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#695 1287391751000000 pudo This is triggered by an issue where having local blinker notifications without asynchronous notifications will break indexing. The issues cause is still unknown, but one possible fix is running CKAN with a queue enabled, synchronous indexing on and no queue consumers attached. Not a real solution, but made possible in cset:a065dbc8041c
#2695 1343057477000000 aron.carroll This is up on s031 for QA. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/new Ira please QA.
#1032 1300380606000000 rgrp This is urgent for me as without upload does not really function.
#1317 1315822670000000 rgrp This is very minor IMO. I would defer this as part of a more general user system ux refactor.
#1069 1301909423000000 thejimmyg This is what the new "Ideas" section in the ckanext-community extension is for. Marking as duplicate of #941, can we have discussion there please.
#103 1311175601000000 dread This isn't finished - see second point in description and comment 4: Now we have this working in #1141 we can add the links from the package history page suggested here.
#1123 1307790563000000 thejimmyg This isn't necessarily a trivial thing. Let's get the build system for the packages stable before we start changing it all to support alternative architectures. Once the packaging is working well it would be trivial to switch those servers to amd64. I'm sorry, but this isn't worth the investment in manpower at the moment.
#453 1294411369000000 thejimmyg This isn't really something that should be a CKAN ticket. It is more an ongoing thing.
#819 1323171435000000 thejimmyg This issue is fixed. Further improvements to the UX of the autocomplete will be dealt with in other tickets.
#1470 1324473955000000 dread This issue only affects 1.5 release.
#1277 1315297186000000 rgrp This just requires merging into main but has been deferred as once solr branch is merged solr is *required* to run CKAN at all (we are thinking of having basic support for sqlite/dbs out of the box ...)
#2581 1340711431000000 kindly This looks fine, just make doubly sure that if this flag is set then whatever sets it explicitly sets the state i.e overrides what the user sent.
#806 1294916284000000 dread This looks finished
#2347 1337238738000000 rgrp This looks great Ross. Couple of things not included (which I have taken liberty of adding to the description as well - you will probably want to tidy up): * Related is a pretty terrible name in the UI - much better to have it called Apps, Ideas etc (perhaps title tag could even give more details e.g. "Apps, Ideas, Visualization and other material related to this dataset") -- btw i thought this was in #2332 but realize it wasn't (apologies for that!) * Documentation, documentation, documentation - AFAICT I can't see anything in v1.7 or master docs. I imagine this would be a short section like http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-1.7/commenting.html (and probably coming right after that in the ToC) which says * What it does * How to enable (and perhaps includes a nice-screenshot!) * How to customize (e.g. can one customize the list of options of things one can create (e.g. can I set it to just be app and idea or ...) * Also liase with Mark W re a blog post about this from the user perspective (a screenshot walkthrough ...) * Clearly mark this old extension as deprecated from v1.7 forward: https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-apps (I just met someone last week who was working on integrating this and had no idea it was replaced by something better in v1.7)
#2458 1344254847000000 shevski This looks great. 4 small things: 1. clicking on a tag in 'top tags' takes you to old unstyled page, e.g. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/en/tag/economics. Should take you to search faceted by that tag. 2. I'd love to be able to link directly to e.g. the 'top tags' view - any way to do this? 3. Is there any way to rate datasets at the moment? If not, can we hide that option for now? 4. On 'Revisions to Datasets per week' can we rename this 'Dataset revisions per week' and can we change the orange icon/index in the table to 'all dataset revisions' instead of referencing 'packages'
#2234 1337237687000000 rgrp This looks interesting but is this a priority :-) (also no estimate as yet :-) )
#2934 1347969321000000 dominik This looks promising but seems to be discontinued: http://twill.idyll.org/python-api.html
#322 1274773856000000 pudo This looks very reasonable. Maybe we should have a webhooks client as a simple demo for this?
#1168 1310396585000000 dread This might run manually on the us7, but the buildbot is not running these automatically or any sort of testing, which is what this ticket is about.
#2536 1340899218000000 toby This need some changes to make it possible to add new activity stream bits - will look at doing for 1.9
#2284 1337583675000000 rgrp This needs connecting to the user stories being generated at http://ckan.okfnpad.org/dataexplorer-user-stories
#738 1294408864000000 thejimmyg This needs more discussion. It is a separate problem from deleting a harvest source from the admin interface which is dealt with in #884.
#2252 1333374836000000 amercader This needs more work on ckanext-dgu and testing.
