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#1279 1314304326000000 rgrp In addition it appears that authz group was left out of the form refactoring so new and edit page use old formalchemy stuff. Should fix this.
#3021 1353411968000000 johnmartin In code review
#196 1265389771000000 dread In cset:7eadcdc94b3a package URI changed to: http://ckan.net/package/32000-naples-florida-businesses-kml This resolves to html or rdf+xml - see ticket:90
#513 1302774329000000 dread In enh-1046-dictize-the-api we remove the distinction of extras, so we can't do this.
#2722 1342948991000000 shevski In fact, this is the wrong bug. Search doesn't seem to work *at all* in groups Tried to search http://s031.okserver.org:2375/group/data-explorer?q=&sort=views_recent+desc Bug 1: no results Bug 2: the text display covers the order by box
#27 1199788321000000 rgrp In many ways everything that is needed is already in place in that the package update and create controller just require raw posts to do their work. However should implement some kind of authentication/authorization to prevent automated spamming. This would also require some way of distinguishing posts from our own WUI and those coming from outside (at present no checking is performed and the 'post' to these controllers is freely allowed by anyone out there!
#1416 1319794595000000 rgrp In normal user submission this would result in errors reported and no 500. Happy to have this switch to 400 if you think this is a good idea.
#784 1294410089000000 thejimmyg In order to have end to end testing for UKLII we need to: * Review document from PP with the different things we need to test * Set up a GeoNetwork instance with sample documents to be tested We may also want to test ArcGIS, see #767
#962 1297678925000000 rgrp In progress but not yet completed so moving to next sprint. Estimate remaining time at: 2h.
#833 1298889104000000 rgrp In progress now (sysadmin view and update nearly done).
#1381 1324037815000000 dread In release 1.5.1.
#2400 1338205947000000 toby In testing this is not replicable due to lack of info so closing
#2349 1338193148000000 ross Initial DNS change doesn't seem to have taken, chasing Nils to see if he can take a look.
#1475 1326283573000000 ross Initial draft written at http://wiki.ckan.org/Writing_asynchronous_tasks
#1653 1328887997000000 toby Initial implementation completed. /en/home - is English /fr/home - is French etc. /home uses site default from development.ini Requests to default will redirected to a language specific url if the browser requests an available language. h.url() and h.url_for() amended to use the new url scheme h.url_for_static() added for none language based urls (css, js) Base templates updated. IMPORTANT: pylons.url() removed from ckan.lib.base.render() as this allowed the language functionality to be ignored. Broken templates should use h.url() instead of url().
#271 1272280005000000 johnbywater Initial spike solution has been written, covering four user stories: 1. Commit CKAN revisions to changeset system (#296) 2. Update CKAN repository from changeset system (#297) 3. Pull changesets from remote CKAN instance (#298) 4. Merge diverging lines of changesets (#299) Emails to ckan-discuss include: * http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-discuss/2010-March/000109.html * http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-discuss/2010-March/000154.html
#932 1296159225000000 dread Initial work done on branch: enh_932_sql_migrate_upgrade Not working yet - hopefully kindly will be able to help tomorrow.
#694 1287087801000000 wwaites Installed postgres client from lenny backports on eu3. Can now access without problem, web sites still appear to work (e.g. fr.ckan.net). Note that the backup process runs directly on eu5 now as mentioned by rgrp in email
#2293 1339062853000000 ross Intercepting the group name change and forcing a reindex of all of the datasets within that group seems like the obvious approach (rather than more lookups by ID after processing search results). Should take less than a day.
#1435 1320930310000000 dread Interesting. What's the reason to justify the effort?
#233 1273078975000000 rgrp Introduction option 1.
#890 1318599247000000 kindly Invalid due to #1397, We will be using celery instead.
