css and js files. (This command does not exist yet, see #2950)
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#2953 defect dominik closed fixed Server error in template directories

If you go to: /{any template dir} for example /home or /related, a Server errror occurs.

IOError: [Errno 21] Is a directory: u'/../venv/src/ckan/ckan/templates/home'

1349252920000000 1349257893000000
#2957 task dominik new New datastore on postgres prior to 9.0

The GRANT SELECT ON ALL and ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES are not available in Postgres prior to version 9.0.

1349292214000000 1349292214000000
#2958 defect seanh ckan-v1.8 new Uploading files with unicode characters in filename fails in CKAN 1.7 and 1.8

e.g. 2012_08(주요국가).xls

I tested in CKAN 2.0 and it seemed to work fine there.

1349342976000000 1349342976000000
#2960 task dominik ckan-backlog new Private datasets are not private

At the moment everyone can read all resources. There is no support for hiding resources that are in private datasets.

1349694255000000 1349694255000000
#2962 enhancement dominik ckan-backlog new Search across multiple ckan instances

Could be done by:

  • using the solr distributed search
    • difficult set up
  • merging result sets from apis
    • make sure that results can be merged properly (score, facets, ...)
1349736622000000 1349736622000000
#2963 defect amercader ckan-v1.8 new Timeout on tag pages with lots of datasets

e.g. http://thedatahub.org/tag/lod

Tags with less datasets work fine (e.g. http://thedatahub.org/tag/railways)

1350295999000000 1350295999000000
#2964 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Last organization admin can remove herself

If you are the only admin of an organization you can edit the organization's members and demote yourself, then the org has no admins and no one (except sysadmins maybe) can edit it.

Last admin should not be able to remove or demote herself.

Also applies to groups.

1350296058000000 1350296058000000
#2965 defect amercader ckan-v1.8 new Stats extension broken on 1.8
  • Graphs not showing (looks like a flot related file is missing)
  • Wrong groups counts (e.g. Data Explorer Examples show 1800 datasets when it onlu has 8)
1350296141000000 1350296157000000
#2966 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new 'Add' button text is wrong when editing organization members

e.g. if I just changed a member's capacity I am not adding anything 'save' is better maybe

1350296149000000 1350296149000000
#2967 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Organization members edit page reloads after demoting self

Edit an organizations members page and demote yourself from organization admin, after saving the members edit page reloads even though you are no longer an admin and should no longer be able to access this page.

1350296227000000 1350296227000000
#2968 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Anyone can access organization members page

The button will not show if you are not authorized but browse to /organization/members/foo and you can edit the members, it does stop you when you try to save your changes, but you shouldn't be able to get to the page at all

1350296355000000 1350297070000000
#2969 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Group members page 500s

The group members page (e.g. /group/members/roger) seems broken, IDs instead of user names are shown for the members, and clicking on a member 500s

1350296454000000 1350296454000000
#2970 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Organization and group member links use id not name

e.g. it the 'Members' button links to /organization/members/0a44... instead of /organization/members/foobar

1350296531000000 1350296531000000
#2971 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new "Are ytou sure you want to delete this member?" should say which member

when deleting members from groups and orgs

1350296840000000 1350296840000000
#2972 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Remove any imports of authz.py and delete file

it is no longer used

1350297442000000 1350297442000000
#2973 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Move new_authz.py into logic/auth/__init__.py

Makes sense to keep all auth stuff under logic/auth.

Also decide which functions from new_authz.pu should be marked private with _.

Also decide which functions from new_authz.py are really helpers for the auth functions in get.py, update.py and delete.py, and should maybe moved to another file, e.g. logic/auth/helpers.py

1350297545000000 1350297545000000
#2974 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new General of all auth functions

From Toby:

A general cleanup of all auth functions (in logic/auth) to check their fitness, error messages, etc.

1350297612000000 1350297612000000
#2975 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Tests for auth functions and new actions

From Toby: tests around the auth functions and new actions - probably needs an improved testing mechanism and things like test data creation on via actions

1350297660000000 1350297660000000
#2976 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Polish group and organization member pages

From Toby: A little polish to the member pages and probably a little hardening of the controller and logic actions

1350297709000000 1350297709000000
#2977 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Fix user autocomplete on group and organization member pages

From Toby: @johnmartin the user autocomplete on member add needs fixing it gets data but does not understand what to do with it

1350297749000000 1350297749000000
#2978 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Tests for permissions for organizations and groups

From Toby: checking the logic around the who can do what from the user stories - via some tests may be a good approach

