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#984 defect kindly kindly ckan-v1.4-sprint-2 closed fixed Fix migration, where upgrade diverges from actual model.

The migration scripts have not been inline with the upgrade scripts. There are lots of discrepancies.

1297627447000000 1298280689000000
#994 defect kindly kindly ckan-v1.4-sprint-3 closed fixed document a new migration methodology

It is too easy to make a mistake with the migrations at the moment. A more systematic way of doing them is needed and this needs to be documented.

1298281192000000 1298912842000000
#995 defect kindly kindly closed wontfix consolidate caching

Try and minimise the amount of different caching methodologies, especially for api calls.

1298283499000000 1311179009000000
#996 task kindly kindly ckan-v1.4 closed fixed Run some basic load testing.

This will involve running a sample of real requests synchronously against real data.

1298283994000000 1300364398000000
#997 defect kindly kindly closed duplicate change create on cli to upgrade

When doing create on the cli upgrade should be run instead of create to make sure that every database is initiated in the same way.

1298287981000000 1298288665000000
#998 defect kindly kindly closed fixed change create on cli to upgrade

When doing create on the cli upgrade should be run instead of create to make sure that every database is initiated in the same way.

1298287981000000 1300364423000000
#1012 defect kindly kindly ckan-v1.4 closed fixed Add package revision history to api

Revision history information is not accessible, dgu want this.

1298887351000000 1301943113000000
#1020 defect kindly closed fixed harvesting doc revision table

add revisioning to harvested document table

1299205012000000 1300196215000000
#1029 defect kindly ckan-v1.4-sprint-3 closed fixed synchronous search erroring when harvesting is run.

Errors are caused when harvesting documents. This also makes the count not show up correctly on the ckan search page.

1299768337000000 1301311643000000
#1043 defect kindly closed fixed stop sqlalchemy message saying at least one scoped seession already present

see summary.

1300310326000000 1300321033000000
#1092 defect kindly kindly ckan-v1.4-sprint-6 closed fixed refactor logic layer to seperate out api, form logic

The logic layer is a bit too api centric. Make the reusable parts separate in preparation for the wui refactor.

1302777929000000 1305570822000000
#1095 defect kindly kindly closed fixed add way to pass in schema to logic layer.

We need a way to pass in schemas to the logic layer to deal with edge cases.

1303221854000000 1310134959000000
#1109 defect kindly kindly closed fixed When extras has a value other than a string an integrity error occurs in the api.

This is a regression that happened after refactoring the api.

It was shown by


1303839943000000 1305124697000000
#1110 enhancement kindly kindly closed wontfix profile ckan

We need to see what areas of ckan are slow.

1303840041000000 1340034394000000
#1113 defect kindly kindly closed fixed lists in extras serialized wrongly on get with the api.

Lists are being converted to unicode and then translated into a json when getting from the api.

1304017353000000 1304024611000000
#1129 CREP kindly ckan-v1.5 closed fixed CREP0002: Moderated Edits

Proposer: David Raznick


We are trying to achieve these goals.

  • To get people involved with making edits to CKAN metadata.
  • To have an ownership model as to who can moderate and validate these changes
  • To not put too huge a burden on these owners.

In order to achieve this, a feature which lets anyone edit a package but only let the moderator/owner accept it. The moderator should be able to look at a list of changes and accept the ones that

This cep is not about 'if' we need such a feature, it is about 'how' we go about implementing it. Another cep may needed for the 'if' case.

The Problem

We need the following to be possible.

  • Storing revision of objects that are not the current active one.
  • A way of the user viewing past revisions.
  • Accessing not only the history of a particular object but also of related objects at that time. i.e If a resource related to a package changes we need a way to see this when looking at the package.
  • A robust way of doing this in the face of database schema changes.
  • Make sure database queries are quick.


  1. Store the whole dictization of the package and all its related objects every time you change anything in its dictized representation and only save to the database proper if accepted.


  • Easy to implement, we already have a preview which makes the dictized form of a package without actually saving it. This will just need to be persisted in some way.
  • Fast retrieval.
  • Potential to store a branching revision tree of changes.


  • No easy way to remake the dictized packages historically or if there is an there a change in the way we represent packages, i.e schema changes.
  • Will only work for the particular objects we decide to store these changes for.
  • Stores a lot of repeated information
  1. Write specialized queries for every read of the database looking only at the revision tables.

This method requires there to be a change in the way we use VDM, so that we manage statefulness ourselves. We will need to add other states such as 'waiting for approval'.


