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#1231 1315948921000000 rgrp @kindly: Does this fit in with current plans? If not suggest we close as invalid/wontfix or put into the backlog (though given lack of content not sure that is very useful ...)
#961 1308230058000000 rgrp @kindly: can we close this ticket now. All the meat is done and the remaining related tickets are either low priority or possibly wontfix.
#954 1315948855000000 rgrp @kindly: can you update here. My impression is that lots was done but the current ticket description bears little relation to what was done. Suggest we move current content to a new ticket and update this with a short description of what *was* done and then close -- does this sound sensible?
#1447 1332511544000000 rgrp @kindly: hope ok to assign to you (maybe just for review and thought on who would be best placed to look at ...)
#1291 1315948475000000 rgrp @kindly: is this not done? (I know there is more work to be done here but though table creation was done ...). If not need to move to next milestone so we can close this one.
#2812 1344523785000000 toby @markw I think you are talking about a different ticket closing
#2812 1344524290000000 toby @markw, Actually I see you also want some text changes please don't add unrelated discussions to tickets as it causes noise is disruptive and I just end up closing tickets as won't fix etc. I have updated the text as it was assigned to me and so i am still keeping this closed as I did as requested. Can you an ira sort this out between yourselves and create a new ticket when you have agreement Thanks
#1122 1304368075000000 dread @pudo I notice you tackling solr indexing of lists/tuples in ckanext-solr cset:ecc2d69df991 so have updated to use this on ckan.net and reindexed, but #1122 still seems an issue - any chance you can take a look?
#664 1294413696000000 thejimmyg @pudo is this still valid?
#1430 1320667523000000 rgrp @pudo: brilliant spot. How did that misconfig end up there? Anyway, commenting out and rebooting means we do now have separate cores seems to fix it.
#2302 1342095074000000 toby @ross do you want to give this to aron or me?
#2445 1338472624000000 toby @ross the validation error seems correct to use 200 for the created the 303 seems ok but i'd just use pylons redirect myself Also did aron say we want this as a javascript free add item form
#2818 1345482572000000 toby @ross, This is an issue with the related items schema - I'm not quite sure what all the rules should be eg does visulisation need image url? or is normal url ok? Could you review the schema and ensure that we require/don't require the correct items. If you provide the rules I can help do the schema if you want but I don't know them cheers Toby
#1574 1325774336000000 rgrp @ross: Is it possible to update the detailed description of this ticket so it reflects current reality (whatever that is ;-) ) (BTW: you can edit the main descript of the ticket by scrolling to the bottom of this ticket edit page)
#1553 1329755702000000 rgrp @ross: this is indeed the issue (and I explained this to dread but failed to note here). I suggested this was a limited problem as most sites would not allow anonymous editing (which is where this occurs). However, it is a UX bug for that situation.
#2332 1337582891000000 rgrp @rossjones / @amercader: can you do a full review and generate sub-tickets as necessary (obviously may not all be this sprint ...)
#2881 1345626056000000 rgrp @seanh - this was the material from the wiki moved to the docs. I agree it is somewhat incomplete but we certainly shouldn't remove it without something better in place. Also, IMO this is currently very low priority ...
#1510 1325866117000000 rgrp @seanh: Duplicate of #1299? Also estimate in super ticket which is #1515 (not linked from this ticket!) is 3.5d. Is it possible to at least make a guesstimate. E.g. probably know this won't take 30d and probably know it is more than 0.5d :-). Also if you are not sure can you not ask kindly?
#2702 1343378761000000 toby @shevski can you rewrite this tickets so i can understand it - also is this several tickets?
#2718 1342785406000000 toby @shevski can you use links to s031 for stuff like this as it is the testing serve and i can play with the data more - unless the error is specific to demo.ckan.org ------------- with this issue it is actually wider than you suggest as I cannot edit the group that the dataset is in either. We need to discuss this one as I don't know the best approach should groups select datasets or datasets groups or both - how do we remove datasets from groups - who can do this etc - maybe next week?