#2956 1349346442000000 shevski This needs to be a navigation menu item that includes both the name & link to the dataset edit page and then underneath (nested) the links to it's resources - so that the user can easily move between the dataset edit pages and resource edit pages and know where they currently are (using the selected pointer style)
#739 1294247758000000 thejimmyg This needs to be implemented via an API call that Drupal can use
#1202 1315821804000000 rgrp This now irrelevant and relevant content has gone from thedatahub theme.
#990 1311180850000000 thejimmyg This now works.
#1176 1314273012000000 dread This occurs when you browse {{{/error/document}}} directly, rather than being directed there on error. In this case there is no 'original_response'. Fixed in cset:c67d5934fb0b for ckan 1.4.3 and merged to default.
#1385 1326218703000000 dread This patch has gone in (aimed for CKAN 1.5.2) [master 5b518e5]. Regarding setup to use unix sockets (as opposed to the loopback), I'm not keen, since it requires an extra step in editing the postgres config, for a barely noticeable performance improvement. Thanks for alerting us to it though, Florian.
#1629 1326823222000000 dread This permission is set every time you do a db_upgrade. ckan.model.__init__.py calls init_configuration_data() which calls init_authz_configuration_data() which restores specific roles to the defaults. I agree that it doesn't seem right in this circumstance, but the way I setup roles is for 'editor', 'anon_editor' and 'reader' to have a fixed set of actions. See comment in ckan/model/authz.py: {{{ # These define what is meant by 'editor' and 'reader' for all ckan # instances - locked down or otherwise. They get refreshed on every db_upgrade. # So if you want to lock down an ckan instance, change Visitor and LoggedIn # to have a new role which for which you can allow your customised actions. }}} Basically it seemed wrong when people changed 'editor' to something that couldn't edit. They should call that role something else. But people *are* able to edit these roles (even though they are reset on upgrade) and they should be prevented. I've put this in a new ticket: http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/1679
#1395 1318525201000000 dread This problem is mentioned here: http://docs.ckan.org/en/latest/test.html but you're right, it really should be solved in the install instructions.
#1513 1326728958000000 dread This problem is now more obvious because we display use name. If there is an user icon, but no user name then you are in this 'inbetween' state. The problem is that the cookie exists in your browser, but it is not valid, for whatever reason. The solution is to change the css/javascript that displays the Register/My Account bit in the corner to talk to Auth, rather than just check for the cookie.
#2704 1343914890000000 aron.carroll This relates to #2705. We need to decide what happens when the user clicks on one of the sidebar links. At the moment they'll get a warning if they've edited the form telling them they'll lose thier changes. Perhaps we should submit the form using ajax, showing a spinner to the user, then send them on to the next resource. This is the same situation as if we add an "add new resource" button to the listing.
#2608 1343125400000000 seanh This seemed to be a problem in Firefox only and only when a certain Firefox extension was enabled, nothing quite got to the bottom of it, not worth fixing given the obscureness and difficulty
#2714 1352206138000000 johnmartin This seems fixed... I'm closing this.
#291 1273254895000000 dread This seems spurious. The options.q is unicode finds foreign characters fine. The hack has since been taken out.
#2612 1342005971000000 shevski This seems to be fixed, but needs proper testing
#2512 1339576809000000 toby This seems to be working now
#1416 1320153507000000 dread This seems to have been fixed in #1229. Added a test for this cset:5d6a3e50fe8f on default to demonstrate it displays a validation error, as rgrp suggests. Note, this ticket is about spammers missing some of the form fields, rather than any normal user usage, where the browser sends all the fields whether you fill them or not.
#1419 1319795920000000 dread This seems to work better today...! myopenid works for me fine with my existing account and by reregistering. My google id works only if I reregister, and I think that is because I hadn't registered before. Closing.
#1050 1303118188000000 thejimmyg This should also feed into #1075 which will be being worked on this week.
#1208 1312191646000000 pudo This should be closed: * https://github.com/okfn/webstore - See README for details * Python client lib: https://github.com/okfn/webstore-client * http://webstore.thedatahub.org/ - Demo install * http://wiki.ckan.net/Webstore - Overview
#1804 1329491156000000 toby This should be fixed in branch feature-1653-i18n_url_rewriting as we use different logic. However it may affect other return_to calls used elsewhere like adding a new package.
#2681 1343115619000000 toby This should be just `basic` formats csv html xls etc it's for non technical and what we output with the resources
#2575 1340899487000000 toby This should now have a fix do a proper fix for 1.9 - needs a more thought out approach and quite a bit of re-factoring of that bit of code
#1063 1301522483000000 rgrp This sounds absolutely sensible and suggest we even have a helper method such as lib.helpers.group_link(group) (as we do for user_link). (@Seb: apologies for misunderstanding your query on the list -- I was talking about the group listing table at /group)
#948 1300271100000000 dread This sounds like a good solution to me. This should include not just packages, but groups and all other stateful objects.