#821 1298486642000000 dread Investigating several of these packages, it works for me (and David Raznick). For example ni_013_migrants_english_language_skills_and_knowledge, one resource is seen created in the diffs, is displayed in CKAN, in the API and in the dumps. Yet looking at the dump from 17/11/10 when this ticket was created, the resource didn't have a URI, which by the current model is a requirement, so it suggests the data was fine underneath, but it had problems displaying this field, and is now fixed.
#1533 1323359638000000 ross Investigating: 1. The XPATH that the middleware is currently using will definitely not match the navigation on 1.5.1, we'll need to change the xpath and also extract the anchors from the LI tags that are retrieved from the wordpress site. 2. Getting the main wordpress content just doesn't seem to work at all. Lots of class/id confusion. Will fix for 1.5.1 in branch
#2696 1343065979000000 aron.carroll Ira this is up on s031 needs some QA, I'm also going to be working on it tomorrow. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/new_resource/my-awesome-stuff
#1172 1314118281000000 dread Is in cset:47225f03e2af and merged to default for 1.4.4. It now barfs instead of failing silently: * if the ckan config file has any errors * search indexing error There are some other "except Exception" statements
#2624 1341599776000000 ross Is likely just tags missing from the new schema in organizations. Will add/test etc on Monday AM.
#1597 1325202152000000 rgrp Is there not a limit option to the package_search action (if not maybe there should be (with say a maximum of 200 ...)). Also I'm not sure how essential this is to #1521. In general we just want to search (and facet on) datasets and resources not on tags. So IMO: this is a low value item.
#979 1315222244000000 rgrp Is this already done? Is it under test?
#2250 1332680690000000 rgrp Is this now how we are doing it? I thought we were integrating with RDF store (so it was more about sorting out the data viewer / recline stuff)?
#1466 1323710030000000 dread Is this still critical, James?
#442 1294414214000000 thejimmyg Is this still important? Do we need to set aside some time for it? Thanks.
#526 1320930201000000 dread Is this still relevant or can it be closed?
#829 1303118864000000 thejimmyg Is this still relevant?
#1652 1340187535000000 ross Is this still required?
#398 1288003624000000 dread Is this to be completed, or are we scrapping it?
#210 1266509788000000 johnbywater Isitopen tickets are actually on the OKFN tracker.
#211 1266509848000000 johnbywater Isitopen tickets are actually on the OKFN tracker.
#238 1266509806000000 johnbywater Isitopen tickets are actually on the OKFN tracker.
#1285 1323178678000000 dread Isn't the point is we don't to raise an exception at all - we want to call a method to send the email and then return from the controller a normal html page. Don't we just need a method to get the error email address from the config and send an email.
#1647 1326707383000000 dread Isn't the problem that the 'Contact Us' link goes to http://okfn.org/contact/ rather than http://ckan.org/contact/ ?
#728 1310124784000000 thejimmyg Isn't this already completed? Putting in the backlog but I think it is already implemented. Adria, could you please update accordingly?
#865 1294414639000000 thejimmyg Isn't this in there now? Can we close? Thanks
#263 1273072985000000 rgrp Issue where if you click on google or yahoo seems to "remember" login so next time you click on google or yahoo item it takes you to what you clicked on previously (e.g. click on google then go back and click on yahoo and you are taken to google login). Also think this plugin may be nicer: http://code.google.com/p/openid-selector/ Also: * typo in page (indentity) * Not sure "sign in or create new account" is clear without some indication of how openid works e.g. better to say something like: "Login to CKAN using Open ID"
#2728 1345023944000000 toby Issue with not re-indexing datasets when group is updated - needs proper fix as part of phase 4
#1083 1305051061000000 johnlawrenceaspden It appears to be possible to get into a state where you can't add or remove roles from the command line. Investigating.
#262 1267205195000000 dread It could be also be a package relationship. However it's recorded, however it's recorded, it would be good to record the merge in the db. If the system 'knew' there was a merge then it could: * leave a redirect page * the merge would sync well
#1109 1303862352000000 kindly It is fixed now in
#371 1294411939000000 thejimmyg It is implied in this that the performance of sites should beat the QoS criteria, therefore closing #485. Ensuring this happens is an ongoing process.