#2691 1342541384000000 toby @shevski closing as a duplicate http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2664 - if you can work out how to get that 404 error please create a new ticket explaining how to reproduce - thanks
#2754 1343226309000000 toby @shevski as a reminder url please - I'll find the page but it makes my job harder
#2680 1342459451000000 toby @shevski, delete button implemented on demo-development reassigning to you till we decide on any rules - any decided should be added as new tickets and then close this one - chhers
#2302 1343636153000000 toby @shevski, please do not try to change the meaning of tickets/add features or they will just get closed as won't fix. featured datasets is nothing whatsoever to do with this ticket so adding it to the ticket just causes me to get upset / demotivated etc. please do not do this. It ruins my day. Also comments like see sams design is of no value without a url in fact it has negative value. :( I have changed the priority of this ticket to account for this but next time i'll just close it.
#2769 1343377760000000 toby @shevski, we will probably want a design for this - maybe wait till we have the basics up and running
#698 1291851275000000 Stiivi @thejimmyg: It is neat simple solution. You have suggested a proxy API: ''There will be a new API at ``/api/spreadsheet?callback=jsonpcallback&url=`` '' There are two options: 1. Have public ckan data proxy as stand-alone service: I get package resource URL from CKAN and pass it to proxy 2. Have ckan data API (as ticket title suggests): If I am talking to CKAN, I am getting data from CKAN, I should not care about proxy or anything behind nor I should care about original data source - I care about resource data in a format that I can process (CSV/JSON). For CKAN data API I would suggest something like: {{{ /api/resource_data/RESOURCE_ID?... }}} or more human readable: {{{ /api/resource_data/PACKAGE_NAME/RESOURCE_NUMBER?... }}} This will allow others to get only CKAN resources. Moreover, allowing to get only resource data (not any URL data) would allow us to pre-process resources in the future. First version/implementation: pass each requested resource URL to your proxy service (external, not CKAN related), which determines file by file extension in URL, fail on unknown file or unprocessable file. /api/resource_data/PACKAGE/RESOURCE?output=jsonp&sheet=1... would be redirected to (for example): http://1.latest.jsonpdataproxy.appspot.com/?url=RESOURCE["URL"]&sheet=1... Second version/implementation: Determine file type in advance and pass to appropriate conversion service when requested If you upload document on scribd or slideshare it gets processed in the background. This can be done in CKAN after any resource change. We do not need to download the file at the moment, however what can be done is: 1. try a converter by URL file extension 2. try a converter by MIME type (content-type header) 3. brute-force try all converters No need to store copies of files, just store determined file type somewhere in the resource record (as mime type). Also, it would be nice if any data conversion service would provide output in both - JSON/CSV. Therefore we would be able to have "Download CSV" link directly in CKAN web page for browsing users: /api/resource_data/PACKAGE/RESOURCE?output=csv...
#2782 1343810353000000 shevski @toby I added this post discussion about attribution. Sam says that if we actually use the app itself (currently we're using the maps from it - but primarily by taking screenshots instead of actually integrating) then the attribution would automatically show. In terms of ticket creating, I added this so people could see it and have a think about whether it's phase 3 or phase 4 (& move where necc) & whether you wanted more detail from me etc or whether it needed to be a more generic kind of ticket (i.e. 'need some low cost / low maintenance way to create backgrounds for demos'). In future, shall I email instead? Call on skype? IRC? before any tickets are created?
#2256 1334051733000000 rgrp @toby: indeed and I'm strongly in favour of the basic idea too (and largely a dev question so up to you guys though feature / functionality implications would need to be talked through). My point was that custom icon stuff was #2224 :-)
#2348 1338193014000000 ross A fairly good start has been made on this at https://github.com/okfn/CKANClient-J Lowering priority for completion for now
#2264 1334348070000000 seanh A few strings are still left to be marked for translation: - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2289 - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2288 - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2287 - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2290
#1649 1330860766000000 rgrp A general comment: I wonder if we can pull the *core* part of that extension into core and strip out any external dependencies like rdflib. Specifically the 80% use of this extension is the DCAT read/write: * Get a Dataset / Resource etc as DCAT RDF (I'd suggest we *just* supply something simple like n3 or even json-ld (see below)) * (Possibly not even essential) Consuming Dataset info in that format And even more radical solution would be to simply use json-ld: http://json-ld.org/ which would then just involve minors mods to our json output. Having this in core (with option to enable?) would be a nice 80/20 (it was this feature that everyone asked for at the LOD meetup -- no-one mentioned SPARQL).