  • No specialized storage required
  • Only need to change queries when schema changes
  • Can be made to work easily for other objects


  • Slower query time on read, as even looking at the last active package will need to do a fairly complicated query.

Implementation details.


A new table with columns id, user, package_id, timestamp, revision_id, parent_id, dictized_package. revision_id should be null unless it is actually persisted to the database. parent_id is the id that this package_dict was changed from.

We could store only the diffs of the dictized_package as long as we assure that everything inside the json is stably sorted, this will make getting the historical data out slower.

Getting out the history of the dictized packages is an intensive task, as it will require replaying the whole history of all the changes and creating the dict for each change. This re-caching will need to be redone for every change we make to dictized representation of a package.


Every normal packages read needs to look at the revision table to see the last accepted change in the dictized representation of the package. We also need to way to get what the dictized representation of the package was like at any point of its revision history. This querying is non-trivial in sql.


David Raznick to do it.


Decided to go with option 2. However we will change the revisioning system to be like the schema attached. This gets rid of difficult querying problems caused by querying the revision tables by adding an end date, meaning you can do range queries.

The better and more normalized version of a revisioning system is outlined https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1Y7nMgVsrs081Pame2RdbZHlCAlV33ddTZ8VAsab1j-0/edit?hl=en_GB&authkey=CJfd8vsB. We will be a step closer to that, with this change, but we will keep the current vdm more or less, intact.

1304851498000000 1325268100000000
#1146 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-v1.5-sprint-1 closed fixed make logic layer control its own state

Logic layer should not use any vdm defined state and should manage it itself.

1305829117000000 1307957527000000
#1147 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-v1.5-sprint-1 closed fixed Add expired_id to all revision tables.

Revision tables need expired_id to make querying history AND pending changes more efficient.

This involves making a session extension and a large table migration.

1305839833000000 1307957556000000
#1148 refactor kindly kindly ckan-v1.5-sprint-1 closed fixed test speed improvements and cleanup

The tests have been running slower recently and need fixing. They also could do with a bit more consistency to them.

1305969223000000 1305969925000000
#1149 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-v1.5-sprint-1 closed fixed Change domain object modification plugin to use Session extension.

This should make it more efficient as it currently does a lot of repeating work. i.e if you change a package and a resource in the same commit it sends out 2 notifications and should only really send out 1.

1305969863000000 1306090663000000
#1193 enhancement kindly kindly closed fixed bug with new formalchemy causing all resouces to be deleted

The new formalchemy stores dict in a new format.

1308525655000000 1309768960000000
#1201 enhancement kindly ckan-backlog new seperate out logic in atom feeds to logic layer.

Simplify the logic in the atom feed an make all feeds use logic layer to return lists.

1308928892000000 1310124297000000
#1209 defect kindly closed fixed sort out rendering of formalchemy package preview

Got broken due to the moderated edits changes #1141.

Need to make sure preview works.

1309817240000000 1310571715000000
#1211 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-v1.5 closed fixed [super] Drupal integration

Sub-tasks / tickets:

  • #1335 Action API - access to any logic layer function
  • Standardize logic functions on ordering: (context, data_dict) and put parameters into data_dict.
  • Add package_create_validate & package_update_validate logic functions
  • Allow extensions to provide logic layer functions (IActions)
1309958442000000 1315948703000000
#1230 enhancement kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed Make sure plugins tables work in tests.

Dgu tests failed as harvesting table are not created at the correct point.

1311100811000000 1311154142000000
#1255 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-backlog assigned Drupal consistancy checks.

Make a robust way to make sure the drupal database is consistent with the ckan data.

1312219968000000 1313400054000000
#1256 defect kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed fix modification extension for moderation

Solr is not working for moderation, pending changes are not being indexed.

1312280026000000 1319812556000000
#1258 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed Bring purge revision into ckan repo from vdm

In order to make purge revision work correctly with the moderated edits we need to modify purge revision in vdm. This is best modified in ckan so we will override the vdm one in the reposotory.

1312289539000000 1319812452000000
#1280 defect kindly ckan-backlog closed fixed fix sqlalchemy so that it works with postgres 9.0

After the ckan migrate process, sqlalcehmy reflect does not work and causes an error when reflecting indexes. A bug report needs to be put into sqlalchemy.

1313513090000000 1328786670000000
#1291 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-09-12 closed fixed Add activity and activity detail tables.