1350297806000000 1350297806000000
#2979 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Requesting membership to groups and organizations

From Toby: The requesting membership user stories and implementation remain needed

1350297844000000 1350297844000000
#2980 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 closed wontfix Add new groups and organizations functionality into legacy templates

From Toby: add the functionality to legacy templates

1350297883000000 1350560252000000
#2981 refactor seanh ckan 2.0 new Remove config from jinja templates

From Toby: remove the config from jinja2 templates get all such stuff via g. (before 2.0)

1350297960000000 1350297960000000
#2982 refactor seanh ckan 2.0 new Move functionality from controllers into template helpers

From Toby: strip more functionality from controllers and add via template helpers eg activity streams

1350298002000000 1350298002000000
#2983 refactor seanh ckan 2.0 new Refactor lib/base.py to remove circular import issues

From Toby: c) refactor lib/base.py to remove the circular import issues (render functions to lib/render.py - would fix much of that)

1350298044000000 1350298044000000
#2984 refactor seanh ckan 2.0 new Auto-populate context with user, model, session, etc.

From Toby: make the context auto-populated with things like user/model/session if not user supplied - especially for extensions (pre 2.0) maybe via a helper or else a decorator on the action - helper seems nicer maybe done via get_action()

1350298101000000 1350298101000000
#2985 refactor seanh ckan 2.0 new Make lib/helpers.py more template-specific

From Toby: make lib/helpers more template specific and less generally shared with none template uses (some functions are shared but many shouldn't be) - again help avoid circular imports

1350298188000000 1350298188000000
#2986 refactor seanh ckan 2.0 new Make lib/base.py more like it was originally intended

From Toby: make lib/base.py be more like it was originally intended eg defines stuff that is shared eg _ but maybe try to include stuff like render/get_action if the circular import stuff can be solved - which should be doable if hard and likely needs an extra file or two for the externals _ etc

1350298245000000 1350298245000000
#2987 refactor seanh ckan 2.0 new Remove all direct calls to logic action and auth functions

From Toby

1350298287000000 1350298287000000
#2988 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new UI functional tests for CKAN 2.0

Afaik the new CKAN 2.0 frontend has no functional tests

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#2989 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new "Add dataset to organization" should auto-select the organization

'Add dataset to organization' button, when you get through to the third stage of the new dataset form the organization you came from is not selected.

I don't see any option to choose the group when adding or updating a dataset, but if I add a dataset via the "Add dataset to group" button on a group's page, then the dataset seems to get added to that group. (And I can also add/remove existing datasets by editing the group.) I wonder if organizations should work the same way, instead of having an Organization drop-down when creating or updating a dataset. The add dataset page needs to somehow indicate that you're adding a dataset to a certain group or organization though, doesn't currently.

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#2990 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Fix descriptions of groups and organizations on /groups and /organizations pages 1350299091000000 1350299091000000
#2991 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Add blocks to header.html template

Currently if you want to customise the header.html template you have to copy the whole thing, it isn't broken up into blocks like other templates are.

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#2992 enhancement johnmartin new Delete resource should send me back to edit dataset page 1350407956000000 1350407956000000
#2993 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new "logged_in" and "visitor" show in user list at /users 1350466922000000 1350484826000000
#2994 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Add dataset and user popovers throughout the site

If you hover the mouse over a dataset or user in an activity stream, you now get a popover with some info about that dataset or user and a follow/unfollow button.

These popovers should appear wherever datasets or users are listed, throughout the site.

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#2995 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Popovers for resources, groups, organizations, tags...

If you hover the mouse over a dataset or user in an activity stream, you now get a popover with some info about that dataset or user and a follow/unfollow button.

It would be nice to add similar popovers for other types of object in CKAN, e.g. resources, groups, organizations, tags...

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#2996 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Fix behaviour of View Profile button in user popover when already on user's profile

The user popovers that appear when you hover the mouse over a user in an activity stream include a View Profile button that takes you to that user's profile page. If you are already on that user's profile page then it simply reloads the same page, but it sends you to the Datasets tab if you were on another tab.

Possible solutions:

Don't show button if already on user's page?

Button just makes popover disappear, if already on user's page?

Button does reload the page, but reloads the same tab (datasets, followers, activity stream) that you were on.

Marking this low priority

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#2997 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Add activity streams to dataset pages

Add an activity stream tab to dataset pages, like we have on user profile pages. Dataset activity streams are already implemented in the backend.