#171 1297210925000000 rgrp A lot of work on config was done in 0.7 and these refactorings and improvements either fix or render this ticket invalid so marking as fixed.
#870 1294862485000000 [email protected] A patch is available here. https://bitbucket.org/kindly/ckan/changeset/9a1d6f55587b
#274 1278700842000000 dread A significant chunk of the work towards this done in cset:742adebb707c (refactoring search options).
#272 1290004225000000 cygri A strong +1! Feeds for groups and tags would be extremely useful.
#191 1323708844000000 dread A test for this would be great, and maybe add as an example in the search docs too?
#2619 1340884739000000 seanh A thought about efficiency, you probably don't want to pass all the activities through the filter function since only the most recent 15 will be shown anyway. Suggest a filter function with an optional limit=15 argument, you pass it the whole activity list and it iterates over it until it has found 15 public ones then immediately returns those.
#1190 1320143592000000 rgrp A very substantial portion of this got done as part of 0.5 including the webstore #1208 and the majority of automated conversion #1398. #1432 is currently deferred so we're going to close this ticket on basis that item (3) is now out of scope.
#878 1314404621000000 rgrp A working version of this in ckanjs as of 2 weeks ago. Need to integrate into main CKAN.
#1197 1340020357000000 seanh AFAIK there isn't a ticket for that, it was something originally requested as part of the demo site, but since the devs think it's a horrible idea I don't think it's going to happen, easiest way to make a CKAN tour would be a series of static pages like the one we already have on ckan.org, I think that combined with a real functioning demo site probably meets the requirement. Anyway, closing this as wontfix
#89 1260458636000000 dread API provided for tag counts in cset:5a94d1ac60ef allowing an external tag cloud.
#521 1282893545000000 pudo Ability to search over the IATI metadata stored about the IATI records that have been registered. * Priority: 5 (may merge into 1 to some extent)
#2548 1340626532000000 ross Accepted to clarify requirements
#292 1272286005000000 dread Achieved in cset:56b02fda195e (rgrp), cset:95498407d15e and cset:f5af59a3365c. Remaining broken test put in ticket:300.
#1081 1303332388000000 johnlawrenceaspden Actually it seems to be worse than that. If I add a user to an authz group then I get added too, and then there's no way to remove me.
#667 1297069121000000 rgrp Actually marking as wontfix!
#1061 1301922325000000 dread Actually there was a link at the bottom of the package edit form that my grep didn't pick up: h.url_for(str('/license')). So it is not orphaned at all.
#698 1291832133000000 thejimmyg Actually we've implemented a first version which doesn't store the data. See this post: http://blog.ckan.org/2010/12/04/open-data-day-announcing-ckan-data-proxy/ You can get data like this: http://1.latest.jsonpdataproxy.appspot.com/?sheet=1&indent=4&url=http://research.dwp.gov.uk/asd/asd4/r1_values.xls
#896 1300217375000000 thejimmyg Actually, I think this should be implemented instead by considering a different CKAN instance as a potential harvest source and then harvesting from it. By thinking of it this way in the first instance, we effectively get a read-only copy of other data in CKAN but one which will be kept up to date. Marking as duplicate. Discussion can now carry on via #987 Common harvesting framework.
#794 1297686491000000 thejimmyg Actually, for the timebeing we will match but not do anything with that matched information, until there is a clear use case. Publisher is simply the publisher for which the source was registered. Closing this ticket.
#728 1304936482000000 thejimmyg Actually, these are a different type of filter. We need to send a filter to only get modified documents, to save processing our end.
#353 1280737966000000 pudo Add a supervisord example config
#838 1291812318000000 memespring Add download formats to search results (http://ckan.org/ticket/866)
#2843 1345035045000000 ross Add existing dataset doesn't make a lot of sense because they can only belong to a single organization. Best would be to fix the organisation template to remove Add Existing.
#1506 1328001415000000 rgrp Add in link to user and group UX work.