#2641 1343738074000000 amercader It looks awesome, really nice! Note that the "Enter location" box logic (geocoding) is not yet implemented, so first stage of the widget should not show it.
#1546 1323962689000000 dread It looks like Rufus forgot the second bit of the AND clause: {{{ and_(model.revision_table.c.id==model.package_revision_table.c.revision_id, + model.package_revision_table.c.continuity_id==self.id) ) }}} Unfortunately John's fix breaks the #191 fix. I'm reopening that to fix it there.
#738 1297685069000000 thejimmyg It may be handy to have a history of harvested documents and also be able to delete documents but still get their revisions. The package comparison code will need to look at these revisions.
#662 1286993727000000 johnbywater It might be natural for the locator of the rating for a package to be "/package/{id}/rating". I've got not idea what I meant by "An issue for CKAN too." I may have intended to log this againt ckanclient. Anyway, it seems to be just a CKAN thing. :-) I think I would like to do this: $data = c.package_register_post({'name': 'example'}) $data['title'] = 'Example' c.package_entity_put($data['id'], $data) and this: $data = c.package_entity_get('example') $data['title'] = 'Example' c.package_entity_put($data['id'], $data) I don't think either work. We could write a test for each. I think this does work: $data = c.package_entity_get('example') $data = c.package_entity_put($data['id'], $data) $data['title'] = 'Old Example' c.package_entity_put($data['id'], $data) Which is inconsistent. The reason is that the data returned by the update operation ("entity put") isn't given the same treatment as the read and create operations, which adds various read-only values. That's as far as I got. I inferred that one or several of the read-only values, when present in the update request data, cause the update to fail. I'm not sure how it fails. Rather than cutting down the response data, we could make the update call more robust. One fix would pick out from the request package data only the attributes that are permitted. A alternative fix would make what ever is choking on the extra values ignore them. I mean, ids are read-only, but we wouldn't want to reject an update because it has an id in the data. We do need to be careful about loading up the package entity data, but the 'id' is read-only and we aren't going to quible about that being present in the data of an update request (even if it doesn't match the referenced entity). I would rather not support "replace the entire package" with especial functionality and documentation. I think the model create/update/delete, where update is "set attributes" is sufficient, simple, and fairly optimal. To obliterate all registerd values without deleting, I would get the package entity data, loop over the keys and set the values to '', [] or {} depending on the type, and then PUT the entity. We could write a test for that.
#940 1296656433000000 pudo It seems like even with openid.realm set we could only create two "zones": *.ckan.net and ckan.net. We do not want *.ckan.net because it interferes with ccCKANs. My vote for the moment would be to 303 www.ckan.net to ckan.net.
#1129 1305139980000000 rgrp It seems like this ticket is getting a bit confused with ticket:1076 (changes re vdm) :-) Some general conclusions relevant to both: * General feeling is not to change to changeset model * I'm personally +0 on changeset model * I would note main benefit is simplicity and orthogonality of changesets to core system. I also think cost of change is small. * That said we can simplify current model as well. * There seems some misunderstanding: change to have logic layer has almost nothing to do with being able to remove main stateful stuff in vdm. To be able to remove most of stateful stuff in vdm requires us to make some other changes (re foreign keys from revision objects to continuity) * There are other simplifications we should make to vdm before embarking on this (e.g. move to SessionExtension from MapperExtension). This is easy as that work has been done in changeset branch and can be backported. What I don't see in this CEP as yet is any discussion of the complexities around pending stuff (e.g. do we allow multiple pending, do new edits get shown current or latest pending). I'll try and comment more on this but a lot of this was in original vdm discussion last summer.
#1256 1319812556000000 dread It sounds like this became an issue with CKAN 1.4.3 and the fix goes into CKAN 1.5.
#2432 1338205526000000 aron.carroll It would be great to use something like http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/SimpleTicketPlugin to remove most of the options when creating a ticket. Suggestions to remove theme, repository, component and type unless they're actually useful.
