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#2347 1335962835000000 ross [ ] Check that dataset privacy can be taken into account.
#2347 1336039458000000 ross Keeping track of UI changes required, and copied Aron
#2347 1340613938000000 ross Needs some UI work now, have changed status to blocker which appears to be the only way to denote something as blocked (awaiting resource).
#2348 1338193014000000 ross A fairly good start has been made on this at https://github.com/okfn/CKANClient-J Lowering priority for completion for now
#2349 1336037341000000 ross Openlink hoping to get RDF dump into Virtuoso today.
#2349 1336555121000000 ross Chased Openlink today for update
#2349 1338193148000000 ross Initial DNS change doesn't seem to have taken, chasing Nils to see if he can take a look.
#2349 1339075361000000 ross Created symlink from /var/www/nginx-default/dump to the rdf output folder, accessible via http://s055.okserver.org/dump/ with daily dump available at http://s055.okserver.org/dump/rdfexport.tgz
#2349 1339428913000000 ross Notified Hugh that http://datahub.io/dump/rdfexport.tgz will contain all of the RDF files every 24 hours if they want to fetch and import them. Have asked to make sure that this is satisfactory.
#2353 1336037264000000 ross Started the user stories at https://docs.google.com/document/d/185sWPEO9cn1SbquH83UFcLme7xKdgfhCNqOo7pdsRKw/edit
#2364 1335890204000000 ross Review the FRY app and investigate alternative payment gateways.
#2364 1336483769000000 ross Start of doc listing payment gateways is at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E4lX6RnRLDO0ioieKRpVs9a-My9nh6lBjvVahWDm3SY/edit
#2365 1336492342000000 ross See also #1165 and #1096
#2365 1340266964000000 ross After discussion with DR, it was decided that multisite wasn't something we would approach now, instead going for individual (shared codebase) installs.
#2366 1336555441000000 ross I think the UI aspects have been removed in 1.7 with hopefully the rest of it going in 1.8 - assuming we have a clean migration script.
#2366 1338215334000000 ross Need to make sure there is a clear migration between authgroups and organizations if desired.
#2374 1340287976000000 ross count is returned at the top level of the dict (at the same level as results) Was added by dread on 2012-05-04, must have been in a recent patch.
#2379 1340033026000000 ross Implemented in master
#2380 1337868169000000 ross datagm is VERY broken with 1.7 Waiting for datasuite UI changes.
#2380 1340627558000000 ross Dupe of #2545
#2405 1338212357000000 ross Suggest Sam might be able to provide you the icon
#2409 1337688965000000 ross This is in the Package controller and may be related to upcoming ticket on removal of autoneg.
#2410 1338193633000000 ross Tim Lebo and Keith Alexander are both now looking at how they can implement this themselves, so for now this is wontfix. We can reopen this as part of any future work with VoID
#2414 1337869578000000 ross LXML is currently used for markdown_extract and check_solr_schema_version Changing check_solr_schema_version should be possible, Used in markdown_extract to just strip HTML tags.
#2414 1338471374000000 ross Merged by kindly
#2423 1338193199000000 ross Duplicate of #2414
#2424 1338193269000000 ross Duplicate of #2413
#2445 1338375577000000 ross Yup. Will look at this Thurs when I'm back in.
#2445 1338472050000000 ross Okay, the 303 on validation failure seems a little excessive though given that we're posting to that URL. Is a 200 okay?
#2445 1338472161000000 ross Am working in feature-2445-add-related-new
#2445 1338472966000000 ross He didn't say but I assumed yes given current impl uses dodgy JS->API.
#2445 1338473309000000 ross redirects are fine, of course, but redirect on validation failure seems painful ? Also templates in templates_legacy?
#2445 1338542340000000 ross I *think* this is done in feature-2445-add-related-new although I may have missed something, if you could take a look and let me know if it is what you wanted.
#2513 1340187230000000 ross Have pushed back to 1.9 but if may be the the converter service will replace it in the meantime.
#2514 1340959630000000 ross I'm going to close this as it is not safely in Aron's hands for the new demo theme.