Add tables described in http://ckan.okfnpad.org/notifications

1314267572000000 1315950394000000
#1298 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-01-09 closed fixed Generate activites to be put into activities table.

This should be done from the logic layer or automatically from a session extension.

1314696442000000 1325591582000000
#1299 enhancement seanh kindly ckan-sprint-2012-01-23 closed fixed Activity streams table migration

Migrate tables for activity streams

1314696635000000 1327322739000000
#1324 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-09-12 closed fixed Add extra fields to resource table

add extra fields to resource as outlined in


Specifically (all unicode strings except for those noted):

  • name: a name for this resource (could be used in a ckan url)
  • type: the type of the resource. One of: file | api | service | listing
  • mimetype: standard mimetype (e.g. for zipped csv would be application/zip)
  • mimetype_inner: mimetype of innermost object (so for example would be text/csv)
  • size: [integer] size of the resource (content length) in bytes. Usually only relevant for resources of type file.
  • last_modified: [datetime] the date when this resource's data was last modified (NB: not the date when the metadata was modified).
  • cache_url: url for cache of object in ckan storage
  • cache_last_updated: [datetime] timestamp when cached version was created
  • webstore_url:
  • webstore_last_updated: [datetime] timestamp when webstore was last updated
1315578976000000 1315948336000000
#1341 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-backlog reopened Delete spam users from ckan

Spam users where added to thedatahub and we need to clean them.

1315995034000000 1320141540000000
#1344 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed datetime error json conversion on search

Json decoding error on search, due to date in resources.

1316020195000000 1317211299000000
#1363 enhancement johnglover kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed Add task_status table to store qa/archiever/webstore information that does not need to be versioned.
table: task_status


unique(entity_id, task_type, key)

example keys:
1317219617000000 1318256600000000
#1364 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed If package in index that is not in ckan error is caused.

We should ignore these but log the packages that are causing this to investigate.

1317222206000000 1318279636000000
#1376 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-10 closed fixed 404 raised when approving package

Regression found by updating datacatalogs.

1318088589000000 1318279651000000
#1383 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Add IResourceChange IResourceUrlChange Interfaces.

Need to add way for extensions to trigger based on resource change and just resource url change.

1318342153000000 1320142305000000
#1408 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Make site user, so tasks can post information back to ckan.

Give site user system administrative rights.

1319019626000000 1320141847000000
#1448 enhancement kindly kindly closed fixed Set up nice way to do celery deployment.

Celery is awkward to deply, need to find a way to do it more simply. i.e using celery-pylons and supervisor. A modified version of celery-pylons may be the best solution. 1d

1320666977000000 1325774155000000
#1474 enhancement kindly ckan-sprint-2011-11-21 closed fixed fix up navl tests

navl tests are being skipped unskip them!

1321825892000000 1321826753000000
#1475 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-01-23 closed fixed Create documentation showing how to make an extension that use celery. 1321826681000000 1327576068000000
#1477 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-v1.6 closed fixed [Super] Group refactor

This is the implementation of the final draft in


Steps to complete this will follow (somewhat) in the following order.

Change package_group table to membership. (#1478) 3d

  • model migration. (done)
  • simplify revisioning (done)
  • Remove any sqlalchemy releations from groups. (done)
  • change logic functions (done)

Single type per group (#1531)

  • migration add type to group table. (done) 1d

Add capacity table (#1522)

  • model migration. (done)
  • add to logic functions.

Allow other objects to be added to groups. (#1531)

  • change logic functions (done)

Adapt thedatahub.org to use new model.

  • move auth groups over to groups/members
  • change user_object roles to use groups? keep user object roles for time being.
  • make create update package/group put the correct items in the group/members/capacity tables.
  • work out how ui works.

--not doing the below as part of this super ticker now #1669.

Create model for dgu.

  • adapt auth functions to use auth.
  • adapt package_create/update group_create/update to fill in the correct capacties/members.

Adapt Iati, and potentially other custom instances.


  • #1279 Deprecate Authorization Groups
  • #1198 Publisher hierarchy
1321959320000000 1328016209000000
#1478 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-12-05 closed fixed change package_group to members table

This will comprise of the following steps.

  • model migration.
  • simplify revisioning
  • Remove any sqlalchemy relations from groups.
  • change logic functions

estimate 2d

1321959973000000 1323172654000000
#1485 enhancement kindly kindly closed fixed Package/Group form extension mechanism so you can add forms for particular package_types

We want to be able to change form depending on package type or group type.