1350484306000000 1350484306000000
#2998 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Add activity streams to group pages

Before we do this we should implement smarter group activity streams (i.e. what activities should appear in a group's activity stream?) and following of groups.

1350484394000000 1350484394000000
#2999 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Add activity streams to organization pages

Before we do this we need to merge the organizations branch into master, we need to implement smarter activity streams for organizations, and we need to implement following of organizations.

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#3000 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Add number of followers to dataset pages

User profile pages now show some interesting stats about the user: num. datasets, num. edits and num. followers. Would be nice to add some similar info to dataset pages. At least num. followers can be done (already implemented in backend).

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#3001 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Multilingual plugin crashes CKAN on add dataset when some languages are default

Enable the multilingual plugins:

ckan.plugins = stats synchronous_search multilingual_dataset multilingual_group multilingual_tag

and set your default language to one not supported by the multilingual plugin, e.g.

ckan.locale_default = cs_CZ

now run CKAN and try to add a dataset:

File '/home/seanh/Projects/ckan171/ckan/ckanext/multilingual/plugin.py', line 141 in before_index

text_field_items+ default_lang?.extend(all_terms)

KeyError?: 'text_cs_CZ'

It doesn't matter what language you are viewing the site in in your browser, the default language setting in the ini file determines whether it crashed or not.

A number of supported languages are defined at the top of ckanext/multilingual/plugin.py. I think if the default language is not one of these it crashes.

I think this affects all versions of CKAN since the multilingual plugin was added so at least 1.7, 1.8 and 2.0

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#3002 defect amercader ckan-v1.8 new API v1/2 'legacy' search parameters must be escaped before they are put into a Solr query string

Just to track @tauberer patch on Github. Would be nice to write a test for it. Probably going to 1.8.1

1350639142000000 1350639142000000
#3003 enhancement amercader ckan-v1.8 new New pg databases should be created with UTF8 encoding rather than system default

Just to track @tauberer patch on Github. Probably going to 1.8.1

1350639199000000 1350639199000000
#3004 defect seanh ckan 2.0 closed fixed ImportError: No module named polib

This is happening whenever people try to run paster commands. polib should only be needed for the check-po-files command don't import otherwise.

1350907790000000 1361988802000000
#3006 enhancement seanh ckan-v1.8.1 new Update translations from Transifex

There are some new translations already on the CKAN 1.8 resource on Transifex already (e.g. 100% Norwegian translation I think). We should at least pull these from Transifex for 1.8.1, and may as well do a call for translations too.

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#3007 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Adding a dataset creates multiple activities

Adding a new dataset creates multiple activity stream activities, e.g. seanh created the dataset foo, seanh add the resource bar to the dataset foo, and seanh updated the dataset foo are all created when I add a new dataset. I wonder if these can be collapsed into a single activity.

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#3008 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 closed fixed Add tests for dashboard activity stream auth

We need to test that only logged in users can see their own dashboard activity streams, and they can only see their own dashboard activity streams not those of other users.

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#3010 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Pin images don't appear in data explorer

When minified files are in use (set debug = false in ini file) the pin images for points don't show up in the data explorer map view when viewing a resource with geolocation data.

set debug = true will fix the problem by using unminified files instead but also turns on a bunch of debug stuff you wouldn't want on a production site.

middleware.py, around line 73, is where the decision to turn minified files on or off based on the debug setting is made. This can be hacked on a production site to run with unminified files but otherwise run on production mode thereby getting around the issue with the pins. But that doesn't fix the underlying bug.

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#3014 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Crash when deleting a non-empty vocabulary

From Knud Möller:

when I try to delete a non-empty tag vocabulary via the API (through HTTP), I get an internal server error. Checking the logs, this turns out to be a consistency error raised by sqlalchemy:

Error - <class 'sqlalchemy.exc.IntegrityError?'>: (IntegrityError?) update or delete on table "vocabulary" violates foreign key constraint "tag_vocabulary_id_fkey" on table "tag" DETAIL: Key (id)=(21421955-7560-467c-af30-9f790b73e6ae) is still referenced from table "tag".

'DELETE FROM vocabulary WHERE vocabulary.id = %(id)s' {'id': u'21421955-7560-467c-af30-9f790b73e6ae'}


The error makes sense, but I'm wondering if it would be useful to extend the API to also allow the deletion of non-empty vocabularies, possibly via a parameter (not sure what best practice in API design is). At the very least, it would be cool if the error message coming back in the response had more information in it.

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#3019 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Cannot delete dataset extras

Deleting extras in the web interface is broken

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