#2514 1340959787000000 ross s/not/now/ stupid keyboard
#2519 1345565215000000 ross Fixed by pull request from jpmckinney
#2545 1344337973000000 ross Up at http://datagm.ckanhosted.com
#2548 1340626532000000 ross Accepted to clarify requirements
#2550 1340626589000000 ross Clarify
#2550 1341833460000000 ross I think you've nailed the user stories already, but have added them to Description to be explicit.
#2550 1346669497000000 ross Reassigned to icmurray rather than back to backlog.
#2552 1340626635000000 ross Clarify
#2554 1342518917000000 ross Python based cartridges rely on the virtuoso python hosting, which appears to be broken on my self-built open source version. This is likely to take a lot of time fighting with build setups. Going to delay this.
#2554 1344338036000000 ross Reducing the priority of this at present, may become more relevant after the LOD3 plenary
#2554 1346670433000000 ross Shelved until LOD plenary/funding found. Longer term plans for an LOD hosted triplestore may make this unnecessary.
#2577 1346669735000000 ross Better info was provided by jmckinney
#2600 1340721815000000 ross Should do this as part of #2548
#2601 1340960128000000 ross We've taken steps to make sure that users can't add datasets without a group, and can't remove a dataset from a group (without deleting it). Will submit patch to restrict adding without group.
#2602 1340805904000000 ross After merging the 2601 fix the user can no longer set None as the group/organisation for a dataset
#2605 1340874110000000 ross Seeing *very* strange behaviour here with the tests working fine when run individually, but when run as part of the entire suite it is returning an old group (called david) that is NOT in the database (set breakpoint, queried db, not there). Hoping Mr Raznicks sqlalchemy skills will be able to see what is going on with this.
#2605 1343126767000000 ross Make a decision on how we can test this cleanly and get it into 1.8
#2605 1343127369000000 ross Code for the CTE fix is in master ready for 1.8 branch.
#2619 1346670257000000 ross Have a push request with a privacy flag which might be useful in determining the status of the dataset (public/private) but no idea if it will be accepted yet. Have assigned back to you for safe-keeping so it doesn't get lost in backlog.
#2624 1341599776000000 ross Is likely just tags missing from the new schema in organizations. Will add/test etc on Monday AM.
#2651 1341930964000000 ross The pull request at https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/60 resolves the problem with the dataproxy (which has also been updated to handle .tsv files). Still need to fix datastore.
#2651 1341935288000000 ross Need to update messytables and ckanext-datastore to make sure we can process tsv and store the data as tabular data in the datastore.
#2651 1342084112000000 ross Messytables has been updated. A new branch for ckanext-datastorer has been created, hoping to get someone with a fully working setup to help test.
#2651 1342440899000000 ross Have assigned to icmurray to test
#2654 1343126740000000 ross Has a dependency on the new themes.
#2668 1343130433000000 ross Hmmm. dread, are you merging these into master yourself?
#2670 1342435186000000 ross https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/69
#2736 1346670097000000 ross Going to be reworked without celery.
#2769 1343328989000000 ross You can view this at http://test.ckan.org/apps to get an idea of how simple the form is. Have also moved the templates out of the package folder into their own now.
#2814 1346670381000000 ross Have assigned to client team to decide what they want to do about this.
#2818 1345485131000000 ross URL should be required, image url isn't required.
#2818 1346231718000000 ross Has been suggested that we are clearer on why the URL is required, as this related items are really just 'Links'. We should consider the name change, and also possibly make the types configurable in config somewhere as they are currently almost content free. Assigned to Sean to keep an eye on this ticket until we get a reasonable chance to action it.
#2843 1345035045000000 ross Add existing dataset doesn't make a lot of sense because they can only belong to a single organization. Best would be to fix the organisation template to remove Add Existing.
#2863 1345122876000000 ross This is changeable in config. The default permissions are specified in there I believe.