#1574 1325590211000000 ross Added #1611 as relevant to webstore integration
#32 1185472746000000 rgrp Added Tag support in r82 to r87 (back in February).
#1413 1322595160000000 seanh Added a 'please enter your full name' flash notice as well (the two are combined into one if they have neither full name nor email), added unit tests, fixed some issues. Still need to adjust the strings and change the full name notice so that it applies to people with gmail IDs only. https://github.com/seanh/ckan/compare/feature-1413-ask-users-to-add-email-address
#191 1323970011000000 dread Added a fix for the problems caused by the #1546 fix. SOLR indexing was excepting for new packages (tests such as ckan/tests/functional/api/model/test_package.py:TestPackagesUnversioned.test_entity_update_indexerror failed). The problem was (somehow) related to last_modified function using a new connection causing problems for the modified_metadata in finding the revision & package table entries created during the commit. Changeset: [release-v1.5.1c 2c595ae] and cherry picked to [origin/defect-191-modification-date f98a4b2]
#2212 1331719868000000 johnglover Added as a new paster command in ckanext-ecportal (run 'paster ecportal' for a list of commands and arguments).
#891 1320149841000000 johnglover Added cache_url and cache_last_updated to resources after archiving. Not checking for hash value in headers. This process will generally only run when a new resource is added or someone updates a URL, so we don't expect to be regularly downloading the same resource. We will need something along these lines if this is running as a regular cron job, but in that case the logic will be added to the cron job itself (probably a paster command).
#2739 1343817919000000 aron.carroll Added in 038f4f2
#2523 1339679814000000 aron.carroll Added in 4f6d8b9 Toby, there's no form data being passed to this page yet, could you add that in?
#1590 1326711608000000 amercader Added in 658f76e4a0 and deployed to the production site.
#1070 1310117129000000 rgrp Added link to http://wiki.ckan.net/Domain_Model and closing as work mostly done (and nothing clear remaining to be done -- agreement perhaps!)
#825 1290624449000000 dread Added plenty of info in cset:627249a1c102
#1574 1326904965000000 ross Added related ticket #1681 for documentation/announce to be done asap.
#1583 1327424812000000 markw Added request to fix table of broken resource links, which is itself broken
#33 1199788094000000 rgrp Added search support in r190. No paging of tag lists but this is now part of new ticket:42.
#2639 1345221501000000 amercader Added some new comments to #195: https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/195
#2700 1343914288000000 aron.carroll Added the flags in 06257ac. Ira can you sanity check that the flags are all correct. I need to get a proper German one from Sam as he used a European flag in the mockup.
#1453 1320947955000000 icmurray Added the restriction of not allowing the double quote character, '"', as well as commas as this simplifies any use of quoting multiple words to mean a single tag name. For example, this simplifies the use of quotes in identifying tags in internal markdown links: {{{ tag:"multiple word tag name" }}} A possible solution is to allowing escaping, such as: {{{ tag:"something about \"Ian\"" }}} But I think the compromise is a better solution than allowing the escaping as it's simpler, and this may crop up elsewhere.
#1276 1314886010000000 johnglover Added to branch feature-1275-solr-search Don't seem to be able to apply weighting to fields at index time using solrpy (see open issue: http://code.google.com/p/solrpy/issues/detail?id=6). So, switched to using the newer Solr edismax query parser and have applied weights to fields at search time. Current weights are as follows: name: 4 title: 4 group: 2 tag: 2 text (everything else): 1
#118 1253784902000000 dread Additional change in cset:642d0c4837fa
#1413 1323088091000000 seanh Adjusted the 'please add your email' string and changed the 'please add your full name' notice to be used only for Google OpenID users. Finished? https://github.com/seanh/ckan/commits/feature-1413-ask-users-to-add-email-address
#1303 1314978842000000 dread Adria fixed this in cset:7637d8694388 on default. I transplanted it to release-1.4.3 and have updated thedatahub.org.
#1470 1321540943000000 dread Adria put in fix cset:ad29e3ea75 but the model change missed a migration script and left some spurious tests broken.
#2365 1340266964000000 ross After discussion with DR, it was decided that multisite wasn't something we would approach now, instead going for individual (shared codebase) installs.