This is dependent on a type field being added to the Package and the Group.

1322059169000000 1340034422000000
#1487 enhancement kindly ckan-sprint-2011-12-05 closed fixed Fix group ordering on homepage

ordering on homepage by name instead of group count

1322094280000000 1324474147000000
#1522 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-12-19 closed fixed Add capacity to member table.

Need to add capacities to member tables.

1323172610000000 1324333827000000
#1531 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-01-09 closed fixed Update group create/update so you can add capacities and group types.

The new members table needs a way so you can add arbitrary domain objects against them.

We need to extend the group schema to accept types, and instead of just being able to add packages to groups add members with their capacities that associated with different table rows.


1323272500000000 1326155226000000
#1612 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-01-09 closed fixed Group view page slow

Group show that lists packages is slow due to not using query in pagination.

1325633737000000 1325688886000000
#1614 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-01-09 closed fixed remove po files from git diff

Its a pain to see the difference between branches as there are normally a lot of po file transaction. Make the default be see that they have changed without actually show the diffs themselves.

1325686639000000 1325689136000000
#1699 task johnglover kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Setup Ckan on tenforce test server

Need to setup server in tenforce test server.

1327417859000000 1327425070000000
#1700 enhancement johnglover kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Document server setup for ckan server.

Document deployment on tenforce test server.

1327417952000000 1327425247000000
#1701 enhancement amercader kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Normalize character encoding for ckan search.

Make sure accented characters are normalized when indexed and when searched for.

1327419050000000 1330085360000000
#1702 enhancement amercader kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed duplicate Normalize character encoding for ckan search.

Make sure accented characters are normalized when indexed and when searched for.

1327419369000000 1327419922000000
#1703 enhancement johnglover kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Make custom fields for ecportal form based on prototype metamodel

The prototype portal gave us a list of classifiers that are expected for the initial launch. Add then to ckanext-ecportal.

1327419727000000 1331142926000000
#1704 enhancement johnglover kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Import test datasets from prototype into ckan.

Eurostat datasets mainly.

1327420355000000 1328005759000000
#1715 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Search index multilingual

Need to make solr schema work for many languages. Get stopwords and choose correct analysis for each.

1327598884000000 1329393450000000
#1736 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-v1.7 closed fixed [Super] Multilingual Metadata

Translate all areas of metatdata to selected language. This includes finding datasets in all languages.

Multilingal Metadata: Tasks:

  • Add translation table. 2d
  • Api to add translation 3d
  • Add extention point to dataset view. 3d
  • Add extension point to search index to add translations. 2d.
  • Add all eurovoc data to translations. 1d.
  • Make multilingual solr schema 2d #1715
1328012697000000 1338205016000000
#1738 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Add extension point to search index, so can modify dataset dict before index.

It is useful for extensions to add or change items that go into the search index. Add an extension point for this.

1328031572000000 1330086105000000
#1739 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Fix issues where tests where not run.

Test failures in master due to tom and rufus not running tests. 0.3d.

1328047129000000 1328495826000000
#1741 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Add extention point to dataset view.

Need to add extension point to change the data_dict that passed to the dataset view template. This extensions modify what data gets shown.

Tasks include:

  • Fix up data_dict and templates so that the pkg objects do not get used in the templates. This is to assure that all data passed is modifiable. (2d) (complete)
  • Add extension point to Ipackage controller (1d)
  • Test (1d)
1328105709000000 1329750838000000
#1777 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Write about multilingual features for ec.

Basic description of multilingual features intended to be supported.

1328542835000000 1329393295000000
#1779 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Add multilingual translation table.

A new table with 3 columns should be added. term, term_tranlastion, language_code. This table will be used for all translations, including tags. The table should have indexs on both the term and (term, language_code) combination.

1328548631000000 1329393759000000
#1780 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-backlog closed duplicate Api to add translations.

Add api to translation to the term_translation table.

  • add to logic 2d
  • test 2d
1328548908000000 1328578479000000
#1781 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Api to add translations.

Add api to translation to the term_translation table.

  • add to logic 2d
  • test 1d
1328549031000000 1329393822000000
#1792 enhancement toby kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed [super] api to use same validation and logic as wui forms.

The api currently uses the default validation schemas regardless of the form you specified on the front end. There should be a way to post through the api using the same validation rules.