#2863 1345123978000000 ross No idea :| The perms are commented out by default in the template ini file. You should take a look at the ini file and see how it is setup, search for ckan.default_roles.Package but I can't see how Daniel would have been granted read access without the auth pages being implemented.
#2865 1345131215000000 ross Can't replicate locally in either master or release-v1.8 /el/ isn't a valid locale, and so the problem is unicode in urls where ckan is trying to generate a 404.
#1197 1340018903000000 seanh Hi Toby, yes I think I agree with you, it reminds me of when I install new Android apps on my phone, some of them start off by bothering me with some sort of guided tour or long instructional text, I hate this and always skip through without reading it, expecting to be able to figure out the interface for myself. The one thing that something like this could be useful is, rather than showing someone how to use the site, showing them what the site is capable of so they can assess whether it meets their needs/is something they're interested in. However, we already have a good guided tour of this type on ckan.org/features, those pages are really pretty good. Close this as wontfix?
#1197 1340020357000000 seanh AFAIK there isn't a ticket for that, it was something originally requested as part of the demo site, but since the devs think it's a horrible idea I don't think it's going to happen, easiest way to make a CKAN tour would be a series of static pages like the one we already have on ckan.org, I think that combined with a real functioning demo site probably meets the requirement. Anyway, closing this as wontfix
#1298 1321199769000000 seanh I've been working on this in this branch: https://github.com/seanh/ckan/commits/feature-1298-activities-table
#1298 1323106307000000 seanh See the new super ticket and its branch: #1515
#1298 1324384191000000 seanh David, Ignore my link above to a branch on my ckan fork. Now that I have permissions I'm pushing my branches to the okfn ckan repo on github. My super branch for the activity streams feature is '''feature-1515-activity-streams''' on the okfn ckan repo on github. This page comparing my branch to master is particularly useful: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/compare/master...feature-1515-activity-streams (click on the Files Changed tab) For reviewing this ticket, the relevant changes to review are: * ckan/lib/activity.py, all of it * ckan/model/activity.py, all of it * My changes to ckan/model/meta.py * My changes to ckan/model/package.py * My changes to ckan/model/resource.py * ckan/tests/models/test_activity.py, all of it The other changes on my branch are for other activity streams tickets that follow this one. The super ticket #1515 has an overview of it all.
#1395 1318520543000000 seanh The exact command that introduced the too-new webob into my virtualenv was: {{{ pip install --ignore-installed -r pyenv/src/ckan/requires/lucid_missing.txt -r pyenv/src/ckan/requires/lucid_conflict.txt }}}
#1413 1322479113000000 seanh I've made a first attempt at this here: https://github.com/seanh/ckan/compare/feature-1413-ask-users-to-add-email-address I used flash_notice() to ask the user to add an email whenever they visit their account page, if they don't have one already. This means they'll see the notice when they login, because after login they are redirected to their account page. Issues: Is it okay to approximate 'once they log in' as 'whenever they visit their account page' like this? Do I need to do something to support i18n for the string I added? I looked at users of flash_*() elsewhere and they seemed to be hardcoding the strings in English.
#1413 1322575534000000 seanh Another thought is: a lot of people might just use the cookie and v. rarely logout/in. Perhaps it could be done when they come back to the site at intervals (e.g. daily)? As discussed on IRC I've moved the notice from the user account page to the front page, in the hopes that people will see it often enough even if they are always logged in via a cookie. As discussed on IRC, we could make the notice appear on every page but no more than once per day, but that would be more complicated to implement and more likely to break. Yes your strings should be internationalised because they are user visible. Done. You're right that these other strings should be internationalised. I've created a separate ticket for this: #1491 Also done! :)
#1413 1322595160000000 seanh Added a 'please enter your full name' flash notice as well (the two are combined into one if they have neither full name nor email), added unit tests, fixed some issues. Still need to adjust the strings and change the full name notice so that it applies to people with gmail IDs only. https://github.com/seanh/ckan/compare/feature-1413-ask-users-to-add-email-address
#1413 1323088091000000 seanh Adjusted the 'please add your email' string and changed the 'please add your full name' notice to be used only for Google OpenID users. Finished? https://github.com/seanh/ckan/commits/feature-1413-ask-users-to-add-email-address
#1434 1338203960000000 seanh At least for the core extensions, any i18n-able strings should be getting pulled into the ckan.pot file by default.