#1649 1331547577000000 ross After looking at some options via http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2209 I think a simple RDF template or triple in an internal ckanext-semweb might indeed be the most appropriate way forward with this. n3 sounds useful, but given we could allow people to specify an RDF template we may as well do that as well as it would then suffice for ecportal who appear to want rdf as well. Will check out json-ld as an option too.
#2602 1340805904000000 ross After merging the 2601 fix the user can no longer set None as the group/organisation for a dataset
#1517 1323175957000000 zephod After some research, I've decided to disable the iframe datapreview of unknown filetypes. We need a safer mechanism for verifying that it's a text file or web page; a blacklist of filetypes which won't be iframed (GZIP, ZIP, etc) will never be adequate, and accidently starting a binary file download is a dangerous thing. The fix is simple - commit: 17f33031f5e348e623146601f830b8c67462fe00 But more work will be required to relax this restriction.
#146 1281002247000000 pudo After test hasn't reproduced it, let's wait for someone to notice this in production. We can analyze weberror then.
#466 1294835610000000 dread Agreed
#1032 1304094162000000 rgrp Agreed to defer this. Resource editing, to the extent it happens can be kept very simple and part of package editing.
#1134 1305623531000000 sebbacon Agreed with James that we should consider *from the start* how to provide for a nice UI -- my worry is if we start out with people editing raw JSON we'll end up keeping that for years :)
#62 1250181376000000 dread Agreed with rgrp that tags should be allowed to be international letters, but not symbols other than these three: ._- but not uppercase characters. This is done in the checkins for ticket 76.
#826 1297421022000000 dread Ah - I understand. I'd like it if you could make all the extra fields work as attributes and be searchable - is that possible?
#103 1311180850000000 dread Ah, you should have mentioned the new ticket! ;-)
#834 1291633657000000 rgrp Alexander: Documentation is here: http://packages.python.org/ckan/api/version2.html#search-api Those queries should work but I do suggest you use the stable version of CKAN which is v1.2 and we suggest you use that. If you still have problems please reopen.
#1154 1314287519000000 johnglover All attempts to index packages should now throw a SearchIndexError if Solr is unavailable and the create/update will be rolled back. These errors are caught in the main package controller (redirecting to an error page) and the API controller. I have added tests for both controllers. Also updated the paster 'search-index check' command to work with solr.
#1591 1327320209000000 dread All covered off. DGU is 1.5 but security issue fixed previously.
#2226 1332475468000000 rgrp All done (as of Tuesday in fact!). No doubt further work to do but that's a new ticket!
#2551 1343042712000000 johnglover All done (in master and release-v1.8 of ckanext-googleanalytics), with the exception of the download and data api buttons which should be tracked already in download stats. Untested, but will probably remain so for the near future at least as this doesn't seem to be a high priority any more.
#105 1252488496000000 dread All done apart from group owners. This functionality will be left for another ticket. cset:bd4e48a544e2 cset:3263b6612fb7 cset:c6a6f88a50c2 cset:e9111a221222 Took 1d.
#189 1259925111000000 dread All done in 5 days in: cset:5c7f0ebd728c cset:20374a1ee763 cset:02ce73aef595 cset:36eda4112f72 cset:dd285dd1b821 Also made relevant changes in importer, create-search-test-data and data4nr. It wasn't clear that download_url could be made a SA proxy, so instead put download_url proxy in the REST interface to maintain compatibility with existing clients.
#79 1251110610000000 dread All done in changeset:6155a424e775 Now gives tags results. All words in query are searched for independently unless you enclose them in "quote marks". Options for filtering by openness/downloadable.
#1143 1307024681000000 dread All done in ckanext-stats cset:bc54790cacd4 (apart from "fix x axis to start at first revision" which was not a problem after all)
#1503 1323793662000000 dread All done now.
#1797 1331412469000000 rgrp All done!! Help for data api done in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/1d8e464f8542d4c33286bb93f4de50060665799f Checkbox for datastore enabled in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/3f1320cd92ae0e775fde1b5eada156260c55e0a6
#215 1266513523000000 johnbywater All done, see e.g. tag cloud in #89.
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