#1521 1323174618000000 thejimmyg It would be nice if the new UX also made it clearer that a user has to login, before they click the "Add a group" link which currently takes them to the login page with the message "Unauthorized to create a group".
#989 1297700363000000 kindly It would be nice to know some use cases. I think that plugins should control their own storage, or share a storage that is designed to be flexible (mongo, redis ...). We do not seem to be able to keep our current migrate repository in sync let alone add plugins to the mix.
#2669 1343907572000000 aron.carroll It's a nice blue tag now.
#846 1291719074000000 memespring It's been done on a branch and pushed to bitbucket: http://bitbucket.org/memespring/ckan/src/9e74c40ff073/ckan/public/css/style.css
#826 1297414412000000 dread It's great that the extras are added in-line with other Resource properties (as opposed to package extras which are a dict not off 'package' but off 'package.extras'). However, the resource extra field keys are defined in config option "ckan.extra_resource_fields". This config option should be removed - extras need to be entirely flexible for our purposes. (In the next ticket we should make it possible to add/remove both keys and values from the Web UI or API.) It would also be good to tidy things in this direction: http://wiki.okfn.org/Coding_Standards I've merged from default to the branch enhancment_826_resource_extra_fields ready for you.
#219 1260892527000000 dread Item 2 done in cset:399c37b2ed35.
#263 1279292730000000 rgrp JB advised permanently remove ckan.net cookies (may be left over from much earlier). Having done this problem went away.
#777 1292586843000000 dread James did this a while ago.
#679 1292587426000000 dread James has started this, but still some things to add.
#1041 1312372367000000 rgrp James says this is not priority and he does not plan to do docs for debs until he has got that system functioning.
#1559 1326973608000000 dread Jilly, is this the work to get the Disqus (comments) extension to work with CKAN 1.5.1 (broken due to new templates)? Finland are currently wanting this. Shall I have a crack?
#452 1287997540000000 dread John did this a while ago.
#816 1319804698000000 dread John did this in cset:1697dfa2552c for release 1.5
#1267 1312889130000000 dread John thinks it is a problem with WebOb 1.0.6
#1455 1321872633000000 dread John to look at.
#191 1323171514000000 thejimmyg John will just check that the API version 3 does support modified after the new solr schema handled by Adria is in place.
#816 1311171466000000 thejimmyg John, could you have a look at this one please. We'd need an entry in the logic layer for it and then some autocomplete JavaScript on the format field. Can we standardise on jQueryUI going forward. http://jqueryui.com/demos/autocomplete/
#1400 1328529013000000 rgrp John: can you comment on status here. Have you already got docs for this?
#1445 1323178176000000 zephod JohnGlover has done most of this and I've been adding aesthetic tweaks. The resource page is now tidy and has a similar look and feel to its parent Dataset view page. I'm closing this ticket and its sibling #1450; I am merging the feature-1450-dataset-view branch which contains all of this work.
#194 1260456304000000 dread Judging by the logs, a great number of bots are hitting the star ratings. In cset:8985cd53f8e5 I've added a robots.txt as well as cli functions to reset star ratings.
#2797 1344250973000000 aron.carroll Just a classname issue. Fixed in f927598 and documented
#2302 1343820855000000 ross Just a quick note, if Rufus asks about editing about page, he's talking about this ticket.
#812 1294658293000000 dread Just added stuff from duplicate #781
#1447 1332510790000000 nils.toedtmann Just checked s025 (which is depricated now), looks like my script is working fine - nothing older than a week in /home/okfn/var/srvc/publicdata.eu/data/sessions/. We should activate this script on other hosts as well, e.g. so55/thedatahub.