#96 1311176063000000 thejimmyg This sounds like an issue with setuptools not CKAN. It has been open for more than 6 months and doesn't appear to have been an issue so closing.
#1242 1323173292000000 thejimmyg This text is no longer present on the login page.
#1451 1324401792000000 johnglover This ticket again brought up the issue of a need for inversion of control for writing to CKAN templates (main templates should really ask extensions for data or provide hooks rather than having extensions overwrite sections using genshi/jquery). Have decided to defer this issue for now, as it will be looked at when looking at making our whole extension system more robust early next year. Related point: * We should provide a dashboard area (again via interfaces/hooks) that groups together report data from related extensions. So stats and googleanalytics info should be available from a similar area / url. This is also deferred until the extension overhaul/refactor. Other outstanding issues: * Location / style of download count can be improved * Download count should be shown on resource pages These should be looked at by whoever takes over frontend design.
#1001 1301310351000000 rgrp This ticket did not include CSRF matters - please raise in a separate ticket if you wish. I looked in some detail at the testing options and nothing seemed simple to do that didn't duplicate code we already have (since no way to access the base controller halfway through a request). This can be tested as necessary as part of the development of the new js work.
#861 1311168845000000 thejimmyg This ticket has been open for than 6 months so I'm closing it.
#698 1293649815000000 rgrp This ticket is complete: * ckanext-dataapi: working /api/data/{resource-id} with tests * https://bitbucket.org/okfn/dataproxy - the dataproxy code running at http://jsonpdataproxy.appspot.com * functioning but needs tests and improvements There a whole bunch of improvements to be done but these will be in ticket:888
#1198 1308821489000000 pudo This ticket is essential I think. I would propose we should be a bit more radical here, though: * Introduce an "Agent" SQLAlchemy object and derive both publishers and users via single table inheritance. * Make agent the central object of authorization, e.g. by introducing c.agencies including the user account, visitor, logged_in, etc. * Abolish AuthorizationGroups in favor of publishers. Yes, they are different but the use case for what AuthzGroups do and Publishers don't is just nerdery. * Restructure URLs to be /<agent>/<package_name> rather than /package/<package_name> and have /<agent> be a useful list of managed resources rather than a revision list (users current home page). * Make Agents a primary facet for all kinds of navigation. Of course this would be done incrementally but I think we should agree on some such scheme as a marching direction.
#1511 1323100081000000 seanh This ticket is just for getting the activity stream at the model level, not yet for rendering it in any particular output format. Estimate: one day Related user stories: #039 User I want to see the activity stream for another user when I go to their user (profile/home) page. #042 User Subscribe to RSS feeds for activity in relation to packages, users, groups, tags (?) #032 User See what status people have by seeing small bits of info next to their name, e.g. a sign to indicate being a superuser/sysadmin and/or the number of datasets they have. I know the approximate activity and authority of users I come across Also see: http://ckan.okfnpad.org/notifications
#312 1311176173000000 thejimmyg This ticket is more than 6 months old so closing in line with our current ticketing policy.
#225 1311178276000000 thejimmyg This ticket is more than 6 months old so closing it in line with our new ticketing policy.
#855 1311176988000000 thejimmyg This ticket is more than 6 months old so closing it in line with our new ticketing policy. The auth code is in the process of a major refactor anyway.
#856 1311177066000000 thejimmyg This ticket is more than 6 months old so closing it in line with our new ticketing policy. We know that test coverage needs to be improved, particularly in the logic layer.
#857 1311177075000000 thejimmyg This ticket is more than 6 months old so closing it in line with our new ticketing policy. We know that test coverage needs to be improved, particularly in the logic layer.
#859 1311177461000000 thejimmyg This ticket is more than 6 months old so closing it in line with our new ticketing policy. We know that test coverage needs to be improved, particularly in the logic layer.
#660 1311183115000000 thejimmyg This ticket is more than 6 months old so closing it in line with our ticketing policy.
#668 1311176649000000 thejimmyg This ticket is more than 6 months old so marking as invalid in line with our ticketing policy. The API v1 and 2 were completely re-written as part of the logic layer refactor so it is likely this issue is resolved anyway.
#362 1311176564000000 thejimmyg This ticket is more than 6 months old so marking as invalid in line with out ticketing policy.
#78 1311181280000000 thejimmyg This ticket is now more than 6 months old so closing in line with our new ticketing policy.
#449 1311182945000000 thejimmyg This ticket is now more than 6 months old so marking as invalid in line with our ticketing policy.
