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#55 1223909891000000 rgrp See r356 and r362 and r365.
#56 1239018857000000 rgrp See r398 + r412. Could do a bit more here to have nicer icons and a big sign on the package indicating whether open or not).
#57 1239018717000000 rgrp Done. See r415, r417, r423. (This was tidying up -- most work had already been done by start of last autumn).
#58 1239974365000000 rgrp See r442 and r437.
#59 1239436422000000 rgrp 1. done in r429.
#59 1249411064000000 rgrp Not really clear what needs to be done and how useful it would be. Removing milestone until that is clarified.
#59 1272468398000000 rgrp Think we should resolve this by: * Removing guide page. * Putting a link to ckan user guide (http://wiki.okfn.org/ckan/doc/) in RHS sidebox on front page along with other links ... -- can this link url be made a config option in ini (defaulted to that url on load in lib/base.py or wherever it is loaded) * Move current content of guide (one item about bookmarklet) to http://wiki.okfn.org/ckan/doc/faq/
#60 1246434921000000 rgrp 1. is ticket:24 and 2+3 have been done in r258:5b1f4efd09c3, r260:934442318774 etc.
#61 1246437341000000 rgrp Very low priority and creates complications (e.g. dump for backup is different from dump for public use).
#62 1249410921000000 rgrp Defer until after conversion to formalchemy (ticket:76) is complete.
#63 1245656000000000 rgrp Fixed in r63c48818395f
#64 1246127063000000 rgrp Fixed in r269:4a2febc4f1eb.
#65 1246434569000000 rgrp Done in r254:fa2ef73afb40.
#68 1245697554000000 rgrp Fixed in r7ffc8288cb88 and rc6ac0a80ba11.
#69 1246437494000000 rgrp Not sure how useful/important moving to text-only is so will defer this for the present. Use of new license list done in r270:ea466d2721ea.
#72 1251451954000000 rgrp Done in cset:9199c49a81e6
#75 1296341223000000 rgrp Closing as duplicate (invalid also): * Not sure recording view stats for a given package page is that useful -- so invalid here * Resource download is now ticket:937
#81 1268487327000000 rgrp Done in cset:a16c18167b6c/vdm and cset:8e235d730790/vdm (was actually reasonably simple to do).
#83 1267648301000000 rgrp Done quite a while ago in cset:2a51e39be179/vdm
#85 1263206391000000 rgrp Done in cset:6c58b1f5a542/vdm. Migration script will be in ckan.
#86 1249050202000000 rgrp Done in changeset:e295241f4a53
#90 1257535604000000 rgrp All pre-requisites done. However unsure about how we integrate into WUI so downgrading for the moment.
#90 1265890334000000 rgrp Closing as main part done and alternative formats part is now ticket:247
#92 1297344859000000 rgrp wontfix at the moment as we have the separate RDF service and RDFa is probably not the best option as always a bit incomplete.
#95 1251454716000000 rgrp Done in cset:29a5928e617b
#97 1318181317000000 rgrp Duplicate of: https://github.com/okfn/datapkg/issues/5
#98 1297210774000000 rgrp Done in cset:b7d8786614c0 - removed pastescript and just do 'by hand'.
#99 1297081088000000 rgrp Won't fix as we are not using sqlalchemy any longer.
#100 1318181227000000 rgrp Resolving as wontfix since not really sure any point to this.
#101 1267648607000000 rgrp Marking as fixed as Item 1 and item 2 have now been done (at least partially), using urlgrabber. However no "distribution" support (we just assume all downloads are "payloads" and get metadata from ckan). See cset:ae89cbc898c7/datapkg cset:8448f862c588/datapkg cset:df22cd0f92a1/datapkg etc.
#102 1260285104000000 rgrp Done (a couple of weeks or more ago) in cset:061e3f3d253b/vdm. Migration script as used in CKAN in browser:ckan/migration/versions/008_update_vdm_ids.py.
#107 1257803384000000 rgrp On the "long run" item
#107 1296341644000000 rgrp Superseded by plans for upload: * #877 - File upload in WUI: 2d * #878 - Integrate file upload with workflow around package resources: 3d
#111 1252331626000000 rgrp Done in cset:c1bad304e1a0
#112 1264876463000000 rgrp No easy way to test this and now have ticket:239 (test migrate scripts)
#116 1253709460000000 rgrp Done in cset:df8d7efdcadb and cset:ca1a5a4ef43a
#125 1257535181000000 rgrp I think this is done :) -- dread do you want to close this with linked cset?
#140 1257535009000000 rgrp Not sure how useful this is atm
#142 1256417440000000 rgrp Might be interested here in auto-extracting a nickname from openid (or getting service to give it to us). This question is of relevance on this point: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/572939/extracting-a-username-from-an-openid-identity (though basic answer is "you can't").
#144 1257533957000000 rgrp But we don't record views ...
#154 1257535066000000 rgrp Don't think anything obvious to fix at present (and perhaps plan a larger ticket on form customization).