#269 1291830780000000 thejimmyg Just discussed this with Evan... notes field could use a WYSIWYG * No, Evan wants to discourage fancy features, plain text/markdown is fine * auto-complete on tags - DONE * department drop down options list interact with user permission - Evan building the API we need for this now. * licenses -> drop down is fine, let's just OGL as default So just default licence and replacing department with provider and via to be implemented on this ticket. Evan will provide: organisation.one() to look up one organsisation by ID organisation.many() to look up a list of organsisation by ID all at once organisation.match() to match a string and return a organsisation ID organisation.department() to take a organsisation ID and return the organsisation ID of the department it represents.
#2703 1342624713000000 aron.carroll Just needs a new action that loads the same resource_form.html template with an empty stages array.
#1697 1327402311000000 dread Just note that although there are similarities to the 'auto-save' feature on forms #1538, these use cases probably justify the different methods of saving the draft.
#2872 1350304179000000 seanh Just tested and this seems fixed so closing
#1447 1332510913000000 nils.toedtmann Just to add: the remove_old_files script is only a workaround, not a fix. CKAN should clean up after itself. Feel free to re-open this ticket for a proper solution ;-)
#1383 1318528301000000 rgrp Just to check: I thought conclusion was we do not need IResourceUrlChanged since we would only do archiving for newly created resources?
#1370 1335230503000000 rgrp Just to check: I thought this was going into core. This really does not need to be an extension (it is so small ...)
#2389 1337237502000000 rgrp Just to note these were 2 *different* options. '''Either''' you do the fallback approach '''or''' we turn off DataStore by default and only use if enabled (which happens due to explicit enabling of DataStorer turning it on ...)
#527 1293097531000000 rgrp Just to note: did this relate to IATI or ...? Any way to add component and milestone?
#677 1287746221000000 johnbywater Just to say, in cases where something needs to be delivered by somebody else, it can be useful to create a separate task ticket (with undefined remaining time) to indicate what deliverable is being waited on, and in the sprint backlog to drag it above the ticket(s) that depend on the deliverable. That means we don't feel a need to factor unknowable waiting time into our own tasks. It also means impediments are more obviously displayed, so you don't lose track when waiting for a number of things. The two different objectives also well separated so there is no question that somebody is stuck and passing time on a task. I've done this a few times recently and it does help to keep things simple. :-)
#930 1297066292000000 rgrp Just want to agree with wwaites assessment here. dubious this code is currently useful as a) not used b) (more importantly) probably better ways to achieve this functionality.
#2347 1336039458000000 ross Keeping track of UI changes required, and copied Aron
#989 1297700818000000 pudo Kindly, I agree - it would be much preferable to have independent storage for plugins and this would be easy to do if we were using another type of storage already. As it stands, however, our storage mechanism is SQL. I think we should use it for what it is as much as possible and do the weird, vertical stuff (k,v tables, swapping to redis) only if we really need it. For everything else: lets use SQL as it was intended. Examples: * We want to develop an apps catalogue as a CKAN plugin. While we could certainly put this in Redis, there is no reason why we can't have the following table: application (id, name, title, description, author, project_url, site_url, code_url, image). * A watchlist plugin could essentially work on UUIDs alone. What you'd end up with is something like this: watch (id, user, scope_id). Re migrations you're right, but my first intention would be to handle that seperatly for each plugin (i.e. they need to have their own migration repositories that they keep track of, e.g. via an apps_migrate_version table)
#2414 1337869578000000 ross LXML is currently used for markdown_extract and check_solr_schema_version Changing check_solr_schema_version should be possible, Used in markdown_extract to just strip HTML tags.
#1796 1339586499000000 ross LXML removed, update requirements on the extensions
#2700 1344244373000000 shevski Language names should all start with a cap letter, seems random currently. Slovenia flag (last one) missing a shield Is the Suomi just Finnish? May be a darker blue. I would find some pointers useful: e.g. "Shqipe (Albanian)"
#1082 1315917217000000 dread Language switch problem has been around since it was introduced in the 1.3.1 release.
#1297 1315403974000000 zephod Largely done in cset:8901e722b158
#172 1256495095000000 rgrp Largely done in cset:f3782c1071cc
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