#810 1310128477000000 thejimmyg This ticket is over 6 months old so closing.
#30 1185472559000000 rgrp This ticket is partially resolved and partially irrelevant: * Since move to 'ckan2' in Jan 07 (r54 onwards) have had tag support. * Since move to versioned system (r121 and ff.) have allowed tags to be added and amended by anyone.
#358 1303122109000000 kindly This ticket needs to have a more thorough spec which needs to include. * Examples of put/post requests to resources and if they are needed. * Dealing with resources that do not have a related packages in terms of authorization. Do they have a new action? how granular is the authorization? per resource? system level? etc. * The rules related to authorization for resources attached to packages. i.e you only get read permissions when the related package has read permissions? do they have their own rules?
#1591 1328789470000000 dread This ticket was created in response to the security issue in CKAN 1.5 only - it does not affect other versions. There is a different argument to upgrade older CKANs installed elsewhere, but there tend to be problems with extensions and themes not being compatible, so I think should be considered on a case-by-case basis and how much budget is available.
#358 1303123611000000 dread This ticket was designed only for reading resources, following an ongoing requirement from the Scraperwiki collaboration. Assume PUT/POST is out of scope. I suggest dealing with resources that aren't attached to packages in an entirely new ticket or CEP, as the implications are wider than this aspect of the API.
#1122 1305718009000000 dread This user is now storing his list as a string so is happy. But I'll leave this ticket open, for pudo to decide whether there is an issue with SOLR indexing tuples/lists, as per the previous comment.
#867 1299866685000000 rgrp This was a breaking change for loaders code. Obviously we don't have tests for that so would not have been noticed ... Fixed in cset:af81e54bd590/ckanclient
#428 1285757316000000 dread This was achieved a couple of weeks ago
#110 1252488660000000 dread This was all done in work for ticket:105
#465 1282724701000000 dread This was an idea, to be able to monitor users overloading. It may not be required though.
#1056 1302882616000000 dread This was broken in cset:b681bbedfa62a68b71260ef48a0da6063109734 which was released in 1.3.2
#2271 1334567582000000 amercader This was caused by an human error.
#1142 1313775665000000 rgrp This was completed 4 weeks ago and can now be marked as complete. See http://docs.ckan.org/ and http://wiki.ckan.net/ and http://ckan.org/
#931 1298379187000000 dread This was completed in ckanclient in cset:1bfefd7596d3
#845 1291723492000000 dread This was completed on the feature-845-required-fields branch and merged into default in cset:3b5635ffaa7d
#282 1338206417000000 ross This was discussed with Toby who has a ticket for this same feature because of disqus requirements.
#400 1288003690000000 dread This was done a couple of weeks ago.
#798 1294916973000000 dread This was done a while ago.
#958 1320664462000000 rgrp This was done as part of dataset resource editing in #1294 (duplicate)
#1186 1310556519000000 dread This was done by pudo in branch feature-1198-mailer and went into default, lined up for release 1.4.2.
#947 1314031310000000 dread This was done in #1025 through configuration. Happily you can setup config in an extension, so covers this ticket's aims too.
#906 1328639465000000 dread This was done in #1701 but only in a custom SOLR schema in the ecportal extension: https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-ecportal/commit/6682926d8895f146cdf1e52ab4fbead9b065af77 Can the ASCIIFoldingFilterFactory be added to core CKAN's SOLR schema for all CKAN users to benefit from?
#1199 1310555589000000 dread This was done in branch feature-1198-mailer. No tests - ticketed here: #1222. Additional feature in this branch 'password reset' was ticket #1186.
#239 1264875924000000 dread This was done in cset:d213e942245b
#207 1271250740000000 dread This was done in forms branch - merge: cset:c22854a52319
#667 1285925476000000 dread This was done when caching was switched off for a few hours it seems. Still, it is worth investigating this.
#1252 1318160334000000 rgrp This was done ~2 weeks ago.
#1829 1330001828000000 dread This was due to https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/f07bfdb9#diff-1 - string "Language has been set to: English" shouldn't have been translated. I've put in a patch to make the code intentions clearer and added a test: [release-v1.6 07d3a02]. This only affected the 1.6 beta, and is fixed for the release.
#198 1266837606000000 dread This was finished off by rgrp in cset:ca995c2596c6
#437 1288004009000000 dread This was fixed a while ago
#1718 1340703280000000 aron.carroll This was fixed at some point.
#132 1273254514000000 dread This was fixed before and now works.
#241 1270569769000000 dread This was fixed by John a couple of weeks ago with his new license stuff.
#1029 1301311643000000 thejimmyg This was fixed by kindly as part of the 1.3.2 release.
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