#155 1271760041000000 rgrp Duplicate of ticket:295
#161 1258573607000000 rgrp Resolved in cset:6d466d8b702a
#164 1264875709000000 rgrp Reopen as now part of semantic.ckan.net
#164 1271251422000000 rgrp This is done in semantic.ckan.net. Docs at http://wiki.okfn.org/ckan/doc/rdf/
#171 1297210925000000 rgrp A lot of work on config was done in 0.7 and these refactorings and improvements either fix or render this ticket invalid so marking as fixed.
#172 1256495095000000 rgrp Largely done in cset:f3782c1071cc
#172 1257532331000000 rgrp Done in cset mentioned previously. See: http://knowledgeforge.net/ckan/ckan/doc/
#176 1257533003000000 rgrp My suggestion here is that this ticket get taken to okfn-discuss/okfn-help. This isn't a trivial issue. Do we go Debian (must exist in debian and to a name) or PyPI (very flexible, to name + version) route?
#177 1273050236000000 rgrp Not really relevant to this trac (as outside of CKAN scope) and is duplicate of http://knowledgeforge.net/okfn/tasks/ticket/252 (which is now closed as well!).
#180 1263373715000000 rgrp Looked through jquery plugins and best I could find was this one: http://addywaddy.github.com/jquery.tagcloud.js/ (http://plugins.jquery.com/project/jquery_tagcloud)
#181 1296339510000000 rgrp Uncertain we want to do this and rather overtaken by other events, see e.g. http://ckan.org/wiki/UIRedesignHome
#182 1270567116000000 rgrp Done as part of UI overhaul for v0.11 around xmas. Current openness icons seem good enough.
#186 1296341182000000 rgrp Now duplicate: * #877 - File upload in WUI: 2d * #878 - Integrate file upload with workflow around package resources: 3d
#195 1258585500000000 rgrp Easy for groups because simple secondary=m2m table setup in sqlalchemy (done in cset:9e17314583ce). For packages+tags was hard because PackageTag is versioned and therefore only get the package_tags relation to work with in mappers. Tried various methods but gave up (see cset:ea4a790e9db9 for details). My conclusion was that if you want the fields ordered let's just do it by hand with a dedicated attribute or method and added packages_ordered and tags_ordered attributes to Tag and Package respectively (cset:3d3c1025a311).
#196 1264876030000000 rgrp This will be fixed via using meta http-equiv (see ticket:90).
#199 1267649255000000 rgrp These tests are no longer failing afaict. To run tests you can just use nosetests -- documented in cset:ebdfc89ccd86/datapkg
#202 1265892350000000 rgrp Closing. Bulk of work has been done and we have deployments at fr.ckan.net and de.ckan.net. Remaining work on forms needs some reflection and has been turned into new ticket:248.
#205 1297068450000000 rgrp wontfix as: 1. Easier to just to an import from google docs for which we have several importer examples in ckanclient 2. (More important) importing is something that is quite bespoke (changes for each cirumstance). As a result pre-written importers tend to be very fragile and it is not a good use of time to try and some customizable WUI one when you can just write a custom importer in code (code is much more flexible than whatever we can write!)
#209 1260288728000000 rgrp Done in cset:4983f1da3a27/isitopen (a while ago).
#212 1260703969000000 rgrp Done in cset:3b68a54bd2b0
#216 1273050561000000 rgrp Closing. Everything done except for item 4: "autocomplete package names & tags" which I'm not sure needs doing and certainly won't be done any time soon. Have created a new ticket for this: ticket:308
#224 1267100542000000 rgrp As far as I can tell all of these have been done by early Jan.
#233 1273078975000000 rgrp Introduction option 1.
#233 1273080345000000 rgrp Done in cset:75756e565b6a
#245 1297066620000000 rgrp Closed in favour of https://bitbucket.org/okfn/vdm/issue/1/support-for-composite-primary-keys
#246 1297066757000000 rgrp Moved to https://bitbucket.org/okfn/vdm/issue/2/support-for-primary-key-not-named-id
#251 1270564365000000 rgrp 1. /api/rest/revision/ returns nothing 2. /api/rest/revision/{id} does not return revision.packages and should do.
#253 1295610188000000 rgrp Re-opening as this is a useful meta-ticket and should only be closed when all subtickets done.
#262 1296468392000000 rgrp At the moment we get by with adding meta.duplicate tag and putting this in the notes (and possibly putting duplicate in deleted state). If this deemed as insufficient can reopen.