1329146487000000 1333037710000000
#1819 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-04-02 closed fixed change search index code to use package_dictize instead of obj.to_dict

Search index code needs to use package_dictize so that it can get the new vocablurary information and is more consistant with the rest of the system. This is in preperation for their translation being put in the search indexer.

1329770555000000 1338193886000000
#1820 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Index multilingual data when mulilingual extension is added.

All translated fields and vocabularies need to be added to search index in the correct fields.

1329770903000000 1332163374000000
#1821 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed create internal multilingual extension that brings together all multilingual features

This extension point needs to combine.

  • Making sure the correct data get put in search index.
  • Make the search queries are modified to weight multilingual search correctly.
  • View pages, including search results are translated.
  • Bring together all search schema modifications.
1329771267000000 1330990111000000
#1822 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Weight mulilingual searches correctly

Dismax query across languages. Titles and selected languages, weighted more highly.

1329772080000000 1330990127000000
#1826 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed weight queries so that title is more important than rest of body

Currently everything is considered equally when doing a normal search. Use dismax when there is not a fielded search to get round this. This is part of the work for #1822 as the dismax option is needed for multilingual search.

1329924260000000 1330990247000000
#2229 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Cleanup plugin system after some test failed to run.

The logic test did not have init. This caused lots of tests to fail because there were mock extensions that ran automatically in them. Fix plugin system so this can work.

1331721611000000 1332163408000000
#2233 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Make package show, use custom json schema

There is a disrepency between what we put in and get out when using a custom form/api. Narrow this gap by making sure package_show shows the correct serilization.

1331865349000000 1332178421000000
#2237 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Make way to split up tests and run tests with different db. 1331938496000000 1332178352000000
#2249 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-04-02 closed fixed Fix google spreadsheet to work with DataStore.

Need google spreadsheet app to work with the new datastore. This should simplify it a lot.

1332330242000000 1338205316000000
#2250 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-04-02 closed fixed Setup nginx and datastore on ecportal 1332330570000000 1338205361000000
#2251 enhancement toby kindly ckan-sprint-2012-04-16 closed fixed Internal analytics for ckan.

Page views and Resources clicks need to be tracked.

User Stories

US1 As a Site Admin / Visitor (?) I want to see how often a page has been viewed (every page) and how often resources have been downloaded.

US1a Next to a resource or a dataset see how often it has been downloaded / viewed

US1b I want to see datasets or resources ranked by most downloaded or viewed

US1c See a trend graph for a dataset (and resources)

Adminstrative Dashboard (?)

  • I want to see the traffic breakdown by country to my site ...
  • Ditto for browser type, language, etc etc
  • I want to see it graphed over time ...

Implementation Details

  1. How do we store this data in CKAN?
  2. How do we track (and store)?
  3. How do we display
  • Config option ckan.status.enabled = False (by default)

Storing Data

How does ckanext-googleanalytics do this? Current table:

package_id | count_recent | count_total

Move to a new stats_summary table

id | item_id | object_type | stats_type (total, month_yyyy_mm, ...) | value

Do we store this data into the search (solr) so we can search by it?

Displaying Data

  • Helper functions / dictize:
    • Helper function: h.stats_get(object_type, id, stats_type)
      • h.stats_top_ranked(object_type, number) -> returns object_dicts or just labels or ...
    • Change to dictize
  • Location in the default theme (do we show for example in search results too!)
  • Support for ranking by most popular in search?

Tracking Data

  • Our own solution (just write to site_tracking)
  • Google analytics (plus extension for retrieving data) <- would need a refactor
  • Piwiki

Own Solution

(For later: not as part of this ticket probably)

site_tracking table

id | url | timestamp | action (page_view, resource_download) |

  • Make javascript to make request to ckan to store clicks and page views.
  • Add middleware so these requests do not go through pylons and just store data quickly.
1332331029000000 1336046155000000
#2261 enhancement toby kindly ckan-sprint-2012-04-02 closed fixed All links need to option to change where language is placed in url.

For the ecportal case we need links to be like the following


1332762702000000 1332840112000000
#2316 enhancement kindly ckan-sprint-2012-04-30 closed fixed add resource status api to see the state of celely tasks

add resource_status_show action function to see the state of celery tasks.

Need to get information from both out task status table and the celery_taskmeta table.

1335016037000000 1338205426000000
#2327 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-04-30 closed fixed Upgrade solr schema to version 1.4
  • Add Ascii folding filter to text fields.
  • Add capacity field for public, private access.
  • Add title_string so you can sort alphabetically on title.
  • Fields related to analytics, access and view counts.
  • Add data_dict field for the whole package_dict.