#1434 1341236921000000 seanh Done for the core extensions, pull request: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/47 Perhaps strings from the non-core but officially supported extensions should be added to, but we haven't decided which extensions those are yet, so add another ticket to do that later: http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2625
#1471 1340623578000000 seanh Also test the packaging tools
#1471 1340633734000000 seanh The source install instructions have been updated to work with both lucid and precise, see #2592
#1486 1322061518000000 seanh Fixed here: https://github.com/seanh/ckan/tree/defect-1486
#1486 1322077524000000 seanh I've merged the fix for this into my feature-1298-activities-table branch, will merge it all into master at once: https://github.com/seanh/ckan/commits/feature-1298-activities-table
#1486 1323172027000000 seanh I've now merged my feature-1298-activities-table branch into my super branch for activity streams, so my fix for this defect is now merged into the activity streams super branch and will be merged when that branch is merged. See the activity streams super ticket: #1515 Resolving this ticket now
#1491 1322563620000000 seanh I've finished some work on this ticket here, ready to be reviewed: https://github.com/seanh/ckan/compare/defect-1491-visible-strings-need-internationalisation
#1491 1323703317000000 seanh Merged into master
#1494 1326103951000000 seanh I've added a controller function for getting a user's activity stream as rendered html to ckan/logic/action/get.py in this commit: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/30264997c7fe34324381123d6741d404baa67c1e I'm proposing to leave it at that for now and not actually hook this controller function up to an API call, as I'm not sure how useful an API call for getting rendered HTML will be (we already have an API call for getting the user's activity stream a JSON).
#1495 1325606124000000 seanh Implemented in branch feature-1515-activity-streams and ready for review. See #1511 first as this builds directly on that. Relevant changes are in commit 3d328aa0: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/3d328aa07f038287d4ecb3a9ba6facc9fabbddd2
#1496 1326104045000000 seanh I've implemented this in the activity streams branch: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/tree/feature-1515-activity-streams
#1496 1326736298000000 seanh This is finished, but I think that before closing this ticket a little more thought needs to go into what the activity streams and the user page should look like, where on the page they should go, what else should go on the page, etc. Also maybe add a simple test that the activity stream is being rendered into the page.
#1511 1323100081000000 seanh This ticket is just for getting the activity stream at the model level, not yet for rendering it in any particular output format. Estimate: one day Related user stories: #039 User I want to see the activity stream for another user when I go to their user (profile/home) page. #042 User Subscribe to RSS feeds for activity in relation to packages, users, groups, tags (?) #032 User See what status people have by seeing small bits of info next to their name, e.g. a sign to indicate being a superuser/sysadmin and/or the number of datasets they have. I know the approximate activity and authority of users I come across Also see: http://ckan.okfnpad.org/notifications
#1511 1323264315000000 seanh Should be as a list of dicts, not Activity objects.
#1511 1325605964000000 seanh Implemented in branch feature-1515-activity-streams and ready for review. Relevant changes: ckan/lib/dictization/model_dictize.py: Added functions activity_dictize(), activity_list_dictize(), activity_detail_dictize(), activity_detail_list_dictize(). ckan/logic/action/get.py: Added functions user_activity_list() and activity_detail_list(). ckan.tests.models.test_activity.py: Now uses user_activity_list() and activity_detail_list() functions instead of accessing the model directly to get activity streams.
#1515 1323106050000000 seanh Branch for this feature: https://github.com/seanh/ckan/compare/master...feature-1515-activity-streams
#1515 1338204149000000 seanh Closing this super ticket. See remaining tickets with keyword "activity_streams": http://trac.ckan.org/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&order=priority&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=type&col=priority&col=milestone&col=component&keywords=~activity_streams
#1621 1335878161000000 seanh Closing because I haven't seen this test fail for ages
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