#263 1273072985000000 rgrp Issue where if you click on google or yahoo seems to "remember" login so next time you click on google or yahoo item it takes you to what you clicked on previously (e.g. click on google then go back and click on yahoo and you are taken to google login). Also think this plugin may be nicer: http://code.google.com/p/openid-selector/ Also: * typo in page (indentity) * Not sure "sign in or create new account" is clear without some indication of how openid works e.g. better to say something like: "Login to CKAN using Open ID"
#263 1273135032000000 rgrp Sorry, I meant this plugin: http://jvance.com/pages/JQueryOpenIDPlugin.xhtml I also do not understand how I can login using my own openid e.g. one not provided by any of those providers (at least not directly ...): by default no box is showing and to make one appear I have to click on a specific provider (with unknown results if i then enter something). Basically, I think this plugin is poor because it does not offer me a login box by default (as the other plugin seems to ...). What we really want is a simple login box with autocomplete based on provider like the civirm example!
#263 1273155234000000 rgrp OK, I think we're agreeing to close this now since reasonable and not worth the switch to anything different atm. Still concerned about usability but if necessary we can open a new ticket.
#263 1277717180000000 rgrp I consistently get sent to google login even though I choose openid meaning I am unable to login!
#263 1279292730000000 rgrp JB advised permanently remove ckan.net cookies (may be left over from much earlier). Having done this problem went away.
#267 1272960518000000 rgrp Fixed in cset:9e2e66cced90/vdm
#269 1288036269000000 rgrp I think this has been long obsoleted by other work (e.g. more recent work on gov form).
#274 1280262229000000 rgrp Need to work on postgres and test there.
#275 1280737701000000 rgrp Also, now if you visit ckan.net/admin/Package get 500 error and following in logs: [Mon Aug 02 08:17:35 2010] [error] [client] Error - <type 'exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError'>: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\\xf4' in position 988: ordinal not in range(128)
#277 1296340723000000 rgrp I think this is useful but there may be complexities giving the non-reloading nature of python apps. Have also converted to an extension
#283 1270715817000000 rgrp Can I *strongly* suggest we just use the existing perfectly-good-system for flagging stuff called "tags" :) I suggest we have agree in the community a standard set of "meta" tags for this kind of stuff. E.g. i'm already using the "duplicate" tag for marking duplicates (I also add in notes the link to duplicate package but that's optional). So I suggest we: 1. Create "reserved" tag prefix "meta" 2. Create following specific tags (suggestions/comments welcome): * meta.duplicate - duplicate of another package. If possible indicate in notes or an extras field (to be decided) what it is duplicate of * meta.spam Editors can then just visit http://ckan.net/tag/read/meta.spam and work through list of packages there. If "push" notifications are required as well as "pull" then I suggest this be put in an external service (e.g. rss2email) rather than integrated into CKAN core.
#301 1281342885000000 rgrp Should not have been closed. ticket:190 is about comments this is about a wiki-like discussion page which is very different.
#305 1272994804000000 rgrp Closed in cset:8136e7369c0c
#306 1318181194000000 rgrp Duplicate of https://github.com/okfn/datapkg/issues/4
#307 1288027815000000 rgrp Done in cset:90e318c3c7dc/datapkg cset:0036b5c505eb/datapkg etc
#308 1275302577000000 rgrp Duplicate of ticket:234.
#311 1274282065000000 rgrp Resolved (sort of) in cset:489007a10bb9. This was a migration issue. Tracked this down to fact that on ckan.net we have: "package_resource_revision_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (id) When it should be: "package_resource_revision_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (id, revision_id) Looking in browser:ckan/migration/versions/012_add_resources.py find: {{{ Column('revision_id', UnicodeText, ForeignKey('revision.id')), #NB revision_id should have been primary_key too (joint with id) }}} How come this was not corrected here or at least noted for upgrade of ckan.net??? I have now fixed this so that others doing migration (at least with v1.0) will end up with correct code. I have also fixed issue on ckan.net by manual sql!
#318 1280737620000000 rgrp Important but low priority according to CO so bumping into next milestone (v1.2). NB: did not seem able to update milestone in trac interface! (Perhaps due to agilo stuff?)
#318 1296340768000000 rgrp Still not sure what the priority is so moving to awaiting triage.
#327 1281342690000000 rgrp Remove from v1.1 as this awaiting triage now and we are not sure when exactly we will do this.
#356 1278931816000000 rgrp Done in cset:a1af5f8fe59e. Have not done advanced search link normal package search currently provides no info about how to use advanced features.
#359 1291135692000000 rgrp Done in cset:90e318c3c7dc/datapkg and cset:0036b5c505eb/datapkg and others.
#360 1288004891000000 rgrp Done in cset:beaa842ed502/datapkg and following.
#361 1291135756000000 rgrp Done in cset:7305c1d04692/datapkg
#362 1296469470000000 rgrp Rating are currently disabled (invisible) so moving this down.
#364 1291637291000000 rgrp Have now switched to solr search (and maybe working in postgres by now). Note correct link is http://ckan.net/package?q=statistics
#366 1297075053000000 rgrp Now #938 is done this is straightforward.
#398 1282661799000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #481 has changed sprint.
#400 1282661799000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #481 has changed sprint.
#404 1294415965000000 rgrp This is in datapkg, not a duplicate. Partly done in fact but not complete (Indexes are now pluggable).
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