Actual implementation of data_dict adding will be added later.

1335374973000000 1338205397000000
#2362 enhancement toby kindly ckan-v1.9 accepted Improve plugin documentaion, including examples.

Improve documentation for plugins and add examples. Could use ckanext-example as a base.

1335888791000000 1342085420000000
#2363 enhancement toby kindly ckan-v1.8 new Documentation of best caching practice.

Need better documentation on best practices in making page loads faster for non logged in users.

1335889017000000 1340099794000000
#2402 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-05-29 closed fixed search result speedup.

Search results are slow as we do many package_dictize. Store the package_dict in the search index so that we do not have to hit the database for each of them.

1337300201000000 1337781991000000
#2403 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-05-29 closed fixed home page speed improvements

Home page loads *all* groups and dictizes them, it should only dictize the top 10 or so from the search facets.

1337302582000000 1337782037000000
#2472 enhancement amercader kindly ckan-v1.8 closed fixed clean up datastore controller to get rid of datastore_url enables checks

Datastore_url enabled checks are useless.

We should probably change this to datastore_url = 'active' and only update the flag to when a attempt at a post is made.

This will need to be removed from the form at some point.

1338293407000000 1341222195000000
#2473 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-v1.9 assigned Make datstorer store field ordering in _meta field

Recline views should have a default table order, being the same as the csv that was imported.

1338293492000000 1340636871000000
#2524 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-ecportal new If there are no translation files for selected language fall back to default lang.

If a user selects a language there are no mo files for then an error is raised. Revert to default language instead.

1339609048000000 1340117608000000
#2810 enhancement kindly ckan-future new heroku ckan support

Get ckan working on heroku

1344364858000000 1344364858000000
#2888 enhancement kindly new Datapreview in Iframe

Try and put datapreview in Iframe.

1345745461000000 1345745461000000
#2911 enhancement kindly new Internal documentation of Organization Groups

A summary/user story doc of how organizations and groups are expected to work.

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#2935 enhancement kindly kindly ckan 2.0 closed fixed Make recline work with new datastore 1348042459000000 1350578067000000
#3027 enhancement kindly kindly new solr for 2.0

change mm support solr 3 and 4 add *_date field

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#1111 task lucychambers lucychambers closed fixed FAQ - For CKAN

Write CKAN FAQ (Basis can be: http://wiki.ckan.net/FAQ)

Post preliminary questions on:


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#1130 enhancement lucychambers assigned First time users

Send users to FAQ first time on CKAN

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#1139 enhancement lucychambers lucychambers ckan-backlog closed fixed Create CKAN Theme Gallery

Take screenshots of existing ckan instances esp those mentioned <http://wiki.ckan.net/Theming> and put on flickr in ckan or ckan-theme group so we can create a gallery ... (both to illustrate theming but also to show ckan instances that are around -- could add to http://wiki.ckan.net/Instances)

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#1153 enhancement lucychambers lucychambers ckan-backlog closed fixed Update CKAN wiki front page

Update CKAN wiki front page - a la OpenSpending?: http://wiki.openspending.org/Main_Page

Sections should relate to different types of people using the site:

Developers, Users etc..

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#1530 defect zephod lucychambers ckan-v1.7 closed fixed URL field help text in wrong place

Confusion between entering values in the title and name/url fields in datacatalogs.org.

The help text "Url must be purely lowercase alphanumeric (ascii) characters and these symbols: -_" applies to the name/url field, yet in Lucy's browser the text that is actually hovering over the title field in my browser.

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#1660 defect rgrp lucychambers ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed wontfix CSV preview broken - OpenSpending

This CSV resource used to preview but now the format appears to be unsupported: "We are unable to preview this type of resource: x-osdata-csv"


This is used as an example by the OpenSpending? team all the time.

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#1423 enhancement markbrough ckan-backlog new Edit resources suggestions
  • Description vs Name - Edit Resources view is showing the name of the package rather than the description, and a lot (all?) of the packages before the upgrade don't have names, so might be good to swap this round again, e.g.: http://thedatahub.org/dataset/edit/iati-registry
  • Moving resources - Moving them up or down the list used to be quite useful if you had a lot of resources that you might want to leave on the resources page, but only one or two that were actually current and that you wanted to draw attention to. This doesn't exist any more on CKAN but I think it would be good to add it back in.
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